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Dangerous Love

31 - Nervously Afraid


Those soft, plump, pink lips part and I can’t stop myself from smirking down at the innocent little girl on her knees for me. So gorgeous. I grab my cock with my right hand and place my left hand on the side of her head, just so she won’t run away from me – but I have this feeling.. that she won’t disobey me, and it’s turning me on more and more by the second.

She’ll do whatever I say, I just know it.

“Don’t be scared. I’ll go slow.’’ I tell her, rubbing her ear lobe with my thumb, just trying to give her some sort of assurance. I step forward enough so that I could place the tip of myself on her bottom lip. “Wider.’’ I mumble out, I need more space than what she’s offered so far.

Anna Lisa parts her jaws further apart. “Stay like that.’’ She jumps a tad at the sound of my voice. My sudden words must have frightened her. She doesn’t even realize how naïve and innocent she is. I move just an inch forward, sliding the end of my cock across her bottom lip – resulting in a nice reaction from my nerves.

My heart sparked as my eyes witnessed my pre-cum covering her bottom lip. Within seconds, I realize it’s getting harder and harder to control myself – but I know I have to be calm about this. She’s new at this, she’s probably never even touched herself before.

She scrunches her eyebrows at the new feeling, keeping her eyes glued to me. She’s waiting for my command, she doesn’t want to upset me. “Stick out your tongue.” Anna Lisa doesn’t fail to do what I ask just as quickly as I demand it. Her tongue is covered in a layer of spit that had been forming in her mouth.

I grab some of her hair in my hand, enough to move her around. I bring her in my direction, watching her eyes widen as I slide my cock on her wet tongue. “You’re doing good, baby.’’ I tell her, so she doesn’t start to think she’s not doing well.

“Close your mouth, hide your teeth.’’ She closes her eyes as her lips seal around the tip of my cock. I couldn’t resist letting a moan out from the feeling of her beautiful lips wrapped around me. Her eyes pop open as my moan fills her ears. “There you go.. just don’t move.” I say, gripping her hair tighter, only to prevent myself from fucking right into that mouth of hers.

Slow, Harry. Take things slow. She’s new and she doesn’t know what to do. And remember, she deserves some rewarding and praise, she did what you asked all day and she behaved. That’s right, pleasure and praise.

Despite me wanting to continue into the process, I know I must give her what I promised – but yet, we have no time limit, and she does need to be learning this stuff anyways. So why not now?

“I know it’s probably odd right now, but I promise you’ll come to like it eventually.’’ I sigh my words out as I feel her tongue press up against the thick throbbing vein running up the underside of my shaft. She’s already so damn good at this and she doesn’t even know what she’s doing.

I bring myself out of her mouth slowly, watching her lips slide over the short section I had stuffed into her mouth. She can’t take much yet, and I realize that – but you have to start somewhere. A trail of saliva starts at the tip of my cock and finishes off in Anna Lisa’s mouth.

A slight moan leaves my parted lips as I use my finger to scoop it up. My teeth bite the inside of my cheek as I shove my finger between her soft lips, forcing her to take the substance into her mouth again and remove it from my finger. “Suck it off.’’ My words were said in a deep tone.

Anna Lisa’s cheeks hollow around my middle finger, her tongue swirling around it. I give her a half smile, she’s learning a lot, and I’m quite surprised. “Do what I showed you last night.’’ I order, extracting my finger form her mouth. She gives me a few quick nods as she brings her hand from off of her leg where she had been pressing down.

“Remember, don’t be afraid.” I remind her as she nervously starts to chew on her bottom lip. “What.. what if I.. I can’t.. do it?’’ She asks me with a soft voice, her blue eyes trailing up my body to lock with my attention. “You can do it.” I assure her with a quick smile.

Her lips separate just a smidge and a heavy exhale leaves her lungs. Why is she being so nervous about all of this? She’s amazing at everything, and she catches on quick. She’s a good learner, and of course that equals out into more praising given to her.

