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Dangerous Love

22 - H&M


This is the sixth and final store for the day – I had to consider the fact that I have already ordered her stuff offline from other stores, so a lot of it will be in the in the next few days. H&M isn’t expensive at all to me, just normal prices for the average person – so I figured she would feel more comfortable in here. She likes it so far, I think?

There aren’t that many people in here, so I hope these sunglasses hid me enough outside, and hopefully no one will recognize me, or even pay me any attention, in here.

“Do you like this one?’’ I ask her, my arm around her waist, keeping the side of her body pressed against mine. Anna Lisa nods to me, smiling at the black dress on the clothes hanger.

I take that as a request to try it on, and eventually purchase it, so I grab it and hang it on the rack giving to us by the manager. Being a celebrity has its perks, one of which is first class service and treatment. It’s lovely at times.

This store offers more casual clothes, that’s another big reason why I intended to bring her here. “Harry.” She mumbles out softly. “Yes?’’ I ask as my eyes scan nearby racks, just curious to see the items.

“Do.. do I have to.. um.. to try on all of these, too?’’ Anna Lisa asks me, her words told me she was tired and I understand that completely.

I let out a sigh, if she doesn’t want do this anymore than I need to grant her the wish. “No darling. I can tell you’re tired, yeah? Everything okay?’’ I ask, removing my arm from around her back. I move in front of her and grab her hands, they’re so small and soft.

“Yes.. sir.. just.. a little.. sleepy.’’ She gives me nod, looking down at her feet. I lace our fingers together and pull her a little closer to me. “Do you want to go home after this, hm?” I ask just as her forehead hits my chest, she’s got to be worn out. I lean my chin on the top of her head, her hands tight in mine.

“Yes.. sir.” She breathes out. I smile a little to myself – I thought, at first, that it would take weeks for me to get her to warm up to me and all of this crazy stuff, but I think I’m wrong.

It seems quite simpler than that – as the minutes go on, she opens up a little bit more. I like it, it makes me feel better – assures me she’s okay, she’s happy, and she’s comfortable. That’s all I really want for her.

“When we get there we can take a nap. So later when we go for dinner you’ll feel better. Sound good?’’ I insist my idea, I know this work – besides, I really just want to hold her right now and this store isn’t the place. It’s out in the open, people are here, it’s not private. But my bedroom, well, it’s much, much better for us.

She nods a little, her approval means a lot to be honestly. I never thought I would be the one to fall into a relationship, never thought I could love someone, only because I’ve trusted so many people and they’ve just let me down. But with Anna Lisa, I feel like I have everything anyone would want, all I’ve ever wanted.

She’s perfect for me.. it’s hard to take it, but it feels so damn good to know someone trusts me. With her coming into my life the way she did, I didn’t truly believe she would have any feelings for me.

I was wrong, because when I look into her eyes I don’t just feel my own emotions.. I see hers too.


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Keep it comin!!!!! Love the update

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JustineLolipop JustineLolipop

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Please update soon, I love this story :)