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Chapter 7 – Fighting

Chapter 7 – Fighting

I woke up to someone banging on the bedroom door, “Flower you got an hour before we go out. So get your lazy arse up!” I heard Harry shout. I shouted back that I heard him which made Louis groan. He opened his eyes, “so you got an hour,” he smirked. I shake my head, “yep and I want ten more minutes,” I tell him. I closed my eyes as Louis ran his hand down my back. He rolled on to his side to face me as he moved my head to his arm. He kissed my forehead, “please Lou,” I begged. I heard Louis chuckle, “not nice is it,” he tells me. I smiled as he started to draw circles on my stomach with his finger. I kissed his neck, “what are you up to?” I asked as I looked at him. He smiled at me, “just thinking that I still need to give back,” he replied.

“No you don’t,” I smiled. Louis started kissing my neck to the top of my chest. His hand runs over the top of my knickers between my thighs. He started rubbing me threw my knickers, “remember don’t be loud,” he smiled. I bit my lip as I smiled a little, “lay on your back babe,” he tells me. I rolled onto my back as he got harder rubbing me. Louis started to kiss my neck again as one of his fingers ran under my knickers threw my slit. I held back a moan as his finger slowly played with my button. I covered my mouth with my hand to stop me from making any noise. Louis moved his arm from behind me, so he could pull my knickers down to my knees. He started to kiss down my chest to my belly button as he moved my knickers to my feet. I moved my legs out of them and Louis threw them on the floor. He hovered over me as his fingers played with my button, “babe can I put a finger in again?” Louis questioned. I nodded my head, “what about two?” he wondered. I bit my bottom lip, “I’ll go slowly,” he promised.

“Ok,” I whispered. Louis slowly puts two of his fingers into me. It started to hurt as he stretched me, “babe you alright?” Louis asked me. I gave him a small nod, but he takes his fingers out of me. He kissed my nose, “I think we should try that for another time,” he tells me. I smiled as he kissed me, “do you want to keep going?” he questioned on my lips. I kissed him, “please. I'm half way there,” I tell him. Louis kissed me again as he started rubbing my button. He got faster and harder after a little bit. Louis moved from my lips down to one of my nipples. He started sucking on it and a moan escaped my lips. I felt Louis smirked as he continued sucking my nipple. I brought the pillow up to cover my face as I kept moaning. I bit the pillow as I came to stop me from screaming out. I let the pillow go as I came down from my high. Louis kissed me, “that was fun, but now I think we need another shower,” he smirked. I smiled, “I’ll like that, but you are pushing it,” I tell him. Louis kissed me quickly, “remember bad boy,” he says as he sat up. I watched him as he got out of the bed, “I’ll cheek were everyone is while you get into the shower. Then I’ll join you,” he tells me as he put his jeans on. He kissed me before leaving the room. I get up out of bed and put my knickers back with Louis t-shirt. I grabbed our towels from early today before going to the bathroom.


Louis never showed up in the shower so I got out and got dressed. I put on my jeans and my black t-shirt back on. I brushed my hair and put it up in a ponytail since it was a bit warm today. I put on my flip-flops and grabbed my phone before heading down stairs. As I was walking down the stairs I noticed everyone was outside, “what you doing?” Niall says as he grabbed me at the bottom of the stairs. I screamed, “wow someone got some lungs,” Niall laughed. I turned around and hit him in the arm, “don’t scare me like that,” I tell him. Niall hugged me, “I’m sorry that you scare easy,” he smiled. I pushed him away, “don’t be like that princess,” he added. I turned around to see Harry and Louis standing at the door with smiles on their faces. I shake my head, “thanks for saving me boys,” I sarcastically say. Both Harry and Louis hold out there packet of smokes, “who you going to choose? Because they both get their feelings hurt,” Niall whispered. I turned around to Niall, “you,” I replied. Niall smiled as he got one out and handed it to me. I turned around to see Louis and Harry disappointed. I walked passed them to get outside to the others. They were sitting down on the outdoor lounge. Zayn handed me his lighter, “your hair not curly anymore,” Liam noticed.

“I brushed it,” I tell him. I lit up my smoke and gave Zayn back his lighter. Niall came outside as Louis hit him with his shoulder. I looked at Louis and he just smiled at me, “Lil your man hurt me,” Niall pouted as he stood next to me. I put my arm around him, “it ok. He just being a dick,” I cooed. Niall put his head on my shoulder as Harry and Louis came closer. I noticed Louis glaring at Niall and I, “Ni how can you even be next to the person that dared you to kiss Liam?” Louis asked. I knew he was up to something, “I forgive her and we made her do stuff to Perrie too,” Niall tells him. I smiled, “sounds like you all had fun playing truth or dare,” Harry says. Liam smiled, “yep. Lil gave Perrie a lap dance. Then Perrie kissed her again. We also found out that Zayn wet dream is Lil and Perrie fucking,” Liam tells him. Harry raised an eyebrow at Zayn, “what I am a man,” Zayn smiled. Harry shakes his head, “is there anything else I should know about last night?” Harry wondered. Louis smirked which made me think he was thinking about what we did last night, “Perrie licked Lil chest. Um Lil wanted to know how big my dick is. Louis stripped and Zayn climbed a tree naked,” Niall tells him. I hit Niall in the back of the head, “ow. What? You did,” he smiled. Harry looked at me, “do I have to keep Niall away from you?” Harry smiled. I shake my head no, “yes,” Louis says. He pulled Niall from me to Harry, “jealously don’t look good on you Lou,” Zayn laughed. Louis sticks up his middle finger at him, “who said I wanted you?” I questioned. Louis wrapped his arms around me as he rested his head on my shoulder. I didn’t move as I finished my smoke and put it out, “you got ten minutes until we leave Flower,” Harry tells me as he ran inside. Niall and Liam followed him, “we should leave too,” Zayn tells Perrie. She didn’t want to move, so Zayn picked her up and carried her inside. Louis kissed my cheek and I still didn’t move, “I’m sorry I didn’t join you in the shower. I got trapped and couldn’t get away,” he apologized.

“I thought that, but that not it,” I tell him as I looked at him. Louis moved his face in closer to mine, “then what is it?” he wondered. I put my hand on his neck, “you need to stop getting jealous, because it starting to feel like you don’t trust me,” I admitted.

“I do trust you, but I,” he started. I moved away from him, “are you saying that you don’t trust the boys with me? There your friends Louis and we are all meant to be friends,” I interrupted. Louis sighed, “I know that,” Louis snapped. I shake my head, “you sure,” I whispered. Louis ran his hand threw his hair, “I don’t want to get into another argument, so I’m going to walk away right now,” Louis tells me. Louis quickly kissed me, “run away again,” I mumbled. He walked inside leaving me outside by myself. Perrie came out not long after Louis left, “is everything alright?” she questioned as he stood next to me. I shrugged my shoulders, “Louis can be hard headed sometimes, but Zayn tells me it because something happened to him,” she tells me. I gave her a small nod, “you ready to go Flower?” Harry asked as he came out. I knew ten minutes was not up, but he must of saw Louis.

Harry and I went to the same café as yesterday. He sat across from me, “so where do you want to start?” I asked him. Harry leaned on the table, “were did you go after you left us?” he questioned. I started to play with my fingers, “the other side of London. My dad got a new job,” I tell him. It felt awkward talking to Harry for some reason, “so why don’t you tell me what happened in those six years?” he suggested. I gave him a small nod, “I started a new school were no one knew me. I always had my nose in a book, so I didn’t make friends. Secondary school was not much different, but I did make a friend. I also joined the football team and I only talked to them at training and matches,” I tell him.

“What about your home life?” he wondered. I sighed, “Dad worked a lot, so he was not home much. Then he died from a stroke at work. My mother hasn’t changed much, but I found out this week she is seeing some guy,” I replied. The waitress from yesterday come over, “already cheating on your boyfriend,” she snapped. I smiled at her, “this is my brother,” I rudely tell her. She rolled her eyes at me, “can we just get two cokes and a bowl if nachos,” Harry ordered. She wrote it down before leaving, “now where were we. Have you met you mother’s boyfriend yet?” Harry asked.

“Nope. He was coming around Monday, but I went to Louis party instead,” I replied. Harry looked down, “why have you changed since starting at Eden?” Harry questioned. I bit my bottom lip, “because I feel safe there with you and I just don’t want to miss out anymore,” I confessed. He smiled, but it faded, “you weren’t safe at your other school?” he asked. I shake my head no, “why?” he added. I started to feel uncomfortable and Harry noticed, so he moved to sit next to me. I rubbed the back of my neck as another waitress brought us our drinks. Harry grabbed my hand, “what happened?” he questioned when the waitress left. I shake my head, “you can tell me,” he says. I really wanted to run away from Harry right now, “did someone hurt you Flower?” Harry asked. I gave him a small nod, “how?” he questioned. I know Louis told me to tell him, but I can’t right here. I squeezed his hand, “can we talk about it later when it just us two?” I asked him. Harry gave me a small nod, “now tell me about you,” I smiled.

“Were do I start?” he sighed. I looked over him, “well after you left Marcel and I were devastated. It felt like we lost our sister and we didn’t know why. We kept going to school hoping you would turn up, but you never did. We started blaming mum for it, because she was your dad friend. But I think mum was blaming herself too since the house was never the same. I caught her crying one night not long after you guys left. I thought it was because of Marcel and I, but I really thinking she was crying over you guys,” he began. I felt tears in my eyes, “but we found out when we were fourteen that dad and mum had a daughter before Marcel and I. she was kept a secret since mum and dad weren’t married. She lived with my aunt on my dad side of the family,” Harry confessed. I noticed Harry had tears in his eyes too, “why was she kept a secret?” I wondered. Harry sighed, “it was four years before we were born and mum and dad been together for about six months, before she got pregnant. Dad just started his job at the office and apparently didn’t need something like this,” he tells me.

“What her name?” I asked. Harry smiled, “Gemma she twenty one in December and she goes to Uni. She so much fun to be around and she smart like you. I'm not saying we replaced you, because no one could ever replace you. We have known each other since we were born and nothing can ever change that. You still got more years then Gemma has and now we got another chance to have more. But Gem did help us move on a little even when we didn’t want to,” Harry says. I played with Harry fingers, “I understand Harry. We thought we would never see each other again, so we had to move on. I never wanted leave, but we did,” I tell him. Harry wiped his eyes as the waitress brought us our nachos. Harry started eating, “so what happened to Marcel?” I wondered. Harry swallowed the food in his mouth as I started eating, “in third form we just turned fourteen. Marcel won an award at school for high achiever. Now the dicks in the school didn’t like it and started picking on him. It was just name calling at first, but Marcel said something back one day. That when it happened and he ended up in hospital because of it. When I found out who did it which was easy since they were telling everyone. I went up against them and we all ended up in hospital as well, but I still won. I felt confused, because I was happy I got them for what they did to Marcel. But I was them in the end. I was fighting with everyone that looked at Marcel,” he tells me. Harry stoped so he could have a drink, but it looked like he was thinking about something. I put my hand on his shoulder, “you were scared for him,” I reassured him.

