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Diana, I will save you!

Mama wake up!

Diana's P.O.V (at 10 years of age)
My mom came into my room, with tears streaming down her face, I don't know why though, daddy has been gone for a while, and I have a feeling this is why she is crying.

"Mummy, are you okay?" I asked with a scared tone.

For minutes she sat there shaking her head, she wouldn't say a thing, just shake her head no with bloodshot eyes.

"Sweetie" She finally said making me jump, she came over and took my head into her hands "My little Diana, I love you, don't ever forget that", she wrapped her arms around me, we sat in silence for a while, I was stunned.

Then she pulled away.

"But mummy why a-" I stopped.


My mummy....

"Mum? Mama wake up!" I shook her, I saw a helicopter outside with the initials FM, a man with a gun aimed at mum.

She was still crying... But not moving.

"Take care of yourself baby, I love you, until we meet again".

I gasped, she slowly closes her eyes.

She's gone.

I started to get angry with tears still flowing.

"GIVE ME BACK MY MUMMY!" I screamed as the helicopter disappeared into the distance.

Then daddy came in, I ran over to him.

"Daddy, those men killed mummy!" I cried into his chest, still not able to believe what happened.

He just stood there with a horrified look on his face.
Daddy did really love mummy, we both did.

"Sweetie, daddy is in trouble, we have to go" He lifted up my small body and took me away.

"We are safe now", he said carrying me outside.

"Take care of yourself baby, I love you, until we meet again"

"I miss you mummy..."

We drove off in dads camper van.

We never looked back.


Here is the second chapter munchkins :D The first five or so chapters wont have Niall in them, but it is for a good reason!


Please update!!!!


lol Calm down! ;) I know what you mean- they're all breathtaking! Me and my best friend watch all of the episodes together! His t-shirt became my tissue when we watched Matt Smith regenerate into Peter Capaldi. Thankfully, he didn't mind. ~Belle~

I don't even know... I love Matt Smith so much, and David Tennant, and Christopher... Tom Baker.. William Hartnell... DAMN I LOVE ALL OF THEM!

Oh! Your family is cool! lol My room consist of Harry Potter(majority- learned about it through books first), Hunger Games(before the movies), Divergent, Broadway, Percy Jackson(years before the movies) and Doctor Who! Who's your favourite Doctor?! ~Belle~