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Chapter 6 – Drunk

Chapter 6 – Drunk


Once the movie finished we all got up and went into the kitchen, “ok us boys will set up outside around the fire. While you girls get the drinks ready,” Liam tells us. We all nodded, “oh and some snacks too please,” Niall added. I smiled at him, “but before we go let’s have a shot,” Zayn says as he grabbed a bottle of vodka. I started to remember Louis’s party, “I’m fine with my beer,” I say. Louis puts his arm around me, “do you remember my party?” he questioned. I nodded as I realized that Louis was the only one that heard me. He kissed my cheek, “now who being the girl?” he teased. I glare at him, “here,” Zayn says as he had two shots in his hands. Louis takes both, “she don’t want hers, because she don’t likes how it burns,” Louis tells him. Zayn smiled at me, “all alcohol burns sweetie. You just get used to it, but it up to you if you want to drink. I’m not going to push you into it,” Zayn tells me. I take my shot off of Louis, “Lilly Belle are you sure?” Louis wondered. I nodded, “like Zayn said I better get used to it,” I smiled. Louis gives me a confusing look, “so you’re not doing this because of us?” Louis questioned. I shake my head no, “because it party time,” I tell them. They both smiled at me, “90then let’s get it started,” Zayn smiled. We all raised our shot glasses, “let’s party!” Niall shouted. We all clink our glasses together before drinking our shots, “drink some of your beer it should help,” Louis tells me. I drink half of my beer to stop the burning, “how can you do that?” I asked.

“Because I’m a big boy,’ he smiled. I rolled my eyes, “if you say so,” I smiled back. Louis kept his smile on his face even after I rolled my eyes which was a good sign. Louis pulled me close to him, “you make me think that you want to get punished,” he whispered in my ear. I bit my bottom lip waiting for what he was going to do to me. I knew he wasn’t mad at me by the way his smile turned into a smirk, “what are you going to do?” I asked him. Louis licked his lips, “go take your knickers off and hand them to me. You can go commando tonight,” he tells me. I give him a small nod, “go do it now,” he added.

I quickly went to the bathroom and took my knickers off. When I came out after putting my pants back on Louis was waiting for me. He was smiling at me, “here you go,” I smiled. As I was handing him my knickers Louis pulled me to him. He runs his hand down my back to my bottom, “just making sure,” he smiled as he gave it a light squeeze. I shake my head as I smiled, “I think you just wanted to cop a feel,” I say. Louis moved his face in closer as he hovered of my lips, “maybe I did, but don’t lie that you don’t enjoy it when I touch you,” he whispered. Only centimetres separated our lips and all I had to do was move a little bit. Louis must have read my mind since he pulled back with a smile on his face, “no kisses,” he tells me. He puts my knickers in his pocket, “tonight going to be fun,” he says as he walked away.

I walked back into the kitchen to find Perrie getting all the beers out of the fridge. I noticed that she had two tubs next to her, “can you get the ice out of the freezer,” she tells me. I get out four bags of ice from the freezer, “put two bags in each tub,” she added. I did what she told me, “is everything alright Lil?” she asked me. I nodded yes, “it just you look a bit flustered,” she points out. I bring my hands up to my face, “I’m guessing Louis did something to you,” Perrie smiled.

“What he didn’t do,” I sighed. Perrie raised her eyebrows, “already playing that game and I thought Louis couldn’t keep his hands off of you. It won’t last long sweetie before he gives into you,” Perrie tells me. I smiled, “so my suggestion is to make him want you. I don’t think it take a lot with him, so just flirt,” she added. I nodded as she started handing me the beers to put in one of the tubs, “I’m guessing you play that game with Zayn,” I say as I put the last of the beer in the tub. Perrie smiled at me, “we do, but Zayn don’t last long,” she tells me. I smiled as I grabbed snacks out of the cupboard for Niall. Perrie put the bottle of vodka and some new shot glasses in the second tub, “that a big tub for just one bottle,” I say. Perrie smiled as she walked over to the fridge and gets out more different types of alcohol, “that a lot of alcohol just for us,” I added.

“We won’t drink it all. It just well all have our favourite poison,” she tells me. I take the bottles off of her and put them in the tub. Then she started handing me bottles of water, “there are just in case you want to slow down,” she says. I shake my head as I read my nickname that Louis gave me on one of them. I show Perrie the bottle, “I don’t think Louis wants me drunk,” I smiled.

“Who said it was Louis?” Perrie questioned. I point to my name, “he the only one that calls me Lilly Belle,” I pointed out. I put the bottle in the tub, “ladies are you ready to party?” we heard Liam ask. We both look at him, “yep all ready,” Perrie smiled. Liam holds up my phone, “your mother been calling you,” he tells me. He gives me a worrying look which mean he seen that I put bitch after her name. I smiled at him as I took my phone off of him, “thank you. I’ll be right back,” I tell them.

I ran up the stairs to Louis and I bedroom and shut the door behind me. I called my mother, “hello,” I say as she answered the phone. I wonder what she wanted since she didn’t want to see me this weekend, “where are you?” she asked me. She was calm as she was talking, “out with some friends,” I replied. She starts laughing, “you have friends that’s a good joke,” she says. I rolled my eyes, “I actually have six friends,” I snapped at her. She mumbled something, “I have to go my friends are waiting for me,” I tell her. I hung up my phone as Louis came in, “you alright? Perrie told me that your mother was calling you,” he asked as he hugged me. I nodded yes as I threw my phone onto the bed, “you sure?’ he questioned. I looked down as I hugged him back, “I just might get into trouble tomorrow when I go home, because I didn’t keep my mouth shut again,” I admitted. Louis hugged me tighter as he rested his chin on the top of my head, “it ok. I won’t let her hit you again,” he reassured me. He kissed the top of my head, “do you want some time?” he asked me. I shake my head no, “I’m fine,” I tell him as I looked at him. Louis goes to kiss me, but I moved away from him, “two can play that game,” I smiled. He smiled as he shook his head, “do you really want to play that game with me?” Louis questioned. I nodded, “can I still kiss you now and we start after?” he wondered.

“You already have,” I say. I started to walk to the door, however Louis pulls my back to him. He runs his hands down my arms, “you know I will win,” he whispered in my ear. It sent shivers down my back, “I don’t think so,” I tell him. I pushed my body into him more and he groaned a little, “see,” I smirked. Louis grabbed my hips, “I see you like to play dirty,” he growled in my ear. He lightly nibbles on my ear lobe and I bit my bottom lip. I move away from him before he could do anything else, “better get to that party,” I say trying to not to sound effected by him. He smiled at me as I grabbed my runners from my bag and put them on with my socks. Louis kept smiling at me, “yes let’s get to that party,” he says. The way he said it made me think he was up to something.

We get down stairs, “I need to get my jacket out of your car,” I tell him. Louis smiled at me, “already got it,” he tells me as he pushed me outside. He grabbed my hand as he took me over to the fire pit. Perrie and Zayn looked at me to see if I was alright. I smiled at them to say that I was alright and they smiled back at me. Louis helped me put my jacket on, before running his hands down my back to my bottom. He gives it a light squeeze as I walked away from him. I sit between Liam and Niall, “you know you don’t have to sit with us. Harry not here,” Niall pointed out. I smiled at him, “I know,” I say. Louis sits down next to Liam, “she alright between you two,” Louis tells them. Liam hands me a beer after he opened it for me, “here you go sweetie,” he smiled. I drink some, “I heard we are playing truth or dare,” Liam says. I gave him a small nod, “and that you think it’s a kid’s game Lil,” he added. I nodded again, “you won’t think that when you play it with us,” Niall smirked. I shake my head as I drank some of my drink, “but we won’t play until we all had a couple of drinks. It makes it more fun when we are tipsy, because we don’t hold back,” Zayn tells me. I smiled at him as we started to talk.

It was nice to learn new things about them. They all know how to play a little bit of the guitar, but Niall the top player. Liam and Louis know how to play the piano since Louis taught Liam a little bit. They are all in a band together at school in music and they all sing. They all write their own songs and record them too. I also found out that Zayn and Liam are the only boys in the family and that they have sisters. Niall has only has a brother while Perrie has a brother and a step sister. I already knew Louis had five sisters and that only one stays with him. I only told them about my dad death and Louis, Zayn and Perrie where happy that I didn’t mention my mother.

After we talked about our home life and had couple more drinks. Liam thought it was a good time to play truth or dare since we were all a bit tipsy. Zayn went first with a truth question, “have you ever imagined Perrie and Lil doing it?” Niall asked him. Zayn smiled, “doing what?” he asked back. Niall raised an eyebrow, “having hot lesbian sex,” Niall explained. I wasn’t shocked that Niall asked this question to Zayn. I notice Louis move in his seat as Zayn looked at Perrie than to me. The smile on his face got bigger, “I have,” he admitted. Perrie started to laugh, ‘maybe your wet dreams may come true,” she tells him. I smiled as they both looked at me, “maybe,” I say. It was Louis turn and he choose dare, “take off all of you clothes part from your boxers, because we don’t need to see that. Lil might, but we don’t. Oh and you must stay like that until your next turn,” Liam tells him. Louis stated to take his clothes off in a strip tease. I knew he was doing it to get me off and it was working. I looked at Perrie and she mouthed ‘be strong’ and I smiled at her. When I looked back Louis was down to his boxers, “is it cold mate?” Zayn teased. Louis sticks up his middle finger at him as Zayn laughed. Louis sat back down as Liam choose dare, “I dare you to put a hand full of ice cubes down your boxers until they melt,” Perrie dared him as she grabbed a hand full of ice cubes. Liam takes them from her and shoves them straight down his boxers. Liam starts to wiggle around, “fuck! That cold!” he yelled. We all started to laugh as he sat back down, “you cold mate,” Louis smiled.

