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Dangerous Love

03 - Informed


The room was much quieter than the other one and a lot smaller. A different seller came on the stage as we left, so those people in there are occupied. This room resembled an office, it had just a desk and a few chairs. My attention turns to the woman as she sits behind the wooden desk, clearing her throat as she prepares to speak to me.

“Sorry for not introducing myself, I usually do it in private. I’m Angie.” She tells me. I give her a nod, ready to get this over with. “Before we finalize everything, Mr. Styles, we need you to be aware of a few things about this one.’’ Angie continues with a sigh. I look over at the girl in the chair beside me, her head was down and she was shivering. She’ll be okay for a few more minutes.

“I hope she’s free of.. everything.’’ I state. “Oh yes, of course. We run a professional business and we make sure diseases aren’t present. Not a thing to worry about there, however..’’ Angie makes a tsk sound with her tongue as she pauses. I raise my eyebrows at her, “However?’’ She picks taps her long fingernails against the top of the desk as her eyes meet mine again.

“I don’t know about your sexual desires, so if this is a turn off I’m sure we can fix it. But, um, the girl’s a virgin. We just got her a few weeks ago.’’ Angie tells me about this. I feel myself twitch down there, that’s definitely not a turn off anymore. “No, it’s no big deal. I can handle it.’’ I assure her, “Where’s she from?’’ I add in as I give her another glance, her hands were tucked under her thighs as she sat quietly.

“New Orleans.’’ She sighs out as she stops the tapping of her nails, crossing her hands on the desk. I give her another nod, I was just curious. That’s interesting, I’ve only been there a few times. “She has been informed of the moderate rules. To obey, to be good, you know the simple things.’’ Angie announced after a half a minute of silence. “Alright.’’ I respond.

“I mean, if you have different outlooks on rules then you know that’s fine, but she has been told to listen to your orders since she is no longer in our hands.’’ She says. “Good, she better listen.’’ I reply, she will listen to me or else I’ll just have to handle business.

“Well that’s pretty much all I needed to discuss with you. Oh, here.’’ Angie says as she picks up a piece of paper. She stands and comes from around the desk, handing me the paper. “Thank you, I’ll be sure to get the money to you in a few days.’’ I tell her. She gives me a nod before opening another door on the other side of the room, not the one we came through before.

“She doesn’t have any belongings other than what’s in her purse and the clothes she’s wearing. You can just leave through this door, I have to go. Have a nice night, Mr. Styles.’’ She smirks gently at me as I get up from the chair, turning to face the girl. “You too.’’ I say with a smile as she goes through the other door back to the stage area, however her stage hand Sam was still in the room, leaned against the wall.

“Get up.’’ I say with a sigh, stepping back to give her some space. She hurries to her feet, steadying herself as she stands. She doesn’t look at me, just stares down at her feet. I grab her wrist and pull her with me towards the open door. She whimpers out at my tight grip but I don’t care right now, all I’m worried about is getting to my car and leaving. I have things to do.

As I walked through the door, the wind hit me and felt cool against my face. Thankfully my car wasn’t parked far from the door, so the walk won’t take but a minute or less. “Tell me your name. I know it, I just want to hear you say it.’’ I speak out loud so she’ll hear me clearly. She’s got to be nervous because I just heard her gulp quite loudly.

She takes a heavy inhale before sighing her name out to me, “Anna Lisa.’’ I smile lightly to myself, beautiful. “You go by both, correct?’’ I ask, glancing over at her. “Yes sir.’’ She mumbles. Her words resulted in a slight electric jolt in my lower body, she’s not even at my house and she’s already being good. Less work I have to do.

I don’t say anything else, knowing that I will continue the conversation when in the car soon.


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JustineLolipop JustineLolipop

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