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Dangerous Love

39 - Get In

[Anna Lisa]

A shaky breath escapes my mouth and I find myself soon biting harshly at the inside of my cheek. Harry’s fingernail jabbed the edge something inside of my body, I’m not even sure where it was but I felt it and it hurt really bad. I gulp gently as I feel his presence above me, water dripping off his body and dropping onto mine.

I open my eyes, thankful that he blocked the bright sun from blinding me. “Are you okay, baby?” He asks in a soft voice, his eyebrows furrowed and his eyes full of concern. I sigh gently as I stare up at his beautiful eyes, I don’t know how I’m even able to look away sometimes.

“I.. I don’t know.” I mutter out, not sure honestly. “Did I stretch you too far? Go to fast? Did I.. did I do something you didn’t like?” He asks worried, his tongue coming out to lick over his lips. Everything he does is so hot and he doesn’t even know it.

“I.. it’s just.. I think you.. scratched me.” I admit as I exhale a deep breath. I know he wants the truth so that’s what I give to him, I don’t want to lie and then later it become something serious.. Either way I just want to be good for him and just do what he asks, tell him what he wants to know.

“I’m so sorry, princess. I’ll.. I’ll try to be gentle next time.” His lips brush against mine as he leans down and my heart begins to race fast. I bet he can hear my heart jumping around in my chest. Harry leaves a soft peck on the corner of my mouth. Within seconds he leans up and pulls me up with him. I bite my lip lightly, I know it hurt but I didn’t want him to stop.

“Let’s get back in.” He smirks gently as he takes my hand and guides me to the edge of the pool, deeper than where we were before. I stop a few inches behind him. He leaps off the edge, water splashing everywhere as his body makes contact with it. I laugh lightly as the cold water hits me in a few places. Harry’s head pops out of the water and he gives me a smile.

“C’mere.” He says, gesturing me to the edge. I gulp gently, I don’t want him to pull me in. I move a short distance, still not wanting to get too close to the edge. “I won’t pull you in. Just sit down, babe.” Harry sighs with a smile as he pats his hand on the concrete edge. I take a deep inhale and assure my heart that he’s being serious with me. I get down to the ground, easily throwing my legs over the edge on either side of him. The concrete is cold against my bare skin.

Harry leans up and his arms wrap around my waist, sliding me even closer to the edge. I gasp lightly when I notice that my butt is the only thing left on the concrete, my legs almost completely in the water. “You’re so damn gorgeous.” Harry mumbles as he presses his forehead against my stomach, just below my boobs. I smile down at him, he must not notice how attractive he is.

I place on of my hands on his shoulder, the other on the top his head. I begin to run my fingers through his short, messy hair. I can’t believe I had the courage or the strength to even lift my hand. Perhaps it’s a sign that things are going to be good for us, I mean me. No.. I meant us.

“I’m cold.” I whisper out as I stare at the top of his head. He tightens his grip as he lets out a loud sigh. Suddenly he leans back and drops his arms from my body, pulling them back into the water by his sides. “Put your bottoms back on.. but leave the top off.” He says with a slight wink. I get to my feet fast, feeling a tad awkward as realize I’m exposed in front of him. But yet I’m okay with that.. As long as it’s Harry, I don’t mind.

I hurry over to the chair where something great would have occurred if I wasn’t such a whiny child. I roll my eyes to myself as I slide the bikini bottoms up my legs and secure the waist band on my hips. My eyes glance over to the pool side just to find Harry’s eyes wide and staring at me.

Right when I stand up, the sound of Harry’s phone going off catches my attention. He lets out a groan and throws his head back, probably not too happy that his day has been interrupted. “Will you see who it is, babe?” He asks as he crosses his arms on the edge of the pool and lays his head down, annoyed.

“Yeah.” I say lightly, not even sure if he heard me or not. I reach the table after a few seconds and I pick up his towel. There lays his phone on the table, vibrating and ringing. I squint my eyes, the sun is really bright today and there’s hardly any clouds. I see the caller ID.