“Yeah,” Liam laughed. It was my turn now and I choose dare since I didn’t want to answer a question. They all smiled at me, “ok I dare you to give Perrie a lap dance for sixty seconds,” Zayn tells me. I knew they are going to laugh at my question, “um how do you give a lap dance?” I asked. To my surprise no one laughed, “it simple your grind against me with your body both front and back. You also put your boobs in my face,” Perrie explained. I get up and take my jacket off before I walked over to Perrie. I lean in close to her, “if it helps pretend that I’m Louis,” she whispered in my ear. I started to grind against her the best I could. Perrie kept whispering things for me to do, so I followed her instructions. I knew sixty seconds was up, but the boys were enjoying themselves. So I stopped as Perrie grabbed my face and kissed me. I kissed her back, “I think Zayn wet dream may come true,” Liam laughed. I pulled back a little, “that should help you with your game,” Perrie whispered. I smiled as I walked back to my seat. I noticed Louis was staring at me the whole time as I put my jacket back on. I sat down as Niall choose truth, “I think Lil should ask him,” Liam says. I thought for a second, “how big is your dick?” I wondered. Niall smirked at me, “about eight inches soft and ten inches hard,” he winked at me. I giggled a little bit, “need something to compare Louis with?” he added. I felt my cheeks burn at the memoires of what Louis and I did today on the bathroom. I try to shake the feeling, “you know I’m bigger than you Niall. So don’t act like it bigger,” Louis playfully snarled. Niall starts laughing, “it don’t look it from here,” Niall smirked. Louis started to laugh, “come on guys we all know I got the biggest dick here,” Liam says as he pointed down to his crotch. I shake my head as I looked at Perrie and she shrugged her shoulders, “guys let’s get back to the game, because we all know that I got the biggest,” Zayn smiled.

“Why did I ask that question?” I mumbled quietly. Liam puts his hand on my knee, “because you wanted to know,” he smiled. I smiled back at him, “or I’m not good at asking questions,” I tell him. Liam smiled turned into a smirk, “so Lil,” Liam started as he moved in closer to my ear, “have you seen Louis naked yet?” he whispered in my ear. I blushed a deep red and I couldn’t say anything, “I take that as a yes,” Liam laughed. I pushed him away before hiding my face in my hands. Louis noticed, “Liam what did you do to Lilly Belle?” Louis asked him in a stern voice. Liam smiled at him, “just asked her a question,” he replied. Louis gets up, “move away from her,” Louis tells him. Liam gets up and swapped sits with Louis. I looked at Louis as he sat down next to me, “you just wanted to sit next to me,” I smiled. Louis smiled back, “I don’t like it when Liam made you blush,” he admitted. I raised an eyebrow at him, “you know it was about you,” Liam interrupted. Louis smirked as I blushed again, “can we just get back to playing the game or do you like sitting around in you boxers?” I questioned. Louis grabbed my hand and moved it close to his crotch, “maybe you should warm me up,” he suggested. I move my hand away, “maybe you should do it yourself,” I tell him.

“I bet you would like to watch,” he whispered. I stick my middle finger up at him, because he was right. I looked at Perrie as she choose dare, “I dare you to lick Lilly Belle’s tits,” Louis smirked. I looked at him, “what with you boys tonight?” it like you want Lil and I to fuck right in front of you,” Perrie wondered as she stood up. She slowly walked over to me, “only trying to make Zayn wet dream come true,” Niall smirked. I looked at him, “probably your wet dream too,” I smiled at Niall. He smiled as he nodded his head, “probably all of ours,” he tells me. I shake my head as Perrie was standing in front of me, “now the bra is staying on,” I tell her. I heard all the boys groan including Louis as I took off my jacket. Perrie pulls my shirt off and wasted no time as she licked across my chest. For some reason I started to get the same feeling when Louis does it. I held back a moan since I remembered Perrie was doing it not Louis. Perrie licked up to my neck, “sorry,” she whispered. She put my shirt back on for me, “Louis left a mark,” she added. Perrie points to wear it is, so I had a quick look at the mark on my shoulder. I put my jacket back on as I stared at Louis, “you alright babe?” Louis wondered. I sat down in my sit ignoring him, “babe what did I do?” he whispered as everyone else kept playing. I look at him, “what happened to no marks?” I questioned. Louis smiled a little, “sorry I must have got carried away. You got to admit what we did in the bathroom was hot and I must have got lost in the moment,” he tells me. I bite my lip, “why didn’t we noticed it before?” I questioned. Louis shrugged his shoulders, “maybe because I have been used to seeing you with a mark on your shoulder from P.E,” he says. I slowly nodded my head as Louis grabbed my hand. He brings it up to his lips, “you know if you kiss my hand you lose,” I tell him. Louis smiled before licking my hand, “looks like we are still playing,” he smirked. I take my hand back and licked were he did. Louis looked turned on from my actions, “you ok Louis?” I teased.

“Fine,” he whispered. He turned his attention on to Zayn as Liam was telling him his dare, “you have to strip down to nothing. Then climb a tree and give us your best Tarzan yell,” Liam instructed. We all get up and go over to the closest tree, “don’t look babe,” Louis tells me. He covered my eyes, “why?” I asked him. I felt Louis chest on my back, “I think you had too much excitement already,” he whispered in my ear. I lean back into him, “or you just don’t want me to see Zayn naked. Just in case I want to complete his wet dream,” I teased. Louis uncovers my eyes and pulls my face towards him, “Lilly Belle I can tell that you only want me,” he seductively says. I look away from him so I don’t give into him and his flirting. I managed to turn around as Zayn was taking off his boxers. He had his back towards us, so I only saw his bottom, “you do have a better arse then him,” I whispered to Louis. He laughed a little bit to himself, “so I would still choose you, because I like some sort of arse,” I added. Louis runs his hands down my side then around my back under my jacket. He rest them on my bottom and runs his fingers up and down, “I like yours too,” he whispered. I was so focused on what Louis was doing I didn’t noticed Zayn up the top of the tree until he started yelling. I jumped a little bit as Louis laughed a little bit, “looks like I’m winning this game,” he chuckled. Zayn comes back down as I stepped away from Louis. I looked at Louis and he was pouting, but I knew what he was doing. So I smiled at him as I walked passed him back to the fire. I sit back down in my chair, “now since Louis changed sits. He got to wait to get dressed,” Niall says. Louis shrugged his shoulders, “so Li truth or dare?” I asked him.

“I want a dare from you,” he smiled. I started to think, “remember it can be anything,” Perrie tells me. I started to smile, “I dare you to kiss Niall and I’m not talking about a peck either. I want a full on snog,” I dared him. Niall and Liam looked shocked at me as Louis and Zayn started to laugh. Perrie smiled at me, “your evil,” Niall mumbled. I smiled at him, “I think you want us to kiss, because it gets you off,” he added. I kept smiling at him, “what if we don’t want to do it?” Liam asked.

“You have to do three shots of different types of alcohol,” Perrie tells them. Liam and Niall looked at each other, “I’m doing the shots!” they both yelled. Perrie starts to pour six different shots for them. Niall and Liam take one after the other, “fuck going to feel that soon, but it going to warm my junk up” Liam groaned. I started to laugh, “who would have thought Lil had a naughty dirty side. Oh wait Louis probably dose,” Niall smiled. Louis started to put his clothes on as he chuckled a bit, “warm again,” he smiled after he got dressed. He sits back down and looked at me, “it ok babe. I’ll take them off when we go to bed,” he winked. I smiled at him, “your turn Louis,” Niall says. Louis looked around, “I pick truth,” he tells them. Zayn smiled at him, “have you seen Lil naked yet?” he asked him. Louis plays with his lip ring as he nodded yes. I felt my cheeks burn, “today in the bathroom,” Louis says. I slap his arm, “ow babe. They knew,” Louis whined. I looked around at the others and they were smiling at me, “so how does she look naked?” Niall slurred. I looked at Niall, “are you really drunk now Niall?” I asked him. I was hoping to change the subject, “yes and Louis answer my question,” Niall slurred again. I looked at Louis, “I’m keeping that to myself, because if I start thinking about it I need to go inside,” Louis smirked. I hit Louis in the arm again, “it ok sweetie Zayn told us what Perrie looks like naked,” Liam tells me. I looked at Perrie and she just shrugged her shoulders, “they talk about us and we talk about them,” she smiled.

“But you never told me what Zayn looks like naked,” I tell her. She laughed a little bit, “because you haven’t seen Louis naked when we talking this morning,” she tells me. I smiled back, “we talk about it tomorrow,” she winked. I laughed a little bit, “we talk about it later too, because I don’t want to get hard and relive myself right now. Because she won’t do it for me,” Niall mumbled. Louis looked at Niall and he looked like he was going to pounce on him. I grabbed Louis hand, “his drunk. Let it go,” I tell him. Louis smiled at me, “yeah and it all your fault,” Niall pouted. Louis squeezed my hand, “how about we play a game of hide and seek in the woods?” Zayn suggested. We all look at him, “it should help to get some alcohol out of your system,” he added. We all agreed and I was happy, because it meant that I didn’t have to do another dare. Louis and Perrie were the seekers, so the rest of us split up and hid in the woods.

After a while I started to get scared of what could be out here. I got out from my hiding spot and as I did I felt an arm go around me. But before I could scream a hand covers my mouth, “babe it just me,” Louis cooed. I started to relax into him, “it ok. I’m here now,’ he added. I turn around and hit him in the arm, “don’t ever do that to me ever again,” I tell him. Louis smiled at me, “I’m sorry. I saw you starting to get scared, so I had to grab you before you ran off,” he apologized. I rest my head under his chin as I played with my fingers on his chest. He rubbed my back, “I didn’t mean to scare you,” he says. I looked at him as I calmed down, “babe I give up with this stupid game we are playing with each other,” Louis tells me. He kissed me and I kissed him straight back since I wanted to all night. I smiled as I moved my head back, “so I win then?” I smirked. Louis nodded his head as he kissed me again, “you win all the time with me,” he says on my lips. He kissed me again, but this time it was harder and with passion. I push him back a little so our lip break apart, “what about the others? Won’t they come look for us?” I asked him.

