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Dangerous Love

23 - Little Utters

[Anna Lisa ]

My eyes were glued to the window, just seeing everything we passed by. Harry hasn’t said anything to me since we got into the car which was packed with shopping bags. We were out for a few hours and my legs are killing me, mostly my whole body is hurting. But I can’t tell him that, I don’t want to worry him any.

The radio was playing softly, I could barely make out the words to the song that was playing. Other than that, it was quiet. I’m not sure how much longer we have until we get back to Harry’s house – or should I say estate, mansion? Whatever it is, I’m just ready to get there already and go to sleep.

If it wasn’t for Harry’s hand on a section of my thigh, and the every other minute grasps – then I’d surely be asleep. I swear I can feel his skin through the fabric of the jeans, but yet I’m more sure I’m just losing my mind – I’ve heard about this kind of stuff, I think it refers to the feeling of love. But really I’m not positive on that, not yet at least..


“Baby, wake up.” My sleep was interrupted and I don’t really appreciate it. I let out a groan as I shift in the comfortable seat. “Anna Lisa, open your eyes pretty girl. We’re home.” The whispering voice filled my ear as I felt warm breath on my neck. I don’t want to wake up.

“Darling.’’ Harry’s raspy voice invaded my mind once more, I don’t mind really – at least it was a voice I like to hear. “I..” I release the word in a mutter but I stop myself. “Baby.’’ Harry says, his lips pressing a kiss against my temple. He’s too sweet for me, I don’t deserve his heart. But for some odd reason he keeps handing it to me – should I grab it, or push it away? I really want it honestly.

“I don’t.. wanna.’’ I sigh out as I squeeze my eyes shut. Right now I wanted to get back to my dream, that is it. This one was quite similar to the one I had last night. It involved Harry pressing his body against mine, his lips trailing all over my skin, his tongue leaving invisible strips down my body – my thoughts formed the best dream I’ve ever had. If only he would make it real already, that would really make me happy.

I felt Harry’s presence beside me, he hasn’t left me yet. I heard the click of the seatbelt and I felt it slide across my body, he undone it for me I assume. My body jumps as I feel Harry’s arm go under my knees, he scared me. “Relax.” His voice mumbles out soothingly. I adore the deepness of his voice, the raspy, scratchy sound. It’s very pretty to me.

“Since you want to be lazy, I’ll take you inside.” He chuckles as his other arm goes around my back, his hand gripping my side. I open my eyes slightly just as he lifts me up in his arms, bringing me out of the car.

“Did you sleep well, princess?’’ Harry asks as I bring my arms to my chest, cuddling up against him. It felt nice to be in his arms, he gives me this sort of warmth I’ve never felt before – a kind that I’ve been desiring to have all of my life, I just didn’t know it until I felt it.

“Yes.. sir.’’ I breathe out as I close my eyes back, taking in the vibes and the feelings he’s giving me. I hear the door shut, I guess he used his foot to do the action, most likely I’m sure. “Did you know that you talk to yourself when you sleep?’’ Harry asks me as he begins walking towards the front entrance.

I furrow my eyebrows lightly, actually no I didn’t know that. “I… I do?’’ I ask, I open my eyes just to be blinded by the high afternoon sun in the clear blue sky. I let my hand hover over my face as I await Harry’s response to me.

“Mmhm. Just little utters, nothing I could really make out. Except my name.. you uh, you said it a few times.’’ He says, laughing gently as lowering my hand closer to my face.

“I… I’m sorry.’’ I sigh lightly, I can’t believe he heard me – and this time it was about something I didn’t even know that I did.

What if I was speaking clearly and he’s just saying he can’t understand? What if I said some embarrassing things about my dream? Oh gosh. No, Anna Lisa stop over reacting. He would tell you the truth. Right?

“Baby, don’t apologize. You didn’t do anything wrong, besides.. I find it very cute.’’ He admits, I could hear the smile in his voice. I don’t reply to him, mainly because I have nothing to say – I’m too busy freaking out in my mind to form any words in my mouth.

“Put your arms around my neck babe, don’t want you to bounce around when I go up the stairs.” Harry says as I hear the sound of a door knob being turned. I remove my hand from over my eyes and lean up a tad so I could reach him. My arms wrap around his neck, my temple leaning against his shoulder as I kept my grip tight.

“Are you still sleepy, honey?’’ He asks me as he shuts the door. “Yes sir.’’ I mumble lightly. “Okay. We can get some rest for a bit. You need it, I worked you hard today.’’ He says, his hand patting the back of my thigh as began to go up the staircase.

I let out a small giggle, I couldn’t help it – I’m highly ticklish and I fear he will run his fingertips against the back of my knees, that’s the place that bothers me the most, but it’s not as ticklish when I have pants on, the fabric preventing the direct touches.

Suddenly I start to imagine him tickling me everywhere, even behind my knees – a secret no one knows about me – and just as quick I realize I might actually enjoy it.. more than I should. But I would definitely like it.


// tbh - I feel like this isn't really good. - Feedback/comments? I really need to know what you guys think..//
//Also please note that I might do more Harry POVs because I feel like I can get a lot out through him. But yet I really ain't sure right now. I don't know.. ? //
sorry if it's bad guys, i'm trying my best.


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JustineLolipop JustineLolipop

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