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Dangerous Love

15 - Too Much


Something about Anna Lisa’s innocence just drew me in, I just can’t get away from the thought of her in my head. It’s like I’m trapped up there with her, and there’s no getting out.

My eyes watched her from the across the long table in my dining room. She was eating the pancakes slowly, as if she wasn’t even hungry. I try not to worry though, perhaps she’s still waking up or maybe she’s just not really up for eating at the moment.

After another minute of only watching her pick at the food with the fork, the scene began to kill my nerves – I want to say something but I don’t want to come out strong or even rude about it. I look away from her, not wanting to witness her pretending to eat to make me happy – if I hadn’t had told her what I did earlier she might be eating like a normal person. All I said was I made plenty of pancakes just for you, so eat as much as you want.

But really what does that have to do with her pushing the stuff around on her plate and only taking a bite every other minute? It’s not a reasoning for her to be doing this. Stop it, Harry.

She might just be a tad insecure about it, she might not even want anything else to eat. Or maybe she’s just being shy and she’s still nervous about all her new surroundings. Whatever the reason is, I wish she would just stop and say she’s finished eating. I hate seeing her fake it.

“Anna Lisa.’’ I mumble out her name, the sound of it just so beautiful to me. She looks up at me, pushing a few strands of her hair behind her ear to remove them from in front of her face. “Are you.. are you not hungry?’’ I ask with a light sigh, adjusting myself in the chair, stretching my legs more than they were – I’m beginning to lock up while sitting here doing absolutely nothing.

“Not.. really.’’ She mutters, sitting the fork down on the plate which she ate about half of the contents off of it. Under the table I brush my bare foot against hers, feeling her cold and soft skin rub on mine. She blushes just a little as she looks down at her lap, avoiding my stare. “Alright, well um, I guess we can go ahead and go back upstairs. That good with you?’’ I ask as I stand up and push my chair under the table.

She repeats my actions as I come around the table to approach her. I grab her hand and firmly hold it with mine, pulling her with me as I begin to walk through the kitchen to the foyer.

Hearing the patter of her feet against the floor as we walk brought a smile to my face, a warm feeling to my heart – I’ve only known this girl for a short time, hardly a day, and I’m already star-struck over her. I know a better word to use, but I’m just afraid she won’t feel that way for me..

“I had a good friend do a little shopping for me this morning.” I say as I look over my shoulder – meeting her eyes as she looked up when she heard my voice. “She told me she rummaged through her closet, too. I hope you like what she picked out.” I finish my statement as we reach the stairs. I don’t hesitate to go on up, Anna Lisa’s hand tight in mine as she follows behind me.

“Honestly I like it.’’ I state as we quickly reach my bedroom door. I open it and let step on in to the room, tugging Anna Lisa’s hand behind me. Just when I was about to say something, I felt her squeeze my hand a little. It sort of distracted me and I lost my train of thought, but at least I have something on my mind right now: Anna Lisa.

We reach the closet and I open the door, sadly having to drop her small hand from mine. I turn around just in time to see her eyes widen at the sight of the huge closet, I don’t have that many clothes, so one side of it is completely empty – she doesn’t know it yet, but that side is hers now, as well as the one in the guest room, mostly because I have already began to order to clothes. I’m sneaky, but it’s a good thing. The more surprises I have for my beautiful girl, the better I feel.

However, there is a shirt, a cardigan, and a pair of jeans each on its own hanger on the free side of the large closet, those were what Sophia brought over for me, well for Anna Lisa. “So, it’s supposed to be windy today so I didn’t want you to get cold.” I say as I gesture my hand towards the clothes hanging up. She gives me a nod as she continues to watch me mess around with stuff.

I kneel down to the two shopping bags on the floor – but I know some of the items weren’t bought this morning. Sophia just didn’t want a few things anymore so she just passed them over to us, which is perfectly fine.

“So my friend, uh, Sophia. She’s a model and she just happened to be in the area, plus she’s a good friend. That’s the only reason I trusted her.” I mumble as I grab the pair of shoes from the bag and sit them on the bench in the middle of the room. Then I get the jewelry which was placed in a smaller plastic bag inside one of the big ones. I sit beside the shoes and continue to remove the items from the bags

“You.. you didn’t have to.. to do this.. for me.” I hear Anna Lisa’s voice say, she sounded a little unsure about this. I look up at her, my thoughts quickly ending as I see her soft smile all over her pretty face. “I wanted to, besides you didn’t have any clothes.” I say as I stand up since I finished everything.