“Nope,” he says as he started to kiss my neck. I dug my fingers into his chest, “Niall and Liam are passed out and they are fine. Perrie and Zayn are getting some,” he added as he started to kiss the other side of my neck. I smiled, “so Zayn wanted to get some?” I questioned. I felt Louis smirk, “we both wanted to get some after watching you and Perrie,” he admitted. He runs his hands down my side under my jacket before pulling me against him. I noticed that he had a backpack with a sleeping bag attached on and I knew what he was up too. I play with the straps of the backpack, “so do you want to get some?” I smirked. Louis played with his lip ring, “I do, but remember our deal?” he questioned. I smiled as I nodded, “can we go somewhere else?” Louis asked me. I kissed him lightly, “ok,” I say on his lips. Louis grabbed my hand and entwines our fingers together, “can I ask what with the backpack?” I wondered. Louis smiled at me, “just stuff for where we going,” he replied. We started walking, “what kind of stuff?” I questioned. Louis smile got bigger, “just stuff,” he repeated. I stopped, “why won’t you tell me?” I pouted. Louis comes closer to me, “I do like it when you pout,” he says before kissing me. I smiled a little, “you’ll see what in my backpack soon. I promise,” he added. He pulls my hand so I started walking again.

We walked awhile, “where are we going?” I asked. Louis smiled at me, “just a place I like to go,” he replied. I smiled back at him, “do you take all the girls there?” I wondered. Louis shakes his head no, “you’re the only girl I’ve taken to the cabin and in my tree house too. You also be the only girl I’ve taken to my spot,” he admitted. I blushed a little, “you know how to make me feel special,” I mumbled. Louis pulled me to him and kissed the top of my head, “do you want a rest babe?” he asked. I looked at him and shake my head no, “you sure? Because you’re slowing down,” he pointed out. My legs were getting sore, but I didn’t want to stop. Louis takes off his backpack, “how about I give you a piggy back ride?” he questioned. I look at him, “what about your backpack?” I asked him.

“It not that heavy, so I think you can put it on,” he smiled at me. He puts the backpack on me and he was right it not that heavy, “now jump on,” he tells me as he turned around. I put my hand on his shoulder, “you sure that I’m not too heavy?” I asked him. Louis grabbed my hand and pulled me onto his back. I wrapped my arms and legs around him, so I don’t fall. Louis laughed a little bit, “you will never be heavy for me,” he tells me as he started walking. I smiled as I kissed his cheek, “so if I get fat you’ll still carry me?” I wondered. Louis laughed a little bit, “yep, but I won’t let you get as a big as house. Because I don’t want you to get sick and die,” Louis tells me. I kissed his neck, “I never be that big. I don’t want you have to go searching or the fear of you being crushed by me,” I say. Louis started laughing, “would you still want me if I got fat?” Louis asked me. I kissed his neck again, “yep,” I replied. I felt him smile, “but how are you going to play football if you do?” I questioned.

“I never stop playing footie, so that mean I’ll never get fat,” he replied. I kissed his neck again, “babe you need to wait kissing my neck, because you’re making my pants tight,” Louis groaned. I smiled as I kissed under his ear, “babe I’ll make you walk,” Louis moaned. Louis kissed my hand, “we are nearly there,” he added. I rested my head on his shoulder as I looked at him, “thank you babe,” Louis says as he gave me a kiss.

Louis carried me for a while until he stopped near the lake. I looked around and noticed the cabin on the other side of the lake. Louis puts me down, “did we walk all that way?” I wondered. Louis smiled, “yep. Well you walked over half of it,” he tells me. He takes the backpack off of me and puts it down next to a fallen tree. He walked back over to me and wrapped his arms around me. He kissed my forehead, “now I’m going to make a fire, but I need to go into the woods to get some wood. So are you going to be alright by yourself for a little bit?” he asked me. I smiled up at him, “yeah. Just don’t be too long,” I tell him. Louis kissed me lightly, “I won’t,” he smiled. He gave me another kiss before going off into the forest. I looked around and I could tell that he comes here with an old fire near the fallen tree. The ground near the fallen tree was flat and soft with bits of tree. It was on the edge of the forest just before the lake shore started. I looked up at the moon and it was shining bright. I walked over to the fallen tree and sat down on it. I started to wonder what Louis and I were doing on the other side of the lake. I know it Louis spot, but why does he come here? Maybe it to get away from the others. I don’t know the real reason why, but it was a beautiful place even at night.

I was lost in my thoughts that I didn’t hear Louis come back until he dropped the wood on the ground. I looked at him, “what were you thinking about babe? Because you looked deep in thought,” he wondered. I smiled at him, “just wondering why you took me here,” I tell him. Louis smiled, “because it away from everyone and I like it here,” he says as he stared to make the fire. I watched him closely, “babe can you bring over the bag?” he asked me. I take off the off the sleeping bag before I took it over to him, “um Louis why did you bring a sleeping bag?’ I questioned. Louis goes through the bag, “I thought we could stay here tonight,” he tells me. He pulled out a lighter, “but what about the others?” I questioned.

“Liam and Niall are drunk, because of you,” he started. The way he said Niall name made think he was angry at him, “Perrie and Zayn probably be fucking in the woods,” he added. It kind of felt Louis wished he was in Zayn place instead with pure me. Louis looked at me, “don’t you want to spend the night with me?” he questioned. The way he asked me made me forget that he wanted to be somewhere else. I looked at him, “I do want to spend the night with you, but aren’t we meant to be having fun with the others?” I asked. Louis kissed me, “we will later, but right now I just want us two,” he replied. He kissed me again, “why?’ I wondered on his lips. Louis smiled, “because I want to spend it with you and not with the fuckheads that drugged me,” Louis admitted. I could tell that he was still not happy about what the boys did to him. I kissed him to show him that I understood before I let him continue making the fire. I move back over to the fallen tree with the backpack. I sit back down on the tree and watched Louis as he started the fire. Louis and I have been spending a lot of time together since we got to the cabin. I do like spending time with him, however we are meant to spending time with everyone. Louis also hasn’t been the same since he stayed the night at my house. He been right next to me everywhere we go together. As I was looking at him he was so focused on the fire. I walked back over to him and wrapped my arms around him from behind him, “hey what’s up babe?” Louis asked. He grabbed my hands, “Louis is everything alright with you?” I wondered. Louis kissed my hand, “everything fine,” he says. I could tell that he was lying to me, “Louis please don’t lie to me,” I tell him. Louis let’s go of my hands and steps away from me, “it nothing, so just drop it Lilly,” Louis snapped.

“Fine Louis,” I snapped back. I felt hurt that he won’t tell me anything, “thank you,” he sarcastically says. I shake my head, “you’re unbelievable sometimes you know that? You know everything about me, but you won’t tell me anything about you. It unfair Louis that in this relationship you keep stuff from me,” I argued. I was getting so worked up, “this is not a relationship Lilly. This is just a bit of fun,” Louis spat. I felt tears in my eyes, “don’t you think I fucken know that. I was talking about our friendship,” I cried. Louis turns to me, “you know what Louis go fuck yourself,” I snapped.

I ran off into the forest to get away from him. I ran until I fell over something and hit the ground. My knees and hands hurt, but I felt worst on the inside. I sat there crying as I brought my knees up to my chest. I hid my face into my knees as I tried to calm down. I felt a hand go on my shoulder, so I looked up to see Louis. His face in the moonlight looked sad and lost. I pushed his arm away, “go away Louis,” I tell him. Louis sits down in front of me, “Lilly I’m,” he started. I shake my head, “save it Louis. All I wanted to know what going on with you lately, but you just push me away. I care about you Louis,” I admitted. Louis runs his hands over his face, “I can’t Lilly. I never been one to share anything. I know you tell me your secrets and I thank you for trusting me with them. It just hard for me to tell anyone anything,” he started. He moves closer to me, “I care a lot about you too. I’m sorry that it hard for me to talk to you about some stuff. I’m also sorry for snapping at you before it just what I do. I just push people away,” he admitted. I look at him as I grabbed hand, “do you want me to take you back to the others?” he asked me.

“Louis I want to know what wrong,” I tell him. Louis sighed, “please Lilly I don’t want to talk about it,” he begged. I grabbed his hand tight, so he couldn’t get away from me. Louis noticed what I was doing, “Louis you can trust me like I trust you,” I tell him. I moved closer to him so my legs were around him. I placed my other hand on his thigh, “do you think that I would have told you about my mother if you didn't find out?” I asked him. Louis shakes his head no, “Louis whatever is going on with you I want to be there for you,” I tell him. I kissed his hand before I moved in closer to his face, “Lilly,” Louis whispered before I kissed him lightly. Louis pulled me to him as he wrapped his arms around me. I straddled his lap, “you know you amaze me,” he says as he puts my hair behind my ear. I ran my fingers down his chest as he was thinking, “you know I live with my father?” he questioned. I remember him saying that his sisters live with his mum, “kind of,” I say. Louis started to play with his fingers behind my back, “well me and mum had a falling out a couple of years ago when I started to get into fights. So she sent me off to live with my father,” he began. He gripped my hips like he didn’t want me to move. He looked down, “mum and I only talked a little bit in those years. I found out on Wednesday that she was five months pregnant with twins to her new boyfriend. The boyfriend I haven’t met yet,” he continued. Louis looked up at me and he was crying, “it hurts that she started a new family and doesn’t want me anymore. I know I fucked up all those years ago, but I’m not that person anymore,” he cried. I hugged him tight and started to rub his back. I knew Louis doesn’t like to cry, but he really hurt by this. He been spending so much time with me, because I want him. He don’t feel left out when he is with me, “it going to be alright Louis. I’m here for you,” I cooed. I had to tell him that I wanted him in my life, “I don’t want to be left out anymore,” he confessed.

He calmed down before looking at me, “what do I do Lilly? I want to be a part of their lives again,” Louis asked me. I wiped the tears from his face, “show them you’re not that person anymore,” I tell him. He shakes his head a little, “I tried,” he says. I kissed him lightly, “then keep trying. If you really want to be a part of their life again you’ll never give up,” I tell him. Louis smiled a little, “your right. I just hope they see it the way you do,” he tells me. I hugged him tight, “I hope so too,” I whispered. I moved back a little, so I could see his face, “Lilly I know I asked a lot of you already, but can you help me with my family?” he wondered. I nodded, “I will,” I promised. Louis kissed me like he never wanted me to go away. We broke apart as I ran my fingers down his neck, “thank you for telling me,” I say as I kissed him lightly. Louis fingers play with my thighs, “it because I trust you like you trust me,” he admitted. I smiled at him, “well this is not how I imagined tonight to go,” he tells me.

