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When Will It Stop?

The First Day.

*Adelaide's POV*

I was sleeping most of the way, but I woke up with a huge smile on my face when Alli nudged me awake. I sat up in my seat and looked up to see a huge skyscraper in front of me. "We're here!"
she said with a smile. "I know" I began to get out of the car.
Alli parked the moving truck and then we both walked up to the front desk. We had to wait because there was someone talking to the manager. Soon enough he stepped aside and me and Alli walked up. "Hello, I am Jane Michaels, what can I help you with?" the woman had a perky attitude. I responded "Hi I’m Adelaide and this is Alli, we're moving in to apartment 22 E." "Oh yes, here are your keys to the building, your room, and the pool." She passed the keys to me and I gave them to Alli. We walked out to the moving truck and the curly-haired boy followed us out the door. He tapped us both on the shoulder, I flinched by his touch. We both turned around, and he began to speak. "Hi I'm Harry." He had a thick English accent. "Uhm hi... I'm Adelaide." I spoke uneasy. "I'm Alli." she spoke while opening the back of the truck. I grabbed two boxes and so did she. "Would you like me to help you carry some boxes upstairs?" "No but you can help us open our door." Alli said. We all walked towards the elevators, and Harry hit the button. When the elevator arrived we all got in and he hit the button that had the number 22 etched into it. I decided to break the silence. "So Harry, do you live in this building?" "Yes I do, in fact, I live right down the hall in 22 J." Me and Alli exchanged looks and then she spoke."Is it just you, or do you also have a roomie." We all laughed. "No, it's just me, but I have some of my best mates living throughout the building, one of them lives in 22 A." Our eyes widened and we exchanged more looks. "Okay." we both said. Harry laughed, and then the elevator doors opened. When we stepped out there were 4 rather handsome boys standing there. As me and Alli made our way down to the room. We noticed that harry was exchanging looks with the four boys standing by the elevator. When we reached the door to our room, they all casually walked in the elevator. "Harry can you grab the keys of of my top box?" Alli asked. "Sure thing." Harry grabbed the keys and we all walked into the room. Me and Alli set the boxes down. "Hey Adelaide, why don't you and Harry go downstairs to get more boxes while I start unpacking these ones." Alli tossed me the keys. "Uhm okay." I grabbed the keys and me and Harry headed for the elevators. When we got in I nervously asked "Who were those guys that were there when we got out of the elevator." "Oh them, they were the lads that I said that lived in this building too. Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn." "Oh okay." The rest of the ride was an awkward silence. The elevator doors opened and we went out to the truck, I grabbed two boxes and Harry grabbed one. When we walked back into the elevator he pressed the button to go up. I put down my boxes. One of the boxes made the sleeves of my shirt ride up causing my bruises to show, but I didn't notice. "Adelaide, what happened to your arm?" I pulled down my sleeves and wiped a tear from my face. "Don’t worry about it." The rest of the elevator ride was silent. When we got to our floor, Harry beat me to it and grabbed all the boxes. We didn't have to go back down after that. We walked to the room and I unlocked the door. I walked in with Harry following behind me. Immediately I ran to the sofa and hid my face in a pillow. My eyes were flooding out with tears. I could hear the balcony door open and then it got silent, Alli and Harry must have went out.

*Harry's POV*

I don't know what happened, but whatever it was it made Adelaide burst into tears when we got to the apartment. Before I could say anything, Alli dragged me out to the balcony and shut the door behind us. "What the hell happened?" "Well when we got in the elevator she asked who those guys were and I told her they were the lads that live in this building.. After that she asked if there was something wrong with her, then I said no. After that we went to get more boxes. When we got back into the elevator we sat the boxes down and her sleeves rid up. Then I asked what happened to her arms because they were black and blue. After that she said not to worry about it. Then the rest of the ride was silent. And now I am here telling you what happened." I was out of breath by the time I was done talking. Alli just covered her eyes and began to shake her head. Soon enough she spoke although she still had her eyes covered. She was now sitting down on the patio chairs. "Go, go talk to her." I did as she said. I walked into the living room and sat next to her, she still had her face hidden. I placed my hand on her back, which caused her to look up in confusion... she could tell I wasn't her friend. "Tell me, what happened." She was silent, she shifted into a sitting position. I turned toward her. "I will tell you, eventually." She then walked into her room. After that Alli walked in, "I will be in my room." she said. Then she headed to her room. For awhile I just sat there, just thinking. Then I saw Adelaide’s door open. I don't think she realized that she fell asleep because she looked confused. "I am so sorry that I fell asleep!" I could tell that she was scared of what I was going to say or do. "It's okay, would you like it if I left?" She looked up at me with worry in her eyes. "Would you? I'd like to talk to Alli for a bit." I gave her a smile. I head toward the door look back and ask, "Would you like to go to dinner around 7?" She gave me an uneasy nod, I smiled at her and I left.
When I was walking back to my apartment I saw my mates gathered in front of my room. "Hey, where have ya been?" I got questioned by almost all of them. "Oh, I was just helping the new girls with their boxes." "For an hour?" they all said in unison. "Yes for an hour." "So those two girls live on our floor now?" they all looked at each other and started to walk down the hall, but I jumped in front of them. "Seriously, now is not a good time, they... well she just asked me to leave so they could talk." they all rolled their eyes. "Harry! You're no fun!" Niall joked. "Now if you mind, I have to get ready for a date." I walked into my room and shut the door behind me. But then I heard one of the boys yell into the door, "I call dibs on the other one!" then I heard them go into Louis' room. Then I began to get ready.

