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When Will It Stop?

People Are People.

*Adelaide's POV*

I woke up to the smell of a fresh pot of coffee. I poked my head out of the room to see what was going on. "Good-morning!" Alli seemed to yell. I jumped at her response because I was not aware that she was awake. "I'm going to get in the shower and then I’ll come out and join you." I walked towards the boxes to find something to wear. "I'll be waiting!" I giggled a tad and continued to rummage through the boxes. I finally pulled out a pair of light wash skinny jeans, sweater, and a black camisole tank top. I then turned on the water in the shower and got in. When I got out, I put my outfit on, then makeup, put my hair in a pony tail, jewelry, then shoes. When I stepped out of the bathroom I heard a knock on the door. Me and Alli looked at each other immediately. "I'll get it!" I walked over to the door and looked through the peep hole. It was those boys again. I decided to open it because they would keep coming back if I didn't. I opened the door and they all stopped talking... "Can I help you?" "Can we come in?" one of them blurted out. "Uhm... no I don't know you and I'm busy." I began to shut the door but one of them stopped me with their foot. I froze. "Then can you come out?" I looked at him in question. "No, now go away." I began to shut the door again but another one of them put their foot out. "What if we don't want to." They moved their foot out of the way and I shut the door quick, before they could stop me. "Who was that?" "It was those boys from the elevator yesterday..." "Oh, what did they want?" "They wanted to come inside." "Oh. I'm guessing you said no?" "Of course we don't know them." "Yeah you're right." We both sat down at the table and began to sip on the coffee. Soon another knock was at the door, this time I swung open the door without looking... "What the hell, leave me alone!" I looked up to find Harry and one of the boys, it was the blonde one. "Sorry. But what did I ever do to you?" "Oh uh, I thought it was going to be someone else." I felt so embarrassed. "Who did you think it was going to be?" "Well, I thought it was going to be one of your friends which I see you brought one of them with you..." "Uh yeah, I did. This is Niall. He came to apologize..." We both looked at Niall. "I'm sorry for being uncalled for a few minutes ago, can I start over?" "Of course, but you shouldn't be apologizing when you weren't the one being rude." Harry looked at him in confusion. "Well can we come in?" I nodded at Harry in approval. "Oh and by the way I'm Adelaide." We walked in the door and we all sat down at the coffee table with Alli. "Hi Harry, hi boy I've never met!" She stuck her hand out and he shook it. "I'm Niall." "I'm Alli." We all sat down and chatted for a while then Niall whispered something in Alli's ear. "Sure!" she blurted out causing us all to laugh. They both stood up "Me and Niall are going to lunch wanna come?" before I could respond Harry piped in. "No you two go ahead, we'll stay here." Alli looked over to me. "I guess we're staying." They nodded and then we walked them to the elevator the other three boys were standing outside of 22B... they looked mad. After Niall and Alli got in the elevator me and Harry walked back to my room. But then one of them whispered something to him.

*Harry's POV*

When we got back inside we sat on the sofa. We sat there in silence for a bit but then I broke the silence... "So. What do you want to do?" she looked up at me "I want to know more about you." "Well I was born in Holmes Chapel, UK... uh born February 1st, I'm 21... you already know i'm in One Direction..." "Ok" "Wanna watch a movie?" "Sure! What do you wanna watch?" "What's your favorite?" "Well personally I like the Notebook... but." "Ok let's watch it." she got up to go grab it out of one of her boxes, she popped in the DVD player, then she went to the closet and got a huge down comforter and two pillows. "Get up." she motioned me to get up, so I did and stepped to the side. She plopped the two pillows down, one on each side. She crawled under the comforter. I did the same. She picked up the remote and played the movie. I began to pull her closer to me. I smiled inside of my head when she didn't flinch. Soon she powered off the movie and folded the bed up. Then she walked to her room and climbed into bed. She motioned me that it was okay for me to come in. She grabbed her phone off of the charger and was typing something. She handed me the phone, there was a blinking cursor on the section that said phone number on the contact that read: Harry :). I typed in my number and handed it back to her. We then went back into the living room and watched some more television.



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