“Well the night is still young,” I say. Louis raised an eyebrow at me, “so you want to go back to our private party?” I asked him. Louis smiled at me, “if you want too,” he replied. I stand up and held my hand out to him. Louis takes it as he got up, but didn’t let me help pull him up. He entwines our fingers together as he started walking back to his spot.

I kept looking at Louis as we walked and he seemed much happier now. I was not watching were I was going, so I tripped over something. Louis catches me before I fell over, “you need to stop looking at me and start watching were you’re going,” he smiled. I looked forward as we started walking again, “better?” I questioned. He laughed a little bit, “yep,” he smiled. Louis stopped as he pulled me to him, “you know you don’t have to be nice to me now. You can still be mad at me,” he tells me. I looked at him confused, “why would I do that,” I questioned.

“Because you’re cute when you’re mad and the language that came out of your mouth was hot,” he teased. I playfully pushed him, “and when you told me to go fuck myself,” he added as he ran his hand down his body to his crotch. I shake my head, “I was upset with you and all you can think about that it was hot,” I pointed out. Louis wrapped his arms around me, “I’m trying to make our argument seem like nothing, so we can forget about it,” he tells me. I shake my head again, “I already did, because you told me what was wrong with you,” I admitted. I kissed Louis neck, “and that not me getting angry. Things get thrown,” I added. I kissed the other side of his neck, “fuck,” Louis whispered. I unzipped his jacket as I ran my hands down his chest to the top of his track pants. Louis tried to grab my hands, but I grabbed his hands. I pin them next to his body as I kissed down his chest, “babe remember the deal we have,” Louis reminded me. I looked up as I smiled before kissing down his abbs. Louis got out of my grip and gently pulls my face up to his. He kissed me hard, “why do you have to be difficult sometimes?” he asked on my lips. I kissed him, “why do you have to be difficult sometimes?” I asked back. Louis picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, “I asked first,” he says as he gave my bottom a light slap.

“Because it makes life fun,” I smiled as he started walking. Louis shakes his head, “your turn,” I added. I smacked Louis bottom, “that very kinky hunny,” he tells me. I smacked his bottom again, “I want my answer,” I tell him. Louis laughed a little bit, “same reason as you,” he says as he smacked my bottom. I could tell Louis was smiling, so I stuck my hands inside his track pants. I gave his bottom a squeeze, “you do have a nice arse,” I tell him. Louis smacked me again, “get your hands out of my pants,” he tells me. I left my hands where they are, “babe,” Louis sternly said. I still kept my hands there, “why do I have to move them?” I teased. Louis gently bites my leg, “because I don’t want to drop you,” he replied. I gave his bottom another squeeze, “I will smack your bare arse if you don’t stop,” he tells me.

“Then tell me the real reason,” I say. Louis squeezed my bottom, “because you’re turning me on,” he admitted. I gave his bottom another squeeze before I took my hand out. Louis put me down and I noticed that we were back at his spot. Louis walked away from me, “you can wait now,” he smirked. He went into his backpack, “can you?” I questioned. Louis smiled as he pulled out a small bottle of vodka, “yep,” he tells me. He opened the bottle and takes a swig of it. He smiled as he handed me the bottle. I take a big swing of it before giving it back to him. I tried not to show that it burned as it went down, but I guessed Louis noticed since he smiled. He takes another swig before putting the top back on. Then he got out the sleeping bag and laid it on the ground in front of the fallen tree. Louis smiled at me as he sat down on it, “I get it now,” I say. Louis looked at me confused, “you want me drunk so you can have your way with me,” I added. Louis holds his arms out for me to come closer. I walked over to him and he pulls me down to his lap, so my legs were over one of his, “no. I never do that to you,” he tells me. He kissed my forehead, “so if I got drunk and asked you to have sex with me. Would you say no?” I questioned. I got comfy on his lap, “I course I would say no,” he replied. Louis kissed me, “are you really thinking about asking me to take your virginity tonight?’ Louis wondered. I bite my bottom lip, “I really don’t know,” I admitted as I looked down. Louis lifted my chin up so I looked at him, “why?” he questioned. I shrugged my shoulders, “I don’t know,” I mumbled.

“You must know,” he says. I sighed, “it just that I wonder what it like since everyone doing it. I still feel like I’m too pure for you,” I began before Louis stopped me. He kissed me lightly, “you not too pure for me and you don’t have to be like everyone else. Lilly I like you the way you are and I don’t want you to change,” Louis tells me. I smiled a little, “so you like boring pure me?” I wondered. Louis smiled, “yep and you’re not boring,” he says as he kissed me. Louis kissed my nose, “now no more thinking like this, because I keep saying no until you’re ready. Also don’t think about asking someone else to have sex with you,” Louis tells me. I run my hand down his neck, “why would I ask someone else?” I questioned. Louis plays with my thigh, “because you might get fed up with me saying no and think that I don’t want you. But I’m only saying no, because I want you ready. You know the first time normally hurts for a girl?” he wondered.

“Yeah,” I replied. Is Louis giving me the birds and bees talk? I learnt this years ago, “and another guy might not be gentle or think about you. All they are going to think about is getting there fucken dick wet,” he tells me. I slowly nodded, “I’m tell you this, because I don’t want you to have regrets. I’m not trying to scare you,” Louis added. I kissed him lightly, “Louis I want you to take my virginity, because I trust you” I promised him. Louis smiled a little, “it be an honour,” he says before kissing me. I place my hand on his face to deepen the kiss as Louis hand travelled higher up my thigh. I moved my head back, “so what do you want to do for the rest of the night?” I asked him. Louis smiled at me, “well I thought about playing a game,” he began. He started play with my track pants, “what game were you thinking?” I questioned. Louis smirked at me, “I tell you later, but right now how about we drink a little more?” he asked. I shake my head no, “I want to know what game you want to play,” I pouted. Louis puts my bottom lip between his lips and pulled on it gently, “don’t pout. I tell you when you have another drink of vodka,” he tells me.

“Why do you want me drunk?” I wondered. Louis kissed my nose, “I don’t want you drunk. I want you tipsy, so when I tell you my game you don’t look at me funny,” he admitted. I kissed his nose, “is it a sexual game Louis?” I questioned. Louis nodded his head slightly, “you do know that I don’t care anymore?” I asked. Louis looked a bit shocked, “ok. Zayn told me that he and Perrie play a game were they watch porn together,” he started. I slowly nodded, “and the first one to touch themselves or the other person loses. The winner gets to do whatever they want to the other person,” Louis finished. I play with my fingers, “so you want to watch porn together?” I wondered. Louis played with his lip ring with his tongue, “I don’t know. I thought it be a good way for you to watch porn for the first time. I know a lot of people say porn bad, but there are romantic and female friendly porn,” Louis rambled. I kissed him, “I understand and it not a bad idea. It just that I feel like I would ask too many questioned tho,” I tell him. Louis kissed me, “I would be surprised if you didn’t. We don’t have to play the game if you don’t want to,” Louis tells me. I looked down and smiled, “you know you would win,” I say as I looked back at him. Louis smiled, “don’t be so sure. Um do you want to try it now, later or a completely different day?” Louis asked me. I bite my bottom lip, “um maybe later, but can I please have a drink?” I smiled. Louis leaned over to his backpack and grabbed out the bottle of vodka, “I do have water too,” he tells me. I take the bottle of vodka off of him and drink some, “you know you don’t screw your face up that much when you drink it now,” he tells me. I smiled at him as I handed him the bottle. He drinks some before putting the top back on and putting it next to him. He pulls his backpack closer, “what you doing now?” I asked him.

“Just grabbing out my smokes,” he replied. I move to sit between his legs, so my legs where in front of me. Louis gets a smoke out and lights it up before handing it to me. I lean my head back to look at him, “thank you,” I say. Louis kissed me, “don’t worry about it,” he smiled. I look forward at the fire as I took a drag of my smoke. Louis lit one up for himself before putting his packet down next the bottle of vodka. Louis wrapped one of his arms around me, “why did you move?” he asked me. I looked at him, “because you must have been uncomfortable,” I replied. Louis shakes his head no as he took a drag of his smoke, “I was warm tho. Now feel cold where you were,” Louis pouted. I shake my head, “girl,” I teased. Louis crossed his arms as he continued to smoke and so did I. Louis didn’t say anything, but I felt him glaring at me. We finished our smokes and threw them in the fire, “you alright Louis?” I asked. He still didn’t say anything, so I leaned into him. He didn’t move, “what wrong sweetie?” I questioned as I ran my hands up his thighs. Louis stopped my hands before I got higher, “I’m not a girl,” he pouted. I smiled, “you sure?” I playfully asked. Louis gently bites my shoulder, “ok you’re not a girl. You’re a cute punk man,” I say as I pushed his head.

“I’ll let cute side,” he smiled as he put his chin on my shoulder. He wrapped arms around me, “now what?” I asked. Louis plays with his fingers, “how about we play our own truth or dare?” he questioned. I nodded, “ok truth or dare?” he asked me. I play with his fingers, “truth,” I says. Louis grabbed my hands, “what was it like to kiss Perrie?” he wondered. I smiled, “soft,” I replied. Louis laughed a little bit, “soft?” he questioned. I nodded, “she don’t have facial hair like you,” I says as I ran my fingers over Louis stubble. Louis smiled, “do you want me to shave more?” he asked. I shake my head no, “I like it,” I tell him. Louis rubbed his face against mine, “your turn truth or dare?” I asked him. Louis rest his face against mine, “um. Truth,” he replied.

