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Forgive Me ~Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction~


"I know.... I know I messed up," a tear escaped from my eye, he reached out and used his thumb to swipe it away. His hand lingered on my face. "Please forgive me." My voice croaked. All of the memories consumed my thoughts. The moment we met. The nights we spent together. The times i sat in this very spot and cried on his shoulder over and over again about dumb stuff that I don't remember even meaning anything to me now. I didn't want to lose this. I didn't want to lose him.

"I already did." His voice was soft but sincere. He pulled my face to his and our lips met.


Louis has only been gone for six months but when he returns it seems he was gone for a lifetime. Everything has changed. Heather, his long time best friend, is dealing with a new addiction. His friend Sebastian seems to be busy with a new corporate job but is he hiding something? Is Heather and Sebastian both hiding something from Louis?

Follow Louis as he battles between love, friends, and his career.


Heather Potter

Heather Potter

Louis' best friend

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

One Direction

One Direction

Louis' band

Sebastian Colver

Sebastian Colver

Louis' best mate



Yaaay!!! Congrats!

love this....keep updating babe

Do you guys like the gifs?

Sorry for not updating in a while, life has been crazy as hell but I've been working on it. Should be out sometime in the next two weeks.

love this chapter. I ship Leather so much!!! Can't wait for the next update