“I was, but I was just as bad as the people I hit,” he admitted. I could see that he hated who he became, “the police got called when I got out of control. They gave me the option to go to Eden, so I could be controlled. I took it, because I still wanted to be there for mum and Marcel. It would break mum heart it she saw me behind bars. However the fighting didn’t stop when I started at Eden. I had to prove myself that I could stand up for myself instead being a push over. That when I met Louis and we became best friends. Then Zayn showed up one day and tried to prove himself against Louis and I, but we told him he didn’t have to. So he became friends with us, because he didn’t want to fight anyone. Niall turned up from Ireland with a bad attitude and hated everyone. I found him one day playing his guitar in the music room. When he noticed me he was not happy he was trying to hit me, but I told him that it was ok. Then we talked for the rest of the day and he joined our circle of friends,” Harry explained. I stopped him, “why dose Niall hate people?” I wondered.

“Just something happened in Ireland and we don’t bring it up,” Harry strictly tells me. I gave him a small nod, “what about Liam?” I asked trying to get back to what he was talking about. Harry smiled, “when Liam started at Eden he was a polite and nice to everyone. Which made it hard to believe he was in the same category as me. Not long after he started he got into about three fights and that all because he was sticking up for Niall. Liam and Niall started about the same time and Niall was still not talking to anyone at that point. So when I befriended Niall I asked Liam if he like to hang out with us too,” Harry tells me. I smiled, “so that why Niall and Liam are close, because Liam protected him,” I say.

“We protect each other. Were all there because we did something bad, but for all the right reasons,” Harry tells me. I squeezed Harry hand, “then when Perrie came along everyone picked on her, because she was a bit bigger back then. It broke my heart to see what she went through every day and she wouldn’t come anywhere near me or the others. Then I noticed that she started to lose weight and I started to get worried. I started to think she was starving herself, because what people told her. Then one day Amy was picking on her and Perrie couldn’t get away since Amy had a hold on her hair. I was with Zayn when we saw what was going on. Then Zayn snapped and he pushed Amy off of her. Zayn has never laid his hands on a girl before, but he had enough of what going on,” he started. So Perrie knows what it feels like when the world against you, “I knew Zayn liked her before all of this happened since they had drama together. He always thought she was beautiful even when she was bigger. It took him awhile to convince her that she was beautiful and to stay with us,” he continued. I put my head on Harry shoulder, “then I came along and ruined it all,” I laughed. Harry laughed a little bit, “nah you improved it,” he smiled.

We ate as we talked about football, “your school never won,” Harry laughed. I laughed with him, “our goalkeepers were crap,” I tell him. Harry shakes his head, “we always made the semi-finals, but another school would always say something about us and we would be kicked out,” Harry tells me. I raised my eyebrows, “that wrong,” I say. Harry agreed with me, “but this year they must have proof,” he smiled. I smiled back at him, “how good is the girls team?” I wondered. Harry played with his lip with his fingers, “just as good as us, but the captain graduated last year with the vice-captain,” he tells me. He looked down, “so I don’t know what going to happen to the team this year,” he admitted. I looked around and noticed the waitress that liked Louis glaring at me. I smiled at her, “well I’ll go pay and we can get going,” he added. We get up and I walked over to the car as Harry paid. I looked at my phone and I had a message from Louis:

Louis Tomlinson
Hey I’m sorry. I’m always saying sorry to you so it going to lose it meaning. Anyway can we talk when you get back please? Xoxo

I sighed as I messaged him back:

Ok xoxo

When I sent it Harry came over, “wanna get some ice cream?” he wondered. I nodded my head, so I could have more time to think about how I’m going to talk to Louis. Harry smiled at me, “good, because I know a great place,” he tells me as we got into the car.

We stopped at a park and went to an ice cream truck, “two bananas please,” Harry tells the man. I looked at him, “I remember you like bananas just like me,” he smiled. I smiled back, “or is that something else that changed?’ Harry questioned. I laughed as I shake my head no. Then the man handed Harry two ice cream cones after Harry gave him the money. Harry handed me one, “do you know I still got that elephant that you used to carry around? You called him Charlie,” Harry tells me as we walked away. I was shocked that Harry still knew it name and that I never lost it when I left, “why do you still have it?” I wondered. He smiled, “I used to take it so you had to come back and get it. He sits on the book shelf at home next to you picture,” he admitted.

“You have a picture of me on display?” I questioned. Harry nodded, “well it all three of us covered in mud,” he smiled. We sat down on a park bench, “I remember that. Your mum told us not to go outside since it was raining, but we did. You were also getting your backyard done up, so there was dirt everywhere,” I remembered. Harry stated laughing a little bit, “and it was Marcel idea too. We got into a lot of trouble for that since mum didn’t believe us it was his idea,” Harry laughed. I laughed with him, “we were always the trouble makers,” he added.

We sat there after we finished our ice creams, “can you please tell me what happened to you at school?” Harry asked. I knew he was going to ask again since there was no one really around, “there was this guy in fourth form. I just turned fifteen. He got me after school in an empty classroom. He punched and kicked me until I couldn’t fight back anymore,” I started. I felt a lump in my throat as the memories came back. Harry pulled me to him, “he then started touching me saying that I wanted it. Then a teacher stopped it before he could um,” I continued. Harry stopped me, “where is this fuckhead?” Harry gritted threw his teeth. I shrugged my shoulders, “he never came back,” I cried. Harry wiped away my tears, “you’re safe now,” he cooed.

We sat there for a while not moving as I stopped crying into Harry. I knew he was deep in thought about what I told him, “you know I knew there was something going on between you and Louis,” Harry says. I knew he was trying to change the mood around us, so we could be normal again. I looked at him, “how?” I wondered. He smiled at me, “Lou wouldn’t just run around for any girl,” he tells me. I moved back a little bit, “Harry does Louis have trust issues?” I asked. It been on my mind for a while since Louis keeps getting jealous. Harry sighed, “yeah he does, but it not my place to tell you. All I’m going to say is that years ago he had his heart broken,” he tells me. I gave him a small nod, “we all got our secrets,” he added.

“I know about Louis and his mum, because he told me what he told you this morning,” I tell Harry. He looked a bit shocked, “you know that would have been very hard for him. He normally pushes people away,” Harry says. I smiled a little, “I know and he tried, but I made him tell me,” I say. Harry hugged me, “I really do think you might be good for him,” he admitted. I smiled bigger, “you know I think you all are going to change me from my boring life into an exciting one,” I tell him. Harry started laughing, “that true. There is never a dull moment with us, but you better keep your studies up tho or no more Louis,” Harry smiled. I kissed his cheek, “I promise,” I say.

We got back at the cabin about two thirty and I noticed Perrie hanging out the washing. I went over to her and started to help her, “hey. How was lunch?” she asked me. I smiled at her, “good, so what did you guys do when we were gone?” I asked back. I noticed my clothes on the line, “Zayn and I went on a walk as the boys played video games. Then when we got back I started the washing and this is the last load,” she tells me. I hugged her tight, “is everything alright Lil?” she wondered as she hugged me back. I kissed her cheek, “you are the most beautiful girl I have ever met. Inside and out,” I tell her. Perrie hides her face in the crook of my neck, “I’m guessing Harry told you about me,” she mumbled. I nodded as I rubbed her back, “those boys care a lot about you,” I say. I felt her crying, “now no more tears, because the past is in the past,” I cooed. She looked at me and I wiped her tears away, “no one is going to hurt you,” I added. She kissed my cheek, “go cuddle with Zayn and I’ll finish hanging the washing up,” I tell her. She kissed my cheek again before running inside.

After I finished hanging out the washing I started to head back to the cabin. I noticed Louis standing at the front door watching me as I came closer to him. I noticed that he already had two black eyes from his nose. I also noticed that he hasn’t changed since I left. He pointed over to the outdoor lounge. I nodded as I put the laundry basket down before we walked over there. We sat down at separate ends of the lounge, “I’m sorry about before,” I apologized. Louis looked down, “you have nothing to be sorry about. You were right,” he tells me. I grabbed his hand, “I do trust you and the others, but I have this voice in my head telling me that it not,” Louis confessed. I ran my thumb over his knuckles, “I wish I didn’t, but truth be told I have been betrayed too many time,” he added. I moved in closer to him, “Louis I know what I’m about to say might mean nothing to you, but I never cheat on you. I’m yours for this thing we are doing,” I promised him. Louis smiled a little, “when you say it I believe it, but I still go that voice in my head. I’m sorry I’m a jerk,” he tells me. I smiled a little, “we all got our own problems and you’re not a jerk,” I reassured him. Louis pulled me to him, so I laid across his chest, “you are amazing,” he says as he kissed the top of my head. I wrapped my arms around him, “no you are,” I tell him. He laughed a little bit, “only to you,” he whispered. I looked at him, “that because your my superhero,” I smiled. Louis kissed me lightly, “well your superhero was wondering if you like to stay at mine tonight? Since we are not getting back until late,” he asked. I knew he asked me so I didn’t have to go home to my mother, “I’ll like that,” I replied. He kissed me again, “but what about my school stuff?’ I questioned. Louis ran his fingers up my arm, “we don’t go tomorrow,” he smiled. I raised an eyebrow at him, “we will pick it up in the morning,” he tells me. I kissed him, “good, because I got to keep my studies up or Harry will stop me seeing you,” I warned him

“Well then you’re never missing a day then,” he says. I started laughing, “you better be there too,” I say. He hugged me tight, “for you I will,” he tells me. Harry came out, “do you two want a cuppa?’ he asked us. I tried to move away from Louis, but he kept me there, “yeah,” Louis replied. Harry smiled at us, “Flower this is all right,” he tells me as he pointed to Louis and I.

“But this is not,” Louis smirked as he kissed me. I shake my head, “pushing it Lou. I can still change my mind,” Harry warned him. Louis smiled at him, “sorry,” he apologized. Harry walked back inside, “you know you are pushing it with him,” I tell Louis. He smiled as he kissed me, “I thought you like being difficult,” he says. I poke his chest, “only to you,” I smiled. I kissed him before I got up off him, “where are you going?” he pouted. I lean over him as I put my hands on his thighs, “to get my cuppa,” I replied. Louis kissed my nose, “and you also said we could spend time with the others today,” I added. I looked over Louis face before kissing his nose lightly, “why is one of us always hurt?” he questioned. I placed my hands on his neck as I kissed his forehead, “it only been a week, so give it time,” I tell him. Louis grabbed my thighs and pulled me to him, so I straddled his lap. I wrapped my arms around his neck, “is everything alright babe?” he wondered.