“Did you get turned on as Perrie licked my chest?” I wondered. Louis kissed my cheek, “very, but it looked like you wear enjoying it tho,” he smiled. I smiled, “I was,” I tell him. Louis kissed my neck, “that because you were thinking about me. I could tell since you held back a moan,” Louis smirked. I blushed as Louis kissed my neck again, “your turn now,” he whispered in my ear. He kissed under my ear, “dare,” I say. I felt Louis smirk, “I dare you to have some vodka from my mouth,” he tells me. I turned around to face him as he picked up the bottle of vodka, “don’t forget you got to swallow it,” he added. He puts some vodka in his mouth and I moved closer to him. I opened my mouth as Louis wrapped his arms around me so I leaned back. He slowly puts the vodka in my mouth until it was all gone from his. I swallowed, “now that was interesting,” Louis says before he kissed me. Louis pulled me close to him, “that was a lot of vodka,” I say. Louis laughed a little bit, “are you saying I have a big mouth?” Louis smiled. I nodded, “but I like it,” I say as I ran my finger over his lips. Louis kissed my fingers, “you know it your turn,” I tell him.

“Dare,” he says. I poke his chest, “are you just picking what I pick?” I questioned. Louis nodded, “I want my dare tho,” he smiled. I play with his jacket, “I dare you to have a mouthful of vodka,” I tell him. Louis shakes his head, “is that all? Just sounds like you want me drunk,” he questioned. I smiled as I nodded my head, “well after your dare I think you need to catch up to me,” I giggled. Louis laughed a little bit, “can you make it fun at least,” he pouted. I raised my eyebrows at him, “how?” I asked. Louis smirked as he grabbed the bottle of vodka, “straddle me babe,” Louis tells me. I straddle Louis and he undid my jacket. He lifted my top up, “now this might be cold,” he says as he took the lid off the vodka. He puts the bottle between my breasts before cupping them. He puts the top of the bottle in his mouth before leaning back. I brace myself on his shoulders so I don’t full on him. He takes a big mouthful before sitting back up, “now that was fun,” he smirked as he took the bottle. I shake my head, “that seem more of a dare for me than you,” I smiled. Louis pulls my top back down, “well maybe you should think of better dares then,” he tells me as he put the lid back on the vodka. I playfully push him, “the last time I played truth or dare I was twelve,” I tell him. Louis smiled, “I show you how it done then. Truth or dare?” he asked me. I smiled, “dare again,” I tell him. Louis plays with the bottom of my shirt, “I dare you to go skinny dipping in the lake,” he smiled. Louis runs his fingers over my stomach, “but it cold,” I pouted. Louis kissed me, “the forfeit is to drink more vodka,” he tells me. I stand up and stumbled, “I think you already had a lot to drink,” Louis says as he grabbed my hips. He stands up as he kept a grip on my hips, “I thought that what you wanted,” I smiled.

“So are you doing the dare?” he questioned. I nodded as I took my jacket off, “how about I help you?” Louis smirked. He takes off my t-shirt, “you know I thought you were going to dare me to watch porn,” I admitted. Louis raised an eyebrow, “sounds like you want to,” he says as he brought me closer to him. I play with his t-shirt, “well it is later,” I smiled. Louis kissed me, “ok then I change my dare,” he tells me. I shake my head no, “too late,” I tell him. Louis looked down, “what about if I do your forfeit?” he asked. I kissed him, “ok, but I get to put my clothes back on too,” I tell him. Louis pouted, “it fair,” I added. I pick up my t-shirt and put it on before I picked up my jacket. I put it on before sitting back down on the sleeping bag. Louis sits behind me, “forfeit,” I remind him. Louis picks up the bottle of vodka and takes a mouthful, “happy?” he asked. I smiled, “very,” I say. Louis shakes his head as he put the top back on. He pulls he backpack closer, “what else do you have in that bag?” I wondered. He puts the backpack in front of me, “I have my iPad, food, water, a change of clothes for us and something else,” he tells me as he gets out his iPad. I looked into his backpack and pulled out a tin. I remember seeing this tin in the tree house the night of his party. Louis takes it off of me, “maybe later,” he says. I take it back off of him, “or now,” I say. Louis looked a bit shocked at me, “really babe?” he wondered. I nodded my head, “just one puff tho,” he tells me. He grabbed the tin back off of me and started rolling up a joint. Louis lit it up and inhales some. After a little bit he blows out smoke, “you want to do it yourself or do you want me to do what I did last time?” Louis asked. I smiled, “I want you to do what you did last time,” I replied. Louis cupped my face with one of his hands as he inhaled some. He covered my mouth with his and I inhaled it. This time I only coughed a little, “getting better at this babe,” Louis smiled. He puts the joint down on the top of the tin, “now let’s get back to what we were doing,” he tells me. Louis moved the backpack away from us, “now are you sure you want to do this?” he questioned.

“Yep,” I replied. Louis puts the iPad on my lap, “now I just download some just for you,” he tells me. I kissed his cheek as he unlocked his iPad. Louis goes into his videos and he had a lot of movies in there. He picks one and the movie started, “you can tell me to turn it off if you feel uncomfortable,” he tells me. I nodded as I started to watch the movie and it was just a couple kissing. Not long after the movie started the couple was naked and giving each other oral sex, “um what level is that?” I asked. Louis moved a little bit behind me, “well the next level is touching and this comes after that,” he tells me. I nodded as I continued to watch the movie, “you don’t have to worry about it for a while,” he added. He kissed the side of my head as the couple changed position. They were having sex now and it was slow, but passionate. I started to get turned on by it, “babe are you alright?” Louis questioned. I nodded my head as I kept my eyes on the couple, “you sure? You’re moving around a little bit,” he asked. I turned to him and he smiled, “is this making you horny?” he wondered. I gave him a small nod as I felt my cheeks heat up. Louis kissed me as he stopped the movie and moved his iPad, “then let’s do something about it,” he smirked. I turned around to face him, “like what?” I wondered. Louis smirked as he started to kiss my neck, “let’s see what happens,” he says. His hands go under my shirt and he started to massage my breast. He pushed me down onto the sleeping bag as he kissed my lips. Louis leans over me as he pulls my shirt up to show my bra. He leaves a trail of sloppy from my chest to the top of track pants. He kissed just under the waist band of my track pants before leaving a trail up to my lips. Louis lifts me up a little as he unclipped my bra, “maybe we should get into the sleeping bag,” he suggested. I nodded as Louis lifted me up to him. I kneeled in front of him as he done the same. I pushed his jacket off and he did the same to him. Louis pulled my top off with my bra before kissing across my chest. I pulled his off before he stuck his fingers down the side of my track pants, “I forgot I took your knickers,” he smirked. I ran my hand down his chest, “sure you did,” I smiled as I stuck my hand down the front of his track pants to his already hard member. I slowly start to rub him threw his boxers. Louis dug his fingers into my hips, “Lilly you know the,” he groaned before I kissed him.

“Just shut up for once Louis,” I tell him. Louis smiled as he kissed me, “I like it when you take charge,” he says. He starts kissing down my neck as one of his hand moves to the front of my track pants. One of his fingers goes through my slit, “your already wet for me babe,” he smirked. He started to rub my button, “fuck,” I moaned. I moved my hand to under his boxers and run my fingers along his member. I slowly run my fingers along the tip and I felt his pre cum, “someone excited,” I teased. Louis smiled at me, “that because of you babe,” he tells me. I wrapped my hand around his member and slowly start to pump him. I felt him get even harder in my hand, “fuck it getting tight,” he groaned. I smiled as I took my hand out, “then let me make it better,” I tell him. I pull his track pants down with his boxers to his knees. I looked at his member which was standing up then to him. He was smiling at me, so I kissed him hard. As I was kissing Louis I wrapped my hand back around his member and started pumping him again. Louis pulls back, “babe can I put a finger in?” he wondered. I gave him a small nod as I kissed him again. Louis finger slowly enters me, “fuck,” I moaned. I got bit faster with Louis member and he slowly started to pump his finger in and out of me. Louis pulled me in between his legs, “faster babe. I want to cum first, so I can make you scream,” he tells me. I got faster as Louis kept the same pace with his finger. I could tell Louis was not holding back as I felt his member twitch in my hand, “keep the same pace even when I cum,” he added. I kept going even as he came in my hand. Louis stopped with me as he rode his high out and swearing uncontrollably. I slowed down when he was coming down from his high, “fuck that was good,” he smiled. He kissed me as he got his breath back to normal, “I haven’t forgot about you,” he says as I moved my hand.

“Good,” I smiled. I looked at my hand covered in his cum and I licked some. Louis smirked at me, “you do the hottest things,” he says. He kissed me hard as his finger starts moving in and out of me again. His other hand starts to massage one of my breast as I wrapped my arms around his neck. I let out a moan as he lightly pinches my nipple, so he does it again. Louis moved his hand from my breast to the top of my track pants. He slowly pulls them down to my knees as he kissed across my chest. I grabbed the back of his hair as his other hand started to rub my button. I hid my face into his neck as I kept moaning. I felt my core tighten, “cum for me babe,” Louis whispered. I looked at him as he looked at me and I kissed him hard. I moaned into Louis mouth as I came onto his hand. I bit down on Louis bottom lip as I rode out my high. I let Louis lip as I came down, “fuck babe,” Louis puffed. I rest my head on his shoulder as I caught my breath. Louis pulls me to him as he sat down and started to run his fingers over my back, “that was fun,” he says. I looked at him and noticed his lip was bleeding, “I hurt you,” I tell him as I wiped the blood away with my thumb.

“It alright,” he smiled. Louis tucks my hair behind my ear, “how about we go for a swim to clean up?” Louis asked. I nodded my head as I slowly moved back to lay down on the sleeping bag. Louis hovered over me before taking off my shoes with my socks for me. He pulls my pants off before undressing himself. He lays down next to me, “you alright babe?” he wondered. I smiled at him and I nodded my head. I sit up as Louis gets up before helping me up. He kissed me as he wrapped his arms around me. I smiled at him, “we better get into the water,” I tell him. Louis gets a towel out of his backpack, “you thought of everything tonight,” I say. Louis puts the towel on the sleeping bag, “I was really was going to make you go skinny dipping,” he smiled. He takes my hand and takes me over to the lake, “ready?” he asked me. I walked into the water and it was cold, “it cold,” I say as my teeth chattered. Louis joins me, “yep it cold. I think I just lost my ball,” he tells me. I smiled as I went in deeper and under the water. Louis followed as he wrapped his arms around me to pull me up out of the water. I wrapped my arms around him as I put my feet on the ground, “let’s get clean and get out,” he tells me.