“It says.. Sophia.” I call out, looking over my shoulder at him – obviously I know who that is. “Answer it.” Harry demands without even lifting his head up to look at me. I gulp gently as I answer the phone and place it against my ear. “Hello?” I mumble out, not sure on what to say exactly.

“Har-.. um.. Anna Lisa? Is that you?” Sophia’s voice blares through the phone, she sounds too excited right now. I pull the phone back some, I’m sure I can hear her if I threw it across the yard. “Yeah.” I say with a light smile, furrowing my eyebrows as I await her purpose of calling. “Harry must be busy.” She states with a sign. I glance over at him, he doesn’t look busy, but I have a feeling of what to say.

“Yeah. He’s really busy. Um.. he has a lot of stuff to do today. He left his phone.. um in the kitchen.” I say bluntly, what a damn lie that was. I can’t believe I just completely made a lie to this girl. “Okay, well just tell him to call me back when he can. Bye honey.” Before I could even reply, she hung up and I sat the phone down.

“Um Harry.. your mom just sent you a message.” I inform at the text that just appeared on his phone. “What’s it say?” He sighs out. I turn in his direction and see that he’s watching me know. This apparently means more than him than the call just half a minute ago, which is understandable I guess.

“She said.. See you soon, darling.” I tell him. Before I could even think about that or wonder about it, Harry groans loudly and lets out a string of curse words. He pushes himself out of the pool and heads towards me, his body dripping with water. I bite the inside of my cheek as he snatches the phone out of my hand. I flinch lightly at his sudden force. I step back, not wanting to be the thing he lashes out on again.

“Fuckin’.” He mutters the word out lightly as he types up a reply. His eyes glance to me and I look away, ashamed that he caught me staring again. “This was planned before I got you.” He mumbles out as he sits down on one of the lounging chairs. I gulp gently, what have I ruined this time?

“I can’t tell my mother that I.. bought you. I’ll have to make up something.” Harry says, mainly to himself as he closes his phone and throws it on the table. He props his elbows on his knees and drops his head in his hands. He lets out a deep exhale, he seems so stressed.

I take a big breath before sitting down beside him, his leg touching mine and his body against mine. “I’m sorry.. I.. I always tend to.. to mess things up.” I sigh out as I stare down at my feet. “You didn’t mess anything up, babe.” Harry assures me as he moves his foot closer to mine, nudging me lightly.

“I’m just going to make things worse.. Your mom probably won’t.. even.. like me. I’m.. I’m sorry.” I stutter lightly as I lean my head against Harry’s hard bicep. He lets outs out a huff and lifts his head out of his hands, staring up at the blue sky now. “She’ll love you, Anna Lisa. This isn’t your fault. It’s not an issue.. just.. I forgot about her coming.” Harry tells me, his hand picking up mine from my lap. My eyes close as I feel him lace his fingers with mine. He does the sweetest things that just make me melt.

“For three days you’re gonna.. have to.. sleep in what originally was supposed to be your room.. My mother would go insane if she even suspected we slept together. Especially when I tell her I’ve only known you for a few weeks. And for how we met.. I don’t even know what to say.. just a few weeks ago is all I have made up at the moment.” Harry begins to ramble as he stands from the chair, releasing my hand as he starts to pace.

I frown lightly at the feeling of my empty palm and my head not resting on his damp, warm skin. “Calm down, please. I didn’t mean to make you.. so.. upset about it.” I sigh out as I stand from the chair, hurrying over to his side. I grab his arm and wrap both of mine around it, holding him still and close to me. “Baby, stop blaming yourself.”Harry groans lightly as he jerks his arm away from my grip, he’s a lot stronger than me so it didn’t take but one good pull for him to be free.

“Why are you being mean to me? I.. I don’t know.. what I did.” I mumble lightly as my eyes land on the patio concrete. I ruin everything, I swear. I cover my chest with both arms now, it’s cold and Harry’s eyes make me fluster up everywhere. “I’m not being fuckin’ mean!” Harry yells suddenly, his anger erupting quickly. I gulp gently as I take a few steps back, too afraid to be near him right now. What if he pushes me again? What if he hits me? But what if he doesn’t..

