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Diana, I will save you!


Diana Maria Stefania she is 19, her mother Maria was murdered right in front of her when she was at the tender age of ten, and her father? Well you are about to find out about him.

Her fathers' name is Nicholas Stefania, and he used to be a part of the French mafia (even though the Stefania family is Italian) He still has a lot of debt to repay because of reasons unknown. They murdered Maria, and Nicholas was devastated. But Diana was more affected by maria's death.

Niall Horan, a 20 year old mysterious boy who lives in Mullingar (not famous) But is travelling to clear his head.

Will they cross paths?

And how?


Devereau Andrepont

Devereau Andrepont

Philipe's father.

Diana Maria Stefania

Diana Maria Stefania

Main Character, 19

Maria Stefania

Maria Stefania

Diana's mother, murdered.

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

Main Character, 20

Nicholas Stefania

Nicholas Stefania

Diana's Father.

Philipe Andrepont

Philipe Andrepont

new in town, 20


  1. I'm Diana,

    "There it is, he's gone, and he's hung me out to dry, the joy he said he felt, well I guess it was a lie"- A Very Potter Musical.

  2. Mama wake up!

    You'll just have to read the chapter!

  3. Until we meet again

    God be with you till we meet again.

  4. Philipe?

    "I'm falling in love, falling in love, falling in love!" -A Very Potter Musical.

  5. What Did I Get Myself Into?

    "It's not what it seems!" -The Swan Princess

  6. I will take you somewhere safe

    "And you will keep me safe, and you will keep me close..." -Eponine, 'Les Miserables'


Please update!!!!


lol Calm down! ;) I know what you mean- they're all breathtaking! Me and my best friend watch all of the episodes together! His t-shirt became my tissue when we watched Matt Smith regenerate into Peter Capaldi. Thankfully, he didn't mind. ~Belle~

I don't even know... I love Matt Smith so much, and David Tennant, and Christopher... Tom Baker.. William Hartnell... DAMN I LOVE ALL OF THEM!

Oh! Your family is cool! lol My room consist of Harry Potter(majority- learned about it through books first), Hunger Games(before the movies), Divergent, Broadway, Percy Jackson(years before the movies) and Doctor Who! Who's your favourite Doctor?! ~Belle~