“Please,” I say. I washed myself as Louis cleaned himself, “turn around,” I tell him. Louis turned around and I started to wash the back of his head to down his back. He turned back around when I was done, “now let’s get warm,” I smiled. I ran out of the water to the towel on the sleeping bag, “that not fair,” Louis pouted as I started to dry myself. Louis gets out our clean clothes from his bag, “babe can you please hurry up. It fucken cold,” Louis whined. I throw him the towel as I started getting dressed in dark blue track pants and a pink long sleeve t-shirt. Louis threw me the towel back after I got dressed, “your hair,” he tells me. I started drying my hair as he started to get dressed. When I finished drying my hair I noticed he was wearing grey track pants with a blue t-shirt. I walked over to him and put the towel on his head and started to dry it for him. When I was done Louis had a big smile on his face, “thanks, but oh no I did bring a hair brush so your hair is going to be messy,” he teased. I shrugged my shoulders, “don’t care right now,” I tell him as I picked up my jacket. Louis kissed my cheek, “good,” he says. I put my jacket on before sitting down on the sleeping bag. I put my shoes and socks back on as Louis added more wood to the fire. Louis puts his jacket on before picking up our clothes and putting them in his backpack. He sits down next to me and also puts his shoes and socks on. Louis picks up his iPad, “we didn’t even last ten minutes,” he tells me as he put his iPad away.


“Is that bad?” I questioned. Louis shakes his head no as he picked up his smokes, “you want a smoke babe?” Louis asked me. I shake my head, “no thank you,” I tell him. I didn’t want to keep taking smokes from him since I could never give them back. Louis lit one up and hands it to me, “babe it alright. I don’t care,” he tells me. I smiled at him, “but I feel bad tho,” I admitted. I take a drag as Louis lit up his own, “please don’t. I like sharing with you,” he smiled. Louis wrapped his free arm around me, “but I don’t share with you tho,” I tell him. Because I have nothing to give you, “you do, because it not things. Doesn’t mean you don’t share,” he tells me. I kissed him lightly, “like that,” he smiled on my lips. I kissed him again, “thank you,” I say. I leaned into Louis as we smoked our smokes. I still felt a bit cold from the water, “I’m cold,” I say. Louis unwrapped his arm from around me, so he could grab the bottle of vodka. He takes the lid off before he took a swing of it, “it should help,” he smiled. I take it off of him and have some. I started to warm up from it, “thanks,” I smiled back. Louis puts the lid back on and puts it back down. Louis throws his smoke into the fire and I do the same, “where did you find my top?” I wondered. Louis looks at my top, “with the rest of your tops,” he replied.

“You know it the only pink top I have. I don’t wear it normally,” I tell him. Louis pulled on my top, “why not? It makes you look like a girl,” he asked. I smiled, “I’m a girl,” I pouted. Louis kissed me, “I know,” he smirked. I kissed him again, “so why don’t you wear pink?” he questioned. I shrugged my shoulders, “it just the last colour I go for,” I tell him. Louis pulled me between his legs, “babe do you want to watch a movie?” Louis wondered. I looked at him, “it not a porno. I have Captain America,” he added. I smiled, “you boys and your superheros,” I say. Louis tickled me a little bit, “everyone loves superheroes,” he tells me. I giggles as he grabbed his iPad out, “you hungry?” he asked. I gave him a small nod as he put the iPad on my lap again. Louis grabbed out some chocolate bars and gives me one. Louis stands up behind me, “how about we get into the sleeping bag this time,” he tells me. I stand up next to him as he unzipped the sleeping bag. I kick off my shoes before getting in the sleeping bag. Louis does the same as he got in next to me, so I was closer to the fire. Louis grabbed his backpack so he could use it for a pillow. I rested my head on Louis shoulder as he put the iPad on his chest. He kissed the top of my head as the movie started. We ate our chocolate bars as we watched the movie, “do you think I’ll ever get as buff as him?” Louis questioned. I shake my head no and Louis pouted, “I like you the way you are,” I smiled. Louis kissed me as he wrapped his arm around my back. After a while I noticed Louis was thinking about something, “is everything alright Louis?” I wondered.

“Um can we talk about what we just did?” he questioned as he stopped the movies and turned the iPad off. I nodded my head yes, “do you know what we did was the next level?” he asked. I nodded my head again, “um do you regret it?” he wondered. I shake my head no, “Lou I know what we did tonight was something we talked about. I know we were meant to talk about it before we did it, but I don’t regret it. I know we had a lot of alcohol in our system, but I still remember what we did. I thought it was amazing,” I tell him. Louis smiled at me, “so did I,” he admitted. Louis rubbed my back, “how about we talk about this later? So I know that you’re sober,” he questioned. I kissed him, “I give you the same answer,” I smiled. Louis kissed me, “let’s watch the rest of the movie,” he says.

We were half way through the movie when Louis phone started to ring, “who can that be?” he mumbled. He stopped the movie before getting his phone out of his jacket pocket. He looks at the screen and his eyes go wide, so I quickly looked to see it was Harry, “hello,” Louis says as he answered it. He puts his phone on the ear closest to me so I could hear Harry, “Zayn said that you went on one of your walks. Is everything alright?” Harry asked him. Louis rubbed my back, “yeah,” he replied.

“You know you can tell me if something wrong,” Harry tells him. Louis sighed, “I’m fine,” he tells him. I got the feeling that Louis didn’t want to talk to Harry in front in me. I was about to get up, but Louis stopped me, “how about we talk later then?’ Harry questioned. Louis bit his lip, “yeah,” Louis replied. Louis started to rub my back again, “um Louis do you know what wrong with Flower? She locked herself in her room and not talking to anyone. Perrie just tells me she sleeping, but I think something going on,” Harry wondered. I was surprised what Harry just said, “she was very sleepy before I left,” Louis tells him. Harry sighed, “ok. I’ll see you when you get back,” Harry says. I feel bad that everyone is lying to Harry for us when we are the ones hiding from him. I didn’t know Louis said bye to Harry until he was putting his phone next to him. I rolled away from him to face the fire. I felt so guilty for running around behind Harry back. I could lose him, because I don’t want to tell him about Louis and I. Louis wrapped his arm around my waist, “Louis I think we should tell Harry,” I tell him. He pulled me closer to him as he kissed the side of my head, “I think so too. I’m sick of lying to him and now everyone else is too. He meant to be my best friend and I’m hiding from him,” Louis admitted. I turned around to face him as he kept his arm around me, “we both are. I used to tell Harry everything, but now I’m not,” I say as I felt tears in my eyes. I hid my face in his chest, “what if Harry forbids you to touch me?” I questioned as I looked at him. Louis kissed my forehead, “I would prefer not to see you, because if I can see you but not touch you. I think I’ll go mad,” Louis tells me.

“Really?” I asked. Louis nodded, “but I’ll sneak touches in class tho,” he tells me. I smiled, but it faded quick, “Louis I’m scared,” I admitted. Louis kissed my nose, “I am too,” he tells me. He kissed my forehead, “do you want to go back?” he asked me. I shake my head, “no,” I whispered. We heard his phone go off, so he picked it up. He looked at it, “Harry gone to bed,” he tells me. I looked down, “I think we get some sleep too,” he added. I gave him a small nod as Louis set alarm on his phone, “we need to get up earlier than I thought, so I can sneak you in without Harry seeing you,” Louis tells me as he put his phone next to him. Louis moved his backpack away, so he could put his head down on the ground. Louis started to rub my back as he was thinking about something, “what are you thinking about?” I wondered.

“Just how Harry will reacted when we tell him,” he replied. I run my fingers along his neck, “Louis are you going to leave me if Harry tells you?” I asked him. Louis grabbed my hand and kissed it, “yes, but I’ll will show him that your different and I hope he won’t make me leave you,” Louis tells me. I looked down, “so this could be our last night together,” I say. Louis pulled my face up to his as he kissed me, “we need to stop thinking like this. I hate how we made Harry a bad person since he’s not. We are the ones doing this behind his back. If he gets mad at us it will be our own fault not his,” Louis admitted. I gave him a small nod as I place my head under his chin. Louis rubbed my back slowly, “it going to be alright,” he whispered.

We laid there trying to go to sleep, but we couldn’t, “why do you want to be as buffed as Captain America,” I asked him. I felt Louis smile, “so I can be a hero,” he admitted. I kissed his neck, “you’re my hero,” I tell him. I looked at him and I could see the he was blushing a little bit, “how?” he questioned. I kissed him, “you saved me from myself,” I admitted. Louis looked a bit shocked at me, “you make me want to live my life,” I added. Louis kissed me, “you know you make me want to do something with my life. I always thought when I started to go to Eden my life was over. I thought I was going to work in a factory from nine to five, but then you showed up,” he confessed. I couldn’t help but smile a little, “it funny how life can change in less than a week,” he smiled. I kissed him, “for the better too,” I say. I rested my head on his shoulder, “goodnight Lilly Belle my princess,” Louis whispered. He kissed me, “goodnight Louis my superhero,” I whispered back.

We woke up to Louis alarm going off, “fuck,” Louis groaned. Louis moved his arm from around me to get his phone to stop his alarm, “why did I set it for seven?” he mumbled. Louis wrapped his arm back around me as I rubbed my eyes. I slowly opened them and the light was really bright, “five more minutes,” Louis whispered. I looked at him and he looked like he was already asleep again. I ran my fingers along his jaw, “please babe,” Louis begged. I smiled as I turned around to face the lake. Louis pulled me closer to him as he kissed my neck. I grabbed his hand and kissed it, “Louis we have to get going before Harry wakes up,” I tell him. Louis sighed, “ok I’m awake,” he says. I turned back around to face him and his eyes where still closed, “you sure your eyes are still closed,” I giggled. I poked his nose, “how can you be so awake?” he questioned.

