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Dangerous Love

37 - Boredom

[Anna Lisa]

I’m not completely sure on how this day will go. Harry said he’ll be busy in the studio for at least an hour. Just stop complaining, at least he offered to bring you and not make you stay in the house all day – that’s right, just relax. Everything will be okay.

Here we are sitting in the Maserati again, but it’s alright I guess – I really like this car. I assume we are almost there, besides we’ve been in the city for at least ten minutes now. How far are we even going? Harry hasn’t said anything to me, as if he wished I would have denied his offer and just stayed at his house. I gulp gently, what if that’s the reason for real?

I inhale a deep breath through my nose, here goes all my courage. “Harry..” I mumble out. He doesn’t reply to me, so I turn my head lightly to look in his direction. His left hand is griping the steering wheel like it’s about to fly off and the other is resting on his knee. His eyebrows are still stuck in the same furrow as they were when we left the driveway. Maybe he’s just in this thoughts, Anna Lisa, leave the man alone. No. He said if I had any issues just to tell him and right now is one of those times. You’re right, be good and remember what he told you to do.

Gently, I shift in my seat so that I was facing him just slightly, enough so I could see his response to me. I pick my hand off my lap and reach other to him. I tap the bend of his elbow with my index finger. I hold my breath, please don’t be mad at me. “Hmm?” I jump slightly at Harry’s sudden reply to me. It wasn’t much, but it’s surely enough for now. “Harry.. are.. are you oh-okay?” I ask in a soft voice, I don’t want to get loud and I definitely don’t want him to get loud either.

“Yeah baby.” He sighs out deeply, his tongue licking over his lips before he continues. “Just.. I’m just a little upset.” He admits, keeping his eyes locked on the wheel and his hand glued to the steering wheel. I gently lay my hand on his forearm, I’m so proud of myself – I’m not being completely shy right now. “What.. what’s wrong?” I proceed with a conversation, I hope at least.

Harry clears his throat out. For some reason I don’t fear him going off on me, maybe he will just talk to me calmly. “You’re goin’ to be so bored up here. I’m not even sure if you can come in there with me or not.” Harry grunts at the end, he doesn’t sound very pleased – but thankfully he’s not getting loud and I’m sure he’s not mad at me. “It’s okay.. I’ll.. I’ll be alright.” I insist, it’s no big deal really. He has work to do and that’s fine by me, as long as I get to see him in the end..

“No, babe. S’not okay.” Harry says quickly, his words slurred slightly together. I jerk my hand away, nervousness running through my body now. I slouch down in the seat and turn my head towards the window. “I’m sorry.. I was.. tryin’ to make you feel better.” I sigh out in a light voice as I sit my hands in my lap. Harry sighs out beside me and I hold my breath tight, please don’t yell.

“Don’t apologize to me.. I’m sorry baby.. I.. I’m just upset.” Harry says as he reaches over suddenly and grabs my hand, bringing it back to his side of the car. He lowers it onto his thigh and releases it, but not for long. He places his hand on top of mine and I smile gently to myself, glad he’s being sweet right now. “You look so beautiful… and your clothes are nice, too.” Harry smiles as he glances over at me. I blush at the words, I don’t deserve this wonderful man. I really don’t.

“Always beautiful, baby girl.” He adds in as he laces his fingers with mine. I don’t say anything back, mostly because I’m not quite sure what to say to that compliment. “After my time in the studio.. I’ll take you on a lunch date.. then I’m going to get you a phone.. and maybe we can stop by some other shops before we go home. I’ll be making you dinner, though. I want to show you my culinary skills.” Harry chuckles lightly at his own words. “Why do you.. do all these nice things for me, anyways?” I ask curiously.

Harry glances over at me and shows me his dimpled smile. “Because I want to give you the world, honey. You’ve never had anything.. and I just want to make sure my princess has everything.” Harry’s hand squeezes mine tightly. He takes me by surprise as he lifts my hand and presses his lips against the top of my hand. He keeps both my hand and his lips in place, but I don’t mind.

I let him keep my hand, and I allow my eyes to look away from him and down to my lap. Apparently several boxes that Harry ordered already showed up at the door this morning and of course, him being the gentleman he is, he put all the stuff up for me – so that resulted in even more stuff to choose from. He already said he loves what I picked out, so I definitely have no worries.


“How much longer will this take? I thought I had to record some vocals.” I sigh out as I cross my arms on my chest. My team is here in L.A. just to get a few more recordings from me to try out a song I’ve been working on – but honestly I don’t know if I will release it yet so no true production is in works at the moment.

“I don’t know, thirty minutes?” Steven says – words I didn’t want to hear. They have be listening to prerecorded tracks of my voice for the song, once again the song I might not even release. “My girlfriend is waiting on me in the lobby, I don’t have time to sit and listen to myself sing the same damn line over and over.” I huff out, rolling my eyes – I’m so damn annoyed right now.

“Harry, we need to get this done. We go back to London tomorrow and we don’t have time to waste.” He replies. “And I have lunch reservations.” I inform him, Feeding Anna Lisa is much more important to me than listening to a useless track. “Wait, you have a girlfriend?” He blurts out, confusion swept on his face. “Yes I do. I haven’t publically confirmed it, and remember you’re under contract so don’t go spilling my business or I’ll sue you.” I remind him, just in case he forget at any point.