“Either get in the water or get in the damn house.” Harry snaps, his eyes dark as he stares at me – the distance between us getting shorter as he starts in my direction. I hold my breath as he reaches me, his hand grasping my wrist tightly and pulling my arm from my chest, the other one falling to my side again. He tugs me forward and I accidently let a whimper slide out. His grip is hard and it’s hurting me.

“Pick which one.” He says in a stern voice. I let out a nervous breath as I think about what could be safer for me? Before I could even think about the consequences of either choice, Harry gives my arm a pull, leading me towards the house. “You didn’t give.. me time.” I blurt out suddenly, quite shocked at myself.

Harry stops suddenly in his tracks and turns to face me, bringing me closer. I part my lips to speak, but right when I do his hand tightens up around my sore wrist, there will be bruises in the morning. “You’re hurting me.. Harry.. please stop.” Harry’s eyes soften just as he hears my plea to him. His mouth turns from a straight line to a slight frown. He lets out a light sigh as he drops my hand. I step back some, scared that he might go crazy on me again.

My eyes lock with his and he has the saddest look on his beautiful face. “I’m sorry baby. Where do you want to go?” He asks in a mutter, his voice is cracked it certain places. I gulp gently and glance over at the water. I nod my hand in the direction of the pool and the corner of Harry’s mouth curves up.

Harry leads me to the edge and he repeats his actions from earlier. He jumps off the side and water is thrown everywhere, including all over me. I laugh lightly as his head shoots up out of the water. He shakes it around a few times, getting his hair somewhat out of his face.

“Join me, princess.” Harry insists as he swims to the side of the pool, his hand patting against the concrete. I smile lightly as I throw an arm over my chest before going to sit down. “Don’t hide yourself from me, now. Be a good girl and let me see.” Harry groans lightly as he reaches for my arm once I’m on the ground and my legs are in the water. He moves my arm to my lap and his hand reaches to my chest.

He begins to grope my right boob, his fingers massaging deep in my skin and so magically. I bite my lip as his eyes meet mine. He slides his tongue over his bottom lip as he stares up at me, sex in his eyes. Without warning, Harry’s other arm wraps around my waist and he pulls me into the water. I gasp gently when I realize my feet don’t touch the floor of the pool. I throw my arms around Harry’s neck, letting my fingertips get lost in his hair again.

His hand falls from my chest, his arms snaking around my body. I smirk gently against his lips as his hand slides into my bottoms. I place a kiss gently on the corner of his mouth. He smiles lightly at the mark of affection, I’m quite surprised I done that but yet I’m very proud of myself.

“I love your ass, baby.” He whispers as his lips trail down my jawline. I moan softly as he digs his fingertips into my butt with all of his strength, or at least most of it. My head goes back and my eyes close as the sun nearly blinds me. “So fuckin’ sexy, baby girl.” Harry utters against my neck as his free hand grabs my thigh an wraps it around his waist. I take in consideration to do the other one the same way. His hand slides further into my bottoms and he lifts me up higher, his lips attacking my throat.

“Harry.” His name slips past my lips in a soft, feathery voice I didn’t even know I could produce. His teeth nip at my sensitive skin, leaving marks all over. Harry picks a section of my skin and begins to swirl his tongue in circles. I smile lightly at the wondrous feeling. Harry Styles gives me the best feelings anyone could ever ask for. His lips form an o shape on my skin in the same spot where his tongue danced around and he starts to suck hard.

I allow my hand to slide up the back of his head, my fingers gliding through his soft, wet hair until I get to the top where the longer portion of hair is. I wrap my fingers gently in his hair and keep a hold of him. My other hand grabs his bicep as his sucking gets harder.

A minute or maybe two passes, I can’t keep track of the seconds when he’s making me feel this way. My stomach is bubbling again, I need him to touch me. I gasp sharply as Harry’s teeth sink into my skin. He tightens his arm around me and slides his hand even further down my swim suit bottoms. I can feel him getting hard against my crotch and I can barely keep myself composed and alive right now.