“I don’t know,” I tell him. I kissed his lips lightly, “again babe,” Louis smiled. I kissed him again as Louis grabbed the back of my head to deepen the kiss. Louis rolled on to his back as he pulled me on top of him. I pulled back from the kiss, “you awake now?” I asked. Louis opened his eyes as he nodded his head, “good, because we got to get going,” I tell him. He shakes his head no and I nodded my head yes as I smiled. Louis smiled, “such a good girl sometimes,” he winked. Louis ran his thumb over my cheek, “so we tell Harry today,” he says. I gave my head a small nod, “I still wonder how he going to take it,” I mumbled. I rest my head on his shoulder, “I hope he will understand and we can keep going,” Louis tells me. He started run his fingers down my back slowly, “I hope so too,” I whispered. I kissed Louis lightly as his phone goes off. He grabbed his phone and looked at it, “Harry up and gone for a run. Liam up too,” he tells me.

“What are we going to do?” I wondered. Louis kissed me, “get going,” he smiled. I get off of him to grab my shoes, “if Harry gone for a run won’t we bump into him?” I wondered. Louis pulls me back on top of him, “Liam said he running to the left of the cabin which means his on the right side of the lake. Well for us,” he tells me. I smiled, “what if Liam meant the left side of the lake?” I questioned. Louis kissed the side of my head, “any way we still got to be careful,” Louis tells me. I nodded as I put my shoes on. I looked at Louis and he hasn’t moved, “hey bad boy you going to move?” I asked him. Louis smiled at me, “I don’t like to be told,” he playfully snarled. I hit his chest lightly, “move now or no more fun,” I tell him. Louis raised an eyebrow at me, “you don’t mean that,” he pouted. I nodded my head, “then that means we don’t have to tell Harry. That also means I don’t have to move,” he tells me. He rolls onto his side away from me, “well goodbye my cute punk,” I say as I kissed his cheek. Louis grabbed me before I could move away from him. He sat up as he kissed me, “I said no more,” I tell him on his lips.

“I’m a bad boy that likes breaking the rules,” he smiled. He kissed me again, “and I’m the good girl that like sticking to the rules,” I smiled against his lips. Louis kissed me again, “sometimes,” he smirked. I pushed him away before he could kiss me again. I get off of him and get my bra out of his backpack, “come back please,” Louis pouted. I ignored him as I put my bra on under my t-shirt, “that’s mean,” Louis added. I started to pack up, “well if you want to see me naked again. You need to get up out of the sleeping bag and get going,” I tell him as I looked at him. Louis was giving me the puppy dog look, “that don’t work with me,” I smiled. Louis kicked his legs out of the sleeping bag as I handed him his shoes. I kissed his cheek, “thank you,” I say. Louis put his shoes on, “you’re just lucky that I like seeing you naked,” he mumbled. He stands up, “you know I heard that,” I tell him. He smiled at me, “good,” he says. He put his phone and smokes in his jacket, before he started to roll up the sleeping bag, “Louis I really do hope he understands,” I admitted. Louis looked at me, “because I’m worried that Harry might not talk to you again and you need him,” I continued. Louis looked down, “I never wanted to come between you two. You both need each other,” I finished. Louis finished rolling up the sleeping bag and put it away. He attached it to his backpack, “I know,” he whispered. He put his backpack on before standing up. He held out his hand for me, “let’s get going,” he tried to smile. I take his hand and entwine our fingers together, “but I don’t want to lose you both. I knew I should have asked Harry first, but I was scared he was going to say no,” Louis confessed. I kissed his cheek as we started walking, “why do you want me so bad for a bit of fun?” I wondered.

“I haven’t really worked that out yet, but like I said yesterday you’re different,” he tells me. Louis started to play with his lip ring, “I know it not the answer you’re looking for, but it the only one I got,” he admitted. I gave him a small nod, “I don’t know either,” I tell him. Louis smiled as he let go of my hand to get his smokes out of his pocket. He pulls one out and sticks it between my lips and lit it up, “remember I don’t care,” he says as I take the smoke out of my mouth. Louis lights his own up, “thank you,” I say as I kissed his cheek. He grabbed my hand again after he put his smokes in his pocket.

After a while of walking and not talking I could see the cabin in the distance, “were nearly there,” I whispered. Louis stopped and pulls me to him, “I know,” he says. He kissed me hard and with passion like it could be our last kiss. After a while we pulled back, “I just had to do that,” Louis says as he caught his breath. I nodded as Louis got out his phone, “now let’s see where Harry is,” Louis tells me as he messaged Liam. Louis takes his backpack off, so he could take his jacket off. He puts his backpack back on and puts his jacket threw the straps. Then he wrapped his arms around me as we waited for Liam message. After a couple of minutes Louis phone goes off. Louis showed me the message:

He still out but you better hurry

I looked around to see if I could see Harry, but he was nowhere. I started walking again and Louis close behind me, “can I ask something?’ Louis wondered as he was right next to me. I gave him a small nod, “what so bad about Harry catching us out here?” he questioned. I sighed, “because we lied to him last night for one and everyone else did too. So if he catches us out here everyone going to be in trouble,” I explained. Louis gave me a small nod, “and it not everyone fault that we lie and do what we do,” I added. I noticed that we were closer to the cabin and then I noticed Harry running up to it. He started stretching, “I’ll go and distract him while you go inside,” Louis tells me. He kissed me before running off to Harry. I noticed Harry seemed surprised to see Louis as they started talking. Then Louis pulled him to the side of the cabin so Harry don’t see me. I quickly ran inside the cabin and ran straight into Liam, “good morning Lil,” he smiled. I smiled back, “good morning. I’ll be right back I need a shower,” I tell him. I ran up the stairs to mine and Louis room, but it was locked. I turn around to see Liam standing there, “you might need this,” he smiled as he held up a key. I ran over to him and kissed his cheek as I took the key, “thank you,” I say as I ran back over to the door. I unlocked it, “I’ll make you a cup of tea,” Liam tells me as he walked down the stairs.

I quickly had a shower and changed into jeans and a black t-shirt. I didn’t brush my hair again since I didn’t care, but my hair went curly. I walked down stairs to find Liam in the kitchen, “here is you cuppa,” he says as he hand it to me. I smiled at him, “thank you,” I says. I looked at my cup of tea, “is that your natural hair?” Liam asked. I take a sip of my cup of tea, “my hair is strange. It goes like this if I don’t brush it, but if I brush it goes straight,” I tell him. Liam laughed a little bit, “that is strange. I’m one to talk my hair in naturally curly like Harry’s, but I straighten it,” Liam tells me. I started to laugh, “now that something I’ll like to see,” I say. Liam started laughing, “if you’re lucky,” he tells me. After we stopped laughing I looked around, “there still talking,” Liam tells me. I nodded my head, “um thank you for everything Liam,” I telling him. Liam wrapped an arm around me as I put my cup of tea down, “and I am sorry that you all are lying to Harry,” I apologized. Liam smiled at me, “it alright sweetie, but I don’t think I can do it for much longer tho,” he tells me. I lean my head into his shoulder, “you won’t have to. Louis and I telling him today,” I tell him. Liam kissed the top of my head, “it going to be alright,” he reassured me. I heard the front door slam open, “Lilly Camellia Underwood!” I heard Harry shout. Liam gripped me tighter, “I’m here,” Liam whispered. Harry shouted my full name again, “Harry calm down,” I heard Louis says.

“You shut the fuck up Louis! You’re lucky I haven’t punched you again!” Harry yelled. I get out of Liam grip and find Harry near the stairs. He didn’t look happy when he noticed me, “Lilly are you and Louis fucking behind my back?” Harry shouted. I noticed Louis had a bloody nose which was probably from Harry. I noticed Liam standing behind me, “Harry I told you that we are not fucking. We are just making out,” Louis tell him. Harry turned around and punched Louis in the stomach, “Harry stop!” I yelled. I run over to Louis to see if he was alright, “for fuck sake Harry. Louis is telling the truth,” I tell him. Harry looked at me as looked at Louis nose, “you alright?” I asked Louis. He gave me a small nod as I kissed his forehead. I looked at Harry and he looked like he was trying to calm down. I go into Louis backpack and grabbed out my t-shirt. I start to wipe the blood off of Louis face, but his nose kept bleeding. So I held it there, “Lilly are you still a virgin?” Harry asked as was much calmer. I look at him, “is this why you hit Louis, because you thought he took my virginity?” I snapped. Harry sighed as he looked at the floor, “you think I’m that easy? That I just give it up to a guy I just met,” I spat. Harry rubbed the back of his neck, “no,” he says.

“So what you thought Louis would push me into it? You know he hasn’t and he won’t. I also can’t believe you put horny goat weed in his drink yesterday,” I snapped at Harry. He looked shocked at me, then he turned to Liam, “you told them!” he yelled. I could see Harry was not happy about us knowing what he did to Louis, “don’t you dare start blaming them. It was your fault not there’s. You know since I’m a virgin Louis been trying really hard to control himself. Then you go and nearly fuck it up for us,” I argued. Harry looked shocked at me, “well if you told me from the start I wouldn’t have done it!” he shouted. I groaned, “you shouldn’t done it in the first place,” I spat. Harry was trying to calm down again as he ran his hand over his face. He looked at us, “then why didn’t you both tell me?” Harry asked. I noticed everyone was up watching us, “Harry can we go outside?” I asked him. Harry nodded, so him, Louis and I went outside. I stood next to Louis holding my t-shirt on his nose, “Harry we didn’t tell you, because I told Louis not to,” I tell him. Harry looked at me, “why?” he questioned. I could tell he was hurt by it, “because you still see me as the little girl that left all those years ago. I’m not her anymore. I’ve grown up and doing things that I want to do,” I admitted. Louis takes the t-shirt from my hand and kept it on his face. Harry looked at the floor, “you’re also not that boy anymore too. We have changed in those years we didn’t see each other,’ I added. Harry kept looking at the floor, “I know,” Harry whispered. I hugged Harry, “you know this change is for the better. We are going to be adults soon,” I say. Harry hugged me tight, “I love you,” I whispered.

