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Dangerous Love

14 - Lost

[Anna Lisa]

A grunt leaves my mouth as I open my eyes just to be nearly blinded by the sun. I squint them, trying to tell if there was someone beside me and turns out there wasn’t. I sigh heavily as I lean up, pressing my hands into the soft mattress. He must have already went downstairs. My eyes glance over to his side of the bed to the digital clock on the nightstand, it read 10:06AM.

I quickly decide to get up out of the bed and perhaps go find him, hopefully I won’t get lost in the house. I throw my legs over the side of the bed, clearing my throat some as the effects of just waking up come to me. Like I normally would in the morning, I raise my arms high and stretch, trying to relax my muscles. When I sleep I hardly move so my body gets tense, or at least that’s what the doctor told me.

A shiver runs up my spine as my feet hit the cold hardwood floor of the bedroom. My walk over to the door wasn’t very long. I turn the handle and pull the door open, the cool breeze from the hallway fanning me as I stepped out of the room, shutting the door behind me easily, counting on not making a sound. I was successful, for now.

“Left.. no, right.’’ I mumble to myself, remembering the way Mr. Styles lead me up here last night. Last night.. my dream. I swear I must have took some sort of medication before I went to sleep because my dream was literally amazing and out of this world. I should be ashamed of myself for imagining such a thing, but honestly I don’t care anymore. Maybe it will come true, I have a feeling it will just based on who was in it with me.

I approach the stairwell quicker than I had thought I would, I guess I got lost in my thoughts about him again. I lift the corner of my mouth into a light smile, my head full of last night’s fantasy.

The way he held me down, the way he kissed me, the way he touched me.. I want it to be real, and I know it will become real one day. Hopefully soon.

My eyes stare at my feet, making sure I don’t miss a step and stumble down the stairs, that would seriously make me die of embarrassment, even if he didn’t see it. I run my hand down the railing beside me as I go down the staircase, not too many steps left until I reach the bottom.

“Garage.’’ I whisper to myself as I look over to the door I was brought in last night. I look in the opposite direction and assume this is how to get to the living room or maybe even the kitchen? My mind tells me to stop worrying and overreacting and just take the risk and go through that opening with no door attached to it, so I listen to myself for once.

I go ahead and walk through into the next room, it seems like a living room. My eyes roam over the contents of the room, a huge sectional and two couches in the middle of the room on top of a huge rug.

The ceiling is tall and the room is very wide. The windows were narrow and tall, there are at least seven of them. There’s a huge chandelier hanging down, a big fireplace on one wall and a grand piano placed in the corner.

“Shit.” The loud sudden sound of a voice made me jump in my skin, my hand flying over my chest after almost having a heart attack. “You scared the hell out of me, babe.’’ Harry’s voice filled my ears and I realized he was across the room just in a doorway with the door open behind him, a smile on that handsome face of his. No, beautiful face. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, just a pair of dark grey sweat pants – the pants hanging low on his hips, revealing the Calvin Klein waist band to me.

“You.. you scared me more.’’ I say, laughing just a little as he crossed the room to meet me. I don’t move though, he was already half way when I was about to take a step.

“Good morning, baby.” He says as his hands grab my waist, pulling me to his body. I look up into his eyes, a grin all over his face as he leaned down to me. “Good morning.” I mumble back to him, his lips just an inch from mine.

“Did you sleep well?’’ He asks, his lips brushing against mine. “Yes.. yes sir.” I whisper, not wanting to talk to loud in his face. “You hardly moved all night, had me worried for a bit.’’ He says with a smile, showing me those dimples that I think are really cute on him. He leans away from me some, crushing my hopes of him kissing me again. I don’t reply, mostly because I couldn’t tear my eyes away from his eyes.

Mr. Styles kept our stare intact as he slid his hands under my shirt and around my body, resting them at the small of my back, just above my butt. I feel the warmth against my skin and I can’t help but get those bubbles in my stomach again, a feeling I can’t even describe honestly.

