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Dangerous Love

38 - Shallow End

[Anna Lisa]

“Mm, babe.” Harry sighs out as he removes his lips from mine. He grips my thighs tight in his hands as I lean my head on his shoulder, I could sit here in his lap all night long if I had to. “I want you to get a bathing suit on. I don’t care which one, just get one you like. Meet me outback in ten minutes. Just go through the door in the kitchen.” Harry says as he rubs his hand into my back.

I lift my head up, this can’t be true. Did he forget what I told him about? His eyes catch mine and I don’t dare look away, I’m not up for any yelling right now. “Hey, what’s wrong princess?” Harry asks, cupping the side of my face with his big, soft hand. I gulp gently, this is something I’ve always feared. “I.. I can’t swim.” I mumble out, hoping that he would remember something so important like that.

“I know baby. Don’t worry, there’s a shallow end. And besides, you’ll be with me the whole time.” Harry says with a soft voice, his lips leaving a peck on the corner of my mouth. “Now, get up and go find something to wear. I’ll be waiting, darlin’.” He says as he gestures me to get up.

When my bare feet hit the floor I let out a sigh, I don’t like water and honestly I’m afraid. I trust Harry with all of my heart, with my all of my soul – but either way, I will always be scared of the water. “See you soon, baby.” Harry says with a wink as he easily shut the bedroom door.

Harry’s undressed me down pretty far already – leaving me just in my shirt, bra and underwear. I throw the shirt over my head and sit it on the bed with the rest of my clothes. I pull my panties down next and lay them there as well, followed by my bra. I head over to the huge closet filled halfway with things that Harry has bought me – and he claims he has more he’s ordered to go in the other closet in the room he intended to give to me – but I’ve found shelter in his room instead, him and me both like that though.

I go to the back wall of the closet where two huge dressers sit. One’s full of Harry’s stuff and the other full of things that now belong to me. I sort of know where some of the stuff is already, despite the small amount of time of being in the house with Harry. I open the second drawer and begin the search through the many swimsuits. I know the third and fourth drawers are full of swim wear too, but for now I’ll just stay in the second one.

It didn’t take but a minute or two for me to find the one I wanted to wear. It’s a Calvin Klein set that’s just black. Simple and plain, just like I intended. I sit on the bench in the middle of the huge closet and slide the bottoms up my legs. I stand up and pull them over my butt. Finally I put the top on and tie it at the back of my neck. Harry already made me take my makeup off and all the jewelry so I’m good now.

Well, time to get to the kitchen. I leave the bedroom, but I didn’t shut the door, and I go down the hallway. It doesn’t take me long to reach the stairs, but keep in mind I’m walking fast. It’s sort of weird being alone up here without Harry. I hurry down the stairs, feeling a big grin on my face for some reason.

Oh don’t act like you don’t know, Anna Lisa! You’re excited because Harry’s going to look so good out there in the water and he’s going to hold you and – Okay, just relax. Get to the kitchen first without getting lost, then you can freak out.

When I reach the bottom of the stair case, I remember the right way to go and I make my way through the huge living room to the kitchen door on the other side. I push the door open and roam my eyes around the fancy kitchen. Within seconds my eyes landed on a set of sliding glass doors and through them I could see the huge backyard – including the patio, a fountain, a small garden, lots of trees, and of course the huge underground pool.

I slowly exhale a deep breath as I slide the glass door open some so I could go outside. My heart is racing, one because I’m nervous as hell, and two because Harry’s going to be out here and when he touches me my body just goes bananas. “Finally, my princess has joined me.” Harry calls from the pool as he leans his arms on the concrete edge.

I give him a blushing smile, not out of the normal for me though. “Hold on, don’t get in yet.” Harry blurts as I watch him swim over to the steps emerged in the water. The pool is huge, and I’m terribly afraid right now. I trust Harry with all of my heart, but I don’t know if I can survive this.

I stand by the patio table as he exits the pool, water dripping off his muscled body. I gulp gently as he reaches me, his hair soaked. He has water droplets trailing down his skin, the sun shining down on his body, highlighting the perfect regions – including the side of his gorgeous face. “I’d hate for my girl to get sun burned. You’re skin’s s’ pale and delicate.. can’t risk anythin’, my love.” Harry says with a wink as he grabs a bottle of sun screen off the table.

He squirts a good amount into his palm and sits the bottle back down. With his free hand, he lifts his finger and does a spinning motion. I follow his silent instructions and turn around so that my back is facing him. “We don’t have to worry about your legs.” Harry mumbles as I feel his hand gather my hair. He flicks it all over my left shoulder and he begins to lather my skin.