“Yeah,” I say. Louis kissed me, “now who lying,” he tells me. He was right, but it was only because what Harry and I talked about today. I hate how it still affects me, “I’ll be fine,” I tell him. Louis pulled me closer to him, “do you want to talk about it?” he asked. I shake my head as I placed it under his chin. Louis slowly rubbed my back, “did you tell Harry what happened to you at school?’ he questioned. I slowly nodded my head, “did you tell him more then you told me?” he wondered. I started to feel uneasy, “yep,” I whispered. Louis kissed the top of my head as he hugged me tight, “um he bashed me up before he um,” I started. Louis stopped me, “I know what comes next,” he tells me. I looked at him and he was staring off into the distance, “you’re going to be safe from now on. I won’t let anyone hurt you again,” he promised as he looked at me. I kissed him, “cuppa ready,” I heard Liam say. Louis and I looked at him as he stands at the front door, “please Lil put you clothes on and get off of Lou!” Liam shouted. I get up and walked over to Liam. I punched him in the arm and I think I hurt myself more than him, “Lou she needs to learn how to punch,” Liam laughed. Louis comes up behind me, “I know maybe we could teach her later?” Louis suggested. Liam nodded, “she can go up against Niall. He should be easy for her,” Liam smiled.

Louis and Liam went to the kitchen as I went to the lounge room. I sat down on the lounge in the corner again and noticed Harry was not there. Zayn and Niall were playing a game while Perrie watched them. Louis brought in my cup of tea, “here you go babe,” Louis says as he put it down on the shelf behind me with his. He comes and sits next to me, “I play winner,” Louis tells them. Not long after he said that Niall won and Zayn handed him the controller. I watched them play FIFA, “Lil can you distracted Lou for me,” Niall begged. I looked at Louis and he was so into the game. Harry was nowhere to be seen, so I ran my hand up Louis thigh slowly, “babe if you know what good for you. You’ll will stop,” Louis tells me. I stopped, “don’t stop,” Niall says. I looked at Niall, “I bet you want me to touch you,” I teased and I squeezed Louis thigh. Niall looked away from the game, “you need to stop teasing me,” Niall tells me. As Niall looked at me Louis scored a goal, “that not fair. Your girl was distracting me,” Niall whined. Zayn and Perrie laughed, “I know,” Louis smiled. They started playing again, “Niall,” I say. He ignored me, “Niall,” I said a bit louder. He still ignored me, “Niall!” I yelled. He still didn’t move or respond. I found a tea towel behind me, “Niall I’m topless,” I say as I threw the tea towel at him. Niall looked at me as Louis scored another goal, “you’re a bitch,” Niall spat.

“Language Ni,” Louis tells him. I could see Niall didn’t like to lose, “game over,” Zayn says as time was up. Niall threw the controller next to him, “that not fair,” Niall pouted. He crossed his arms, “I’m sorry,” I say. Niall looked at me, “too late now,” he tells me. I hugged him, “Lou made me,” I tell him. Niall started to laugh, “I did not,” Louis says. Louis pulled me off of Niall, “for lying you need to be punished,” he added. I started to wiggle out of his grip, “but you won,” I tell him. Louis smirked, “I know, but you lied,” he says. I get out of his grip and get off the lounge, “get back here,” Louis smiled. I shake my head, “never,” I say. When I was about to run Niall grabbed me, “get her Lou,” Niall smiled. Louis started tickling me, “please stop,” I giggled. I dropped to the floor as Niall still had a hold of me. Perrie pushed Louis on to the lounge and then grabbed me from Niall. We ran into the kitchen to see Harry and Liam talking, “Liam, Harry grab the girls!” Zayn shouted. We looked at them, “what going on?” Liam questioned. We didn’t answer him as we ran out of the kitchen into the hallway. Zayn was at the other end, “we got you now,” he smiled. Perrie pushed me into the laundry, “out the window,” she whispered. We jumped out of the window and ran to the side of the cabin. We heard the boys come out, “were did they go?” I heard Harry say. Perrie and I tried not to laugh out loud.

After a little bit we heard the boys walk away into the forest, “let’s go back inside,” I tell Perrie. Before we went back inside we checked if all the boys were gone, but Harry was still at the front door. He was on the phone, “yes I’m still going Marcel,” I heard him say. Perrie and I slowly walked up to him, “we have to go. We missed last time,” Harry continued. He noticed us and looked shocked, “hang on,” he tells Marcel. I smiled at him, “the others think you gone,” he smiled. He handed me his phone, “you wanna talk to Marcel?” he questioned. I take his phone, “hey Marcel,” I say. I heard nothing, “hello?” I questioned. Then I heard movement, “Flower?” he wondered. He sounded really shocked, “yep,” I tell him. He didn’t say anything, “you still there?” I asked.

“Yeah. I just can’t believe it you. I know Harry told me that you go to Eden, but I thought he was playing a prank on me,” he tells me. I smiled, “I really do go to Eden now,” I tell him. Harry smiled at me, “so your dad is really dead then?” he asked. I nodded my head, but realized that he can’t see me, “yeah,” I say.

“I'm so sorry Flower,” he says. I felt awkward, “I’m alright now. So how have you been?” I asked. I was changing the subject, because I didn’t want to talk about my dad. Harry noticed, “I’ve been good. Harry and I going to see dad tonight for dinner, so I was reminding him that he got to leave early,” Marcel replied. I looked at Harry, “how your mum?” I asked. I really did miss Anne, “she going great. She owns dad business now,” he tells me. I was shocked to hear that since there dad didn’t want to give it over to her, “that good to hear,” I say. I noticed Harry was holding his hand out for his phone, “good to hear from you Marcel, but I have to go since Harry wants his phone back,” I tell him. I heard Marcel sigh, “Ok bye Flower and you should come around this week. Mum and I love to see you,” he tells me. I smiled, “I will,” I say. I handed Harry back his phone, “let go inside and drink our cuppa,” Perrie tells me.

We sat down on the lounge, “so how long do you think it take the boys to come back?” I asked her. She smiled at me, “why you miss Lou already?” she teased. I smiled back, “aww that cute. You do really miss him,” Perrie added. I felt my cheeks go red a little, “no I don’t,” I say. She started laughing at me, “it ok if you do. I miss Zayn, but I like spending time with you,” she smiled. I hugged her, “same,” I say. Perrie hugged me back, “how long do you think it going to take the boys?” I asked her. She smiled, “I think ten minutes,” she replied. I laughed a little, “I think an hour,” I tell her. We grabbed our cups of tea, “so how was last night?” Perrie asked me. I bit my lip, “fun,” I replied. She raised an eyebrow at me, “fun?” she questioned. Harry came in, “I’m going to pack,” he tells us. We gave him a nod, “so you girls can talk,” he added before leaving.

“So what did you two do?” she wondered. I smiled, “we drank some more. Than Louis gave me the birds and bees talk,” I started. Perrie started laughing, “why did he give you the birds and bees talk?” she asked. I laughed a little bit, “because I made a joke that he wanted to have his way with me. Then I asked him if he would take my virginity and then he gave me the talk,” I replied. Perrie looks at me, “were you going to?” she wondered. I shrugged my shoulders, “truth be told. I really don’t know, but Louis said no anyway,” I tell her. Perrie smiled at me, “he such a gentleman,” she say. I smiled back, “we played our own truth or dare. I also found out that you and Zayn play a game when you sometimes watch porn,” I tell her. I saw Perrie blush, “I always lose. As soon as I see Zayn hard I have to jump him,” she admitted.

“I only lasted ten minutes,” I tell her. She looked shocked at me, “you watched porn?” she questioned. I nodded my head, “was it hard core?” she asked. I shake my head no, “he downloaded some romantic slash female friendly ones,” I tell her. She smiled at me, “were turning you,” she says. I laughed a little bit, “we also went skinny dipping,” I smiled. She started laughing, “at least now when we play I never you can drink some more, but I do have a question. What did you and Louis do in the bathroom yesterday since he saw you naked?” she wondered. I blushed, “um we played and had a shower together,” I tell her. She was thinking, “played with each other?” she questioned. I shake my head no, “we played with ourselves. We played with each other for the first time last night,” I admitted. Perrie looked over me, “was that because you two were drunk?” she asked.

“Kind of, but I wanted it tho. Louis and I talked about it today before we went back to sleep. I don’t regret it,” I tell her. I know she was trying to work out to see if Louis pushed me into it, “so you really alright with it?” she wondered. I smiled as I nodded my head, “I knew Louis and I are moving a bit fast, but I don’t think we going to try anything else for a while,” I tell her. Perrie bit her lip, “maybe you two need to stop spending so much time together,” she tells me. I frown at her as I put my cup of tea back down, “why?” I questioned. Perrie grabbed my hand, “because I think that you think that you got to do all of this for him, because he done it all,” she says. I pull my hand away from her, “I don’t think that,” I snapped. Perrie looked shocked at me, “you sound like Harry this morning when he thought I was easy. It also sounds like you blaming Louis and when he the one that stops everything,” I argued. Perrie shakes her head at me, “you told me on Friday that you dry humped for the first time. It Sunday now and you both played with each other. Lilly you’re becoming easy,” she spat. I get up off the lounge, “fine then I’m easy. Is that what you want to hear? I’m a big fat slut!” I shouted. Perrie shakes her head, “that not what I was saying,” she snapped. I sighed, “but it is tho,” I say before I left.

I sat near the lake on a long deck chairs looking at the lake. I was thinking if I was doing all of this so Louis doesn’t get bored with me. I pulled my knees up to my chest, “there you are babe,” I heard Louis say. I looked at him as he was coming over to me. I noticed Liam, Niall and Zayn go into the cabin. I gave him a small smile, “where did you go?” he wondered. He stood next to me, “we jumped out of the window and hid,” I tell him. Louis kissed the top of my head, “careful we could end up in a bed fucking since I'm easy,” I snap. Louis looked shocked at me, “what?” he questioned. I look at the lake, “nothing,” I mumbled. Louis sat down in front of me, “what wrong babe?” he asked me. He puts his hands on my knees, “nothing. Just leave me alone,” I tell him. Louis shakes his head, “please since I spend too much time with you,” I added. Louis moves in closer to me, “where is this coming from?” Louis asked. I looked away from him and didn’t say anything, “did Harry say something to you again?” he questioned. I shake my head no, “Perrie?” he added. I gave my head a small nod, “what did she say to you?” he wondered.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” I whispered. For some reason I felt tears in my eyes, “babe whatever she said to you has hurt you,” Louis say as he pulled my face towards him. He caught one of my tears before it could fall, “so please tell me,” he begged. Louis moves next to me and pulls me close, “please Lou. I don’t want to talk about it and I want to be left alone,” I tell him. Louis doesn’t move, “I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what she said to you. Lilly she hurt you and I want to know why. I don’t like to see you cry since I promised you that I wouldn’t let anyone hurt you again,” he begged. I hid my face into his chest, “she said that we should stop spending so much time together since I'm becoming easy,” I admitted. I felt Louis tense up, “she said that,” Louis said angrily. I nodded my head and Louis got up, “I’ll be right back babe,” he tells me. He kissed, “Louis just leave it,” I tell him. Louis didn’t listen to me as he ran into the cabin. I hid in my face in my hands and cried. Why did I tell him? I should just left it and told him a lie. I didn’t know what he was going to do.