“F-fuck.” I stutter lightly as Harry applies more pressure onto my skin with his teeth. Finally he pulls away and leans back just a tad. He removes his hand from my bottoms. I pout my bottom lip out lightly at the feeling of not having his hand on me. But soon I was smiling to myself again, both of his hands were on my ass holding me up higher so his lips could reach my breasts.

Harry doesn’t waste any time. His lips wrap around my nipple and I can’t keep the pleasure in anymore. I let it all out, moans and whimpers of his beautiful name. His tongue goes to work, circling and lapping over my hard, but extremely sensitive nub. “Harry.. oh my .. fuck..” I moan out as his teeth nibble on me.

Harry’s mouth releases my nipple, causing a slight pop sound to fill my ears. “Yeah, you like that hm?” Harry asks as his eyes hungrily roam my body. “Yes sir.. I really like it.. when your mouth is on me.” I reply with a slight moan, I can’t believe I’m talking so dirty to this man. “Oh you do? Well let me continue then, baby.” Harry winks at me before his lips connect with my other breast, giving it just as much attention as he gave to the other.

As I think it couldn’t get better than this, Harry’s hand slides to my crotch and his finger pulls my bottoms aside, giving him full access to my sex. I gulp gently as I sit my chin on top of his head, my fingers still laced in his soft hair. Without warning, he plunges his middle finger inside of me and my lips part, breathless.

“Harry..” I mumble his name as I his tongue flicks my nipple around and his finger invades my body. He moans lightly against my skin, sending wondrous vibrations through my body. I close my eyes tight, I just want to focus on him. I surprise myself as I press my lips against his forehead, his skin damp from the water and warm from the sun. I hold myself there, not wanting to move.

Harry adds his index finger into my entrance, my eyes rolling back in my head as he thrusts them far inside of me. “So fuckin’ tight.” Harry mutters against my boob as he releases my nipple, ending the harsh attack. The speed of his two fingers increase dramatically as he leans his head back just a tad, my lips falling from his skin.

His eyes lock with mine just as I let out a moan, followed by a whisper of his name. He smirks gently as he watches me react to the amazing things he’s doing to my body. “Does it feel good, baby?” He asks as he brings his lips close to mine. My hand drops from his hair to the back of his neck and I refuse to let him go.

“Yes sir.” I breathe out, my eyes rolling and my teeth biting my bottom lip. Harry chuckles lightly as he plants kisses all over the left side of my face, slow and soft. He brings to curl his fingers inside of me, pleasure racing throughout my body. “Please.. I want..” I stop myself with a moan, my hand gripping his neck tightly, trying not to squirm out of his grip. “What do you want, Anna Lisa? Tell me.. baby.” Harry whispers against the corner of my mouth.

Without a thought going through my head about this, the response spills from my lips. “I want you in me.. please, Harry.” My eyes seal shut as his fingers bring me close to climax. I hope he notices because I don’t want him to stop yet. “Mmm, want my cock in you baby?” Harry asks in a lustful voice, his teeth nipping at my skin. “Yes sir, please I want it.” My mouth releases those sinful words within seconds of his question.

“Cum for me, baby. Cum on my fingers.” Harry encourages as his lips move to my ear, his tongue licking over my lobe. I groan back as his fingers speed up and his motions are harder, sharper. “I.. I’m gonna.” I stop myself, unable to speak any words as I feel waves of energy roll through my body, my stomach rolling and the butterflies erupting in a storm inside of me.

“C’mon baby, cum for me. Be a good girl.” Those words give me motivation, and only seconds later I feel it coming through my body. My hand grasps his bicep, the other sliding up the back of his head, I need to feel his hair in my fingers. I throw my head back suddenly, I’m so close to releasing. Harry’s lips grab the side of my neck and one little lick is all it took.

Harry!” I whine out, my core throbbing as Harry’s fingers continue to enter and exit my body. “Ahh.. f-fuck.” I groan out, clenching around his long, skillful fingers. “Such a good girl, baby.” Harry utters on my skin, his fingers finally ejecting from me.