His rough hand feels amazing as he rubs it all over my back, pressing in all the right places. He uses both hands now and slides them up and down my sides. I smile gently at the ticklish feeling. Next he does my shoulders and the back of my arms. His hands are so big, but yet they can give the softest touch in the entire world.

“Turn.” He mutters under his breath and I do as he asks. My eyes roam up his body, admiring the tight swimming trunks low on his waist – a bit of his pubic hair is sticking out and I can basically see the outline of his big shaft. I swallow the lump in my throat – I wonder when he will give it to me again..?

Harry pulls me from my trance when his hands run over my belly. I let a laugh slide through my lips and I feel my cheeks fluster up, my eyes drop to the ground where I stare at Harry’s feet. “You’re so adorable.” Harry says with a smile as he grabs my chin with two fingers and forces me to look up at him. His eyes lock with mine and he winks lightly, it’s rather cute when he does that.

“Let me get that pretty face covered.” He whispers as he rubs the sunscreen into my cheeks and forehead. He puts a dab on the tip of my nose and uses one finger to blend it in with my skin. “Ready?” He asks while raising his eyebrows. His take hands mine and he laces his long fingers with mine. I give him a nod, but honestly I’m not too sure on that. He gives me a gesture of his head to follow behind him and I gladly do.

Harry leads me to the stairs and he drops my hand. He goes down the stairs – the water reaching the moth on his chiseled body. I sigh lightly, it’s already too deep for my liking. “C’mon, the water’s fine.” He says as he extends his hand out. I take a deep inhale as I put one foot into the water. It’s actually warmer than I first thought it would be. I go ahead and go down the next three steps. The water reaches the waist band of my bottoms and I feel my hands start to shake just as I take a hold of Harry’s palm.

“It’s alright, honey. I’m right here.” Harry says as he gives my hand a tug. I nod to him once more, just trying to get him to understand that it’s not him leaving me that’s worrying me, it’s only my fear of drowning that is scaring me out of my mind. I remind myself of Harry’s promise and descend down the last two stairs. My feet hit the concrete and I gasp lightly, it’s already too deep.

Harry’s arm goes around my waist, his free hand on my hip as he pulls me to him. “It’s okay.. we’re in the shallow side.” Harry informs me as his hand grabs under my knee. He brings my leg around his waist and I go ahead and to the same with the other. Harry’s lips press against the corner of my mouth, he’s so sweet.

“Don’t be scared, princess.” He mumbles against my mouth as he begins moving through the water. I bite the inside of my cheek as I realize he’s going towards what I assume is the deeper end. “No, Harry.. please.. I.. I can’t-” He stops my nervous ramble by pushing his lips against mine again. He slides his tongue through my lips and for just a few seconds his tongue swirls with mine.

He pulls away and gives me a concerned look. “Just hold on to me.. baby, I won’t let you go.” He assures me in a soft voice as he continues moving. I wrap my arms around his neck and he leans his forehead against mine. “You’re so beautiful.. I just want to love the hell out of you.” He whispers gently as the water rises to our shoulders. He stops moving and I mentally thank him for that.


The black bathing suit looks perfect on Anna – the way it brings out her hips and her ass, and her cleavage showing at the top.. it’s all so damn perfect. She presses her body against mine completely as I bury my face in her neck, smelling the salt water on her shoulder and getting a faint taste of it as I give her collarbone a peck.

“Say something in French.” I demand in a whisper against her earlobe. “W-what do you w-want me to s-say.. sir?” she replies in a shaky voice, her fingers twisting in my hair. I smirk gently at my thoughts.

“Tell me.. how good I fucked you last night. I just want to hear how it sounds coming out of your mouth.” I insist, a grin coming to my face as I nuzzle my face into the side of her neck, I know she will be more comfortable saying it while I’m not looking.

I hear her gulp before taking a deep inhale, her chest moving against mine. “Harry, c'était tellement bon. Je, um.. Je n'ai jamais senti ça comme ça avant… Merci pour tout.” Anna Lisa says, her voice soft as she speaks the foreign words into the air.

I smile gently to myself, the sound of her beautiful voice fluently speaking this romantic language to me just makes my heart tremble – everything she does is just purely beautiful. Just when I was about to reply, she continues the French. I don’t try to interrupt, I let her have her moment. “Uh.. um, cela m'a fait me sentir tellement sale. Le bon type de sale.” My mind becomes curious, what exactly did she say?