I don’t know how long I was there crying until I felt hand on my shoulder. I looked up to see Harry, “we need to talk,” he says. I nodded as he sat down in front of me, “you and Louis lied to me again,” he says. I noticed he was calm as he talked, “we just didn’t tell you the full truth,” I say. Harry sighed, “that still is lying Lilly,” he spat. I looked at him and he was trying to stay calm, “Why do you think I’m this bad person that you can’t talk to?” he asked. I licked my lips, “I don’t know,” I replied.

“Don’t give me that bullshit Lilly,” Harry snapped. Harry started playing with his hands, “because of this Harry. You broke Louis nose this morning and punched him in the stomach,” I snapped back. Harry looked up, “I had a right to since you two were lying to me again. Lilly we were really close when we were younger, but now I really don’t know who you are anymore,” Harry admitted. I started crying again, “I’ve changed and you have changed, but for some fucken reason you still see me as that little girl and I have told you I’m not her anymore. I’m a person with needs just like you, but it ok for you to go around fucking girls at parties. I have only been with Louis,” I cried. I notice Harry looked shocked at me, “he the only guy I have ever been with. He was my fucken first kiss Harry,” I continued. I get up, “maybe you and Perrie are right that I am easy, but a least it with one person tho,” I finished. I started to walk away, “Flower wait!” Harry shouted. I stopped, but I didn’t turn to face him, “who pushing who?” Harry asked. I take in a deep breath, “I’m the one that pushing,” I tell him as I turned around. Harry was looking at me, “maybe I did like it those years ago in the classroom. Maybe I am just a slut,” I added. Harry shakes his head as he had tears in his eyes, “you know that not true,” Harry says.

“How do you know since I keep lying to you?” I cried. Harry gets up and runs over to me, “because every time you talk about it you cry,” he tells me as he hugged me. I hugged him back, “Flower does Louis know what happened to you?” Harry wondered. I nod my head, “how?” he questioned. I took in a deep breath, “um Louis pined me against a tree, because I rolled my eyes. So I started crying and he realized,” I confessed. Harry rubbed my back, “why does Louis hate people rolling their eyes at him?” I asked. Harry kissed the top of my head, “because my mother and my teachers used to do it all the time since they never believed me. So I started to hate it and then it became a trigger for my anger,” I heard Louis admit. I turn my head to face him and I notice he had red marks over his chest. I also noticed that his nose was bleeding a little bit, “I’m guessing the three of us need to talk,” he says. Harry nodded his head, “were do you want to start?” Louis asked. Harry points over to the long deck chairs as he pulled me towards them. We sat down on the same one as I sat at the top next to Harry and Louis was in front of us. Louis put his hand on my knee, “um did Perrie really call you easy?” Harry questioned.

“She said I’m becoming easy,” I replied. Louis started to draw circles on my knee, “where were you two last night?” Harry asked us. I grabbed Louis hand, “we were at my spot,” Louis tells him. Harry nodded, “did you both get drunk last night?” Harry questioned. We both nodded, “is that why you two played with each other?” he wondered. Louis squeezed my hand, “the alcohol gave me the confidence to go to the next level, but I don’t regret it. I pushed Louis last night and took the opportunity since he was drunk,” I tell Harry. I looked at Louis and he was looking down, “but that how far you two have gotten?” Harry asked. I nodded, “maybe we should um end this,” Louis mumbled unexpectedly. Louis pulled his had away from me, “what?” I whispered. Louis looked at me, “I’m done. This thing were doing creating too many problems for all of us. I just got into a fight with Zayn, because of what we do,” Louis tells me. Louis gets up, “no,” I say. Louis looks everywhere part from me, “I’m going to go home too,” he say. I shake my head as I felt tears fall again, “Louis maybe you need to think about this,” Harry tells him. Louis looked at the floor, “I know you got into a fight with Zayn, because Perrie called Flower easy. But I’m not happy about that too. I know there been a lot of fighting this weekend between all of us, but we also had fun this weekend,” Harry started.

“I’m done with everything,” Louis interrupted. I stand up in front of Louis and he looks away, “Louis will you look at me,” I begged. Louis walks away, “Louis please!” I yelled. He stops, “it alright Lilly Belle your secrets are safe with me,” he says as he turned his face slightly. I noticed that he was crying, “please don’t,” I cried. Harry stands up, “Louis I don’t really care about what you and Flower are doing. All I care about is the both of you being happy and safe,” Harry admitted. Louis looks at the floor, “and right now your both upset and I know you really don’t want to do this. You promised Lilly that you would protect her, so no one would hurt her,” Harry added. Louis ran his hands over his face, “I have to, because I’m the one hurting her,” Louis tells him. Louis walked into the cabin, “go after him Flower. You mean a lot to him,” Harry tells me.

I ran inside to see Niall and Liam looking sad, “Lil,” Niall says. I ignored him as I ran up the stairs to Louis and I room. Louis was sitting on the bed looking at the floor as I shut the door behind me. Louis looked up and I noticed the blood was gone, “Lilly please don’t,” Louis says. I walked over to him and kissed him, “if this is over I want what I promised you last night,” I tell him. Louis looked shocked at me, “Lilly I can’t,” he whispered. I kissed him, “I promised you that you can take my virginity. I keep my promises,” I tell him. I kissed him again, “Lilly I won’t,” Louis says in my mouth. Louis pushed me back a little, so I would stop kissing him. He grabbed my hands as I knelt in front of him, “is this all worth it?” Louis wondered. I kissed his cut up knuckles, “I really don’t know, but all I know I don’t want to lose you,” I admitted. Louis smiled a little bit, “I really don’t want to lose you too,” Louis says. He pulled me between his legs as he wrapped his arms around me. He hugged me tight as he put his chin on the top, “what are we going to do now?” I asked. Louis kissed the top of my head, “well if I leave you now. We got to have sex, so I’m going to stay with you,” he says. Louis pulled me up so I sat on one of his legs, “what are we going to do about Zayn and Perrie?” Louis questioned.

“I might have overreacted,” I admitted. Louis lays down and brings me with him. I lay next to him as he kept his arms around me, “I remember your mother calling you a slut on the first day I met you and you didn’t say anything to her. Then today when Perrie said that your becoming easy you snapped, because I know that your mother has said it to you,” he started. He ran his hand up my back, “you always kept your mouth shut with her, but you never thought Perrie would say it too,” he finished. He kissed the top of my head, “so I should say sorry to Perrie?” I questioned. Louis pulled my legs across him, “I think you need to talk to Perrie about it. Does she know what happened to you?” Louis wondered. I shake my head no, “do you feel like you could tell her what happened? I be with you if you want,” Louis asked. I buried my face into his chest, “I know it hard thing for you to talk about and I know you told Harry today. You also told me the rest as well. Do you want me to talk to her?” Louis wondered. I didn’t move, “babe?” Louis questioned. I looked at him, “um I want you there just in case,” I tell him. Louis kissed my forehead, “but right now can we stay here for a little bit?” I asked. Louis nodded before he kissed me, “I never thought this weekend turn out like this,” Louis says.

“Why are we all fighting with each other?” I questioned. Louis kissed me again, “I really don’t know,” Louis sighed. There was a knock at the door, “come in,” Louis says. Harry and Niall walked in, “hey,” they both say. Louis moved us to the top of the bed as Harry and Niall sat at the other end. Louis wrapped his arms around me, “you two alright now?” Harry asked. We both nodded our head and Harry smiled a little. Niall rubbed the back of his neck, “um Liam and I heard when you were shouting at Harry. You don’t have to tell me, but did something happen to you?” Niall wondered. I looked at Louis, “it up to you if you want to tell him,” Louis tells me. I looked at Harry and he gives me a reassuring smile, “yes something happened to me back at my old school,” I started. Louis pulled me closer to him, “there was a guy at my school. He beat the shit out of me, so I couldn’t move. Then he started touching me and saying that I liked it since I was a slut, but that how far he got,” I explained. I took a deep breath in, “I’m proud of you,” Louis whispered in my ear before he kissed the side of my head. Niall placed his hand on my knee, “don’t bother asking where he is. Flower don’t know,” Harry tell Niall.

“That bastard is still out there?” he asked in shock. I nodded my head, “he father a really rich man, so he paid the school to keep it quiet,” I tell him. Niall shakes his head, “but what about you? Couldn’t you say anything?” Niall questioned. I shake my head, “the principal made this bullshit story about him not being there,” I say. I looked at Niall and I could tell he was pissed about this, “what about your parents?” he wondered. I grabbed Louis hand, “the principal told them his bullshit story and that I got hit to hard. I did try to tell them, but he was nowhere to found,” I admitted. Niall shakes his head, “that bullshit. The prick should be six feet under,” Niall spat. Harry put his hand on his shoulder, “we all want him in the ground,” Harry tells him. Louis nodded his head in agreement as Liam came in the room, “um Zayn and Perrie like to see you,” he tells me. I nodded my head as Liam waved them in. Louis pulls me between his legs as he entwines our fingers together as they came in. It looked like Perrie been crying as Zayn had his arm around her. Harry and Niall move next to me and Louis as Liam sat down at Niall’s feet. Perrie and Zayn stayed standing up, “I don’t know where to start,” Perrie mumbled. I move my legs to underneath me as Louis crossed his legs. I point to the bed for them to sit down. They slowly sit on the bed as Zayn was watching Louis, “I should start. I’m sorry for losing my temper, but you had no right calling Lilly easy,” Louis tells them. Perrie nodded, “it hit a nerve with her since something really bad happen to her,” Niall say. Perrie and Zayn looked at him, “and what was that?” Zayn wondered. Louis kissed the side of my head, “one of us can tell them if you don’t want to tell them. I know it hard for you and I know you don’t want to keep hearing it,” Louis tells me. I nodded, “ok. Fingers in ears Flower,” Harry tells me. I put my fingers in my ears and closed my eyes as Louis wrapped his arms around me.