“I’m not going to say anything. Since you have to go.. do you think you can make it up sometime in London? When do you go back to the UK?” Steven asks like I’m supposed to know this off the top of my head. “I don’t have my phone. She’s playing a game so she doesn’t die of boredom. I’ll let you know, alright?” I say, standing up from my chair quickly.

“Okay, I’ll see you later than. Have a nice day with your girlfriend.” He gives me a slight smile and an eye roll. “Whatever.” Honestly I’m in no mood for jokes. I pull the door open and hurry down the hallway. It’s been over an hour since I left Anna Lisa alone, I hope she’s okay.

Before I even knew it, I slung open the door to the waiting room and saw her sitting in the same chair that I left her in, her eyes glued to my phone screen as she tapped on it several times, playing a game I’m sure. “Alright, we’ve been apart too long my darlin’.” I say as I kneel down in front of her. She smiles and her eyes light up as she sees me. She locks my phone and sits it down in the chair beside her.

“C’mere.” I mumble to her and she leans closer to me. I grab her elbows and guide her arms around my neck. Anna Lisa’s eyes are so beautiful as they stare into mine. “I missed you.” She whispers to me, inching closer and closer by the second. “I missed you too, baby. Sorry I took so long.” I groan lightly as I lean to those precious lips. She smiles gently as I push my lips against hers, sort of glad we were the only two in here.

Our kiss is simple, no tongue action, and that’s okay for now. I lean back and grab her waist with both hands. “What do you want for lunch?” I ask in a soft voice. And no, I don’t really have any reservations, I just really wanted to leave and get back to my girl.

“I don’t know.” She shrugs lightly. Her fingers run through my hand slowly. She does the cutest things ever. “I’m not even hungry.” Anna Lisa adds in with a sigh. We did have a big breakfast, so I don’t blame her any there. “Alright, how about we just get a smoothie or something? That sound good?” I ask raising my eyebrows as I let my hands trail under her sweater, now only one layer keeps me from feeling her soft, pale skin.

She nods to me and gives me that adorable smile of hers. She’s so innocent, but at the same time she’s really not – I know what she’s done in bed. Either way, she’s still cute.

“I honestly can’t believe you’ve never had just a simple strawberry and banana smoothie.” I say with a laugh as I sit my hand on her thigh. The radio is softly playing in the background of our conversation. “It’s not the end of the world.” She giggles lightly to herself. “Yes it is! Babe, that’s crazy. I’m almost positive that everyone has at least tasted one before. I can’t believe you haven’t.” My grin is big as I look over at her when I reach the red traffic light.

She just laughs again, her hand covering her mouth though. “Hey, what did I tell you? Don’t do that.” I say as I swat her hand away from her gorgeous face. Within seconds my hand is back on her thigh, gripping as much as I could fit in my palm. Anna Lisa’s hips aren’t skinny, and her butt certainly isn’t – but don’t get me wrong, I love her body, every single each.

“Sorry.. sir.” She mumbles under her breath. “It’s okay, princess. Just remember I love your laugh, don’t hide it. Understand?” I say in an easy tone, I don’t want to scare her at all. “Yes sir.. I understand.” She nods as she glances over at me. I proceed on the road as the light turns to green.

We’ve already got her phone cut on, she wasn’t sure about accepting the gift at first so I had to remind her that I want her to have the best and these days a phone is a necessity. We’ve also been to a few stores here and there and picked up a few backs. Victoria’s Secret and H&M are two of them.

“Harry.” Anna Lisa yawns out, her hand cupping her mouth. “Yeah babe?” I ask, watching her from the corner of my eye. She’s so damn beautiful and perfect. “Um.. I need to get.. something from the drug store or.. somewhere like that.” She says in a mumble. I give her a glance, I have a few things in mind that she might be referring to.

“What do you need, honey?” I ask as her fingers fiddle with mine. “Girl.. stuff.” She utters lightly. “Are you getting close to your period?” I ask simply, there’s nothing to hide – it’s natural and I totally understand it. Her face reddens at the mention of that, she probably didn’t expect me to blurt it out like that. After half of minute of not getting an answer, I pretty much see that she’s not comfortable talking about this with me yet.

“Babe?” I say as I give her another glance. She lets out a sigh, “Yeah.. that’s.. what I need.” She nods lightly as she replies to me. I turn my attention to the road. A few questions rise up in my mind, but I only decide to ask one of those. “What days.. do you usually.. you know?” Her fingers continue to play with mine, so at least I know she’s still alive over there. “Anna Lisa, baby, it’s okay to talk about this.. it’s a natural thing. And besides, babe, that’s one of those things I need to know about.” I try my best to get her to cope with talking about this topic. It’s not easy for her I’m sure, she’s shy and I just barely got her to speak to me in full sentences without being nervous.

“The twelfth through the fifteenth usually.” Anna Lisa finally responds to me after a few minutes. “Alright, that’s five days so yeah I’ll run in and get you some.” I’m actually glad she told me this, or else we would have been in deep trouble when the twelfth came along. “Um.. can.. can I.. go in and get.. it instead?” She asks in a cracked voice, she’s getting nervous again. Way to go Harry.

“Yeah, if that makes you more comfortable, love.” I insist, I’d hate for her to be awkward about this. “Thank you.” She breathes out, her little fingers still messing with mine. Adorable if you ask me.


So we're just gonna set this in early April because i'm sure i never really had a date set for the story .. lol i'm such a horrible person. Anywayssssss, so if you haven't heard Harry's "Ever Since New York" you need to :):) also go watch his SNL if you didn't see it. ANYWAYSS.

Feedback please! updates soon!


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