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Dangerous Love

17 - Every Little Thing


My eyes closely watch Anna Lisa as she stands up from my lap. She tries to keep her balance but she stumbles a little. I jolt up from the bed and grab her before she falls onto her face. “Baby.’’ I sigh with a light smile as she puts her arms around my torso, her fingernails digging into my skin. “I’m s-sorry, sir.’’ She says into my chest, her voice shaky as she holds onto me.

“Baby you didn’t do anything wrong. Are you okay?’’ I ask, resting my chin on the top of her head. She mumbles a reply to me but I couldn’t understand it, her words were jumbled together. “Talk clearer, babe.’’ I say. I move my chin off her head as she leans back, her eyes trailing up my body until she locks with my stare.

“I’m.. I’m such a.. klutz.’’ She sighs out, shaking her head lightly in shame to herself as she looks down between us. “Baby, it’s alright. Everybody trips here and there. Now, wipe that frown off that beautiful face.” I demand in a soft tone as her arms drop from around me. I want to beg her to put them back, but I don’t. I try to retain myself and keep everything composed, including my desires. Or at least somewhat collected.

I turn around to grab the bra and pair of panties for her to put on. (Sophia is a great friend, she got up at seven in the morning to do this for me. I owe her big for this) Anna Lisa’s cheeks were coated with a gentle red tint as I held the two items in my hand, a sly smirk on my face.

“Here.’’ I mutter as I hold the panties down so she can get into them, my index finger hooked around the waist band on each side. Sadly she has to get dressed and I can no longer stare at her flawless, beautiful body. She goes to lift a leg but wobbles a little, I think I need to prevent another simple accident or something more serious this time. “Stop.” I say firmly, not letting myself get distracted by her naked body.

Her eyes meet mine and she looks afraid, so innocent. “Hands on my shoulders.” I say, giving her a light smile just so she knows I’m only here to help right now, not to get on to her for something she didn’t do wrong. She lifts both hands at the same time, a tad hesitate at first – but seconds later her small hands reach up and she places on my shoulders, holding on tightly to me.

My eyes trail down to her thighs, a small gap between them, maybe a centimeter? – and I have to say, I find that incredibly sexy. But I’m sure she’s ashamed by the lack of space, maybe she’ll grow out of these insecurities after a while. It’s possibly, I think?

Anna Lisa lifts her right leg first, lowering her foot into the hole. Once she’s stepped in on that side, she does the same to the other. Her hands stay glued to my shoulders as I lean down some to reach the level I needed to get to. I pull the underwear up her legs slowly, admiring the feeling of my fingers gliding up her skin. I hear the shaky breaths leaving her mouth as I reach just below her ass – which, have I mentioned, is pure gold.

I realize our time is ticking down, if we go this slowly we will be late and stuck in traffic. I drag the panties over her butt and release the waist band once their secured around her gorgeous hips. “Arms.’’ I mumble as I lean back, giving her more space so she can extend her arms to me.

She holds her arms up in my direction and pushes her arms through the bra. I step behind her and take a hold of the hook, holding it with one hand – my other grabbing her hair and throwing it over her shoulder so it won’t get caught in the hook. I clasp the item on her body and take a footstep back, amazed by the beautiful masterpiece God has created and placed on this earth, placed in my house, in my hands – in my heart.

“You’re so beautiful.’’ I say as I go back in front of her and grab the shirt and jeans. I decide I need to let her do this, it will go a little faster this way. She gives me a cute little smile as I sit on the edge of the bed, ready to observe. I’m getting too distracted, I just want to stare at her all day, not put clothes to cover up the marvelous work of art.

Anna Lisa’s body curves in all the right places. She has a pudgy, little belly but it’s cute, I don’t mind it. I actually like it. Her navel pokes out, absolutely adorable. Every little detail one that perfect body is just amazing to me. I’m thankfully my eyes are the only ones that will ever see it, besides hers of course.

Her hips are full and wide, giving her ass that nice extension and fullness. Her thighs are firm, her skin still so soft though. They were the right size to go along with her hips and her butt. And those cute feet, she’s like a size seven I think? I’m not certain exactly, I looked earlier at her shoes from last night but I think I’m right on that. Her toe nails were painted light pink, the polish clipping off in places on her nails.

My eyes roam back to her face, those sparkling beautiful blue eyes that were complimented by her long, blonde eyelashes. Her perfectly sculpted eyebrows, all natural, and her little nose which is just cute. Her lips are so soft, so plump and full. I love every little thing.


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