“I made you some breakfast. After you eat, I’ll take you upstairs and let you change. I have to take you shopping today.” Mr. Styles informs me, smirking again as he tilts his body down towards mine, his lips closing the space between us. I smile gently to myself as his lips push against mine with a little pressure. I feel his tongue poke at my lips, wanting me to open my mouth for him. I have to obey him, so I don’t hesitate to do as he wishes.

My lips part barely enough for his tongue to slide through, but somehow he makes it swiftly and continues the kiss as if there was no few second pause. Without even clearly thinking, mainly because I’m not able to at the moment, I lift my hand and softly touch his side. He smiles against my lips, one of his hands trailing down over my butt. My heart flutters at the sudden touch and I feel my face fluster at the feelings he was giving me.

Mr. Styles’ tongue swipes over mine in my mouth slowly and easily, not too rough with me yet. I allow him to do most of the work, only because I don’t have the gist of this whole kissing thing down yet. However, based on what we’ve already done, I’m sure he’ll teach me everything I need to know when I need to know it.

I gasp out of nowhere as I feel a heavy grip on one side of my butt – I quickly realize it’s just Mr. Styles’ hand grabbing a hold of me. I’ve been trying so hard to refer to him as Harry, but it’s hard. Maybe I’m just overthinking it, I guess I just don’t want to upset him by calling him something he specifically told me not to say. Anna Lisa, calm down. Quit worrying over every little thing.

Our lips break apart as he leans up, a sigh leaving his mouth as his hands fall from my against my body. I nibble on the inside of my cheek, praying that I hadn’t done something wrong. He stands here staring at me as if I were a complete stranger.

My eyes roam up his body in a slow pace, taking in all of his beautiful features. His muscled body, the perfectly inked tattoos covering his tan skin. I reach the almost totally flatten dimple on his left cheek, he has a blank expression as he keeps his eyes on me.

Finally our eyes meet once again and I smile softly to him, hoping that would help the situation but he doesn’t move, he only continues to stare at me with his shiny green eyes.

“Did.. did I do.. s-something wrong?’’ I stutter out in a light voice, afraid that the answer was a yes. Harry’s eyebrows furrow at my words, his face changing to respond to what I said. It’s like I snapped him back into reality. “What?’’ He asks, confusion in his voice.

“Did.. did I mess up.. the.. the kiss?’’ I ask him with a simple gulp. He releases a deep sigh as he grabs my hand carefully in his. I look down to watch the sight take place. His fingers push pass mine to interlace them all together. I smile at the new feeling before looking back up to him, my smile fading from my face.

“You didn’t do anything baby. I just.. I got distracted.. thinking about you.’’ Harry says, his voice in a normal tone as he pecks his lips on my forehead. I nod back, just so he knows I understand. He winks at me quickly before turning on his heel and pulling me with him towards the direction he came from earlier.

I wonder if he got lost like I’ve gotten lost already, just thinking of him. I don’t know about him, but I appeared in a white room with nothing in it but us, all I could see was his body and his eyes. I could hear him but I didn’t care to speak back.

Literally I could stare all day at him, and I might just do that one day. What if he likes me the way I like him? Oh forget, that’s not going to happen. I don’t deserve this, I should be with some pervert somewhere getting raped – not with the finest man I’ve ever met in my entire life.

He deserves better than me.


//so major news..:: I opened my laptop about an hour ago and I realize that the screen is cracked. I freak out and my cousin does to. I don't even know how it happened. I got this lap top for Christmas two years ago and I honestly am so afraid to tell my Mom. I mean it's not like i BROKE the computer, it's just the screen. Everything works fine, but it's a touchscreen.. so I'm scared to touch it. So.. if i don't update soon, it'll be because of one of these reasons: 1) computer is getting fixed! 2) I'm dead because my mom killed me.
Hopefully though it's number one. BUT i will let you guys know if i have to send it off and all that. ♥♥♥//

Feedback welcomed as usual, thanks so much for the growing subscriptions, ratings, and comments! Love you guys! Hope you like the new update, more to come asap ♥


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JustineLolipop JustineLolipop

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