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Mia’s P.O.V

“ Wake up, wake up right now”

“Can you hear me, wake your ass up now”

Nicki’s voice echo’s in my head as hands struggle to shake me awake.

I mumble “ mmm what do you want from me” a piercing headache finds its way to my temples as soon as I gain consciousness.

“ You have an interview and then a performance in one hour” She shouts at me angrily.

My eyes shoot open and I sit up all too quickly… I blink twice to stop the room from spinning.

“Wh-Where’s Hunter?”

Her eyes widen “ He probably went to work, now you have twenty minutes to get up and ready” she growls at me.

Shit… she’s not happy. I had a feeling last night that going out was a bad idea.

“ Twenty minutes Mia!” She says before slamming the door behind her.

Shit, shit, shit… I stand out of bed, wrapping the white sheet around me; I stagger into the bathroom and quickly turn on the shower.

I drop the sheet and am in mid stance to step into the shower when my phone rings.

“ Oh my god” I talk to myself frustrated and walk over to the buzzing iPhone.

“Hello?” I snap

“ Wooah babe, bad time?” Hunter speaks cautiously into the other end

“ Hunter, why didn’t you wake me up this morning when you were leaving?” I hiss at him.

“ I didn’t know I was suppose to?” His tone becomes hard

“ You always wake me up, you knew I had an interview! Now Nicki’s mad at me!” I yell at him taking short breaths in between words.

He remains silent, but I can hear the ruffling of him running his hand though his hair.

“ Where are you anyways?” I ask, my tone a bit softer

“ I had a” He pauses “ I had a meeting, with management”

“ When are you going to be home?”

“ I don’t know” He replies dully. He’s mad at me now.

“ Okay well bye”

“ Bye”


Well that was great…

I sigh and toss my phone onto the bathroom counter.

Hurriedly, I race to finish my shower. Afterwards, I blow dry my hair at a rapid pace, it still ends up half dried half wet.

“ Mia, we need to go now” I hear Nicki pound on my door

I rush to put on my clothes (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=82826134)

“ Mia Adelina Aparo if you aren’t out in-“ I quickly open the door and stride out

“ How do I look?” I ask her, patting down my pants.

“ You look good, it’s just a radio interview Mia,” She informs me. I feel stupid for spending so much time on my hair.


“ What radio station are we going to?” I turn to ask Nicki whose pretending to be focused on driving.

“ Kiis FM, you’ve been there before”

“ Sorry I wasn’t up earlier” I look down at my fingers; she’s making me feel like a child.

“ It’s fine, how was your night? I hear One Direction was at the house” her mood turns and worry rises from me.

“ It was good, how did you know they were at the house?” I narrow my eyes.

“ You guys are all over the media Mia” She chuckles

“ I’m never going to get use to that am I” I sit back in my seat

“ You’ll get use to it, when everything you do or say is photographed and on tape, you’ll get use to it”


We arrive outside the station and not to my surprise; fans and paps have swarmed in.

“ Just stay calm and focus on the fans” Nicki says before leaving the car.

I walk down the sidewalk to the entrance, I stop along the way to sign a few autographs.

I kneel down “ Hi, what’s your name sweetie?” I ask a petite girl who hands me a note pad.

“ Malory” Her small voice replies.

“ Malory, that’s a very pretty name,” I say while signing the paper.

“ Are you dating Harry Styles?” She giggles while I hand her back the note pad.

I laugh, “ No hun, I’m not” I give her a quick hug before standing back up.

“ See, you’re so good with the fans” Nicki pats my back as we enter the building, free from flashing lights and screaming people.

I stop, and sit on the bench beside the washrooms.

“ What’s wrong?” She says next to me

“ It’s” I pause, tears threatening to spill over my eyes, I wave my hand in the air “ overwhelming”

She rubs my back soothingly “ They love you, you’ll get use to it all I promise”

“ I’m scared to let them down, all the fans and people that support me, what if I do something wrong?” I turn to her

“ That only makes you human, you’re still human Mia, we all make mistakes once and a while”

I nod

“Now, lets go do the interview before we become late”


“ Here in the studio with us today we have the amazing, the beautiful, the talented, Mia Aparo!!” The radio host screams into the microphone.

“ Hello” I say steadily.

“ So Mia, how does it feel to have rocked the Grammy’s the other night?”

“ It feels amazing, I’m so happy to have the support and amazing crew that helped me win my awards” I take a shallow breath.

Breathe Mia breathe…

“ So do you do what Taylor Swift does? Write songs about ex’s and revenge and such?”

“ I write about whatever inspires me,” I laugh

“ So any plans for a world tour?”

“ Um, It’s definitely a thought, I’d love to tour the world”

“So all over the media today is pictures of you and your friends with a very famous boy band,” He slurs his words

Uh oh
“ Are you close with One Direction?”

“ They’re all really nice guys, we’re all friends” I feel semi satisfied with my answer.

“ They’re actually coming to the studio today as well” He informs me

I gulp down and look up at the host

“ So, we all know you and a certain country singer have been dating for quite some time” he starts

“ Can you explain this picture?” He pulls up a photo of Hunter at Tiffany’s Jewelry.

“ Actually, that was when he bought me my necklace for our 2 year anniversary” I grip the chain that lays around my neck and show the man.


“ Well it’s been a great time chatting with you, Mia Aparo everyone and now enjoy her number one hit on kiis 101.3 ‘Storms’”

My song starts playing and I remove the large headphones.

“ You are amazing, do you think I could get a few autographs and pictures for my daughters?” The host bends over the table to ask me

I nod “ Of course you can”


“ You did great kiddo” Nicki approaches me


“ There’s some people for you in the lobby”


I walk down and there I am again, caught in a green gaze.


;) uh oh

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I'm still on the fence about if I am going to continue this story or not


I can't see an exact date for when this was first published, but I found it here: https://www.quotev.com/story/3818401/Storms/1 posted by someone who has plagiarized some of my work, and I can tell in two sentences that this fic isn't theirs so I suspect it is yours.

Lynse Lynse

I love love love this story.<3❤️❤️

You have to update. This is a great book.

Update please!!

Update soon! Loving it!