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Dangerous Love

32 - No Good

[Anna Lisa]

“Get.. away.. An-Anna Lisa.’’ Harry growls at me as his body turns to face mine. My bottom lip starts to quiver at this change, why is he being mean to me? “Harry.. pl-please.. what did I.. d-do wrong?’’ I ask, my words broken up as a result of my heart ache.

“Baby, go away. I don’t.. want to hurt.. you.’’ Harry speaks through gritted teeth, his jaw clenching as he stares down at me. “You won’t.” I indirectly remind him of his promise to me. “I said, go away!” He screams, his face flushed from anger. Before I could even take a breath or blink once, Harry got his point across to me. Just now how I wanted to receive it.

A quick force hits my body and I come to my senses just as my body slams against the wall. “Why won’t you fucking listen to me?!” Harry asks in a yell as his hand cups my neck, holding my body between his and the wall behind me. “I asked you to get away from me and you didn’t fucking listen!” He shouts in my face, his eyes burning through mine.

I try to reply, but the luxury of breathing was slowly fading from me. “I only asked you to do a few things, and fucking listen to me is the main one.” He says, his face just an inch from mine. I can feel his hot breath as his eyes give me a violent, harsh stare.

“This is why.. I wanted you to listen to me!” He yells, spit flying off his tongue and landing all over my face. I lift myself up on the tip of my toes, just to ease his hold on me some. “I know now why no one fucking wanted you, bitch! You can’t follow a simple god damn rule!” Harry’s loud words went straight to my heart.

I thought he cared. I thought he understood.. but I guess I was wrong.

He shoves me to the ground, releasing his hand from my neck. I throw my hand over my chest, taking in deep and heavy breathes – attempting to make up for what I lost in that minute and a half of barely taking in any oxygen. My eyes close as I topple onto the floor, my forehead resting on the cool ground, this go around I appreciate the cold feeling against my burning skin.

My heart is pumping fast and hard in my chest, my lungs are gasping for more and more air by the second. “No.. No, no no!” Harry’s voice fills my ears and I brace myself for the impact, holding my breath in just in case it’s the last one I will ever intake.

“Baby.. Anna Lisa. No, I’m so sorry.” His voice became to crack as I felt a thump near me. I jump in my skin as I feel a touch on my back, but I when I feel Harry’s warm skin against me all of my thoughts seem to jumble up and I can’t decide what I’m feeling, or how I’m feeling towards him.. Everything is messed up.

I didn’t want him to speak to me, his words cut me deep and they are still stabbing me and probably always will – just like everything else that’s happened to me in the past. At the same time I want him to hold me and kiss and just remind me that he’s here for me.

“I feel horrible, baby. I’m sorry.. I never meant to do this to you.” His voice returns to a normal tone as his arm goes around my back. I lift my head only a tad and open my eyes. I realize he’s kneeling down beside me, trying his best to hold me in his arms – that’s all I want right now, is to be in his arms.

“Are you crying?” He asks me nervously, his other hand pushing past my hair and to my cheek. He turns my head to face him and my heart nearly breaks for him as I see streams of tears leaving his beautiful eyes. Maybe his heart finally overpowered his mind and he understood what happened, what he done, what he said..

“I can’t.. I can’t stop it sometimes.. I.. I’m sorry.” He says, biting his bottom lip hard as he stares at me with pleading eyes. “It’s okay.’’ I find some courage in my weakened body to reply to his man in front of my eyes – a man I want to please, a man I want to love, a man I want all to myself.

“Come here.’’ Harry says, sitting down on his butt and gives me a gesture to join him. I lean up, trying not to focus on the pain in my neck and my on my wrist. My eyes dart to his crotch, I see that he’s hidden himself back under the fabric of his boxers. His hands grab my waist and he guides me to his lap. Harry stretches his legs out and leads me to his thighs. He pushes my legs around his waist and I lock my ankles around body.