“Tell me.. what you said.” I state, lifting my head from her neck – despite wanting to stay in burn in the light heat of her skin all day long. My eyes catch hers and she freezes, like she’s nervous about the world now. “Harry.. you… you d-didn’t make me s-say it.. la-last time.” She pouts her bottom lip out more than naturally, her voice has a sad tone to it. This girl is the world to me, but she will do what I say. And that’s final.

“I said, tell me.” I order, my eyebrows raising in emphasis, trying to get my point across to her. “But-” “You’ve been a good girl all day, Anna Lisa, don’t fucking ruin it, honey.” I snap, my voice a few levels louder than before. She rolls her lips in as her eyes drop between us. She closes her lids and I nearly think about killing myself right now – way to go, she’s upset again.

“Baby, don’t get sad about this. It’s nothing to worry about.” I sigh out while letting my left hand trail to her butt. I slide my hand down her bottoms and grip as much as I could get – it isn’t a lot because she was definitely blessed in the back, but I love that for sure. “I’m not.. worried.. Harry.” She whispers out, her eyes glancing up at me for just a mere second. “Then what’s wrong?” I ask, honestly confused now. I thought she was going to cry because I got loud again? I assume not though.

“I.. I don’t.. w-wanna.. say.. it.” Anna Lisa’s voice is beginning to crack, and I just know she’s about to let those alluring eyes flood with tears. “Okay baby. You don’t have to tell me. Don’t cry now, it’s not worth crying over, princess.” I say as I lean my forehead to hers, she’s got such a sensitive heart and it hurts me to see her eyes water like that. “What can I do to make you feel better?” I question in a mumble, my lips brushing hers as I speak. “I dunno.” She murmurs back, her hands tugging my hair lightly as she brings herself closer. I want to make my beautiful girl feel better, but what can I say or do that will make her okay again?

My intentions sudden change – perhaps it’s the chemicals in the water, or maybe it’s the smell of Anna Lisa’s soft, pale skin. Whatever the reason, I feel like I want to do more – I need to do more.

Within seconds, the desire to touch her body took over my mind – there’s no stopping me now. I walk over to the side of the pool, her head laying on my shoulder and her arms tightly around my neck, her fragile hands on the back of my head. God this girl is driving me crazy with all her innocence.

Her body jerks as I lift her up and sit her on the edge of the concrete. Her eyes travel down to me and she furrows her eyebrows. “I need to touch you, baby.” I breathe out as I push myself up over the edge of the pool onto the concrete patio. She moves back some so that we are away from the water – it doesn’t bother me though, as long as I can get my hands on her body.

“Harry..” She mumbles gently as I push her back on to the ground. “Relax.” I reply in a sigh as I get between her legs. “I just wanna.. touch.” I say lightly as I sit on my knees, staring down – admiring the beautiful goddess below me. Her cheeks are blushed, her eyes are watching my every move. I smirk gently as I place my hand on her side, gripping it a little. She lets out a small laugh, exactly what I wanted.

I stop the rough grip and slide my fingers against her soft pale skin. She lets out a string of soft giggles as I let my fingertips dance on her cold, wet skin. My eyes connect with hers and I give her a wink before leaning myself down. I lick my lips quickly, I want to prepare myself for what’s to come soon. “Harry.” She giggles my name out as I lay my forehead just below her breasts. Her skin is so damn soft and smooth, like an angel. Perfect in every way.

“Hmm?” I ask her with a light smile on my face as I close my eyes, admiring the feeling and the smell of her skin. “Can you..” She doesn’t say anything else after that. I gulp gently as I open my eyes, staring down at her white skin. “What is it?” I question, hoping she will go on and tell me whatever she needs to tell me or ask me. “Um.. can you.. do.. what you did.. last.. ni-night?” She asks, stuttering just a tad from her body being so nervous against my touch.

“Anything you want.” I assure her as I lift my head up to give her a glance. She smiles and relaxes her body completely as her head hits the concrete again. My lips press against the space between her breasts for a few seconds before I trail down her beautiful body. I stick my tongue out and let it slide down her smooth stomach, her skin cold against mine, tasting the salty water. The sound of her gentle laugh fills my ears – it acts as motivation to keep doing this for her, she deserves the world and I plan on giving it to her, one step at a time of course though.

Right when I was about to begin the magical tricks on her body, a thought pops into my head. She needs to be comfortable, not laying on the cold, hard concrete. I sigh lightly as I lean up and hurry to my feet. She brings her body off the ground, her elbows holding her up. “What’s.. wrong?” Anna Lisa asks with a concerned tone, her eyes wide as she stares up at me.

