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Dangerous Love

11 - February


A sigh of relief leaves my mouth as I wipe the damp towel down my abdomen, freeing my skin of my white substance. Anna Lisa’s in the bedroom sitting in the same position as before, she seems a little unsure about all of this and surely about what she just did – I just hope she’s okay.

I shut the door behind him, it didn’t take but a minute to clean off from my pleasant release. She looks at me from half way across the room, her cheeks stained with blush. “Time for some sleep love, that is if you’re tired. As for me, I’ve had a long day.’’ I say as I sit on the other side of the bed, my back to her. She coughs lightly, I don’t take it into any consideration – just a cough, right?

“Mr.. Styles?’’ Anna Lisa says, her voice soft behind me. “Hmm?’’ I ask as I check the time on my phone just before sitting it on the bedside table. “I’m.. tired.’’ She mumbles her words to me. “Alright, babe. Then we can sleep, sound good?’’ I ask, standing up and turning to face her. She gives me a slight nod and a smile, she’s so damn cute. I pull the cover back this side and give her a gesture with my hand to get up.

Anna Lisa follows my orders – which I have become aware that she’s good at doing – and gets off the bed. She grabs the top of the blankets and pulls them back a little like I did over here. Something catches my attention as I glance up at her. I take a double take, just to be sure I saw what I think I saw.. and I certainly did.

Through the thin white shirt of mine that was on Anna Lisa’s body I could see her perky pink nipples, and by the way they’re poking I out I assume something has her turned on and she probably doesn’t even realize it. I gulp lightly to myself as I look away, if I hadn’t I might have just ripped the shirt off her body and fucked her brains out – but like I said before, I need to take this easy on her at first. I need to calm myself more it seems though…

“You can go ahead and lie down, I’ll get the light.’’ I tell her as I make my way across the room. I hear her movements on the bed as she gets comfortable. She might be a little nervous about this, the whole sleeping in the bed with me idea, but honestly she just has to deal with it. I have other rooms but she’s not leaving me and I’m not leaving her.

“Do you have an issue with sleeping beside me?’’ I ask as I turn off the light, the lamp on my nightstand lighting up the room. She gives me a shake of her head and a gentle smile. “Alright.” I breathe out as I get on the bed, sliding myself under the cover. Anna Lisa hesitates at first but soon lies down on her back, our bodies just inches apart. I stare up at the white ceiling, not sure what to say right now. I just want to speak to her, I need to hear that beautiful voice.

“When’s your birthday? It’s on the paper.. I just can’t remember at the moment.” I ask her, just trying to fire up a conversation. “February fourteenth.” She mumbles to me. “That’s Valentine’s Day.” I sigh lightly, just trying to keep this going. “When’s.. yours?’’ She says, her voice gentle as if she was scared to ask me something. “February first. We have something in common I guess, a month of the damn year is better than nothing.” I let out a small laugh.

A new wondrous sound fills my ears – Anna Lisa’s giggle at my stupid comment. I look over at her, still able to see her face because of the lamp’s light. “You liked that one, huh? It wasn’t even funny.’’ I give her a smile as her eyes meet mine.

“It was.. funny.. to me.’’ She says, her grin was big as she giggled just a little more. “You’re so adorable, you know that?’’ I say with a smirk as I roll over onto my side to face her.

“No.. I’m not.” She mutters lightly. “Yes you are, don’t argue with me.” I say with a slight stern tone. She just blushes at my compliment to her and gives me a nod. “Understand?’’ I ask, easing my voice a little – I don’t want her to think I’m an ass all the time, just when I’m mad, like most people. “Yes sir.’’ She says as she breathes out a heavy breath, turning on to her side like I did already.

We become silent all of a sudden, as if either of couldn’t speak at all. I stared into those beautiful blue eyes. Her cosmetic free face is glowing in the light, she’s so damn gorgeous. She gives me the same intense stare, our eyes searching each other’s like we were trying to find lost answers to a puzzle. I wink gently at her, redness rising to her cheeks, I find that somewhat sexy and appealing, when she does it it’s a turn on for sure.

“T-thank you for.. for saving me from.. from that.. place.’’ Anna Lisa’s voice cuts our silence in half, I don’t mind though – I love that voice so much already and I haven’t even known it a full day yet.

A light smile comes to my face, “I’m glad I did. I didn’t want anyone else to touch you. I wanted you to be mine. And now.. you are. Isn’t that right, love?’’ I ask her. She nods her head a few times, “Mr. Styles.. I honestly.. appreciate it. I um, I know.. what’s in store for me.. but.. you just, I don’t know.’’ Anna Lisa stops herself and closes her eyes tight, shaking her head to herself as if she was wrong to say that.

“Babe, it’s okay. I understand what you’re saying. And I know most of those people there wouldn’t treat you the way I will. They won’t buy you pretty dresses and nice shoes, they’d just use for what’s between your legs. But love I promise, and I mean it, I won’t use you and not give you anything. I’m going to spoil you so hard.’’ I say with a smirk as her eyes open to meet my gaze again. I receive a smile from her and of course some more cute blushing.

“Oh and, one more thing.” I say. She nods, gesturing for me to continue speaking to her. “As much as I like it, I don’t want you to refer to me as Mr. Styles. I want you to call me Harry, alright? For now.’’ I inform her of this thought of mine, later on she’ll call me something else.. “Yes sir.’’ She whispers back, her eyebrows twitching lightly at the last thing I said, I’m sure she’s a tad confused but she’ll get it later on.

This girl blows my mind. She’s so beautiful, she’s so innocent.. It’s like this gorgeous little angel was placed in my life, for what reason I’m not quite sure what actually yet, however I do have some ideas..


//updated tonight just for those comments I received from the last chapter :):):) ♥♥// And if you were wondering, the time setting is early January, no year is set yet though. The dates will be mentioned throughout the book though :):) UPDATES soon! Feedback welcomed as usual♥


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JustineLolipop JustineLolipop

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