She still seems like she’s not okay with it, but I know it’s just her nerves and her cute shyness. “I just.. didn’t expect you to spend.. money on me.. so soon.’’ Anna Lisa says, her eyes trailing to mine as I step in front of her. “I didn’t spend too much money. Sophia gave you a few things. I spent about.. $530, not much.” I retorted with a smirk. Her lips part as she hears the number leave my mouth, it really isn’t much to me.

“That’s a lot.’’ She mumbles, looking down between us. I let out a sigh, I had a feeling this would happen. I bring my hand up to her face, using my index finger against her chin to tilt her head up. Her eyes look into mine as I slide my hand over her jawline. “Listen to me, alright?’’ I begin my lecture with these words, furrowing my eyebrows lightly. She nods her head a few gentle times.

“You don’t need to worry about how much money I spend on you. No amount is too much, babe. I don’t care if I spend a million on you. You just worry about your pretty little self and you being good for me, understand baby?” I ask her, leaning just a few inches closer to her, our lips not too far apart. “Yes.. sir.” She mutters out, her eyes full of sweetness.

“I’m not trying to be mean, love. I’m just don’t want stressing over money.” I whisper before I put my lips on hers seconds later. Her lips are so soft against mine. My body is full of butterflies as I push a little further, mushing our lips together into the kiss.

I put my other hand on her waist, I want to feel her body, I want to make sure I have it in my possession. The thought in my head is quite exciting – I know I’m the only person who’s ever had their lips against hers, she’s mine and I own her. It’s an amazing feeling to experience.

Anna Lisa spaces her lips for me, and I don’t hesitate to slip my tongue into her mouth. She tastes sweet – I feel her smile against my lips as I ran my tongue over the top of hers. I give her a smile back, I’m pretty damn sure the same fire that ignited in my stomach went off in hers too, or at least that’s how it seems.

Seconds later I feel her tongue ghost over mine still stuck in her mouth, I wanted to groan out but I didn’t want to scare her, so I held it in and let her lead for a bit. She mimicked my tongue’s movements from earlier and she’s actually good, better than I thought she would start off to be for a virgin, you know. Her hands pressed against my biceps out of nowhere, scaring me just a little.

However it didn’t last long, with one last touch of her tongue against the tip of mine she pulls it back away from mine, letting me take over now. I don’t stop the kiss, the feeling is just too damn good to end it all of a sudden. She gripped my arms tightly as I began to kiss her back. Just when I thought it could get no better than this, a beautiful sound came from her mouth and went into mine.

She let out the softest moan I’ve ever heard – but I heard it clearly and completely. I let my tongue explore her mouth, feeling very little detail – from the tiny bumps on her tongue to the edges of her teeth as I slide my tongue everything, not wanting to miss a spot inside this glorious heaven.

As most amazing things do, it has to come to an end. I don’t want to end it, but I know it won’t be the last one of the day. I take the halt slow though, I don’t just want to pull away and push her back. I want to savor the feeling, the last little actions before it all ends.

The rapid flicks of my tongue become more gentle as I slow it down. Finally, even though I thought I couldn’t do it at first, I bring my tongue back to its rightful place and only use my lips against her. Just a few more little pecks on to her plump lips before I lean back some, not too much though.

“Was I too rough?’’ I breathe out, suddenly finding that my heart is racing and my lungs are taking in deep inhales. She gives me a shake of her head, “No.. sir.’’ She utters out, bringing up only the corner of her wondrous mouth. “You’re really good, baby. I’m proud.’’ I wink at her as I drop my hand from her beautiful face. “No.. you’re good.’’ She giggles gently, covering her mouth with her hand as she makes the noise.

“Hey, stop that.’’ I mumble as I grab her wrist softly, pushing it down from her face. “I.. I don’t.. like my.. laugh.’’ She sighs to me, her eyes falling to the ground. “Well I love it, so don’t hide it.’’ I inform her.

“Okay.’’ Anna Lisa says in a light tone, barely able to be heard. I give her forehead a peck before turning on my heel, we have to get going if we want to avoid the mid-day crowds.


//so I still haven't told my mom about the laptop............ so yeah. But, updates to come!!! Feedback welcomed and thanks for the growing numbers in sub/rate/com/view !!!! ♥♥ means so much to me that you guys like it!):):):)//


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JustineLolipop JustineLolipop

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