Louis pulled my fingers out of my ears, “all done babe,” he tells me. I still had my eyes closed since I didn’t want to see their faces. I grabbed Louis hands, “open your eyes,” Louis whispered in my ear. I slowly opened my eyes to see Perrie crying. I looked straight at Louis and he kissed my forehead, “it alright,” he reassured me. I looked back at Perrie, “Lil I didn’t know. I’m so sorry,” she apologized. I looked down, “I’m alright if no one ever talks about it,” I tell them. I give them a fake smile, “babe I know sometimes that it not. You don’t have to lie to us,” Louis tells me. I looked at everyone and they didn’t look happy. Louis pulls me closer to him, “can we talk about something else please?” I asked.

“What do you want to talk about?” Niall wondered. I looked at Perrie and held my arms out to her. She comes over and hugged me tight, “I'm sorry for snapping like that,” I apologized to her. I noticed the boys started talking about something, “you have nothing to be sorry about. I really shouldn’t said what I said,” she tells me. I kissed her cheek, “let’s forget about it since I want my Perrie back,” I smiled. She smiled, “I like that,” she says. She kissed my cheek before moving back over to Zayn. Louis kissed the top of my head, “I am really proud of you,” Louis whispered. He kissed my neck, “how much I like to stay in bed all day. We can’t we all got to go to aunt Fey’s,” Zayn tells us. Liam, Niall and Harry started to get off the bed, “and I have dinner with dad,” Harry says. They leave the room as Perrie and Zayn stayed, “Lil dose your mum,” Zayn started. I stopped him, “yes she does,” I tell him. Zayn looks down, “I think you need to think about living on your own,” Zayn says. I looked at him, “I know you said your fine, but I don’t think you are. Perrie was just watching out for you and you snapped. I’m really worried about you. I’m scared that everything going to become too much and you’re going to do something stupid,” Zayn confessed. Louis kissed the top of my head, “I can’t leave,” I tell him. Zayn shakes his head, “you can. You’re nearly eighteen,” he says. I shake my head as Harry comes in, “well I’m going now,” he tells us. We all get off the bed to say goodbye to him.

After Harry left we all started to pack our bags, “did you get the clothes out of the bathroom down stairs and also your bag?” I asked Louis. He nodded his head, “there in my bag and my bag in the lounge room,” he says. I sit down on the edge of the bed, “I really hate today,” I admitted. Louis turns around, “can I ask you something?” Louis wondered. I nodded my head, “why can’t you leave you mother?” he asked. I shake my head, “just something stupid I did,” I tell him. Louis comes over to me, “how long ago you tried?” Louis questioned. I looked away, “over a year ago,” I admitted. Louis moves my face to look at him, “that the only time?” he wondered. I looked down, “I have thought about it, but I haven’t tried again,” I say. Louis kissed me, “so Zayn has a right to be worried,” Louis whispered to himself. I placed my hand on the side of his face, “I’m going to be alright now,” I reassured him. Louis kissed me as he pushed me down on the bed. He leans over me, “can we stay here?” Louis asked me. I smiled at him, “why?” I wondered. Louis kissed me, “because I want too,” he smiled. He kissed me again, “guys you… for fuck sake you two. Close the fucken door,” Zayn tells us. Louis and I started laughing, “Zayn we just kissing,” I smiled. Louis helps me back up, “yeah I know, but what if things got more heated?” he questioned.

“We would have closed the door and locked it,” Louis smirked. Zayn smiled, “anyway we have to leave, so are you all packed?” Zayn asked us. We both nodded, “ok cool. Louis get dressed. We don’t want to excite aunt Fey,” Zayn tells him. Zayn walks out and shuts the door as Louis walked over to his bag. Louis un-button his jeans, “aw I was hoping you stay like that,” I pouted. Louis comes over to me and kissed me, “don’t forget you staying at mine tonight,” he smiled. He walked back over to his bag and got a pair of clean boxers out. He pulls his jeans off as I was watching him, “babe don’t get any ideas,” Louis tells me. I smiled as he put his boxers on, “I was thinking about nothing,” I say. Louis started laughing, “sure you weren’t hunny,” Louis smiled. I shake my head, “not everything about sex,” I tell him. Louis turned around, “good to hear,” he says. He walks over to me, “I was getting worried that you were just using me for my body,” he joked. He kissed me, “who said I wasn’t,” I smirked. Louis kissed me again, “I wish you could use my body right now, but we got to go aunt Fey’s,” Louis pouted. I kissed him, “why do we got to go there?” I wondered. Louis walked back over to his bag, “every time we come up here we go to dinner at house before we go home,” Louis explained. Louis put on a pair of black skinny jeans and a white V-neck t-shirt. I walked to my bag and grabbed out a pair of socks as I put my flip-flops away. I sat on the bed to put my shoes and socks on as Louis did the same. He gets up and walked over to our bags. He gets out a grey jumper from mine and a black hoddie from his, “it getting a bit cold outside,” he says as he hands me my jumper. I put it on, “aren’t you being nice,” I smiled. He puts his on before grabbing our bags, “ready?” he questioned. I nodded as I tried to get my bag off of him, “no,” he tells me. I shake my head as we walked out of the room.


Louis puts our bags down near the front door before walking into the lounge room. All the washing from the line was folded on the lounge. I pick mine and Louis up, “hand them over,” Louis tells me. I hand them over to him, “what do you want?” I questioned. Louis smiled at me, “nothing,” he says. I raised my eyebrow at him, “sure,” I say. Zayn comes into the lounge room as Louis left. He hugged me and I hugged him tight, “you know you can talk to me about anything?” he wondered. I nodded my head, “I am really sorry about today,” I apologized. Zayn rubbed my back, “don’t be. Sometimes Perrie forgets that she talking to you and not one us boys,” Zayn tells me. I looked at him, “so you all call each other easy and sluts,” I smiled. He smiled as he nodded, “were very dirty boys,” he laughed. I laughed with him, “hi,” I heard Perrie say. We both turn to see her and Louis looking at us, “wrong girlfriend,” Louis tells him. I walked over to Louis and wrapped my arms around him. Perrie walked over to Zayn, “I have blonde hair,” she tells him. She wrapped an arm around him, “come on,” Niall says as he walked in. We looked at him, “I hate being surrounded by couples,” he added. We laughed a little, “were your boyfriend?” I asked him. Niall looked at me, “well my real boyfriend in your arms. My secret boyfriend is somewhere,” he replied. Niall walked over to Louis and I and wrapped his arms around us. Louis wrapped his arms around us both, “you always be mine Ni,” Louis says. I looked at him, “sorry babe you have to share me,” Louis smiled. He kissed me, “Niall you cheating on me with Louis,” Liam pouted as he walked in. Niall smiled at him, “you know that your my mistress,” Niall laughed. Liam walked over to Zayn and Perrie, “can I have a hug?” Liam asked. Perrie and Zayn give Liam a hug, “so are we all packed?” Zayn asked. We all nodded, “well then load your cars up,” he added.

After we loaded the car we decided to have a smoke near the lake. We all stood at the edge of the lake as we were smoking, “it been an interesting weekend,” Niall says. We all agreed with him, “now we got to focus on our last year of school,” Perrie tells us. I noticed all the boys looked down, “but it going to be filled with fun and adventures. It going to be a year we won’t forget,” she added. We all smiled as Louis wrapped an arm around me and I do the same. All I could I think about is that if this was my first week with them I wondered what else was coming. Louis kissed the top of my head, “well we better go,” Zayn tells us.

We throw our smokes into the dead campfire as we walked to our cars. I looked at the lake again, “it always hard to leave this place and go back to normal life,” Louis says. I smiled as I looked at him, “sometimes I wish I could stay here forever and forget about my life back home,” he admitted. I nodded as I kissed him, “it like nothing can touch you here,” I tell him. Louis smiled as he kissed me before we get into his car.

I looked at the window as we drove to aunt Fey’s, “is everything alright babe?” Louis wondered. I looked at him, “yeah,” I say. Louis grabbed my hand, “you lying again,” he tells me. I looked at the window again, “I’ll be fine,” I say. Louis ran his thumb over my knuckles, “is today getting to you?” he questioned. I didn’t say anything as he kissed my hand, “or is this about going home to your mother after what Zayn told you?” Louis added. I looked at him, “it about my mother,” I sighed. Louis kissed my hand again, “she not going to touch you again,” he reassured me. I gave him a small smile, “how about I met her tomorrow?” he asked. Shock goes over me, “we could say that were working on a project for school, which is not a lie. It also means I don’t have to jump through your window too,” he added. I still had no words to say, “babe?” Louis questioned. I swallowed hard, “can you not say anything about what you know?” I asked him.

“Yeah,” he says. I looked at him closely, “you sure?” I wondered. He nodded, “I’ll keep it shut for you,” he promised. I squeezed his hand, “only because I don’t want you to get in trouble, because of me. However if she says or tries to hit you again. I will not hold back,” he tells me. I kissed his hand, “oh she won’t when your there,” I say. Louis squeezed my hand as we pulled up to aunt Fey’s, “you are a strong girl Lilly Belle. Sometimes I think you’re stronger than me,” Louis admitted. He leans over and kissed me, “that only because of you my superhero,” I say on his lips. He smiled as he kissed me again before we got out of the car.

I looked at aunt Fey’s big two stories house and it looked bigger than Louis, “Lou!” I heard aunt Fey shout. I noticed that we were the only ones here, “aunt Fey,” Louis says as she hugged him. I smiled at him, “Lilly,” she says as she hugged me. I noticed Louis laughing quietly as I hugged her back, “where are the others?” she asked as she stepped back. I looked at Louis, “there right behind us,” he replied. Aunt Fey smiled at us, “well come on in,” she tells us. Louis grabbed my hand as we went inside.

The house looked expensive like the cabin with a chandelier in the entrance. Aunt Fey lead us out to the backyard where an older man and Veronica standing next to a barbeque. They noticed us and waved us over, “it be alright,” Louis whispered to me. We walked over to them, “now dad this is Lilly. Louis girlfriend,” Veronica tells the man. I smiled a little, “I’m uncle Omar,” he tells me as he held out his hand. I shook it, “nice to meet you,” I say. He chuckled, “she still got her innocents. That will be gone soon,” he smiled. Louis wrapped his arm around me, “I don’t think so,” Louis tells him. Louis shakes uncle Omar hand, “but it is good to see you tied down Lou,” he says. I wrapped my arm around Louis as I gripped his hoodie, “want a beer?” uncle Omar offered. Both Louis and I shake our heads no, “no thanks,” I tell him. Louis kissed the side of my head, “so how did you get this beautiful lady?” uncle Omar asked.

“We go to school together and she is Harry childhood friend,” Louis replied. Uncle Omar smiled at us, “hey,” we heard Liam say. We looked at him and Niall, “oh no trouble here,” Veronica smiled. Liam and Niall come over to us, “which one of us is trouble?” Niall asked. Veronica points to him, “I’ll take that as a complement,” he smirked. Louis leans in closer to me, “Niall wants to get into Veronica pants,” he whispered in my ear. I giggled, “but she keeps telling him no,” he added. I bit my lip to stop me from laughing out loud, “she reminds me of Zayn. Does Niall not see that?” I whispered in Louis ear. Louis started laughing and everyone looked at us, “what so funny?” uncle Omar asked. I looked at Louis to say something, “just something about Zayn,” he lied.

