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Bitch Please - A Harry Styles Fan Fiction

I'm All Yours

Song for the chapter:
I'm All Yours - Jay Sean ft. Pitbull


Topaz’s POV:

The next thing I know is Fleur and Paul are helping me up. I forced my eyes open and search for Harry, only to find him beside Paul, laughing at something—I believe was—on his phone. Can’t he see his unknown to-be-wife is suffering? I mentally saw myself drifting out of Fleur’s and Paul’s grip, and towards Harry who looks up at me and smirks, while inching closer to my lips and then—and then my imagines faded when I was practically being shoved into some place, most likely a car. Thanks for ruining my moment, gosh people these days!

Dear Mental/Brain Diary,

I feel like I am ze dead; my brain works, but I’m ze too tired to move or ze open my eyes. My knight, oh my Harry does not even look at me! Instead he laughs at heez phone! Maybe I should ze stop being a French vooman


For about the next 10 minutes, all I hear is chatting and that is non-stop chatting, until I heard some thick Irish accent. Hold on, where am I? And where is Fleur? Oh my god, is Paul a kidnapper? The next voice I heard was familiar and feminine, until it hit me; me and Fleur are in One Direction’s limo! Oh my god, I wish I could move, or fan-girl, hug them or might as well kiss them—oh Jesus, help me! And that’s when I put the most effort in to move myself—more effort than I had even put on in Physical Exercise, back in Middle/High school.
I struggled and struggled, I flinched uncomfortably, I clenched and unclenched my jaw, stiffened my muscles, but no; life is no fan fiction where a girl wakes up after 3 days of coma. Because guess what; I’m still fucking unconscious—this is frustrating, I quit!

I felt a fat tear slip out of the corner of my eye. I was lifeless, so I felt the tear trickle down slowly, until I felt soft and long fingers wipe the tear, but only for a second. For some reason I felt a tingle radiating beneath my skin, causing the fine hair on my neck to stand up. I mentally pouted because I wanted to feel this weird sensation again. You know how some fan fictions describe this so-called thing called ‘spark’, and it occurs when ‘the-one’ touches you; yeah that happened. It can’t be Harry Styles or another member of One Direction because they won’t even notice I had a tear… but it can’t be Fleur because we aren’t lesbians. Oh my god—this means that I have this magical spark connection with one of the One Direction members, but I don’t know who! Oh my gosh, my fan-girl mode is on, unless if it was… Paul. Ew, shut up Topaz! Paul is a cool dude, he got that oldie swag! Aw I’m so mean.
3 hours later
My eyes slowly fluttered open and all of a sudden a bright light blinded my vision, causing me to jerk my eyes shut, in a tired way. I was really tired and bored, and the black background with dancing galaxies in front of my closed eyes isn’t helping me to get rid of my boredom. I decided to get out, so I opened one eye and adjusted my sight to the light—hey that rhymes!

First thing I saw was Fleur sleeping on a couch, and I smiled at my amazing best friend. Then I just realized that One Direction brought me to this hospital here! Oh my god, I think I’ll fan—but where are they?

“Fleur” I heard my voice croak as I tasted a gross slimy liquid in my mouth, causing me to gag.

I need to get my mouth cleaned before I meet the boys; also known as my to-be bro-in-laws and my to-be husband. I usually dislike hospitals, but today is an exception.

“Fleur” I repeated myself without any sound of croaking.

Fleur stirred and jolted awake and her eyes widened as she ran to me.

“Gosh, you scared the living shit out of me when you passed out! But oh my god, we were in One Direction’s limo!” she babbled excitedly, each emotion on her face which related to her words were clear and sincere.

Rhymed again.

I smiled and rolled my eyes before saying, “Don’t worry, soon they will be in our houses, but where are they now?!”

She frowned and huffed out, “Bitch please. And the boys and Paul left saying goodbye and stuff”

I raised my eyebrows. Well someone’s on their periods. I was sort of disappointed that One Direction left, but oh well, they'll be coming to my house every day soon in the future.

“I’m gonna go and get permission to leave this shitty hospital, my back aches from sleeping on that couch” she said backing away

I laughed and nodded at her, who then walked out of the door, closing the door behind her.

I inhaled a deep breath slowly and all of the previous memories of this morning flashed through my mind and stopped as soon as I released the hold of my breath.

Half of the memories were positive and half were negative and you all know damn well which the positive and negative memories were.

But I just can’t wait until I make my dream, my plan come true. I can’t wait till Harry is mine, and I’m all his.


Song for the chapter:
I'm All Yours - Jay Sean ft. Pitbull

OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH I AM SO EFFING SORRY THAT I HAVE NOT UPDATED IN 10 BILLION YEARS! I wont even start excusing... but I will promise I'll try my best to update asap. Well... I do have to move houses and I'm busy..


LOL #sorrynotsorry

-emmee x



:O I'm so sorry I didn't realize D: Aww gurl thank you so much! I'm so sorry I've made you feel sad
Ahahaha that was the fun bit :D Thanks again x
No worries gurl! Ahaha thank YOU cutie!!

HazzasGurl HazzasGurl

you have no idea how my heart ached literally reading this , I really loved your writing . It was cute that's why I felt sad
but I also couldn't stop smiling reading the dancing thing and the ring , really you are good (Y)
I hope what ever made you sad to vanish soon ^_^ hope you the best .
And thanx for writing this ,you are so cute ^_^

Harruzy Harruzy


Eeeek thank you so so much for reading! It means a lot to me! I'm being lazy these days but as soon as holidays come on I will update xx

HazzasGurl HazzasGurl

I just started And finished those 9 chap. yesterday and I'm waiting for moooooore
pretty please update !!

Harruzy Harruzy