“Nothing baby, I just want to make sure you’re comfy.” I give her a smile as I hold my hand down to her. She grabs it and it doesn’t take but one easy tug to get her to her feet. Before she could grip my hand any tighter, I lean down and slide my arm under her knees as I lift her up. She gasps sharply, her arms shooting around my neck in a split second. “I’ve got you.” I whisper lightly as I give her a kiss on her cheek. She returns a smile as I walk towards the patio décor.

Anna Lisa’s eyes stay glued to mine as I lay her down on the more comfortable lounge chair. I let her get situated before I reach down to the lever and lay it back almost all the way. Her hand releases mine and I go to the edge of the chair. “Move down so that you’re knees are by me.” I say and she’s quick to do as I ask. It didn’t take but half a minute for her to get her body the way I needed it in order for us both to be comfortable with this.

Anna exhales deeply as I hook both of my index fingers around the waist band of the bottoms. I waste no time pulling them down her legs and throwing them once her body is free of them. “Undo your top.” I mumble as I stay on my knees, not wanting to rush her. I watch her carefully and closely as she leans up and reaches behind her back to untie it. Right when the knot gets undone, the top falls and her breasts are partly exposed to my hungry eyes. Finally her fingers undo the neck straps and she sits it down on the ground beside us. “Perfect.” I whisper as I motion for her to lay back. She listens so well, so good for me.

I grab the back of her knees and lift her legs up, I place them on my shoulders and pull her closer to me, just a few more inches. My face is already burning from the heat. I lick my lips a few times, I can’t wait to taste that pure sweet paradise. Anna Lisa’s breathing is suddenly unbalanced and her chest is rising and falling at inconstant timings. “Calm down.” I say as I grab her hand and link our fingers together. She releases a deep breathe followed by her soft voice. “I.. I just want you to.. to start.” I smirk gently at her words, she’s not as innocent as I let myself believe at other times. I chuckle a little, she’s desperate, but she’s deserving.

My eyes close as I press my lips against her throbbing clit. Her body jerks lightly as I begin the gentle movements of my lips against her sensitive nub. I wrap my other arm around her thigh and use my middle and index fingers to spread her open, I need to get in there good. I remind myself to be easy and gentle with her. My cock twitches just as my lips press against her clit.

A heavy throated moan leaves her body and I close my eyes, ready to focus on this beauty. “Oh.. god.” Anna Lisa sighs out, her hand tightening hard around mine. I lean back some and open my eyes, staring at the paradise she was marked with. “I’m sorry..” She mumbles out. I dart my eyes to her, not sure why she would say that. “What do you mean, honey? Nothing’s wrong.” I say slightly confused. “You.. you stopped.” She says lightly, her voice not very loud at all.

I smile lightly at her innocence. “I was just admiring your body baby.” I tell her with a slight laugh. Her cheeks become pigmented with a deep rose color – poor child is so shy, but she’s so damn cute at the same time. “It’s okay baby. You didn’t do anything wrong, just relax and let me take care of you.” I insist as I dip my head down to her sex. I start at the space between her entrance and her other virgin hole. I try to keep in mind not to do anything too extreme yet.

Slowly I lick a stripe from the bottom to the top of her mound – her body squealing beneath me. I unwrap my arm from her thigh and bring my hand to her sweet entrance. I lick my lips before I wrap them around her little nub, sliding my finger in to her tight, wet heat just seconds after.

A heavy groan leaves her mouth as I slowly pull my finger out and push it back in just as slow. I keep that pace going as I start to focus on her clit. Her fingernails dig into my hand, slightly causing some pain there. I toughen up and keep my attention on her body.

I begin lapping my tongue through her folds, trying to switch up the methods of pleasure. Anna Lisa’s legs are shaking lightly as she grips my hand with all of her strength. I close my eyes tight again, wanting to keep my entire focus on her making her feel good. I slide my finger alongside my index finger in her entrance – resulting in a deep moan escaping her soft lips.

“Please..” She mumbles out lightly, her voice soft. I slow the speed of my tongue and lean up, keeping my fingers inside of her though. I don’t want to torture her too much. Those beautiful eyes meet mine as she holds herself up with her elbow, her eyebrows in a furrow as she stares at me, probably confused on why I stopped all of a sudden.

I shove my fingers in harder than I have before. She winces lightly and her eyes seal tight. God, no. Please tell me I didn’t hurt her. I pull my fingers out and run my hand on her thigh, hoping and praying that I didn’t go too far. “Baby? Did.. did I hurt you?” I ask nervously, scared to know the truth. Her head hits the chair and she keeps her eyes closed.

I take that as a yes.


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