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Chasing Angels - ON HOLD


Evangeline White and Harry Styles have known each other since diaper days. Well, when Evangeline was in diapers at least. They've been best friends since she was born. But when Harry becomes an international popstar, Evangeline suddenly seems to disappear off the face of the Earth.

Evangeline White is living in America, a place Harry would never think to look for his best friend. She has a new life, new friends, a new home. But when she visits London, she runs into Harry. Will he recognize her?

Harry Styles is famous. His best friend seems to have disappeared off the face of the Earth. He fakes a smile every day, knowing that he won't ever be able to truly smile until he finds Evangeline. Will he ever find her?

Niall Horan is famous. He doesn't have a clue who Evangeline is other than what Harry has told the band about her, which is probably everything. When he finally meets her, he's suddenly interested in getting to know her, but why?


Amy Filbert

Amy Filbert

(13) Veronica Filbert's little sister, older sister of Carly Filbert. She's a moody teenager, and is a major Directioner. She's begged Veronica to meet Harry, even though she hated him before he was famous.

Aubrey Jones

Aubrey Jones

(18) Aubrey is one of Evangeline's best friends, and is dating Carson Parker. She's sweet and energetic, but is also responsible. She's friendly and popular and only has nice things to say about everyone and anyone.

Carly Filbert

Carly Filbert

(5) Veronica Filbert's little sister. An energetic, happy, and lovable kid.

Carson Parker

Carson Parker

(18) Carson is one of Evangeline's best guy friends, and is probably the smartest of the group. Dating Aubrey.

Dustin Karnes

Dustin Karnes

(18) Evangeline's best guy friend in Texas. He's secretly crushing on Evangeline, but won't tell her. He's devastated when he learns she's going to London for a month over summer vacation, and is tempted to follow her, but his friends tell him to stay. He's very protective of her and is just about the sweetest guy ever. He's not very good with kids, but makes an effort. Dustin is funny and and energetic (kinda like Louis) and cares for all his friends deeply, no matter how awkward that may sound.

Elsa Bergh

Elsa Bergh

(17) A senior in high school, and one of Evangeline's new best friends. Plays volleyball, and is good with kids.

Evangeline White

Evangeline White

(17) High school senior, moved to Texas from London while Harry was on X-Factor. Loves kids and would do almost anything for a friend. Has a blue narwhal necklace from Harry.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

1/5 of 1D. Evangeline's best friend, and an international popstar (obviously). He doesn't know where Evangeline went, all he has left is a pink best friends narwhal necklace that he uses as a keychain and pictures. (You should know everything else.)

Liam Payne

Liam Payne

1/5 of 1D. One of Harry's best friends, and (obviously) famous. (You should know the rest.)

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

1/5 of 1D. One of Harry's best friends, and (obviously) famous. (You should know the rest.)

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

1/5 of 1D. One of Harry's best friends, and (obviously) famous. (You should know the rest.)

Veronica Filbert

Veronica Filbert

(17) Evangeline's best friend in London, and the older sister of Amy and Carly Filbert. She's funny, and a hopeless romantic. She has a boyfriend (but he's not really important so he doesn't get a character thing.).

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

1/5 of 1D. One of Harry's best friends, and (obviously) famous. (You should know the rest.)


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I love this <3

bellajayne bellajayne
Love it update soooooon!
my fav movie is sisterhood of the travaling pants
Please update !!!!!
Loving it so far. Update when you can please :-)
IdalliRomanos IdalliRomanos