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20 Questions

“ Shit babe are you alright,” Selena asks, bending over me, examining my forehead like a doctor. She presses her hand on the top of my head I flinch and smack her hand away.

“ Don’t do that Sel,” I mumble grumpily

“ That’s a nice bump you got there love” Zayn steps closer and lowers his head

“ I am so sorry Mia” Miley exclaims, pressing her hand on her chest

I take my iPhone out of my pocket and use the camera app to examine my forehead.

I crease my eyebrows “Fuck” I shout when I see the large lump.

“ Nice mouth she’s got on her eh?” Niall laughs from beside me

“ Nicki is going to kill me, this is definitely going to bruise” I skim my fingers along it gently

“ We can cover it up right?” Miley turns to the group

“ What happened?” I look over to Selena who gestures to Miley

“ Well” Miley begins “ We were dancing and then you fell” She pauses and points “ On him”

I turn my head and see Harry leaning on the back wall with his hands in his pockets

“ Hi, I’m Harry” He stands and walks towards me “ You’re Mia right?” He acts as if we don’t know each other’s names. Sure I haven’t officially met them but we have gone to some award shows together and I see them on every media site, channel, and magazine out there.

“ Yeah, I’m Mia” I reply dully, rubbing my temple.

“ Sorry I fell on you” I drop my hand to my thigh

He chuckles and reveals his dimples, “ It’s quite alright love”

“ I’m sure if he didn’t catch you the outcome would be allot worse,” Liam says while crossing his arms.

“ You could’ve died” Louis jokes; laughter filled with his every word.

“ I think I’m fine, I really want to go home though” I look up at Selena and Miley

“ I told our driver to come get us at 1, its only 12” Selena explains.

“ Our car is here right now,” Niall tells us

“ Yeah we can drive you guys home” Louis’s face turns into a wicked grin.

I look around the room, Miley shrugs “ Eh why not”

My eyes make contact with Harry, he narrows them at me, and I gulp down and blink away. He clears his throat “ We should get going”


“ What happened babe!” Hunter fast walks towards me as we enter the house; I close my eyes as he cups my face to examine the new bump.

“ I just fell that’s all” I flick my wrist, I hear the shuffling behind me coming from One Direction, Selena and Miley entering the house as well.

“ Selena, Justin’s here, he’s on the patio” Hunter looks behind me to talk to her.

He turns his attention back to me “Are you sure you are alright” He says quietly

I nod “Yes I’m fine I promise”

I turn and see the five boys in a straight line

“ I don’t think we’ve met, I’m Hunter” Hunter smiles courteously at them and sticks out his hand.

“ Niall”

“ Louis”

“ Zayn”


When his hand gets to Harry, he seems hesitant to take it.

“ Harry” He speaks firmly

“ Well, it’s an honor to meet the famous One Direction, we’ve defiantly heard lots about you” Hunter wraps his arm around my waist and looks down at me I nod.

“ Thank you for bringing them home” Hunter grins once more

“ You guys are going to come in right?” I ask

“ We should get going it’s late,” Liam pipes up

“ Nonsense, come in for a beer” Hunter gestures them in

“ Eh, why not, not like we have anywhere else to be” Louis removes his shoes and walks in, the rest of the boys follow in slowly.

They follow us out to the patio where we see Selena cuddled up to Justin on a lounge chair and Miley awkwardly third wheeling, talking about cooking.

“ Hey bitches” I gently nudge Justin

“ Mia! I tried texting you earlier” He looks up at me

“ Weird, I never got it”

“ I got to make a call babe” Hunter reaches the patio with the boys and bends over to kiss my head

“ Okay” I say quietly.

“ Sooo Miaaaa” Louis turns to look at me. I shuffle uncomfortably in my seat, the moon glaring down at us, and reflections from the lights in the pool shimmering every face.

“ Yes Louis?” I ask confidently.

“ How long have you and Hunter been together?” He narrows his eyes.

I hear a laugh from behind me that comes from Justin.

“ Shit bro, they’ve been together forever” He answers for me; I wave my hand to dismiss him.

“ We’ve been together for two years, not forever” I glare at Justin.

“ How did you guys meet?” Niall sits up straight

“Well I was in my first recording session, and afterwards I walked out and he was talking to Nicki, apparently the owner of Atlantic Records who Hunter is signed too wanted me as well, so they sent Hunter to talk to my management, Hunter and I just kind of clicked. He helped me deal with fans and the paps” I look down and start to fiddle with my fingers nervously, what’s with the 20 questions…

“ How long have you to been living together” The owner of the question surprises me, Harry asks me sternly. I’m surprised he’s talking since he’s been hostile all night long.

“ About six months” I give him a small smile, in which he ignores and turns away back to his beer.

“ Well this just got awkward lets go for a swim!” Justin stands with Selena in his arms

“ I swear to god Justin if you put me in the pool you are going to be girlfriend-less” She warns him but he doesn’t listen.

He jumps into the pool feet first with a screaming Selena. I see Louis notice Liam is standing right by the edge. He pounces on Liam sending him into the pool with himself after.

“ Come on Nialler!” Zayn runs and follows the others lead, yelling after the last band mate.

He shrugs and removes his shoes before hopping in.

I’m left alone with Harry, who’s burning holes in the back of my head with all his staring.

“ Want to swim?” I ask him, pointing at all them.

He shakes his head, not saying a word.

I bite my lip anxiously, why is he being so rude. He was fine at the club…
Why the change of heart….


Why do you think Harry is acting weird?

Send in your thoughts!

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I can't see an exact date for when this was first published, but I found it here: https://www.quotev.com/story/3818401/Storms/1 posted by someone who has plagiarized some of my work, and I can tell in two sentences that this fic isn't theirs so I suspect it is yours.

Lynse Lynse

I love love love this story.<3❤️❤️

You have to update. This is a great book.

Update please!!

Update soon! Loving it!