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Dangerous Love

10 - Touch


Usually when I do this to myself I close my eyes and focus on the feeling, but right now in this minute I can’t stop looking at that beautiful girl staring at me. The fact that her eyes were glued to my cock knocks me off track. Anna Lisa literally hasn’t looked away, it’s like she’s in a trance just gazing at me. She’s even just as beautiful from the side.

I let out a moan as I witness her lips part. My eyes glance down at her lap where she’s messing with her own fingers, she probably isn’t even aware she was doing it. I give her thigh a squeeze, I’m getting close but I don’t want it to end just yet. Her tongue peeps out just a little, gently wiping over her bottom lip.

Just when I thought I could last longer I get these damn tingly feelings in my stomach. I remove my hand and start breathing deeply, I can’t cum right now, I need to do something else before I do. Anna Lisa looks over at me, her cheeks red from what she just watched and her eyebrows lightly furrowed at me. For a second I just stare at her, while at the same time getting my words ready to speak.

“Anna Lisa.’’ I breathe out, my body not wanting to stop – and looking at this damn beautiful girl beside me made it even worse. “Yes.. s-sir?’’ She asks in a mumble. I remove my hand from her thigh and grab her wrist. She jumps lightly at my quick move but I don’t worry about it, she’s okay as long as she’s with me and I know that, she’ll realize that later on, I hope.

“Touch me.’’ I tell her, bringing her hand towards my cock that was standing straight up, impatiently waiting for some friction again. Just as her fingertip was about to touch me, she does something I never thought she’d do – she yanked her wrist free of my lose grip and tucked her hands in her lap. I snap my head in her direction, shocked that she’d do such a thing.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?’’ I raise my voice at her. She looks over at me, fear in those beautiful eyes – a place fear doesn’t need to be. “I.. I’m s-sorry.. I.. I’m scared, Mr.- Mr. S-styles.’’ She says, her words cut up as she nervously gives me an excuse. I let a sigh, feeling bad for yelling at her for no reason. I should’ve known this would happen.

“Baby, listen to me okay?’’ I start with this, placing my hand on her thigh again, her beautiful pale skin so smooth against my skin. Her eyes find mine again and she gives me a soft nod. “I know you’re scared love, but trust me. If you do what I say.. I can help you, alright? It won’t hurt you.. I won’t hurt you. Understand?” I ask in an easy voice, trying not to upset her any more than she already was, the last thing I want her to do is cry over my stupid screaming.

“O-okay.’’ She mutters to me with a small sigh afterwards. “Now, just put your hand around my cock, don’t move yet.’’ I say, giving her a chance to do it on her own without my hand guiding her there again. She lifts her hand from her lap and leans just a little closer to me so she can reach better. I keep my eyes on her, watching her every little move.

Shit.’’ I say, my heart almost jumping out of my chest as her soft hands goes around me, barely. “I’m sorry!’’ She yelps, releasing me from her nice grip. “No, baby.. calm down. It’s.. it’s not anything bad, it felt.. good. Damn good.’’ I assure her with a slight smile as her worried eyes look over at me. She licks her lips lightly before putting her hand back around me.

“Now.. just move your hand up and down slowly.’’ I tell her what’s next to come and she nods to me again, following my directions within seconds. I stare at her hand as it pumps my shaft, nice and slow but her tight grip made it feel even better. “See, not too scary, huh?’’ I say, glancing over to see if she looked at me and she actually did with her cheeks heating up. I let out a groan at the nice feeling I receive as she tightens her hold just a little bit, enough to rub against my swelling vain, her hand’s way better than mine is.

“I.. I’m s-sorry.’’ Anna Lisa utters, her hand loosening up some as if she was gonna pull away. In a swift move I grab her wrist and hold her hand in place, her head turns to look at me. “You’re doing fine baby, don’t stop.’’ I say with a little stern, I just can’t believe she’s so good at this already. She looks back at what she’s doing as I release her wrist from my hold.

Her hand continues to rise and fall on my cock – her cold, soft skin feeling warm against my burning flesh. “Yeah, babe. You’re doing so good.’’ I sigh out as she continues the perfect motion on me. “Faster.” I demand in a mumble, knowing she heard me because she was quick to do as I asked – her hand began to move quicker up and down my hard erection. “There you go.’’ I breathe out, her grip tightening around me.

“Fuck.. babe.’’ The words leave my mouth in a low growl, I’m so fucking close but I don’t want to scare her more by releasing all of a sudden. “Mr. S-styles, are you o-okay?’’ She asks me in an unsure, concerned tone. “Yeah baby, I’m okay.” I assure her with a nod as she glances over at me. She’s so cautious, I find that quite sexy to be fully honest.

“Anna Lisa.’’ I grunt her name out, I love the way it sounds – so beautiful, just like the person it belongs to. Instinctively, knowing it’s that time, I swat her hand away and unfortunately replace it with my own. It’s not that she was bad, because she’s definitely not. But I need to go fast, I need to release myself before I explode. Besides, I just don’t want to scare her with that part, she’s not ready yet.

She leans back some as I violently pump my shaft with my hand, feeling the sensation in my body occurring. Anna Lisa gasps just as a stream of cum spurts out on to my abdomen, I don’t stop my hand – I can feel it still needing to come out. And just like that, another shot, then another, then finally one last spurt of cum. My heart is beating fast in my chest at the feeling mixed with Anna Lisa’s presence.. it’s all too unreal to me.

I stop my hand and drop it down on the mattress beside me. From the corner of my eye, I see Anna Lisa staring at me with a rather sad look on her beautiful face. I shift my head to look over at her, I hope she’s okay. “Babe, are you alright?” I ask, touching her soft thigh again with my hand. She shrugs a little, unsure I assume.

“Was it as scary as you thought?’’ I ask with a light smile, trying to enlighten her mood some – I have no clue what suddenly made her bottom lip pout out more than it naturally did. “Mr. Styles.’’ She mumbles, turning her head to look at me. “Yeah babe?’’ I ask, studying her expression as she releases a heavy breath. “Did I do.. bad?’’ She asks me, a lack of confidence on her face.

“Babe.’’ I lean up fully and slide my arm around the small of her back. Her eyes stare into mine as we get closer now. “Look on my stomach.’’ I tell her. Her eyes trail down to the spot and she looks for a few seconds before locking contact with me again. “I came for you baby.’’ I mumble with a sly smirk on my face. She blushes a little at that statement, the corner of her mouth turning upward just slightly enough to count as a smile.

“But you.. pushed me away.’’ She sighs, looking down at her hands instead of me now. “Babe, I did that because I didn’t want to overwhelm you all at once. But trust me, your little hand is the reason that I came.’’ I say, pressing my lips against her redden cheek, just making her fluster more. “So.. I did.. good?’’ She asks, giving me a glance.

“You did so good baby. You’re such a good girl.’’ I whisper out to her. Anna Lisa looks over at me for a few seconds, just a few. She smiles though, and that assured me that she’s okay. She really is a good girl.


//more updates to come soon, please leave some feedback here and there, would gladly appreciate it♥//


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JustineLolipop JustineLolipop

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Please update soon, I love this story :)