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Dangerous Love

30 - Five Minutes

[Anna Lisa]

I felt shivers run down my spine in a quick race with each other as the cool air in the bedroom hit my skin. I hold the dress in my hand, not entirely sure where to put it or what to do next. “Drop it.” Harry says with a snap of his fingers. I look up to see him pointing to the floor. I do ask he requests and I let the dress fall from my trembling hand.

Here I stand in front of this man, half naked and exposed to him. I feel my skin heating in certain places, blushing happens on more than just a person’s cheeks, trust me. The bubbling feeling has returned to the pit of my stomach, along with the butterflies all in my body.

“Shoes.” Harry demands with a sigh as he leans against the door, not too far from me. I slip my feet out of the heels and move them over to the side. When I look up to receive my next command, I notice that Harry’s only a few feet away from me now. Thank God, I was beginning to think he’d never come over to me.

“Go to the bathroom. Wash your makeup off, take your hair down, and take your jewelry off. I’ll be waiting. You have five minutes to be back.” Harry says sternly as he stares into my eyes. I give him a nod and glance over to the bathroom door. Do I go or do I wait for his approval?

“Are you just going to stand here and stare at me? Go. You’re time has already started.’’ Harry says with an eye roll as he points towards the bathroom door. Why is he suddenly being sort of mean to me? He said he wouldn’t hurt me, so I hope he sticks to that promise of his.

“Yes sir.’’ I chirp out as I rush over to the door, my bare feet cold on the hardwood floor. I open the door and flick the light on quickly. Turning on my heel, I make my way to the closet door and get a wash cloth out of it. I shut it back and hurry to the sink.

I begin to run my fingers through my hair, trying to take the hair pins out. Once I have found them all, I take off my jewelry and lay it all on the sink counter like I assume Mr. Styles wants me to do. Next is my makeup removal.

Wait. Did I just refer to him as Mr. Styles? It’s just like all of a sudden my mind switched and I feel like I need to obey instead of impress, you know, like I had been doing. I don’t need to act cute, I need to obey what I’ve been told. And obey is what I’ll do exactly.

The water from the sink is warm. I soak the rag in the water and ring it out before bringing it to my face – I don’t waste any of the short amount of time I have. I hurry to wash the makeup off of my face. Finally, after what felt like forever, I was done and make up free.

My hand grabs the handle of the bathroom door and I release a deep, heavy exhale. Calm down Anna Lisa, it’s just Harry in there. Yeah, that’s my point dummy! It’s Harry Styles – the person I belong to. I can’t screw up and I can’t make a fool of myself.

Before I even realize it, the door’s open and I’m walking back in his direction. “C’mere.’’ He says, motioning me with his hand. I hurry over to him and stop in front of him, my eyes trailing up to meet his. I notice he’s removed his shoes and his sports coat, but nothing else. “Yes sir?’’ I ask in a soft voice, too afraid to be any louder.

“Take my shirt off.’’ I he says, dropping his arms from his chest. I gulp gently to myself, I don’t know if I have enough strength to survive what is about to come. “I’m not playing. Do it now.’’ Harry says through gritted teeth as he grabs my wrist roughly.

“I’m.. sorry.’’ I let out the words to him. He furrows his eyebrows and licks his soft lips – the very lips I want on mine right now. “I’m not trying to be mean baby. Just do what I say.’’ He whispers as he releases my hand and gives me a light smile. I nod to him, letting him know I understand.

Nervously I lift my hands towards his chest. My fingers fiddle with the button – the first few weren’t even buttoned so at least I don’t have to do those, the less I have the faster get to see his bare, toned, warm skin. “Don’t be scared of me.” Harry mumbles out as he probably notices my nervousness.

I undo the buttons, my eyes widen at the exposure of his skin and his beautifully inked tattoos. Everything about this man is amazing, it all puts me in a trance and I swear he knows it. I just want his touch, his hand, his lips – anything will work right now. I just want to feel his warm skin, the feeling of his hands on my body.

I want it all. I need him.

It didn’t take but a few seconds to finish undoing the buttons on his nice shirt. I release my hands out of the lack of knowing what to do next. Harry gives me a smirk as he slides the shirt off his arms and tosses it onto the floor. “Knees, now.” Harry snaps, his eyebrows dropping to a furrow, his smirk turning to a straight, stern line across his face.

A gulp slides down my throat as I lower myself to the ground. A felt chills on my skin as my knees touched the cold floor. “M-mr. St-styles.” I mutter lightly, afraid to speak loud to him. “What baby?’’ He asks, looking down at me, his expression not changing. “I.. I don’t know.. what.. what to-” My words are cut off as he pushes his index finger on my lips, hushing me.

“Listen.” He says with a sigh and an eye roll. I can’t decide whether I like this version of him or not. I guess I need to read the entire book before I judge the cover. Harry removes his finger from my mouth and begins to unfasten his jeans. I hold my breath as my eyes fall to where his fingers undo the button and he slides the zipper down.

Calm down, you’ve seen it – and he promised you he wouldn’t hurt you. Just remember his words, ignore how he’s acting now, just remember what he promised. It’s hard to trust anyone, so many people have broken my trust. Anna Lisa, you’re being silly.. just shut up and be good. Just be good for him. Be a good girl for Mr. Styles.

He shoves the jeans down his legs, revealing to me his black boxer briefs, almost identical to the ones he wore last night. My eyes widen at the sight of the huge bulge in front of my face. His finger motions me to lean up off the back of my legs so I do, my knees digging into the floor.

“Do what I tell you. If you listen, you’ll be rewarded. Understand me?’’ Harry asks in a deep tone, his eyes burning down to mine as he touches the pad of his middle finger on the tip of my chin. I give him a nod in addition to my verbal reply, “Yes sir.’’ He slowly slides his finger up my chin to the edge of my bottom lip.

I stare into those beautiful, jade green eyes filled with lust. The butterflies go wild in my body as Harry slides his finger through my lips and into my mouth. “Be good.” He whispers out, giving me a soft wink before ejecting his finger from my mouth.

My eyes follow his hand as he grabs the waist band on one side. Harry gives the piece of clothing one good, hard yank. A gasp leaves my mouth as Harry’s hard erection springs free from the tight hold of his boxers and stands straight out in front of me.

“Open your mouth.” My heart skips a beat as his command fills my ears. He said he’d go slow.. he said he’d be easy. No, stop trying to find reasons not to and just do it Anna Lisa.. Be good for him.

Just be good.


>>I know I know!!! you want the sexual chapter.... :):) it's next I PROMISE and it's looooooongggg // just needed this cliff hanger first! ♥ FEEDBACK please:):) love you guys so much thanks for the comments, love to know what you think <<


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JustineLolipop JustineLolipop

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