He removes himself from my neck and begins to prepare us both for the next step. One his hands pulls the bikini bottoms to the side, exposing my sex again. I bite my lip as I watch his eyes fall between us, focusing on what he’s about to give me. His other hand reaches into his trunks and within seconds his rock hard shaft is out and I nearly lose my mind.

My mother is literally watering as I just stare down at it. But it’s soon out of my view as Harry grabs it and pulls my body back to his completely now. I feel the tip of his erected member against my clit. I gasp lightly, it feels so different under the water.

Harry smirks gently as he looks up at me, caught me watching him again. “Ready for me, baby girl?” He asks in a mumble. I nod rapidly, feeling too desperate but I don’t care, I want him in me now before I go crazy. Harry guides himself to my entrance and all of a sudden he thrusts his hips up and begins to fill me up. He groans and I watch his eyes roll back in his head. Am I really that satisfying?

“Fuck.. so tight, Anna.” He grunts out, his eyes opening to find me staring right at him. I give him a smile as I lean a little closer, pushing my forehead against his. “Tell me when you’re ready..” Harry whispers against my lips. I nod gently as I start to focus on how he feels down there. I need to make sure I’m comfortable before he starts pounding into me.

“Ow.” The sound leaves my mouth as Harry moved inside of me, I don’t know if he meant to or not though. “I’m sorry, baby.” He mumbles back just as quickly as I whined. My fingers wrap in his hair again, I think I’m ready. “Okay.. I’m.. ready.” I breathe out hesitantly, not really sure to be honest.

Harry starts with slow, smooth movements – removing his self slowly and entering just as slow. I roll my lips in as I close my eyes, he feels so good in me. “Feel good?” Harry questions lightly, his lips brushing against the corner of my mouth. “Yes sir.” I whisper back, one of his hands gliding up and down my back, feels so nice.

“Mmm, fuck. God.. damn.” Harry groans out as he speeds up a tad, his hips thrusting up sharper than before. I can’t stop from moaning back at his words, he’s so hot even if he doesn’t know it. I accidentally clamp around him, not even knowing that my body could just randomly do that. “Fuck.” Harry breathes out, his lips dragging along my jawline. I smirk gently at his response. “Do that again.” He demands, his voice slightly stern.

Knowing that I must be a good girl for him, I do what he asks without hesitating. “Fuck yeah.. baby. Feels so good when you do that.” Harry says, his voice louder and his groans heavier. He pushes himself all the way in with so much power and force, I swear I almost had a heart attack. “Yesss..fuck, Harry.” I whine out, holding the s sound.

Harry chuckles deeply against my skin. “Does my girl like that, hm? Like it when I push my cock all the way in your tight pussy?” Harry states, my eyes rolling back at the words he used. “Yes sir… feels so good.” I reply as I throw my head back, he may be going slow but damn it feels so good.

“SURPRISE!” Harry’s head snaps in the direction of the door as a girl’s voice fills the air. “Mom?!” Harry shouts out, confusion and horror in his expression. “Harry?!” I look over to see who I assume is his mother standing there, shock spread on her face. She covers her face and yells into her hands, like she’s ashamed of him.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Harry utters as he pulls me off his shaft quickly. “Stay behind me.” He mumbles out, sternness in his raspy voice.

I do as Harry demands and I put my arms around him as he steps in front of me, blocking my exposed body from the two women. I hide my face in his back, not sure what to do right now. I grip him tight, my hands over his navel. He places one of his large hands over both of mine, holding them in place.

“Whenever you decide to put some damn clothes on, son, I’ll be in the living room!” His mother yells as I hear the patio door shut with a loud bang. “Way to go, Harry.” The other girl laughs out as she goes over to the door, I think that’s his sister.

“She’s going to fucking kill me.” Harry’s voice says lightly, huffs leaving his mouth. I bite my lip out of pure nervousness, I hope he isn’t mad at me…


//cliff hanger sorta, feedback please guys! love ya all so much, hope you're enjoying! There is actually a good plot to this not just sex, lol, so stay tuned for more updates!!


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JustineLolipop JustineLolipop

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