“what about me?” I heard Zayn asked. Him and Perrie came over to us, “just about you’re driving,” Louis lied again. Zayn started laughing, “says the one that fell off his bike,” Liam pointed out. Aunt Fey joins us, “how did you fall off your bike sweetie?” she asked Louis. I wrapped both arms around him and he does the same, “just being an idiot,” he tells them. Louis kissed the top of my head, “is that how you broke your nose?” Veronica questioned. Louis shakes his head, “Harry did that,” Niall tells them. Aunt Fey and Veronica looked shocked, “it was an accident,” Perrie lied. Aunt Fey and veronica smiled, “playing around I’m guessing,” aunt Fey says. Louis nodded, “what have I said about you boys playing around like that? Someone will get hurt,” aunt Fey reminded them. Niall smiled, “we know,” he says.

We girls sat down at the table outside as uncle Omar and the boys stayed at the barbeque. I sat down next to Perrie as Veronica and aunt Fey sat across from us. We were talking about random girl stuff, “so Lilly does Louis like what you got done at the salon?” aunt Fey asked me. I felt my cheeks go red, “what did you get done?” Niall wondered as he sat down next to Veronica. She pushed him, “go away Niall. This is a girl conversation, unless you want to chop your dick off,” Veronica tells him. Niall grabbed his crotch, “I’ll be over with the men,” he says as he got up. He ran back over to the boys, “so did he like it?” aunt Fey asked again. My cheeks were still red from the first time she asked me, “um he don’t know,” I lied. Perrie put her hand on my thigh, “she got it done to see what it like,” Perrie tells them. I grabbed Perrie hand, “ok,” aunt Fey says. Uncle Omar waved over aunt Fey, “can you come and help me Perrie?” she asked her. Perrie squeezed my hand before leaving with aunt Fey. Veronica gave me a small smiled, “sorry about mum. She can be a bit nosey,” she says. I smiled back, “it alright,” I tell her.

“You’re still not open about sex like the others which is fine, but if you have any questions you can talk to me. It what I do,” she tells me. I gave her a small nod, “but is everything alright? Is Louis pushing you or anything?” she wondered. I shake my head, “no, but,” I started.

“Food up,” Perrie says as she put down a plate of hamburger patties. I smiled at her, “we will finish our talk later,” Veronica tells me. I give her a small nod, “hey babe,” Louis says as he kissed the top of my head. He sits down next to me, “so Niall asked me what you got done at the salon,” Louis tells me. I looked at him, “and what did you tell him?” I asked. He smiled at me, “nothing,” he replied. I kissed his cheek as everyone came a sat down. I noticed Niall sat down next to Veronica again as Perrie sat back down next to me and Zayn next to her. Uncle Omar sat at the top of the table with aunt Fey next to him and Liam sat next to Niall.

We ate as we talked about what we doing at school, “so you take art with Zayn?” uncle Omar asked me. I nodded my head, “that subject get you nowhere. I keep telling Zayn that. You need a strong lesson like Liam and his engineering. This art fancy crap won’t get you anywhere in life,” he strictly says. Louis grabbed my hand, “actually the arts in schools help people express their emotions. Which makes them focus more on other lessons and in life,” I tell him. Uncle Omar glares at me while everyone looks between us, “some people can’t express their emotions with talking. So they grab a pencil or a paint brush,” I added. I started to get the feeling no one has ever talked to uncle Omar like this, “but what can a stupid picture tell you?” he questioned. Louis squeezed my hand, “a picture speaks a thousand words,” I replied. Uncle Omar looked at Louis and then at Zayn, “but can it put a roof over your head and food on the table?” he asked. I take a deep breath, “it can, but you’re saying that we shouldn’t take art at school. I don’t want to become an artist when I leave school. I want to become a teacher,” I tell him. Louis squeezed my hand again, “what do you want to do after school Zayn?” he asked him. Zayn looks down, “an art teacher,” he mumbled. Uncle Omar sighed, “it not like you’re going to pass,” I heard uncle Omar whisper.

“Don’t,” Louis whispered to me. I looked at him and he gives me a small smile, “anyway. Niall how that football team you go for?” uncle Omar asked him to change the subject. Perrie leans into me, “thank you,” she whispered. I give her a small smile as Niall and uncle Omar talked about football. I noticed everyone mood had changed as they didn’t look at each other. Even Niall didn’t look happy talking about football, “so you think they will win the cup this year?” uncle Omar asked him. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, so I pulled it out. I had a message from Liam:

Liam Payne
You got some balls girl. None of us talked back to him. GIRL POWER! Xo

I looked at Liam and he smiled at me as he mouthed ‘girl power’. I smiled at him as I noticed Veronica smiling too. We ate the rest of dinner without bringing up school again.

Louis takes me to a corner in the backyard, “is everything alright with you today? You keep fighting,” Louis asked me. Louis hands me a smoke after he lit it up, “I don’t know,” I admitted. I take a drag of my smoke, “but I worked out why Zayn hates what my mother does,” I added. Louis lit up his own smoke, “he only gets it when he sees his uncle,” Louis tells me. Louis wrapped an arm around me, “I can’t wait until I get you home,” Louis says. he kissed the top of my head, “why?” I wondered. Louis smiled at me, “so you can release some of this anger on me,” he tells me. I raised my eyebrows, “I don’t have an anger problem today,” I snapped. I looked down, because I just realized that I do. Louis kissed the top of my head, “it ok. Lot has happened today,” he reassured me. I hid my face into his chest, “can we just go, before I lose it again?” I mumbled. Louis kissed the top of my head again, “just got to get threw cake and we can go,” Louis tells me. I heard footsteps near us, so I turned around to see the others. They all got their own smokes out, “um thanks Lil,” Zayn tells me.

“I’m sorry if I got you into trouble,” I apologized as I hugged him. He smiled, “it won’t be nothing I haven’t heard before,” he tells me. I smiled as I kissed his cheek, “hey kisses are only for me and sometimes Harry and Perrie,” Louis tells me as he pulled me to him. I laughed a little bit, “hang on where is our kisses?” Niall questioned. Louis let go of me so I could give Liam, Niall and Perrie a kiss on the cheek. I give Louis a kiss on his lips, “you alright,” I whispered on his lips. He nodded as he kissed me, “I’m alright,” he tells me. I wrapped my arm around him as I stood next to him. Louis wrapped his arm around me too, “we can nearly get out of here,” Zayn says. Veronica joins us, “congratulations Lilly for standing up to my dad,” she says. I looked down, “sorry,” I apologized. Louis rubbed my back, “don’t be. I’ve been trying to tell him that. I see you have a passion for the arts,” she tells me. I looked at her and she was smiling, “art helped me,” I admitted. Louis kissed the side of my head, “Zayn, Veronica!” uncle Omar yelled. Zayn puts his smoke out in a tin before him and Veronica left. I sighed, “maybe I should have kept my mouth shut,” I say. I lean into Louis, “no someone had to put him into place. I was getting sick of the way he talked to Zayn, because Zayn don’t want to be like him,” Perrie confessed. Everyone agreed, “I just wished it was me and not you,” she added. I gave her a weak smile, “like I said before you got some balls girl,” Liam smiled. Louis looked at him, “she don’t have any balls,” Louis joked. We all started laughing, “girls have balls. They right here,” Perrie says as she points to her breast.

“There a bit soft and big,” I say. Louis looked at me, “oh I know,” he smirked. I shake my head at him, “and there all mine,” he added. Liam and Niall pout, “maybe we should get girlfriends,” Niall says. Liam smiled as he looked at me, “I actually thought about asking a girl out,” Liam admitted to Niall. Shock goes over Niall, “so you’re finally going to ask Sophia out,” Niall says. Liam nodded, “about fucken time mate. I swear you getting blue balls from her,” Niall smiled. I looked at Louis, “blue balls?” I questioned. He smiled at me, “it were a man get so sexual aroused but can’t release. It hurts like a bitch,” Louis explained. I gave him a small nod, “have I ever done it to you?” I wondered. Louis bit his bottom lip, “um sometimes you get me near there, but you haven’t gave me blue balls,” he tells me. Louis kissed me, “like Friday night when we were watching the movie and you decided to tease me. I ran off before I got blue balls,” he added. I smiled at him as I kissed him. I turned around to the others, “Lil going to talk to her for me,” Liam says. Niall and Perrie looked at me, “are you?” Perrie questioned. I nodded my head, “but I can’t promise anything,” I say. They smiled at me, “at least it a start,” Liam smiled.

We finished our smokes and headed back to the table, “so what about you Niall? Do you have any girl on your mind?” I asked him. He shakes his head no as we sat back down in our spots, “don’t mean I won’t find one,” he tells me. Liam smiled, “what about May? You said she was a good fuck,” Liam wondered. Niall smiled, “nah she got a boyfriend now and I only fucked her once,” he says. I looked at Perrie, “is he talking about May in English?” I asked her. She nodded her head, “Niall and her fucked in an empty classroom. He went on about it for weeks,” Perrie tells me. I looked at him, “she let me do anything to her. She loved the whole slave and master thing,” Niall smirked. I raised an eyebrow at him, “I know you like the whole slave and master thing too,” he added. I hit Louis, “I didn’t say anything to them,” he smiled. I hit him again, “kinky. You know I liked to be spanked,” Louis smirked. I crossed my arms, “we know because Louis is teaching you. So your master and slave thing is more like teacher and student,” Liam tells me. I looked at him, “Lilly Belle been in control before,” Louis tells them. They looked surprised, “wow. Just wow. Louis you’re a lucky bastard,” Niall tells him.

“what are we talking about?” Zayn asked as he came outside. He sat down next to Perrie, “just Lil being in control,” Liam tells him. Zayn looks at me, “in control of what?” Zayn questioned. I felt my cheeks go red, “in the bedroom,” Niall replied. Zayn looked shocked, “wow,” he says. I shake my head, “is that all you guys can say?” I smiled. Liam shakes his head no, “it just we didn’t think you be in control yet,” Liam admitted. I bit my lip, “Louis is easy to control,” I teased. Louis looked at me, “not my fault that I like you on top,” he smirked. I ran my hand up his thigh under the table, “god. I think I’m the one that’s going to get blue balls,” Niall groaned. Louis looked at me before looking at Niall, “what is your thing with Lilly Belle?” he questioned as he leaned on the table. I slowly started to rub him threw his jeans, “I don’t know,” he smiled. Louis looked at me as I got a little bit faster, “what the deal with you and Veronica?” I asked Niall. Zayn looked at Niall, “she the only girl to say no to him,” Liam tells me. Louis leans back into his chair, “you know she looks a bit like Zayn,” I tell Niall. Everyone laughed as Louis grabbed my hand, “you need to stop,” he growled into my ear. He kissed under it, “so Niall got a thing for Zayn,” Perrie laughed. I noticed Niall face was a deep red, “do not,” he snapped. I felt Louis hand on my thigh, “it ok man if you do,” Zayn teased. Niall looked at me, “why did you have to say that?” he asked me. I smiled at him as Louis hand got higher, “because I wondered if you noticed,” I replied. Louis starts to run his fingers between my legs, “well now every time I think of her. I'm going to see Zayn,” he mumbled.

