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Dangerous Love

25 - Promise Me

[Anna Lisa]

I’m not quite sure if it was the feeling of being alone or the knowledge that I am alone that woke me up – which ever one it was thought, really worried me. My eyes open and I come to face my fear, I am indeed alone in the huge bed. Harry was nowhere to be seen, I don’t have a clue of where he was.

Suddenly I felt a sting feeling in my chest – I know this sounds crazy, but I think Harry’s absence just.. hurt my heart. I let out a shaky breath, that was a painful feeling I experienced just then. I want to get up and search for him, but at the same time I just want to wait for him to return.

My eyes shot to the door as I hear the sound of the knob being turn, and within seconds the sound of it slowly creaking open invaded my ears. Harry’s head pops in the door and his eyes land on me automatically. He gives me a smile as he steps into the room, still quiet as he gently shuts the door to.

“I wasn’t sure if had woken up or not.’’ He says as he comes in my direction. “I.. I just.. woke up.’’ I mumble, my throat dry. “It’s almost seven, so in a bit we need to get ready for dinner.’’ Harry sighs out as he reaches the bed and sits on the edge, turning to face me.

“Did you get enough rest?’’ He asks, placing his hand on my thigh. I look down at it for a few seconds, admiring the feeling of his hand against my bare skin. I look back and give him a nod. “Good.” He smiles as he leans closer to me, his hand not leaving its face.

His lips brush against mine and I can’t resist the closing of my eyes as I await for what I hope is a kiss. “You look so good in my shirt baby.’’ Harry’s accented voice is so deep and raspy, I can’t get over how beautiful it is. I don’t reply, but I do feel my cheeks burning at the compliment.

“It’s so hard.. for me to.. hold back.” He mumbles. I feel his other hand against my waist, his grip tight but I don’t mind at all. “I can’t wait.. until tonight, after dinner.” His words stop as he presses his lips against mine. Harry slips his tongue between my lips and begins to travel around my mouth.

Something about this moment just overpowered me and I find my hand firmly on his cheek. These shocking moves I make worry me, but yet they don’t – because I know that’s what he wants me to do, that’s what he likes. It’s so weird to me, I’ve only been here a short time and I already just get the vibes, I just know what he wants me to do. I hope that’s a good thing.

But just as quick as it happened, it stopped. I look down at Harry’s hand still on my leg as he leans back, my hand dropping from his perfect face. “Everything alright?’’ He asks me. Harry’s index finger lifts my chin up so he could look me in my eyes.

“Hmm?’’ He adds in, waiting for me to answer him. Remember, be good and do what he says. “Yes sir.’’ I whisper out, my eyes staring into his. He smirks slyly to my reply.

“Such a good girl.’’ His tongue runs over his bottom lip as he stands from the bed. I wanted to beg him to stay, but at the same time I wanted to keep quiet and civil.

“Come pick out something to wear. I put everything up earlier.” Harry says, holding his hand out to me. I gladly take it. My legs go over the side of the bed and with a tug of my hand, he pulls me and brings me against his shirtless body. Harry’s skin is warm against mine as I lean my forehead on him. The way he smells is soothing.

“Baby are you sure you’re alright?’’ Harry asks me as his arms wrap around me. I nod as he holds me close, my arms tucked between us. “I want you to promise me something okay?” He says, leaning back, his eyes looking directly into mine. I give him another, ready to promise this man anything – my heart, my soul, my life, everything.

“If there’s anything wrong, and babe I mean anything at all, you tell me. Alright?’’ Harry insists, his eyebrows raised at me, emphasis on his serious words. “Yes sir.’’ I say with a light nod, I won’t disobey him at all. “Okay. Now.. c’mon.’’ He says as he removes his arms from my body and grabs my hand instead. He squeezes it tight as he guides me to the closet.

He pushes the sliding doors apart and brings me in behind him. “I don’t care what you wear darling, as long as you like it.” He states as he releases my hand and sits down on the bench in the center of the rather large room. My eyes trail down the racks of things he bought me today. The room is pretty big and these clothes take up at least a third of it.

“Oh and tomorrow I have to meet with a song writer so while I’m doing that I’m going to let you look online so you can find more things you like.” He informs me as I find the dresses. He organized everything, I find it quite nice really.

He told me already that there’s another big closet in a guest room that he wants me to have too, so I assume he expects me to order lots of things, in additions to some he’s ordered too.

I’m not taking advantage of him, but I do want to obey what he says – and if he says find clothes then I will..


•CHAPTER 25!!!!! 1/4 way through? Maybe 1/2? Not sure yet.. :):):):):):):):)• So I know things have been boring so far // but I promise after their dinner with Soph things WILL heat up So hopefully that keeps you tied in!

Feedback please?? Thankks guys! Love ya! ♥♥


Keep it comin!!!!! Love the update

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JustineLolipop JustineLolipop

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Please update soon, I love this story :)