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Dangerous Love

02 - Half A Million


My cup was empty, there wasn’t much to start with anyways. I lite a cigarette, placing between my lips after a few seconds. The bidding was still going on, they were close to ten thousand I think, not really sure though. I zoned out about ten minutes ago, I got lost in my thoughts about that girl. Eighteen’s never looked so good. I lick my lips as I continue my stare on her, she’s gorgeous.

“Eleven!’’ Someone shouted. I didn’t take my eyes off the girl, despite the yelling echoing in the smoky room. She drops her head in the shame, her shoulders lightly jerking. It seems as if she’s crying, but honestly I wouldn’t blame her. She’s probably scared to death, she has no clue where she’s at or what’s going on. What a shame. “Twelve!’’ The word was shouted in the middle of all the small talk and muttering.

The woman’s eyes roamed the room, making sure she kept up with all the offers she was receiving. As the numbers rose higher, the smirk plastered on her face got bigger. Before I could even take another breath the bidding had reached fifteen thirteen and a half. These broke little fools here, I’m sure most of them are using the money they got from their parent’s life insurance, or the little they make at their own business. They have no idea what big money looks like, but me well I certainly do.

I’ve been alive twenty five years, half the time most of these other people here, and I know good and well I know how it feels to be loaded with money. Not that I’m bragging, I love what I do and money is just a perk that comes with it. A damn good perk.

“Twenty thousand dollars.’’ Someone spoke loudly, I hear the chair sliding on the floor as they stand. The guy looked like he was in his late thirties, his table covered with empty glasses and wine bottles. I felt a sting all of a sudden in my gut, it felt like someone stabbed me. I gulp at the feeling, my mind telling me why it happened.

A heavy sigh left my mouth as I put my cigarette out on the table. The price went up a little higher, but these men are near their ending point anyways. This girl is going through something horrible, might as well get a bit of pleasure from it – and these guys here can’t give her what she needs.

My hand extended into the air as I stood. The woman’s eyes darted in my direction, probably having seen me from the corner of her eye. She raises her eyebrows to me, requesting that I through my offer on the table with the rest of them. I smirk gently at her as she gives me a little smile, “Five hundred.. thousand.”

Her eyes widen at my words, her jaw literally dropping at the number. “Sold! Five hundred thousand.” She says into the microphone. Just as she steps over to the girl to handle her final business, I begin to hear mumbles about me and how I’m a show off, oh please.. they don’t know half of it. They need to relax, besides they’ll be other people on that stage in just a few minutes. The man motions me with his hand to come to the side of the stage to the stairs. I pat my pocket, making sure I had my phone before going in that direction.

As I reach the area the woman rushes to me as fast as she could in that dress. “Well, I’ve never seen you here before! Oh, but trust me, I was watching you. I saw you staring.’’ She gives me a wink before giving me that smirk again, the one she’s had since she started talking.

“What can I say.. it’s hard not to stare at something so.. beautiful.’’ I bite my lip as the man makes it down the stairs, his grip on my prize rough as he forces her to balance herself. “Be careful.’’ I mumble lightly. The woman chuckles at my words before assisting the man on removing the handcuffs from the girl’s wrist.

“How will we be receiving your pay?’’ She asks me professionally, her arms crossed on her chest as she stares at the girl. “Can I send you a check, I only have my card.’’ I ask her, glancing to see if she was paying attention even though I know for sure she was. “Yes, that’s fine. I’ll give our contact information before you leave. But first, here.’’ She says as another man comes over to our location, handing her a thin stack of papers.

I take them from her hand and look down at the first page, it’s the information about my latest purchase. What a beautiful name, perfect for that beautiful face. “I was quite surprised to see someone as well know as you here.” She says to me with a laugh. “Well, I hope we can keep this private, because I can snitch just as easy as you can.’’ I say, looking over at her.

“Indeed, Mr. Styles. We’d hate for anything to happen.’’ She nods to me, smiling gently as she gets my point. “She’s yours now.’’ Sam says, giving the girl a little push to get her closer to me. I finish the distance between us, gently putting my hand on her waist.

“Follow me.’’ The woman says as she begins walking towards a door. “Shhh, don’t cry love. Everything will be fine soon.’’ I whisper out as I grab her hand, she’s freezing, perhaps I can warm her up some. I smirk to myself as I pull her with me towards the door.

She might be scared, but she’s safer with me rather than with these other people here. I can provide her with what she needs, not just force her to please my own needs. This is going to be exciting.



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JustineLolipop JustineLolipop

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