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Dangerous Love

24 - Heart vs Mind


The bedroom was cold, and I begin to fear that it would bother her. I grab the covers and pull them back so I could lie her down. Gently I place her exhausted body on the mattress and I wait for her to get comfortable. She turns onto her side, her back to me, and draws her knees up a little. She’s so cute.

I grab her shoe and pull it off her foot, doing the same to the other before placing them on the floor. I pull the cover over her, up to her shoulders, and tuck it against her back, trying to keep her position in place – but I don’t worry about her moving because she sleeps like a rock, still and in place. A light sigh leaves my mouth as I lean down over her, pressing my lips against her temple.

My heart tells me to lay down beside her and hold her, but my brain is telling me to walk away and go finish the things I know I need to complete. Why can’t my mind just leave me alone for once, and let my heart decide fully? I reach the door, not wanting to leave her but knowing I have things to handle.

“Harry.’’ That beautiful voice says my name, a little sadness in the tone. I smile to myself lightly as I turn around just to find her sitting up, a pout on her pretty face. “Yeah baby?’’ I ask as I start the distance to her. “Can.. can you.. stay with.. me?’’ Anna Lisa’s voice was gentle as I got closer to her, her big blue eyes watching my every step.

“I want to, believe me. But, love, I have some things I need to do.” I tell her the honest truth as I reach the side of the bed. Her head drops, her eyes staring at her lap. “O-okay.’’ She mumbles back to me. I put my hand on her back, I hope she’s alright with this.

“I..’’ She starts to speak to me, but stops – shaking her head softly to herself. “What is it Anna Lisa?’’ I ask. She doesn’t say anything to me, just shrugs her shoulders. “Tell me.” I say, a touch of sternness in my voice – I just want to know the truth, that’s all.

Surprisingly she began to speak, I didn’t expect her to comply. “I.. I want to.. to be.. with you… I don’t.. want you to.. to leave me.” Her words caused a little spark inside of me. “Well.. you have been good all day long, I should reward you with what you want, yeah?’’ I insist as I drop my hand from her back and pull the covers away from her.

Anna Lisa’s eyes dart to mine and she looks confused as I motion for her to face me. She throws her legs off the side of the bed and stands up in front of me. “If we’re going to be in this bed, we’re going to be comfortable.” I tell her. My fingers don’t hesitate to find their way to the button of her jeans. I undo them and the zipper follows.

I give them a little tug, honestly I had to get them over her butt before I could do anymore. Her hand assists me and she pulls them down her legs. “Go on and take your jewelry off, I’m going to get something to wipe your makeup off with.” I say as I turn on my heel, leaving her alone to complete the process.

Even though I want to watch her undress herself, I know that if I go and do this everything will go by faster and I’ll have her in my arms quicker. That’s the best ending result ever, holding her.


Anna Lisa’s skin is so cold, it makes me wonder if she’s not warm enough, but yet I remind myself not to worry because she seems pretty damn comfortable right now. My arms were around her, one hand resting on hip the other on her back. She’s very quiet, hasn’t said a word to me.

She’s in my shirt and her panties, quite adorable if I say so myself. Her feet rub against mine every other second, but it’s not bothering me at all. Her forehead is against my chest, her warm breath hitting my skin as she breathes out. I close my eyes, ready to drift off to sleep.

Damn – my phone starts to ring and I realized I can’t get anything done without someone bothering me, and that includes sleeping. I let a groan as I slide my hand over the mattress on the other side of Anna Lisa, I know I sat my phone over there. I come in contact with it and pick it up, too fast if you ask me.

I don’t bother looking to see who it was, I don’t even care really, I just want to get it over with. “Hello?’’ I answer with a huff, not wanting to speak to anyone besides my girl right now. “Hey, Harry.” I hear Sophia’s voice speak through the phone. At least it wasn’t someone I hate.

“Hey.’’ I mumble back. “I’m not interrupting anything, am I?’’ She asks me. “No, you’re fine.’’ I assure her. “Okay, good. So I was wondering if you and your friend had plans tonight. It’s my last week in town for another month.” Sophia says, a laugh in her tone as she refers to my “friend”.

“We do have plans actually, but you can come along if you want.” I say, I’m sure Anna Lisa wouldn’t mind Sophia’s presence, she’s fun to be around. “No, I’d hate to barge in on your date, Harry.’’ She sighs out, now she knows I don’t mind, why is she being so difficult?

“Soph, you can come. Besides, I want her to meet you. She needs a.. friend you know, someone besides me.” I suggest the idea, hoping she will accept it and just tag along during dinner. “Alright, I guess so. What are you guys doing? And Harry you know I hate being a third wheel.” She says.

“Just dinner, that’s all.” I tell her. “Alright, text me the address of the place. What time?” She asks me. After a few seconds of contemplating in my mind, I decide a time. “Eight.” Anna Lisa began to stir a little, nuzzling her body closer to mine.

“Okay, I’ll let you go now.’’ Sophia says, I could hear her smiling. She’s such a good friend to me, of course there used to be a time when things were rough but we let bygones be bygones and we became mature about everything.

We say our goodbyes and she hangs up. I sit my phone back where it was before. “Ha-harry.’’ I hear her say, her soft voice filling my ears. “Are you okay, baby?’’ I ask in a light whisper.

She gives me a nod before tightening her arms’ grip around my torso. “Go back to sleep, baby.’’ I tell her as I close my own eyes, wanting to get some rest before the night comes.


•so I have the flu // wonderful right.•
♦updates to come soon hopefully // honest feedback guys?♦


Keep it comin!!!!! Love the update

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JustineLolipop JustineLolipop

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Please update soon, I love this story :)