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Diana, I will save you!

I will take you somewhere safe

Diana's P.O.V
It has been an hour since I have been taken away from home, an hour since Philipe told me he hated me.

An hour since I died inside.

I feel so useless right now, lying naked in the corner of the van, those disgusting men just watching me, so help-less yet they just watch me, if I get out of here I'm sending them to jail. But that is the real question isn't it? Will I get out of here?

I don't like my chances.

There I was falling in love with a psycho who's father killed my mum, I know that now, because the head of the mafia was the one that killed mum, and that is Philipe's dad.
Gosh I feel so stupid.

"Right little bitch you keep your mouth shut when we get inside, we don't want your dad hearing you..." Philipe cursed at me.

That was the first time anyone has dared to curse at me.

"You are a monster.." I wince, barely able to speak.

He just laughs at it "I am only doing what dad should have done ages ago, he has sworn to make your dads life a living hell, yet he never thought to kidnap you until now, strange huh? Your dad doesn't even care that we have taken you, he hates you".

That just made me angry.

"You say that one more time I swear I will kill you" I growl.

"Oh I highly doubt that, we all know you are in too much pain to even lift your body up off the ground" He continues to laugh at me like I am his little puppet.

"Believe it or not I am a fighter, there's no chance that I will let you hurt me any more" I say slowly getting up and hitting him over the head before the two masked men could reach me, the van lurched forward, in the process Philipe's head hit the wheel making him fall unconscious, and the masked men fell forwards.

I took control of the wheel quickly and hit the brakes, sending the men flying. I quickly run to open the van door and grab a sheet my underwear and my bra from the side of the door and run as fast as I can, there is no way they can get me now they are all unconscious.

I tied the sheet around my like a towel stuffing my underwear in it because I was in too much pain to put my underwear on, it covered most of my body, a few inches above my ankle. What I hadn't thought about, was how much pain I was really in and where I would go, I was basically in the middle of no where.

But before I admitted defeat, I saw a stream, that was following a mountain, only a small one, but it gave me enough strength to go over there and drink of the water, surprisingly it was clean and spring water.
That is when I noticed that my leg was bleeding heavily, in fact it had been bleeding for a while, but I didn't think it would be this disgusting.

A feeling came over me, that made me throw up into the water, and almost faint.

"Hey are you okay there!?"

Niall's P.O.V
I had been travelling this path along the stream for about two hours now, just to get away from the cabins stuffy air, I have to admit, it is nice to be just relaxing like this, not having to worry about Mum, Dad, Greg, Denise and Theo back home, truthfully I needed some time away from them, some me time.
What better way to do that then to take my boat down here from Ireland, it wasn't an easy journey, it took a few days, but at least I got here.

My relaxation came to an abrupt stop when I saw a girl, not too much younger than me, in a horrid state. All bloody and torn up.

"Hey are you okay there!?" I yell causing her to jump slightly, waking her up a little bit.

"I n-no please help m-" Before she could finish she fainted.

"Oh my gosh" I ran over to her and checked her pulse to see if she was okay, her pulse was good, but she looked like she had just been to hell and back.

I got out my water bottle and splashed some onto her face, bringing her back to consciousness for a short time.

"What's your name?"


"Do you have a place to stay?"

She shook her head no and cried.

"These men kidnapped me, and I escaped, but they might mind me.. i'm so scared" She continued to cry and I tried to comfort her and picked her up, as she was in no position to walk.

"I will take you somewhere safe don't worry, my name's Niall Horan and i can help you" i say with a smile.

"Thank you... Niall" She says then slowly falls asleep.

Poor girl.. She must have taken a major beating because these wounds are serious.

I arrive back at the cabin and place her onto my bed. her being wrapped in this sheet wasn't going to do her any good.

"Diana" I whisper, waking her up "I need to take you into the bathroom so you can have a bath, i wont look, all you have to do is just sit in there and relax for a while, the water will be all soapy so you don't have to wash yourself too much, is that okay?" She nods.

"Do you have underwear on right now that you need to take off?" I say in the most nicest way i can

"N-no, it's in the sheet though" She rubs her eyes.

"Well you can put them on after okay?" I stroke her forehead to calm her down a little "I'll go run the bath"

"Thank you for taking me in" She smiles with gratitude.


HIYA MUNCHKINS. So this chapter was kind of belated because my family and I had a lot to do before Christmas, and I cant guarantee that i will be posting much until after new years. But I hope you enjoy this chapter anyway!
Yay I'm so happy that I got to introduce Niall this chapter!


Please update!!!!


lol Calm down! ;) I know what you mean- they're all breathtaking! Me and my best friend watch all of the episodes together! His t-shirt became my tissue when we watched Matt Smith regenerate into Peter Capaldi. Thankfully, he didn't mind. ~Belle~

I don't even know... I love Matt Smith so much, and David Tennant, and Christopher... Tom Baker.. William Hartnell... DAMN I LOVE ALL OF THEM!

Oh! Your family is cool! lol My room consist of Harry Potter(majority- learned about it through books first), Hunger Games(before the movies), Divergent, Broadway, Percy Jackson(years before the movies) and Doctor Who! Who's your favourite Doctor?! ~Belle~