“M- uh, Harry.’’ Anna Lisa utters my name into the room, her eyes falling to the tip of my member. “What is it baby?’’ I ask as I pick up a strand of her hair and begin twisting it around my fingers. “It.. scares me.’’ She says lightly. “I know baby, but remember I won’t hurt you. Just calm down and do what I taught you. Take your time, princess.” I respond, hoping my words will give her some encouragement.

[Anna Lisa]

My heart flutters a tad as I wrap my hand around Harry’s shaft, it’s warm and hard in my hand and I can’t help but become unsure again. What if I do something wrong or bad, something he doesn’t like? Just breathe, relax and be good. That’s all you need to worry about – be good.

“There you go baby.” Harry groans, grabbing a handful of my hair as I begin to slide my hand up and down his rock hard erection. His words give me some sort of a motivation and I decide to do it faster, grip it a bit harder this go around. I squeeze my hand tighter around his cock and I can’t help but allow my cheeks to burn up at the realization of what I’m doing.

Fuck, that’s good Anna Lisa.’’ Harry moans out my name so beautifully, it gives me another reason to do this better for him. I love the way he says my name, letting each syllable out so perfectly. My hand starts to pump quicker on his shaft and I started to focus on how he reacts to it.

Harry’s taking sharp, short breaths back to back. I swear I can hear his heart racing in his chest, but yet I’m not completely certain on that. His hand yanked at my hair out of nowhere and I couldn’t stop the whimper from leaving my mouth.

His head drops back as I reach the tip and squeeze even harder than before. He releases a heavy moan into the air, followed by a series of swear words and quick moans. The pit of my stomach bubbles at the sound of him moaning, and the fact that it’s because of my just makes the butterflies go insane.

He grabs my wrist suddenly and grips it tight, almost too tight. My hand was beginning to turn white at the lack of blood flow. I want to say something, but I’m too afraid to say anything to him. The last thing I want to do is disobey. “Stop!’’ Harry demands in a yell, pulling my hand from his shaft.

The harsh force from him shocked my body and I fell back on my butt, hitting the floor hard. I lean over a little, trying to catch my breath after Harry’s sudden physical change. I hold my wrist with my other hand, looking at the reddened skin. My hair falls over my shoulders, curtaining my face. A chill went down my spine as I heard a loud noise, most likely coming from Harry.

I lift my head so that I could get a better view. I push my hair behind my ears and over my shoulders as I rise up. A gulp slides down my throat as my eyes dart to his location. He has one hand pressed against the door, above his height, and the other is banging against the wood.

He’s uttering things to himself, but nothing I can clearly make out from my distance. My stomach clenches out of fear as I take a step in that direction. He won’t hurt you, remember that Anna Lisa. He won’t hurt you.

My eyes fall to my feet as I realize they are moving one after the other, there’s no stopping myself now. I bring my eyes back to Harry’s back, his muscles flexing with every movement and slam against the door. The space that separates us is becoming shorter and shorter as I cross the room.

There he is, just a foot or two from me. I extend my hand out, my fingertips grazing over his warm, tanned skin covering the dip in his lower back. The waistband of his boxers was barely covering where his legs separate, but I didn’t mind to see anything right now. I just want him to be okay.. I just want him to know everything’s alright. Or at least I hope it is.

“Harry.” His name leaves my lips in a soft tone of my voice. His fist stops hitting the door and he drop sit to his side, the other still against the door to support his balance. He lifts his head and shortly shifts to look over his shoulder. Those beautiful green eyes connect with mine and I give him a gentle half smile.

Just when I thought he would turn around and embrace me, hold me tight and tell me it’s alright.. the completely opposite happens.


// double POV!! \\ i know I promise "it" in this chapter, but you some of it :):) But it's coming, I won't lie! ♥ CLIFFHANGER hmm?? You're welcome my lovelies :):) FEEDBACK PLEASE!!

>>How's this going? Things will start to get better (and by better i mean sexual, dirty, and all that good stuff we want!) and chapters WILL BE LONGER!! most likely like this one was! We'll see.. ♥ feedback on progress!! UPDATES SOOON!!!


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