*Adelaide's POV*

I can't believe I said I would go to dinner with him. I don't even know him all that well, for all I know he could be exactly like... no don't think about him. This is a new start a new life. I heard Alli walk into the room, she came and sat across from me. "Hey Hayden did Harry leave." "Yeah." I looked around the apartment. "So do you want to go to the movies or something tonight in about an hour or so?" I looked down at my feet. "Actually I have plans." I looked up at her. "Where, with who?!" "With uh, Harry, and dinner." "Ooh fun! Can I help you get ready?!" I gave her a smile, "Sure, why not." "Okay you get in the shower and I’ll pick out your outfit!" I walked into the bathroom, turned the water on, and stepped into the shower. I could hear Alli shuffling through boxes. When I got out of the shower I blow dried my hair and wrapped up in my towel. When I walked out, Alli handed me my outfit, "Go change." I grabbed the outfit and re-entered the bathroom. When I was done I came out to the living room. Then Alli did my makeup and curled my hair. Finally she handed me my jewelry to put on. After I put that on she handed me a pair of boots. Then she brought me in front of the mirror, "I call this... 'Alli's Creation'!" (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=95461710) I smiled at my reflection. Soon after I heard a knock on the door. I ran over to look in the peep hole, but it wasn't Harry. It was the four guys from the elevator. I didn't open the door but decided to watch them while I waited. Soon enough Harry came storming down the hallway I tried to listen closely to hear what he was saying... "What are you doing here?" he seemed angry. "Well you said they were 'busy' earlier so we came now." "Well they are busy now too." I ran over to tell Alli something..."Hey Alli, will you do me a favor?" "Sure what is it?" "If any boy or boys come to the the door DO NOT I repeat DO NOT answer it." "Okay I promise." "And if you happen to leave the apartment don't talk to any either." "Okay I promise, like pinky promise." we shook pinkies then there was another knock on the door. I looked through the peep hole and this time it was Harry. "Bye Alli!!" "Bye Adelaide!"
I open the door and me and Harry walk to the elevators where the four boys were again. I look over to find them looking at us. I ignore them as we get into the elevators. "Sorry about them." "It's okay, but why were they at my door?" "Because... they saw you two earlier and... one of em' said through the doors, I call dibs on the other one." "Oh trust me, they won't be talking to Alli... not as long as I'm gone." "Why do you say that?" I look at Harry with a smirk on my face. "Because... I made her pinky promise not to answer the door to any boys while I'm gone." I try to hold a serious face, but I can’t. After about a second we both burst into laughter. By the time we stopped laughing the elevator doors were opening.

As we walked to the outside of the apartment, there was a big black limousine. The driver opened the door when we walked out. Harry directed me to get in, so I did. He followed me after I got in. The driver shut door after both of our seat belts were fastened.

*Harry's POV*

We got in the car, and I raised my hand to scratch my neck. As I did so Hayden leaned back and guarded her face. "What's wrong?" she peeked through her fingers and sat back up. "I-I thought you were... never mind.” “Adelaide, did you think I was going to hit you?" She turned towards me. "Never, ever, would I hit you. Never." she slightly smiled. "Harry how could you afford this limo?" "You don't know?" she looked at me confused. "Don't know what?" "I am in a world famous boy band, One Direction. And those four boys are my band mates." She looked up at me. "Oh, I knew your name seemed familiar." I smiled at her and leaned in for a hug but she flinched away. "Remember what I told you? I will never hit you. Hayden, why do think I am going to hit you?" she looked down. "Because Harry, my ex-boyfriend use to hit me every day for the past 2 years... that's why me and Alli moved here to LA, to get away from him, and that's why I have all those bruises. He gave them to me. So that's why I'm afraid." By now she was crying so hard that she couldn't breathe. This time I pulled her into a hug. And we just sat there hugging until she stopped the tears. "I won't let anything hurt you anymore." I pulled away from a hug and pulled a makeup wipe from her purse. I gently wiped under her eyes so it didn't look like she was crying. By the time I was done, the limo came to a halt and the driver opened the door. I was the first one to get out and then she followed. We walked into the restaurant. "Reservation for Styles? R right this way." the hostess said as we walked in. She sat us in a booth in a corner of the restaurant. She obviously knew the term privacy. Hayden was looking at the menu and then she just looked angry. "What's wrong." she let out a big huff. "I left my purse in the car and it has all my money in it." "Your purse will be waiting for you when you get back. I will pay for your meal." She smiled. Soon after we ordered our meals... she got salad while I got pasta. After the meal, I pay the check and we leave. On the way home we sat in silence. When we pulled up to the building the driver opened the door, Adelaide got out... then me. We entered the building then got into the elevator. "Adelaide do you think Alli is talking to the boys?" "She better not be... she pinky promised!" "Okay, I was just wondering..." the rest of the ride was silence... until we reached the 18th door and the elevator shook, she then jumped. I walked her to the door. She gently knocked on the door... soon after Alli opened the door."Hey Adelaide!" she gave me a quick hug and went inside. Soon after all the boys came out of Niall's room and were coming my way. I walked to my room and went inside before they could catch me. Soon after... I washed up and went to bed.

*Adelaide's POV*

When I got inside I went to take all of my make up off and get my pajamas on. After that I met Alli in the living room. "Hey Alli I'm exhausted... lets go to bed." "Okay." We walked in our rooms.I sat in bed thinking for a while. My first day in LA wasn't so bad after all...



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