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Dangerous Love

16 - Beautiful

[Anna Lisa]

My eyes trail over the items spread out over Mr. Styles’s bed. I gulp gently, knowing that most of this stuff costed him a good bit of money, or at least in my opinion. Despite me being so overwhelmed at the expensive stuff, I like what he’s given me.

“If you don’t want to wear the makeup you don’t have to.’’ I hear his voice say from across the room. I turn my head in his direction to see him stepping into a pair of black jeans. I watch him closely as he pulls them up his legs and gets them adjusted. He buttons and zips the jeans up and looks up at me. I look away quickly, not wanting him to know I was staring at him – again.

“Um.. I guess I.. um.. I’ll wear a little.’’ I reply to him, trying to make this moment not seem so awkward since he just caught me staring at him, again. From the corner of my eye, I see Harry walking towards me, a shirt in his hand. I compose myself, inside and out, I just don’t want to look or act like a fool in front of him. Mostly because I don’t want him to think I’m childish or not worthy of anything. But I just can’t stop thinking about him, or staring at him.

“You need to move a little faster, sweetheart. We need to be gone in an hour.” He says as he approaches me, throwing his shirt on the bed. I give him a nod as I reach for the Victoria’s Secret shirt that was purchased for me. Just as I was about to grab it, he grabs my wrist and brings my arm back to my side. I wanted to ask him why he done that, but no words leave my mouth.

Harry moves behind me all of a sudden, dropping my wrist out of his hand. His hands slide around my waist, resting on my stomach under the shirt of his I was still wearing. “Your skin is so soft.. mmm.” He whispers into my ear, his lips begin to leave tiny, soft pecks on my shoulder. A light smile comes to my face – I never, ever expected this man to be so nice to me, he’s so compassionate and honestly sweet.

But I know he will get angry, he’s had a few small spells already just in the short time I’ve known him. I am afraid of what is to come, of what he’s capable of doing. Yet I still don’t mind it, because I know that other side will always be there at the end of the night.. This man has invaded my mind, he’s filling my thoughts. I’m not scared to admit this to myself – he’s stole my heart.

“You don’t need this anymore.’’ He says as his lips leave my skin. Harry pushes the pair of his boxers that was on my body down in one quick movement. Then his hands grab the hem of the shirt and he starts to pull it up, leaning off my back so he can get it off easily. I bring my arms up as he brings it over my head. Seconds later I stand fully exposed to his eyes – the cool air making hitting my skin makes me shiver a few times.

“Beautiful.” The word leaves Harry’s mouth in a breath, making my heart skip a beat. I’ve never been called beautiful by anyone expect for him – and for some odd reason, I find that I love that so much. I adore every little compliment that leaves his mouth, it’s hard for me to believe any positive things about myself, but when Harry says them it’s so different for me.

His arms snake around my torso, he crosses them as I feel his chin digging into my shoulder. He pulls my body back against his, now I’m good foot and a half from the bed now. I gently rest my arms on his, running my fingertips over the top of his left hand. I might as well not be afraid to touch him anymore after what I did last night. “Did you know that you’re beautiful?’’ He asks in a mumble, his warm breath hitting my shivering skin.

I shake my head from side to side a few times before stopping. Harry lets out a deep chuckle, his lips brushing against the side of my neck as he shifts his head a tad. “Well you are babe. Every little thing about you is so damn beautiful. Your body. Your gorgeous face. Your personality. Your little laugh. The way your back curves in. Your adorable damn blushing. Everything baby.” He says the list out to me – my cheeks flustered as usual.

“W-why.. do you.. think that?’’ I ask in a whisper, surprised but yet proud of myself for verbally responding to him. I close my eyes as I await his answer. “Because it’s true, darling. You are beautiful, I wouldn’t lie to you.’’ Harry says, a light laugh leaving his mouth. I accidently sigh heavily at his comment – there was no way I could deny it, nor act like it didn’t happen. He heard it, I know for sure because his arms fall from around my body.

I open my eyes, but I don’t see the floor I was staring at earlier. Instead I see Harry’s bare feet. My eyes roam to his chest, but no further. I’m too nervous to look into his eyes or see his facial expression. He turns around towards the bed and I see him push all of the stuff back, clearing him out a spot. He turns back to me and sits on the bed. I wasn’t fast enough to look away, our eyes meet and I can’t help but stare into his.

“C’mere.’’ He mumbles, grabbing my wrist and gently yanking me to him. Harry grabs my waist with his hands and forces me on to his lap. I let another sigh leave my mouth, this one lighter though, as I sit down on his thighs. He grabs under my knees and wraps my legs around his waist.

I close my eyes once again, too afraid to see him right now. What if he was mad and he’s just pretending to me all sweet and kind? Stop saying things like that, Harry probably isn’t even mad – he might just be concerned..

“Talk to me.’’ He mutters out, his arms going around me. I give him a shrug of my shoulder, not too certain of what to tell him. “Baby, tell me what’s wrong.’’ Harry tries again, his voice a tad sterner but honestly it had little of an effect on me. I just reply with a shake of my head, knowing he won’t accept it.

“I said, tell me what’s wrong, darling. I won’t be mad at you.’’ He assures me with a soft press of his lips against my forehead. I open my eyes and quickly find that he’s staring at me. His eyes connect with mine and he gives me a half smile, like he had some hope for me. My heart and my mind are both focused on the feeling of my bare body in his arms.

“I..I don’t even.. know.’’ I release the words in a soft mumble, it was the truth this time. I really don’t know what’s wrong with me. “How about I help you get dressed? That might make you feel a little less stressed baby, yeah?’’ Harry insists, his eyes studying mine. I nod gently, that idea sounds pretty nice to me. “You’re so tense, baby just relax. Don’t be afraid of me, I won’t ever hurt you sweetheart.’’ He says as he puts his hand against my cheek firmly.

“Give me a kiss.’’ He mutters out as he leans my head towards him. Our lips meet and he goes on and leads us into the short, sweet kiss. This time his tongue stays in his mouth and out of mine, I wish it hadn’t though, I really love the feelings I get when he kisses me like that.

On the other hand, I love all the feelings he gives me no matter what he does to make them happen.


//so I told my mom about my laptop.. she was like I won't tell your dad, but you're paying for it.
-_- so eventually it will get fixed, lol. BUT anyways..... feedback on this?? Promise to go a tad faster, more updates tomorrow night!!\\


Keep it comin!!!!! Love the update

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JustineLolipop JustineLolipop

yesyesyesyes pleaseeee

Please update soon, I love this story :)