“Good,” Zayn tells him. Louis starts to rub me threw my jeans, “just remember I like being on top,” Zayn added. Niall shakes his head as I bit my lip to stop me from making any nose. Liam pulls Niall to him, “it going to be alright. Just find someone else to masturbate over,” Liam tells him. Louis got a bit harder before I stopped him, “I’m going to get you later,” I whispered to him. Louis smirked at me, “I’m looking forward to it,” he winked. I held Louis hand, “maybe you can use May,” Perrie tells him. Niall smiled, “or maybe I should use you and Lilly since last night was hot,” Niall says. I raised my eyebrow at him, “I thought you already did that today,” I say. Louis started laughing as everyone else looked at me, “what are you talking about?” Niall questioned as he went red again.

“I heard you this morning,” I tell him. Niall looked shocked at me, “how do you know what I was doing?” he questioned. I looked at him then to Louis, “because I have heard Louis,” I admitted. Louis nodded, “you’re a dirty girl,” Niall sighed. I started laughing, “said the one that was playing with himself,” I pointed out. Veronica comes out with a cake, “cake,” she says. Zayn looked at her, “I can see that,” he sarcastically says. Veronica hit him in the back of the head before sitting down in her chair. Perrie started cutting up the cake and handing a piece to everyone. We started eating, “so what you guys were talking about?” Veronica asked us. We all looked at Niall, “nothing,” he mumbled. Zayn started to laugh, “it not our fault Lil killed your fantasy,” he smiled. I shake my head, “you couldn’t help yourself. About telling Niall about Veronica,” Louis whispered in my ear. I smiled as I looked at him, “I’m a bad girl,” I smirked. Louis raised an eyebrow at me, “starting without me,” I heard aunt Fey say. She comes out, “yep,” Zayn smiled. She kissed Zayn on the top of his head, “cheeky,” she says as she sat down. I noticed uncle Omar didn’t come back out and I was glad.

When we finished our cake I decided to help Veronica clean up, “do you want to finish that talk?” she asked when we were in the kitchen. I nodded, “what I was saying before was that Louis not pushing me into anything, but I maybe pushing it tho,” I tell her. She plays her fingers, “Lilly are you a virgin?” she asked me. I nodded yes, “is Louis your first serious boyfriend?” she questioned. I nodded again, because I really couldn’t tell her that were not. I noticed Veronica was thinking about something, “I think your body is really liking this new feeling and that normal. You just got to learn how to control it,” she explained to me. I give her a small nod, “have you tried masturbation? I know girls sometimes don’t talk about it, but it could help. Try talking about it with Perrie,” she tells me. I felt my cheeks heat up, “I will,” I tell her. I looked down at my hands, “is there something else you wanted to tell me?” she wondered. I look at her, “um it just that,” I started. I looked back down at my hands, “are you and Louis moving too fast?” she asked. I nodded my head, “how far you gotten?” she added. I looked back at her, “playing with each other,” I admitted. She gave me a small smile, “that not that bad. Just stay there for a while. Then come see me when you think about moving on from there,” she tells me. I smiled at her, “thank you,” I say.

We went back outside, “there you are,” Louis says as I sat back down, I lean my head onto his shoulder, “I think we should go home. It been a long day,” he tells me. He kissed the top of my head, “hey Lilly Belle and I are going to head off now,” Louis tells everyone. We said our goodbyes to everyone expect uncle Omar.

As we were driving to Louis’s is was silent even the radio was not on. I could tell Louis was thinking about something, “um what took you and Veronica so long to come back out?” Louis asked to break the silent. I looked at him, “um we talked about sex,” I replied. Louis looked shocked as he was still watching the road, “what about it?” he wondered. I played with my fingers, “just that I’ve been pushing it with you,” I admitted. Louis grabbed my hand, “she tells me that my body is liking it and that it normal, but I should learn how to control it. She also thinks I should play with myself more,” I added. Louis ran his thumb over the back of my hand, “um so is she telling you to slow it down with me?” he questioned. I looked at the window, “I don’t know. It not the first time I heard it today. Perrie told me that I should stop spending so much time with you. I think they’re worried that I might push you into something and I might regret it,” I admitted. Louis kissed my hand, “so they told you what I’ve been telling you. You know this is why I tell you no a lot?” he wondered. I looked at him, “I know. It just Perrie thinks I moving so fast, because you already did it all. But I really want to know what it is like,” I tell him.

“And last night happened because we were drunk,” he tells me. I pulled my hand away from him, “do you regret what we did last night? Because you didn’t seem to mind this morning in bed,” I asked him. Louis sighed, “I kind of do,” he admitted. I started to feel hurt by what he was saying, “it just we promised we would talk about it and we didn’t. I know you said you don’t regret it and I believe you. It just tomorrow we known each other for a week. Zayn and Perrie didn’t get up to what we get up to in their first week,” Louis tells me. I was getting frustrated, “we are not them. We are not in a romantic relationship,” I snapped. Louis griped the steering wheel tight, “so stop comparing us to them. We will never be them,” I added. Louis ran his hand threw his hair, “I know that,” he spat. He takes a deep breath, “it just I don’t want you to be a slut,” he tells me. I looked at him as I felt tears in my eyes. Louis just called me a slut even after what happened today between Perrie and I. I felt really hurt, “so your saying is when you’re done with me. I sleep with everyone at school?” I questioned. Louis pulled the car over to the side of the road, “then maybe I should have let you end it today then,” I cried. I get out of the car and started walking, “Lilly,” Louis called after me. I didn’t stop until Louis pulled me around to face him, “where are you going?” Louis asked.

“Away from you and the others,” I tell him. Louis looked down, “don’t,” he begged. Louis pulled me to his chest, “I’m sorry for what I said. I can’t even believe it came out of my mouth since I had a go at Perrie for it,” Louis says. I wrapped my arms around him, “I was going to say is that your new at this and it a great feeling. A feeling that you can get addicted too,” he tells me. He started to rub my back, “I’m worried about you,” Louis confessed. I looked at him, “worried about what?” I asked. Louis wiped away my tears before kissing me lightly. He held my face in his hand, “that you think what we do with the playing and that. Will stop the hurt you feel,” he admitted. I shake my head no, “baby I do it,” he added. I kept shaking my head as more tears feel. Louis pulled my head under his chin, “hey it ok,” he cooed. He kissed the top of my head, “Lilly I’ve seen it when you get hurt. You tell me that you’re fine. Then we end up on a make-out session. It just when you’re hurting you should talk about it. I know I don’t, but all of us will listen to you,” Louis tells me. He kissed the top of my head again, “but I do like kissing you better, because you smile,” he added. I looked at him, “I do too,” I admitted. Louis kissed me, “how about we talk when we get to my place?” he wondered. I nodded as he wiped my tears away. He kissed me again before we headed back over to his car. We get back into his car and put our seat belts on, “it going to be alright Lilly Belle. This day will be over soon,” he reassured me.

I feel asleep on the drive to his house. I woke up when he pulled up the drive way. I noticed that I had his hoodie over me, “hey,” Louis says. I smiled at him, “were here already?” I asked as I rubbed my eyes. Louis smiled at me, “yep, stay there. I’ll be back,” he tells me. Louis gets out of the car and runs inside. I wrapped his hoodie around me tighter after I took my seat belt off. He comes back and opened my car door, “let’s get inside,” he smiled as he picked me up bridle style. I wrapped my arm around his neck as he took me inside. He carried me all the way to his room without dropping me or banging my head into the wall. He puts me down on his lounge, “you stay here. I'm going to make us a cup of tea,” he tells me. He kissed me before he ran out of his room. I take my shoes off before I got comfy on his lounge. I could hear Louis talking to someone and it sounded like he was not happy. I couldn’t hear what he was saying to the person he was talking to.

Louis came up after a while with a smile on his face, “hey,” he says. He puts the cups of tea down on his TV unit before moving my legs to sit down. He put my legs over his lap as he kicked off his shoes, “you alright Louis?” I wondered. He started to play with my toes and I let him, “you heard?” he questioned. I nodded my head, “I was talking to my father and he was telling me that he won’t be home for another week. So that means Georgia can’t come over and I haven’t seen her for over a month,” he confessed. He kept playing with my toes, “why don’t you go see her?” I asked him. Louis looked at me, “her mum don’t like me,” he tells me. I looked down, “my family a fucked up thing,” he says. Louis started to draw circles on the top of my foot, “you know I’m playing with your feet and I know you hate it,” he smiled. I moved closer to him, “I know, but it something I only let you do,” I tell him. He kissed my nose, “so I was thinking maybe we should talk about our first week together,” Louis suggested. I nodded my head as we started to talk about the week we had together.

After we were finished talking and our cups of tea. We just sat there, “I wonder what the rest of the year going to bring us,” Louis says. I smiled as I shrugged my shoulders, “oh I need to tell you something,” I say. Louis looked me up and down, “and that is?” he questioned. I kissed him, “I lied to you about something,” I started. Louis raised an eyebrow at me, “wide awake is not my favourite song of all time,” I admitted. Louis poked my nose, “so what is it then?” he asked. I smiled, “wanted by Hunter Hayes,” I tell him. Louis smiled as he kissed me, “you like country music?” he questioned. I shrugged my shoulders, “I like him,” I admitted. Louis laughed a little, “I still told you the truth about mine. Now I wonder what else you lied to me about,” Louis says. I kissed him, “nothing that comes to my mind,” I say. Louis plays with my hair, “I think we should go to bed,” he tells me. I shake my head no, “let’s have a shower,” I tell him.

“You already had two today,” he tells me. I poke his chest, “and you were supposed to join me for one of them,” I reminded him. I get off of him and walked to his bathroom, “you sure you want me to come in with you?” he asked as he stood behind me. I turned the shower on and set the temperature, “yep,” I say. Louis pulls me to him, “you sure?” he questioned. I kissed him, “who said anything going to happen?” I asked. Louis kissed me, “no one, but can I undress you still?” he wondered. I nodded my head as Louis pulled my jumper up over my head. I pulled his shirt over his head, “who said you can undress me?” he smirked. I stepped away from him and took off my t-shirt, “then you can’t undress me,” I smiled. Louis pulled me back to him, “stop teasing me,” he says. He undoes my jeans as I do the same to his. I let him pull mine down first before I pulled his down. Louis ran his hands over my back as he kissed me. He unclips my bra and falls down to my hands, “now only making out,” he tells me on my lips. I smiled as I dropped my bra, “why?” I asked.