I feel a jump in my chest and a bubbling in my stomach as I’m forced to press my crotch down onto his bulge, having nowhere else to go at the moment. Harry’s right arm snakes around my waist and he pulls me as close as we could get while sitting like this.

His left arm goes around me to, his hand resting in the small of my back while the other trails to my butt. I try not to think about it or even acknowledge the feeling, I only want to focus on his voice and words – but as the seconds pass, I realize it’s harder to ignore than I thought at first.

“You didn’t do anything wrong baby.” He starts off with a sigh, his eyes full of worry and concern as his gaze catches and freezes with mine. “The problem.. was that you were doing so damn good, and I wanted to cum for you baby. But.. I knew I.. I needed to wait, because-” he pauses for a short second before picking up where he left off after a huff.

“Because I wanted to pleasure you baby girl. I was trying to hold back and contain myself, but you were doing a damn good job and I… I didn’t want to stop you. I got angry at myself.. and I’m sorry I took it out on you.” Harry says each heart filled word with a frown on that handsome face, a place a frown shoulder never be found.

“I’m so upset at myself, and I won’t ever be able to forgive myself for what I did.. and.. and what I said.” His eyes drop down, I don’t know where, I just know they weren’t glued with mine anymore. Is he ashamed at himself for this? It seems that away.

“It’s.. it’s okay.” I whisper to him. His eyes dart back to mine and he furrows his eyebrows at me. “Why are you.. acting like I didn’t hurt your feelings? What I said was.. terrible.’’ Harry asks with a disgusted expression on his face – but I know it’s not towards me, just what I said.

“You.. you did hurt me, Harry. But.. but it’s okay. I’ve been hurt before.. and I turned out fine.” I inform him of this personal fact of mine, being called unwanted isn’t even on the list of the worst.. If he only knew what I’ve been through – that’ll shove him some terrible things.

“You.. you aren’t fine.. you were fucking sold.. at a sex traffic-” My lips cut off Harry’s words as they press against his. I close my eyes tight and hold myself in place. Harry’s tongue pokes at the small space between my lips and I smile gently against them. I part my lips for him and his tongue finds its way in, making itself at home – and trust me when I say I have no issue with that at all.

His tongue laps over mine a few times before he easily pulls away, stopping right when our lips would completely part. “And look where I ended up.. with you.” I mumble, my lips brushing his, my breath and my words both filling his mouth. I open my eyes slightly, just to see if his were open. They aren’t, so I seal mine shut again and focus on him, on us.

“I’m no good, baby.” Harry murmurs, his voice raspy and deep – a sound I will forever enjoy and adore to hear, no matter what tone it’s in. “Yes you are. No one’s ever.. bought me pretty clothes.. and invited me into their house.. and no one’s ever kissed me.. or held me.. or even complimented me. I know.. it’s hard to understand..” I sigh as I stop my words from leaving my mouth.

I start to debate on whether or not to say what I was thinking of – but then it all hits me: just say it, be real, be honest, be good. “Harry.. You are.. the best thing.. that’s ever.. happened to me.” I lean back some, the tip of my nose rubbing against Harry’s as I open my eyes – just to find his staring at me.

Before my mind could decide, my heart already made the decision – I lift my hand and press it against Harry’s flustered cheek. “I’m so glad I found you, Anna Lisa.” Harry’s whispered words make me smile even bigger. “I’m happy you found me, too.” I agree with his statement. He lets out a chuckle and pushes me forward.

My hand slides down to the side of his neck and I close my eyes again. Harry’s mouth connects with mine in a split second and I can’t help but moan softly to him. His teeth catch my bottom lip and he bites down on the sensitive, soft skin and gives me a moan back.

He’s everything to me.


// sooooooooo mushy romance.. you like?? Bold side of A and the bad side of H all in one chapter... FEEDBACK please!! BIG CHAPTER NEXT. YOU. WILL. LOVE. IT.!!! ♥♥♥ Feedback on this mushy sh!t:):)


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