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Bitch Please - A Harry Styles Fan Fiction


Bad weight. Too skinny. Bad grades. Too left behind. Too much of a fan girl. Wait, scratch that she's not just a fan-girl, she's a Harry Styles girl!

Topaz White is just an ordinary girl, living with her mother. She has really little social life. . She basically wants to see One Direction before she dies. The day she found out One Direction was touring in Canada, oh boy, was probably Harry's last day of with the band.

Harry Styles, the world-known hottest guy on this planet, is kidnapped by an ordinary, lanky girl. He thinks nothing in the world is more beautiful than Selena Gomez, the woman he is currently more than willing to have a relation with.

Topaz's plan is to make Harry fall for her, but what happens in the time period of when he is kidnapped? Does he even start liking her or not? And who deserves the 'bitch please' come-back: Harry or Topaz?

What does the bitch please come-back even have anything to do with this? Read to find out

Copright © 2013 Emmee Styles
Some characters do not belong to me, I don't own them.


Fleur Delacour (Played by Emily Rudd)

Fleur Delacour (Played by Emily Rudd)

Fleur Delacour is yet another unpopular, lanky girl who is a One Direction fan and is Topaz's best friend. She and Topaz are slightly insecure about their weight, thats why they're really lanky. Fleur helps Topaz kidnap Harry but she is personally against the whole idea. Her nickname is 'Floo Powder' which Topaz gave her and 'Blue-Eyed-Girl' which Harry gave her.

Harry Styles (Played by Himself)

Harry Styles (Played by Himself)

Harry Styles, known as the bad-boy of the media and is known for his charming looks. He is in the band, One Direction and is pretty up himself. Harry is more than willing to date the one and only Selena Gomez. He so far has no interest in Miley-Girl, aka Topaz.

One Direction Members (Played by Themselves)

One Direction Members (Played by Themselves)

One Direction, the hottest boy-band of the year. No, the hottest boyband for eternity. They've got their fangirls and all. Members are: Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Niall Horan. Their personality is described as 5 boys who think they are pretty 'top' because of all the attention.

Quinn Dexter (Played by Nicki Minaj)

Quinn Dexter (Played by Nicki Minaj)

Quinn is-- to be precise-- WAS a big time loser back when Fleur and Topaz were in High School and was sort of their friend. But now she's the best make-up artist in Canada ever. She does Fleur and Topaz a giant favour which leads to something.... (Special appearance)

Selena Gomez (Played by Herself)

Selena Gomez (Played by Herself)

Selena Gomez- ah - perfect girl that everyone in the industry is literally dying to date. Selena is good friends with One Direction. She is a shameless flirter when it comes to publicty and she got the curly-head Harry thinking that the girl he is 'blindy-fallen-for' likes him.

Topaz White

Topaz White

Topaz White, the lanky, ordinary girl with no social life is what you may call her. She's best friends with Fleur Delacour, and they both are insecure about their weight. She's secretly an obsessed Harry girl. Her obsessions are so high that when One Direction are over in Canada, she seizes the oppurtunity and kidnaps Harry. Her nickname from Fleur is 'Topz', and 'Miley-Girl' from Harry.




:O I'm so sorry I didn't realize D: Aww gurl thank you so much! I'm so sorry I've made you feel sad
Ahahaha that was the fun bit :D Thanks again x
No worries gurl! Ahaha thank YOU cutie!!

HazzasGurl HazzasGurl

you have no idea how my heart ached literally reading this , I really loved your writing . It was cute that's why I felt sad
but I also couldn't stop smiling reading the dancing thing and the ring , really you are good (Y)
I hope what ever made you sad to vanish soon ^_^ hope you the best .
And thanx for writing this ,you are so cute ^_^

Harruzy Harruzy


Eeeek thank you so so much for reading! It means a lot to me! I'm being lazy these days but as soon as holidays come on I will update xx

HazzasGurl HazzasGurl

I just started And finished those 9 chap. yesterday and I'm waiting for moooooore
pretty please update !!

Harruzy Harruzy