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Diana, I will save you!

I'm Diana,

So... This is what it feels like?
To be cast aside and left to rot, and be guilty of your selfish desires. It is torture..

Maybe it was a little far fetched to say falling in love was easy, maybe nothing is all it is cracked up to be.
To be left alone, to suffer the amount of pain I once thought I could bare.

I can't do it.

Life doesn't really have a purpose in the end does it?

You may think love is easy, but I of all people know that love doesn't exist.

The one time I give love a chance, it has taken advantage of me, and I am not ready to pick up the pieces of my heart,there is too much pain, regret and guilt held in every piece.

I have a story, a story of betrayal, regret and unfortunately... Love.

Love doesn't last.

My name is Diana, and I am here to tell you my story.


So my munchkins, I have made yet another fan fiction!

I had a sudden idea for a fan-fic and I started it this afternoon!
I hope you like it!



Please update!!!!


lol Calm down! ;) I know what you mean- they're all breathtaking! Me and my best friend watch all of the episodes together! His t-shirt became my tissue when we watched Matt Smith regenerate into Peter Capaldi. Thankfully, he didn't mind. ~Belle~

I don't even know... I love Matt Smith so much, and David Tennant, and Christopher... Tom Baker.. William Hartnell... DAMN I LOVE ALL OF THEM!

Oh! Your family is cool! lol My room consist of Harry Potter(majority- learned about it through books first), Hunger Games(before the movies), Divergent, Broadway, Percy Jackson(years before the movies) and Doctor Who! Who's your favourite Doctor?! ~Belle~