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Haunted By Love


We occasionally believe everything we heard. We used the excuse ‘I saw it with my own eyes. Trust me, you can believe me!’
How come no one believes in Enda?
Her parents died two years ago and left alone Enda and her brother, Liam. They both received psychological scars, but on in particular affected more Enda.
She’s able to interact with the ‘other side’.
Since then, Enda Tierney helps lost spirits that wandered around Earth to find their way out. To reach Raj or to sink down in Had. Of course, she is now the crazy girl in town. No one dares to approach her. Expect Zayn Malik, who, even after the tragic accident, sticks with Enda. He’s the only one who truly believes in her. Who wouldn’t believe his best friend?
But Enda will get attached by one particular lost soul.
Niall died a long time ago. He will be forever 19 years old. He was completely lost. ‘Where to go? Why no one sees me?’ These types of questions were playing over and over again in his head. But one day, he’s force to meet a 15 years old girl in a hospital.
He can’t go anywhere. He’s obliged to stay with her. Like everyone, she can’t see him.
Until that girl turned 17.


Enda Tierney

Enda Tierney

Main character. When she was 15 years old, her parents died when their house burnt. Her brother and her survived by luck, but it left burnt scars on Enda's arms and something else: she can interact with 'the other side'. (17 years old)



Supported character. She’s Liam and Enda’s grandmother. They lived with her since the accident. (63 years old)

Liam Tierney

Liam Tierney

Supported character. Enda's big brother. He's really protective over Enda since the accident. They are closer than they use to be, but is a little scared of her because of her 'special power'. He doesn't want to admit it’s true, but he knows it's true. (21 years old)

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

Main character. He’s a ‘lost spirit’ that died at the age of 19 years old. It's been a long time since he’s lost on Earth and suddenly, he gets stick with a 15 years old girl who just lost her parents. He began to know her and tried to talk to her –since he knows Enda can talk with spirits- but nothing seemed to work, until Enda turned 17 years old. (Forever 19 years old)



Liam's friend. He's sharing something in common with Enda. We still don't know his name.

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

Main character. Best friend and only friend of Enda. He knows Enda see 'things' and he believes her. Not afraid of being judge by everyone in the school. (17 years old)


  1. Psychic girl

    I passed from the ordinary girl who tragically lost her parents to the crazy girl proclaiming to be a witch.

  2. Another lost soul

    Even if I could easily see the room through him, I was able to examine his eyes. Blue, frigid, dull eyes.

  3. Heartless words

    When you see all your good old friends walked pass you and screaming they wish you died in the fire that night with your parents?

  4. Not an ordinary one

    Besides being full of inexplicable secrets, Niall was a terrible liar.

  5. Failure

    It did not work. Why it did not work?

  6. Answers

    '’Niall, explained me what the hell happened!’’

  7. The voice's case

    ‘’Enda, you’ll have to explain me that. You told me you were just dealing with lost souls and you were the only one seeing them. How come I saw that one?’’ -Zayn Malik

  8. Connected

    We were both seeing what people couldn’t. For once, I was no more alone. For once, someone understood what it was like, being different.

  9. Grocery

    I hate doing the groceries, because that's mean I have to go outside of home and confront the judgmental stares of everyone. But I'm doing this for Granny. I don't want her to hurt her back or falling on the ground because of the slippery roads.


heheh :P sorry for not updating, don't worry, I'm not going to delete it or stop writing it. I'm actually writing now, I've got some idea. Maybe I'll post tonight or tomorrow. Or tomorrow of tomorrow. xD

And thanks! :D

marie.eve07 marie.eve07

i need an update sooooon! this is soo good!

TwerkItNarry TwerkItNarry

I keep forgetting that it's my best friend's fan fiction and not some success novel. Yes, I'm pathetic and proud of it.

Great job, continue :D

Melanie Melanie

Of course I'll go check your story :)

marie.eve07 marie.eve07

do you mind checking out my story?

TwerkItNarry TwerkItNarry