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Dangerous Love

12 - Double Name


At first I thought we would have a quick conversation and we’d be drifting off to sleep, but instead I was quite wrong. Anna Lisa and I have continued our talk and honestly I really like it, just talking and all that. “So tell me this.” I start with a sly smile, “Is Anna Lisa like a double name or your first and middle name?’’ I ask, my eyebrows lightly furrowed as I concentrated on the way her lips moved when she spoke.

“Double name, I guess.. you can call it that.’’ She says with a gentle laugh. “So then, what’s your middle name?” The question is something I actually wonder of, there aren’t a lot of people I’ve met with two first names – I think it’s neat though, more unique and different. She’s definitely different, but that’s alright. It’s good to be different, besides I like different, more than I probably should when it comes to her.

“Jade.’’ She says the word lightly, partly smiling at me. “Anna.. Lisa.. Jade.. Kelly.” I let each word flow out of my mouth, loving the way her name sounds when my voice says it – I love how her name sounds under any condition. She blushes a tad at me as she gives me a nod, she’s so innocent and naive, I almost feel sorry for her – she has no idea what will happen, and when it happens she’s going to be afraid.

“That’s beautiful.” I tell her, just hoping that she believes me. “Thank you Mr- uh.. Harry.’’ Anna Lisa thanks me, adjusting the name she addresses me with – it’s alright though, everyone makes mistakes and plus she was just told this so I don’t dare blame her for anything. It’s fine.

I cough lightly, trying to clear my itchy throat. “What’s your biggest fear?’’ I ask her bluntly, not wanting to stretch this certain topic out for too long. “Dr-drowning. I.. I can’t swim good.” She mutters under her breath, almost too quiet for me to hear but I did hear it somehow. I don’t say anything in response, just give her a nod. I’d hate to carry this on and get her emotional about something – being the good person I can be, I move on.

“You’re from New Orleans so like.. have you always lived there or did they place you there when you were younger?’’ I ask curiously, I want to get her entire background story burned into my head so I don’t miss anything. “Um, yeah I always lived there, just went from foster home to foster home in the city.” She shrugs her shoulder lightly as if it was no big deal, but her eyes told me more – it certainly hurt her to say that to me.

“Down there a lot of people have French ancestors and some of them speak French, so do you like.. speak French? Because honestly that’s really cool.” I say with a light laugh leaving my mouth, I know I sound like a fool for asking that but I really do want to know everything about this girl.

“Yeah, I actually do.” Anna Lisa says, a smile comes to her beautiful face. She seems proud to tell me this. I’m surprised but quite intrigued by it. “Say something to me.” I insist with a soft smirk, ready to hear how this sounds. I hardly know any other language but English – I know some basic Spanish and a few French words, but not enough to communicate with.

“Bonjour, je m'appelle Anna Lisa. Comment vous appelez-vous?” Her voice didn’t change by much, just a tad when she pronounced some of the words. A grin comes to my face as I hear her fluently talk to me in a completely different language. “Whoa. What’d you even say?’’ I ask, raising my eyebrows at her. She leans up, pressing her elbow into the mattress and resting her head on her hand, that cute smile still on her face.

“Hello, my name is Anna Lisa. What is your name?’’ She informs me of this. “That’s amazing. So.. how would I reply to that, in French?’’ I say, prepared to try this out some. “You’d say this.” She pauses a few seconds, giving me a smile before continuing, “Bonjour, je m'appelle Harry.” Anna Lisa tells me. I try to understand and make sense of what the words individually mean, but I’m getting so easily distracted by her voice.

Je means I and m’appelle means my name.” She adds in as I stare at her in complete awe, this is purely astonishing. “That’s impressive, babe. How’d you learn to speak it so well?’’ She gives me a little blushing at my compliment to her, she’s so adorable.

“Well, I learned it in school… I just um, you know.. practiced.’’ She mumbles back to me. All of a sudden her shyness has returned and she’s looking away from me and talking softly.

“Speak to me again. Tell me anything, I don’t care what. I just.. I like it. I mean, I like your English too, of course.’’ I give her a demand, not harshly though. “You.. won’t ask.. what it means?’’ She says with a sigh, smiling just a little with the corner of her mouth. “I won’t ask.” I assure her, maybe she’ll tell me something she’s never told anyone else before – of course I won’t be able to understand, but I don’t really care anymore. I just love listening to her voice, no matter what language it’s speaking in.

“Eh bien, je le dirai, puisque je suis à l'aise de vous parler en français, puisque vous ne pouvez pas me comprendre..” She pauses for second, as if she was getting confused over her words. Anna Lisa nods to herself before starting again, her eyes finding mine once she’s ready, “Au début, j'étais très nerveux au sujet de tout cela, en particulier le sexe et vous aussi. Mais maintenant .. nous avons parlé et tout .. Je me sens vraiment à l'aise avec .. vous et tout.” Her fluent speaking comes to a stop as she licks her lips, probably needing to focus harder or rest maybe.

[Well, I will say it, since I am comfortable speaking to you in French, since you can not understand me.]

[At first, I was very nervous about all this, especially sex and you too. But now .. we talked and everything .. I feel really comfortable with .. you and everything.]

“J'espère que vous finissez par aimer autant que moi déjà .. comme vous, monsieur Styles.” She adds her final statement with redden cheeks, most likely from my constant stare at her as she talks to me. “I know you said Mr. Styles again, what did I say about that?’’ I state, knowing that the last two words were my name. I’m not entirely oblivious to everything.

[I hope you end up liking me as much as I already .. like you, Mr. Styles.]

“S-sorry… sir. Uh, désolé monsieur.” She throws in the French translation of her apology and I legitimately can’t get mad at her over that, it was rather cute if you ask me. “It’s fine love, I was just kidding.” I relieve her of her stress with a wink, those cheeks brightening up in red as she looked away from me. So innocent.


||I brought in another one of my few skills, lol. I'm taking French currently and I'm very good at least that's what my teacher says and he's from France, anywayssssssssssss enough about meeee... the comments guys the recent ones legit made my day! I love you ♥♥♥ UPDATES COMINGGG SOON:):)||


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JustineLolipop JustineLolipop

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