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“ Mia, come in!” Miley asks from the water

I shake my head and laugh, “ These shorts were like 400 dollars”

Louis steps out of the pool shivering, soaking wet from head to toe.

“Do you have a towel, love?” He rubs his arm length.

“ Yes! I’ll go get some” I stand and start walking back to the house when I hear muttering

“Harry, go help her!”

“Why, she’s fine, she can handle a towel”

“ We all need towels”

There’s a long pause and then a grunting noise.


I can feel his footsteps coming up behind me.

“ Lou thought you’d need help” He explains blatantly

“ Well that’s very nice of you” I respond quietly.

We walk back into the house, and see Hunter sitting on the couch, ankle crossed over his leg talking on the phone.

He acknowledges my presence by winking at me, but when his eyes meet Harry’s they turn hard.

“ Towels are over here” I walk down the long hallway, Harry trailing behind me, eyes running along every inch of my home.

I open the linin closet and take out 10 towels, handing Harry five which he balances’ in one hand.

I wrap my arms around my five towels.

“ You have big hands” I note out loud… Shit…

He smirks “ You have small hands”

“Well I’m suppose to have small hands” He looks down at me intensely, it’s taken me all this time to realize we’re only inches apart.

“ Well I’m suppose to have big hands” His breath hitches, green eyes dark and glossy.

“ Babe!” I hear Hunter call out from the kitchen for me. I roll my eyes and laugh softly; Harry’s face turns impassive. I walk past him and back down the hallway.

“What are those for?” Hunter points to the towels. Harry remains quiet.

“Oh, everyone’s swimming” I look out the window to see them all sitting wet on the loungers, waiting for towels.

“Nicki called,” He informs me as I walk back out onto the patio

Of course she called… “ I’ll call her in the morning” I yell back at him.

“Towels!” Zayn shouts and runs up to us. I giggle and hand him one. The rest of the group sprints in my direction.

I throw towels around and pretty soon everyone is drying up.

I walk forward, my foot stepping on a puddle of cold water; I take one more step and slip backwards. I let out a high-pitched scream before I feel two long arms around me.

“ Shit Mia” I look up to be met with mesmerizing, scared, green eyes.

I look around to notice everyone has shifted closer; Louis was in mid stance looking ready to catch me if Harry hadn’t.

Harry sets me upright and clears his throat, I pat down my ruffled shorts and everyone seems to have calmed down.

“ Thank you” I turn to Harry

“ Yeah no problem” He blurts out quickly, avoiding eye contact.

“ We should go lads” He talks loudly

Liam pulls out his phone and looks at the time “ Yeah we should, it’s getting late”

Niall, Louis and Zayn all awe loudly.

The stand and start walking back into the house, the towels draped around them.

“Thank you for having us Mia” Liam says kindly

“Thank you for driving us home” Selena steps forward

“Where’s Miley?” I look around the group

They laugh and point to the couch where she is passed out.

“ Typical” I giggle.

“ Bye Louis!” I walk up to shake his hand, he opens his arms for a hug but I step back “ You’re soaking wet” I explain, he laughs and shakes my hand. I do the same routine with the rest of the boys.

That is until I get to Harry…

“ Bye Harry”

“ Yeah, bye” He turns and walks out of the door. I narrow my eyes.

“ Don’t worry about it love, he’s just grumpy because we didn’t win a Grammy” Zayn laughs

For some reason, I don’t think that’s why he’s upset.


“ Well I guess Selena and Justin and Miley are staying the night” I say to Hunter and point to them all passed out in the living room.

“ They always do” He walks up to me and wraps his arms around me and kisses my lips softly.

“ Time for me to enjoy you in this outfit like you promised” He dips me backwards and slams his mouth onto mine, biting my lower lip, his tongue invades my mouth exploring every aspect of it.

“ Bedroom” I whisper, he laughs deeply before picking me up, my legs wrapped around his waist. He reignites the kiss as we enter our bedroom.

His knees hit the bed he falls backwards onto the mattress.

His hands move quickly to remove the little clothes I am wearing.

I shuffle around and fidget with his pant’s before he slips them off, he kisses my bare back and removes my bra then continues warm kisses along my spine.

He hovers over me; I kick off my panties as he takes off his boxers and shirt.

I take a deep breath and wrap my arms around his neck, grasping his back.

He parts my legs gently and aligns his length with my center.

Slowly he inserts himself inside me, I gasp at entrance and wrap my legs around his mid section.

“ Hunter…” I moan quietly as he gains speed. His lips find my neck as he thrusts into me harder.


Harry’s P.O.V

“ What’s your problem mate?” Louis looks at me as Liam opens the hotel room.

“ Nothing” I snap

“ Wooah Haz, tell us” Zayn pats my back as we walk into the room.

“ I said nothing” I hiss

“ We know something is wrong so you mine as well tell us” Liam turns to me.

I sigh and give up “ I don’t know, it’s that girl”

“ Mia?” Niall pops his head out of the pantry

“ You like Mia?” Louis cocks his head to one side

“ No, I don’t even know her but she’s just” I stop, not knowing what to say

“Hot” Zayn slurs

“Zayn” I warn

“What she’s hot mate, like insanely hot,” He laughs

“ And she’s famous” I add

“So? We’re famous” Louis has a point.

“She has a boyfriend,” Liam pipes up

“ Well why don’t we just be her friend?” Niall suggests

“ That is if Harry can stop being a dick” Louis punches my shoulder lightly.

“ Louis!?” We hear Eleanor shout from the bedrooms

“Shit, she’s still up” Louis runs his hand through his hair.

“ Time for bed guys” Liam tells us.

“ You guys go ahead, I’m going to stay up for a bit” I walk over to the couch and pick up my MacBook

I open Google and type “ Mia” With out putting in her last name “ Mia Aparo” Shows up. I hit enter.

I skim through the articles

Mia winning the Grammys

Mia’s number one hit singles

Mia’s concert dates

Mia and Hunter… I click on the page.

It opens to pictures of them hugging, kissing and then an article about them possibly getting engaged soon, with the article comes a photo of Hunter in Tiffany’s alone…

I exit out quickly as a uncomfortable feeling grows in my stomach.

I notice a photograph of Mia at an orphanage in Africa, holding two small children in her arms; she’s wearing simple clothes, no makeup, and she’s laughing.

A large grin tugs its way across my face.


I'm really excited for the next couple chapters.

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I can't see an exact date for when this was first published, but I found it here: https://www.quotev.com/story/3818401/Storms/1 posted by someone who has plagiarized some of my work, and I can tell in two sentences that this fic isn't theirs so I suspect it is yours.

Lynse Lynse

I love love love this story.<3❤️❤️

You have to update. This is a great book.

Update please!!

Update soon! Loving it!