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Bitch Please - A Harry Styles Fan Fiction

She Looks So Perfect

Niall’s POV:
Please faint, please faint, Please faint, I silently begged in my head so that I could hold Fleur. Ugh, she looks so perfect standing there.

Thank goodness Quinn and Topaz left the room as soon as she dropped the make-up worth millions of dollars. I’m surprised she didn’t faint like Topaz.

I glanced at the boys who were looking at me with a mix of I’m-proud-of-you and What-The-Actual-Fuck faces. Well… it was Harry who gave me the What-The-Actual-Fuck face.

“I… uh…” her voice came out strangled and muffled while she attempted to fix the foundation box.

And just as I was about to give in my theatrical scene by snatching the make-up and wrist-locking her, Quinn and Topaz came bursting in. Yup. Way to go.

“Oh my GOSH, Fleur, Niall is asking you out! Friggin say yes!” Topaz screamed and side-hugged her.

Ouch, my ears?

“Yes, Flare dawrling, Nayil ‘ere is a lowvely Ken dawll” Quinn says stroking my face as I flinch away from her

“Please” I say to a nearly-passed out looking Fleur

She gulps and nods, which makes me and the boys jump eagerly and fist the air. I peeked at her while she chuckled slightly.

And then the mean big fat lady comes and opens our make-up room door and tells up to hurry up the show starts in five minutes.

So I quickly scribble my number down on a piece of paper and hand it to Fleur.

“Text me, and we’ll work out some free time” I say as I start backing towards the exit.

She nods solemnly and carefully folds the paper in half before slipping it into the case of her phone. I grinned to myself at the amount of cleverness.

Fleur’s POV:

I feel as if I’m going to die.

I’m going to DIE!

I stared at the place where Niall Horan had just left and I mentally flashbacked to whatever just happened in the past 15 minutes.

And now I feel like I am about to vomit.

I hear a wave of screamers from outside of the nearby window and get up to close it.

Why on EARTH would NIALL JAMES HORAN even want to go out with…me?

Me, the super skinny, ordinary, 1D-fan girl, who doesn’t even know who Johnny Cash is. (Well, who does know him anyway? He’s like so last generation)

That isn’t the point though; I’m trying to say that why on earth somebody famous like Niall Horan would wanna go out with a fan? I thought I was just another average girl and I thought he liked girls like Demi Lovato or… or… Avril Lavigne, I don’t know!

“Topaz” I whisper, not sure whether she could hear me or not, “I can’t do this. I never expected this. I don’t want this”

And in an instant, Topaz was at my side, Quinn at the other

“What. Did you say?” I heard Topaz seethe beside me

“You heard me; I won’t go to that date”

“But whay, hubzy? Tis a life time awpoortunity! Aynd Naill is Naill Hawran! He be ruling 32 diff countries wit his taylent!”

And then I lost it. I started crying and goose bumps erupted all over my skin while I sort of hunched back against the giant mirror, knocking over the makeup chair while doing so (clumsy me).

Topaz groaned in the distance and sat next to me in an instant.

“Dude, look, I simply do not see why you are crying. Text him after this Koffee with Kat show. You do not realize what an opportunity this is! I always told you I had hope I’d kidnap Harry! Now we have a way!”

And then I lost it. Again! This time with rage…

“TOPAZ! Shut UP! Niall asked me out on a date only because I earned that! You aren’t happy for me? Are you trying to say that this isn’t a ‘once-in-a-lifetime opportunity’? Niall Horan, international pop singer who steals all those 14 million girls’ hearts, asks me, me the weird, ordinary and lanky average fan girl out! All you care about is freaking kidnapping Harry Styles?!”

I watched as Topaz comprehended my words, become guiltier by the second. Ha, my emotional speeches are so boss ass.

“Floo-oo!” her voice was gentle and understanding now, “you know I don’t feel the way you think so. I am super happy, for you and me. But I want you now to understand that all of this happened because I—no, we believed such would happen. It is all about willpower. If I can believe and hope a little longer, maybe I’d be lucky with what I wanna do too. Now, I want you to text him, any ordinary fan would do that; so text him and organize a date and me and Quinny will dress you up. Savvy?”

“Savvy” I confirmed and forced my 12 facial muscles to smile while Topaz and I hugged each other.

We hadn’t hugged in awhile and I was sort of glad to have her back. Insert tears of happiness face.

“Where’s mah hug, huh?” Quinn interrupted

We broke apart and offered our arms out to her to, who sort of ran the way Jack Sparrow does in Pirates of the Caribbean to us and joined our group hug.

Dude, why is everyone acting like Jack Sparrow? First Topaz started with with her ‘savvy’ talk and now Quinn and the weird drunk-like walk? Hey, I’m not saying it’s bad it’s just…odd.

“QTF forever; Quann, Taowpaz and Flare fawr-eva!”

A new bestie! Yay! No sarcasm, full sincerity!

“Well our job is done here in this makeup room. So thanks for your help QuinnStar! We defs appreciated your help. We’ll text you soon when we think of a new plan”

“Awh, awlright bub, see ya guys!” Quinn waved us off with a wink as we walked out of the makeup room. I even managed to save my eyeliner without smudging it! Glory, I tell you!


OMG so my bestie Mary says you didn't update this and she was gonna hang herself (not literally) and then I'm like EEEEEK!! UPDATE, MUST UPDATE

As you can see, I didn't add a link to the song for this chapter. Idk, something is up with the link adder/html idk thing. Who else has that difficulty???

Annehwaiz thanks guys I <3 u all for reading and still being sincere despite my clumsiness

P.S In love with Jack Sparrow and Ed Cullen -fangirl-



:O I'm so sorry I didn't realize D: Aww gurl thank you so much! I'm so sorry I've made you feel sad
Ahahaha that was the fun bit :D Thanks again x
No worries gurl! Ahaha thank YOU cutie!!

HazzasGurl HazzasGurl

you have no idea how my heart ached literally reading this , I really loved your writing . It was cute that's why I felt sad
but I also couldn't stop smiling reading the dancing thing and the ring , really you are good (Y)
I hope what ever made you sad to vanish soon ^_^ hope you the best .
And thanx for writing this ,you are so cute ^_^

Harruzy Harruzy


Eeeek thank you so so much for reading! It means a lot to me! I'm being lazy these days but as soon as holidays come on I will update xx

HazzasGurl HazzasGurl

I just started And finished those 9 chap. yesterday and I'm waiting for moooooore
pretty please update !!

Harruzy Harruzy