“Because I want to try something with you in my bed,” he tells me. I gave him a small nod as I played with the waistband of his boxers. I bit my lip, “do you wanna try that before we have a shower?” I wondered. Louis quickly turns the shower off before picking me up. I wrapped my legs around him as he kissed me.

He throws me on to the middle of his bed and hovered over me, “this time I’m going to make you cum more than once,” he tells me. I bit my lip as Louis started kissing down my neck, “while you scream my name,” he says as he kissed across my chest. He gently bites my nipple, “I’m going to leave marks all over you,” he added. His other hand massaged my other breast, “so people know your mine,” he growled. I was getting turned on by what Louis was telling me. He gently bites down my stomach to the top of my knickers, “do you trust me?” he asked. I nodded my head, “I need you to say it babe,” he tells me. He plays with the side of my knickers, “I trust you,” I tell him. Louis kissed down the front of my knickers before coming back up to my lips. He kissed me with lust and hunger as he thrust his tongue into my mouth. His hands roamed my body as he kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his back, “now this is how we were meant to move to the next level,” he says against my lips. He started to kiss down my neck until he found my sweet spot. He started to suck on it and I let a moan slip from my mouth. I dug my fingers into his back as he started to kiss the top of my breast. Louis slowly started to suck my nipple and I let another moan slip. Louis gently bites it before moving on to the next one. I bit my lip trying to gain self-control, “don’t hold back babe. We are the only ones here,” Louis tells me against my skin. I shake my head no and Louis bites my nipple. He comes up to my face, “why not?” he questioned.

“Because I’m not going to last,” I admitted. Louis kissed me, “that what I want,” he smirked. He moved back before pulling me up to him, “I want you to let go and cum more than once. I want to make up for last night,” he tells me. He massaged one of my breast, “so let go,” he added. I kissed him as I ran my hands down his chest. I started to rub him threw his boxers, “fuck,” he groaned. Louis kissed along my jaw as I pulled down his boxers to his thighs. I run my fingers up his member, “slowly babe,” Louis whispered. I played with the tip, “like this?” I smirked. Louis bites my neck gently, “that teasing,” he growled. I wrapped my hand around his member and slowly started pumping him. Louis stuck his hands in my knickers to grab my bottom as I kept my pace. Louis ran his hands up my side, “I think it your turn,” he says. He turns me around, so my back was against his chest as I knelt in front of him. Louis knelt behind me as his hands ran up my back to my hair. He pulls my hair out of it pony tail and moves it to other side of my neck. He started to kiss my neck and his hands massaged my breasts. I moaned at his touch as I started grinding against him. I wrapped my arm around the back of his neck as I grabbed the back of his hair. One of Louis hands ran down my body to my knickers. He started to rub me threw them as he kissed under my ear. I grabbed his thigh with my other hand, “remember no holding back babe,” Louis whispered in my ear. He started to play with my button threw my knickers and I moaned. Louis ran his finger up and down my core, “you soaked babe,” Louis smirked. He slowly puts his hand down the front of my knickers. He slowly plays with my button, “oh god,” I moaned. Louis kissed along my shoulder as he kept the same pace, “I’m going to put a finger in now,” he tells me. I nodded my head as he slowly put a finger in me. He slowly move his finger in and out of me, “can I try two again?” he wondered.

“Yes,” I puffed. Louis takes his finger out and then slowly put two fingers in me. It started to hurt a little bit as he stretched me, “it ok,” he cooed. He didn’t move until I adjusted to his finger, “please move them,” I begged. Louis slowly moves them in and out as the pain turn in to pleasure. I could feel him in me, “does it feel good babe?” Louis groaned. I nodded my head as he grabbed one of my breast. We started to move up and down a little as I grinded against him. Louis curled his fingers in me and I moaned loudly. I felt Louis smiled, “I found your g-spot,” he says. He does it again and again, “fuck,” I whispered. Louis started sucking on my sweet spot as his thumb started to play with my button. I felt my legs shake a little bit and I couldn’t help, but scream his name a little. Louis kissed up my neck to my lips, “you’re really enjoying this,” he smirked before he kissed me. I threw my head back onto his shoulder as I felt my core tighten. I wanted to hold on a bit longer since it felt great. Louis pinched my nipple, “cum for me baby, because you’re going to cum for me again,” Louis tells me. I felt Louis fingers rub against my g-spot as his other hand played with my button. I couldn’t hold it any longer as I came onto his fingers and screamed his name. Louis kept going as I rode out my high, “fuck you really enjoyed that,” he says. Louis wrapped an arm around my before I could fall down in front of him. He held me as I caught my breath, “you ready for round two?” he asked. Louis turned me around to face him as he wrapped my legs around him. I moaned as I felt his member against my core, “I want you to ride me,” he tells me.

“Ok,” I whispered. Louis laid down on his bed after taking his boxers off. I started grinding against his member slowly, “fuck,” I puffed. Louis ran his hands down my thighs as I placed my hands on his chest. I kept my pace as Louis started to moaning, “bit faster babe,” Louis groaned. I got a little bit faster as I moved my hands down his abs. I play with the tip of his member with my fingers as I felt his pre-cum. I watched Louis as I kept going, “fuck,” Louis groaned. He flipped us over so I was underneath him. He started to grind against me as he kissed me. I already felt my core tighten again, “fuck Lou I’m already close again,” I tell him. Louis grabbed my hand and pins it above my head as he entwines our fingers together. He started to kiss down my neck, “just a little bit longer,” he groaned. I wrapped my other arm around his back as he got faster and harder. I dug my fingers into Louis back as he kept going. I felt his member twitch between my legs and I couldn’t hold it anymore. We came together as he kept going, so we could ride out our highs. Louis fell on top of me gently before rolling next to me. He still had a hold of my hand, “come here babe,” Louis say as he pulled me to him. He wrapped his arms around me, “you alright?” he wondered.

“Yeah,” I say. I was still trying to come back down from my high and catch my breath. Louis ran his hand up and down my back, “you still want that shower?” he asked. I nodded my head, “just need a minute,” I tell him. Louis smiled as he kissed my forehead, “was it a bit much for you?” he questioned. I shake my no, “it just,” I started. Louis kissed my nose, “that was your first time cumming twice,” he smiled. I blushed as I nodded my head, “better get used to it,” Louis tells me.

He kissed me as we laid there for a while. He runs his hand threw my hair, “let’s go have that shower, so we can go to bed,” he says. He gets off the bed and picks me up. He take us to the bathroom. He puts me down near the sink and my legs felt sore. Louis turned on the shower before coming back over to me, “you alright babe?” Louis wondered. I nodded my head, “legs are just sore,” I tell him. Louis smirked as I turned around to look in the mirror. I noticed that I had a purple mark on my neck as Louis wrapped his arms from behind me. I ran my fingers over it and it was still sensitive to touch. Louis kissed my shoulder as he pulled down my knickers. I kicked them off before I turned to face him, “nice hickey,” I smiled. Louis kissed it, “I told you I would mark you,” he smirked. Louis moved us over to the shower, “now people know your mine,” he added. The water felt nice on my skin, “I think you like showers too much,” Louis says. I kissed him, “it a nice place to forget everything,” I admitted. Louis kissed my nose as I ran my hands down his arms.

After we washed ourselves Louis wrapped his arms around me from behind, “can we talk about something?” I wondered. Louis nodded as he kissed my shoulder, “I think your right,” I admitted. Louis turns me around to face him, “right about what?” he questioned. I looked down, “about getting rid of the hurt I feel,” I tell him. Louis pulled me close to him and kissed the top of my head. I wrapped my arms around him, “I’m not saying what we just did was to cover up the hurt, because it wasn’t. It just on Friday when my mother hit me and you lost your temper. I just wanted to feel something else,” I confessed. Louis kissed the top of my head again, “ok from now on. If I see you hurt and you tell me your fine. I’m not going to do anything sexual to you until you tell me what going on in your mind,” Louis tells me. I nodded my head, “thank you,” I say as I looked at him. Louis kissed me gently, “I’ll do anything for you,” he promised me.

When Louis and I finally got out of the shower and dry. We went into his bedroom, “um you didn’t get my stuff out of the car,” I pointed out. Louis smiled at me as he went into his wardrobe. He comes back out in a pair of black track pants, “here,” he say. He gives me a pair of his boxers and a black t-shirt, “I do have my own clothes,” I smiled. I started to put them on, “I know, but there something about you in my clothes that I like,” he smirked. I shake my head as I put on his t-shirt and boxers. Louis grabbed my hand as he led me out of his room.

We stood outside having a smoke, “we really need to go to bed after this. We have school in the morning,” he tells me. I smiled as I nodded, “what happening to my bad boy? He going to lessons now,” I joked. Louis smiled as he shook his head, “only to the ones you’re in,” he replied. Louis kissed me, “because you’re a great reason to go,” he added. He kissed me again before we finished our smokes.

We went back up to his room after Louis made sure everything was locked up. Louis walked over to his bed as I picked up the towels and put them in the bathroom, “oh babe. Your right next to me tonight. You made a mess of the other side of the bed,” he tells me. I felt my cheeks go red as he turned on his bedside lamp, “can you get the light babe,” Louis tells me. I turned his bedroom light off as he got into bed. He leant against his headboard, “you going to brush you hair?” he asked. I shake my head no as I came over to him, “come here,” he smiled. Louis pulled me between his legs and I noticed the wet patch on the bed, “did I do that?” I asked. Louis kissed the side of my head, “yeah. Well you did cum twice,” he smirked. My cheeks were still red, “you know that normal? If there isn’t a wet patch after what we did or sex. It means it was great,” Louis added. I looked at him, “but I don’t remember getting that wet this morning or last night,” I tell him.

“Well this morning was quick and last night I was not with it since I was drunk,” Louis admitted. I kissed him, “so from now on I’m going to leave a wet patch behind?” I questioned. Louis plays with my hands, “not all the time, but when you’re in my bed yes,” he tells me. I grabbed his hands as he was thinking about something, “so how many nights have we been in bed together?” he wondered. I started to think, “um this would be five,” I replied. Louis smiled, “and tomorrow I’ve known you for a week,” he says. I nodded my head as Louis rolled over so we laid down, “I’m so glad that you walked into Physics that day,” he admitted. I smiled, “I’m glad that I met you,” I say. Louis covered my body with his, “thank you for everything so far,” he whispered. He kissed my neck, “thank you for everything too,” I say. I turned my head to look at him, “goodnight hunny,” Louis says. I smiled as he kissed me, “goodnight sweetie,” I tell him.


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