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Dangerous Love

01 - Los Angeles


The room was filled with smoke – a mix of cigarettes, cigars, and marijuana, nothing unusual for a place like this. The scent of alcohol and sex as strong as well, the mix of all three aren’t pleasing at all. My eyes trail to the stage as the light above it comes on.

I blow the smoke between my parted lips after taking a puff of my cigarette, my eyes glued to the show that’s just getting started. When I first got here I was debating on whether or not to stay, but why not? What have I got to lose?

On the stage stood a tall woman, at least my height or maybe more. She wore a tight dress that was glued to her skin. The dress was brown and ended just above her knee. It’s not hard to tell she was the seller, the way she observed the crowd and stood patiently waiting to start. I’ve only been to one other of these types of ordeals, and that was only because I was forced by a drunk friend.

However, tonight I’m here for a different reason, not to just drink and smoke and watch girls go on and off the stage – but because I feel like I need someone in my life, someone to order around, I need sex. I’ll make it simple, that’s the reason. Withdrawal is slowly killing me. Besides, I don’t like to turn to one night stands because you never know about diseases and all that mess.

The woman made a gesture with her hand, a man soon appeared from the corner of the stage with the thing everyone has been waiting to see, this starts the show for most of them. He was broad and tall, perfect for what he has to do I’m sure. I furrow my eyebrows lightly to myself as I become a witness.

The man drags the girl by her elbow, his grip was tight – even I could see the redness appearing on her fair skin from my seat. “Be gentle, Sam. She’s new.’’ The woman smirked as she spoke into the microphone, grabbing everyone’s attention. There were a few laughs here and there, but eventually everyone shut up and watched either with something they were smoking or something to drink in their hand.

“Well, good evening everyone. Shall we begin?’’ Her question was rhetorical. I look back over towards the man just a few feet away from her on the stage. He shoves the blindfolded girl, trying to get her to walk a little faster.

There was something about the way that black dress stuck to her body that forced my eyes to watch her as they forced her onto the stage. Every beautiful curve she possessed was exposed by the thin looking material, the cuts in the sides, just below her breasts, complimenting her figure perfectly. She was quite the looker – blonde hair that cascaded down her back. Her body held an hourglass figure, her backside was full and on the larger side, as well as her thighs. The dress allowed me to observe every little bend and curve of her body. From her short stature to her average, but right size for her, chest.

“We don’t have forever, put the bitch in the chair.’’ The woman snaps, her voice in a stern tone. The man quickly follows the orders and pushes the girl onto the metal chair. He steps behind the chair and brings a rope around her waist, probably in case she decided she’d “run away”, or at least attempt to.

“Now that we are situated, the blindfold.’’ She nods her head in the girl’s direction. Sam nods and yanks the black cloth off the girl’s hand. Her eyes squinted at the sudden bright white light in her face. I bite the inside of my cheek as I stare at her, she’s prettier than I imagined she’d be. It’s a shame they hid that beautiful face under the fabric.

“Five foot, four inches.’’ The woman reads from her clipboard after she received it from another stage hand. “140 pounds, 32C.” She adds. A few obnoxious people cheer at the information given out. I roll my eyes at their stupidity, as if clapping and screaming will make the bid easier for them.

“Blonde hair, blue eyes. Nationality.. American. Age.. 18.’’ The woman gives a sly smile as she hands the clipboard back to the other man. She cocks an eyebrow as she leans back to the microphone, “Starting the bid at eight hundred.’’ A few boos were thrown at her but she didn’t seem to care much as she waited for hands to raise and prices to be yelled.

“A thousand!’’ A man shouts as he stands up, both hands in the air. She nods, letting him know his bid was now the new starting point. The room began to get louder and louder by the second, it was getting too out of hand already. “Quiet down! Have some respect.’’ The woman yells into the microphone. They don’t take but a few seconds to stop talking and listen to what’s next to come.

“Two thousand.’’ A woman speaks in the quiet room, mutters began as the woman sat back in her seat. It’s not uncommon for women to be buyers, everyone needs someone.. I sit back in my hair and take another drag of my cigarette, listening to the bidding increasing by the thousand every minute.

There was no restricting my eyes from trailing to the scared little girl in the chair in a room full of sex addicts and old perverts, unfortunately I belong to the first group I named. From my distance of only a few feet from the stage, I could see her tear stained and flustered cheeks. Poor thing, doesn’t even have a damn clue what’s going on I’m sure. Most likely she was drugged a bar and thrown into the back of a van, or maybe she was knocked out while walking on the street, or maybe just lured in from lust. There’s no telling honestly.

Los Angeles is a beautiful city, wonderful sights and amazing things to do – but it’s also a horrible place to be, especially for the youth. When you’re beautiful and young and you’re walking out late at night you have a high chance of getting kidnapped and probably raped. It’s a shame, but it’s the truth.


•I'm a bit nervous about the concept, but if you are against what's occuring let me assure you it doesn't last long. I know it's a controversial thing and all. But anyways...

•I hope you like it? Feedback in the comments please? Subscribe/Rate if you like :) ♥


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JustineLolipop JustineLolipop

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