“I love you too,” he whispered back. I smiled as he kissed my cheek, “I know we have changed since we were twelve, but when I look at you. I remember the girl that always had her nose in a book on the lounge. It just we missed all those years growing up and now were both nearly adults. I want to know what happed in those years,” Harry confessed. I take Harry face between my hands, “how about we sit and talk about what happened in those years and catch up properly?” I asked him. Harry smiled at me, “I’ll like that,” he replied as he kissed my nose. We both turn to Louis to see him smiling, “what about him Harry asked. I wrapped my arm around him, “that up to you, but I got to say Louis is taking it slow and he also cares. You also owe him apology,” I tell Harry. He plays with his lips with his fingers, “ok. I’m alright with it, but if you do anything wrong. I will hurt you again. I know I said it when you told me about your fake relationship, but I really mean it Louis,” Harry tells him in a stern voice. Louis nodded, “if I hurt her Harry you can do whatever you want to me,” Louis tells him. Harry walked over to Louis, “I’m sorry for hitting you man. I just lost it when you told me about you and Flower. I just don’t want her to get hurt,” Harry admitted. He hugged Louis, “I don’t want her to get her too,” Louis tells him. I smiled at them, “oh just one more thing tho,” Harry started as he stepped back from Louis.

“And what that?” Louis asked. Louis seemed nervous as he kept my t-shirt on his nose, “please can you keep the kissing and touching down when you’re around me,” he tells us. Louis and I nodded, “and also do the others know?” Harry wondered. I looked at Louis, “yeah we do man,” I heard Zayn say. We looked at the door of the cabin, “I’ve been telling them both what to do and making sure everything alright,” he continued as he came towards us. I looked at Zayn to stop, “Harry what there are doing is nothing like you think. It like there fourteen,” Zayn tells him. Harry smiled so his dimples got deeper, “how did you find out?” Harry questioned. I shake my head and Zayn smiled at me, “Lil artwork. Then Perrie found out, because I knew something and the rest I don’t know,” Zayn replied. Harry laughed a little bit, “they never told us to keep it a secret. We just waited for them to grow some balls to tell you,” Liam says. I noticed everyone was standing at the door now, “I have balls,” Louis tells them. Everyone started laughing, “well now since that all out now. I have something to tell you all,” Niall started. We all looked at him, “I’m going back to bed,” he smiled. We all started laughing again, “I thought you were going to them about our secret relationship,” Liam smiled. We all started to laugh harder, but I knew they were trying to make fun of what was going on. When they didn’t have to, “you just told them,” Niall playfully snarled. He pushed Liam before running inside, “baby please don’t be like that,” Liam says as he ran inside. We all smiled, “oh Lou I’m taking Flower out for lunch,” he tells him.

“Ok, but what I’m I going to do?” Louis smiled. Harry smiled back at him, “use your hand,’ he joked. Louis looked at his hand, “might just do that,” he says. I shake my head as I started to walk back inside, “Lil are you jealous of Louis hand now?” Zayn teased. I smiled as I shake my head no, “I’m fine,” I say. I turned around to see Harry and Louis looking at me, “why does everyone look at me?” I asked. Perrie hugged me, “because you’re pretty,” she smiled. I hugged her back, “you’re pretty,” I tell her. I step back from her, “hey babe can you help me with my face?” Louis asked me. I smiled as he came up next to me, “now Lou are you jealous of Perrie and Lil?” Zayn smirked. Louis pulled me inside ignoring Zayn questioned.

Louis took me to the bathroom and I make him sit down on the floor, after he took his backpack off. I moved my t-shirt away from his face, “it stop bleeding,” I tell him. I put my t-shirt in the sink, “why do I always get blood on your red tops?” Louis wondered. I smiled at him as I got a wash cloth, “I don’t know,” I says. I run the wash cloth under the hot water, “and why you always fixing me up too?” Louis questioned. I kneel down in front of him, “you asked me this time,” I tell him. I started to wash the blood off his face, “it looks broken, but looks like a clean break. So it going to be swollen for a bit and you going to get black eyes,” I tell him. Louis smiled, “things I do for you,” he says. I kissed him, “thank you,” I say. I washed the rest of the blood off his face and put the wash cloth in the sink. I feel the sink up with hot water, “what are you doing now babe?” Louis asked as he got up. He wrapped his arms around me from behind, “getting the blood out. So give me your shirt please,” I tell him. Louis takes his shirt off and gives it to me and I put it straight in the water, “time to finish my cup of tea,” I tell him.

We walked into the kitchen and everyone was there part from Niall. I picked up my cup of tea and it was cold, “how does it feel to tell Harry?” Perrie asked me. I noticed Louis talking to the boys, “good, but Louis told him without me,” I smiled. She smiled at me as Louis came and stood next to me. Perrie walked over to Zayn, “can I ask why you told Harry without me?” I asked him. Louis licked his lips, “because I could see that you were really worried about it,” he replied. He kissed my forehead, “but everything going to be alright now,” he added. Louis wrapped his arms around me from behind. I looked at him as he put his chin on my shoulder, “is everything alright?” I asked him. He shakes his head no, “I told Harry about my mum and he told me the same thing you did,” he tells me. I smiled as I kissed his cheek, “it going to be alright. Everything going to work out,” I reassured him. Louis smiled at me, “but you need a shower,” I tell him.

“And you look like you need more sleep,” he tells me. I gave him a small nod, “I think I was so awake this morning, because we were telling Harry. But now it all done I can relax,” I admitted. Louis runs his fingers back and forth on my stomach, “why don’t you finish your cup of tea while I have a shower and we can go back to bed after,” he tells me. I gave him a small nod, “see you soon then,” he smiled. He kissed me lightly, “just be careful with your nose please,” I tell him. Louis ran off to go have his shower and leaves me with everyone staring at me. I noticed Harry smiling, “what?” I questioned. Everyone went back to what they were doing part from Perrie. She came over to me, “so Harry is really ok with this,” she says. I smiled as I nodded, “so now everything can go back to normal, but with some changes. It nice that everyone happy again and not worried about stuff,” Perrie smiled. I kissed her cheek, “I like how you’re happy all the time,” I tell her. Perrie kissed my cheek, “I like how you can be you,” she tells me. I lean my head on her shoulder as she wrapped her arms around me. I rubbed my eyes and looked at my cup of tea, “I’m going back to bed,” I tell her.

“But you went to bed early last night Flower,” Harry says. I turned to face him and by the look of it the boys where listening to mine and Perrie conversation. I also forgot that Harry don’t know that Louis and I spent the night on the other side of the lake. I smiled at him, “are you hangover from your shots last night Lil?” Zayn interrupted. I nodded slightly, “poor baby still not use to it,” Liam teased. I pushed Liam, “what about you? You had three shots since you and your boyfriend Niall didn’t want to kiss,” I asked him. Harry looked confused, “why was Liam kissing Niall?” Harry questioned. Perrie smiled at him, “we played truth or dare last night and Lil dared Liam to kiss Niall. But they forfeit, so they had to do shots,” Perrie explained to him. Harry smiled, “you evil. I don’t think anyone has dared any of us to do that,” Harry laughed. I smiled, “what can I say?” I smirked. Liam grabbed me, “tell us that you evil,” Liam smiled. I shake my head no, “I’m a good girl,” I say. Liam picks me up and throws me over his shoulder, “liar,” Liam laughed. I started to smack his back, “put me down Liam,” I giggled. Liam shakes his head no, “not until you tell us that you’re evil. The quicker you do it the quicker you can go to bed,” he tells me. Harry started to tickle me as Liam gripped me tighter, “ok, I’m evil!” I screamed. Harry stops, “good girl,” he says as he patted me on the head. I glared at him as Liam put me down. I stick my middle finger up at them as I left the kitchen.

I ran upstairs before they could come after me. As I walked passed Niall room I could hear groaning and small moans. I worked out quickly what he was doing, so I ran to Louis and I room. I closed the door and jumped face first into the bed. I landed on my phone, so I picked it up and saw I had five missed calls from Harry. I also has seven messages from Harry, Perrie and Niall:

Harry Styles
Are you ok?

Please talk to me :(

I got the last message three more times:

Perrie Edwards
Harry wants to talk to you. I told him that you’re sleeping, but he won’t stop. I think his a bit drunk xo

Niall Horan
You need to stop ignoring Harry he driving me crazy xo

I sighed as I realized that didn’t know I left my phone behind. I throw my phone next to me as I hid my face into the bed. I heard the bedroom door open, so I turn my head to see Louis. He was just standing in a towel, “hey,” I smiled. He smiled back as he closed and locked the door. I raised an eyebrow at him, “what? I want to sleep without them coming in,” he tells me. I shake my head as I rolled onto my back. Louis walked over to me, “I was waiting for you in the shower for some reason,” Louis says as he leans over me. I bit my bottom lip, “you told me to finish my cup of tea,” I smiled. He leans in closer to me, “so for once you did what you were told,” he smirked. I nodded as I pushed him back a little, “if you want some do it yourself,” I tell him. Louis looked a little shocked at me, “I actually mean it. I’m sorry it just I’m really tired,” I admitted. I run my fingers down his neck, “I understand,” he smiled before kissing my nose. He moved away from me, “you know Niall playing,” I tell him.

“How do you know that? Did you look?” Louis questioned. I shake my head no, “I heard him,” I replied. Louis smiled at me as I got off the bed and put my phone on the bedside table. I started to take my jeans off, “but you said no,” Louis smirked. I smiled at him as I threw my jeans on my bag, “I can’t sleep in jeans,” I tell him. Louis smiled as he walked over to me, “or bra,” he says as he unclipped it. He grabbed the straps under my t-shirt and pulls them over my hands, before going under my top and pulling it off completely. I smiled at him as I ran my fingers down his chest. I noticed a bruise forming on his abbs, “you took a beating today,” I say as I kissed his bruise. Louis smiled, “and it was all for you,” he tells me. I kissed him, “thank you again,” I tell him. He smiled as I walked back over to the bed. I got under the covers as Louis dropped his towel. I closed my eyes so I wouldn’t give into him. Louis gets in behind me and pulls me close to him. I could tell he was still naked, “Louis are you naked?” I asked him. I felt Louis smiled and nodded his head, “you said that you didn’t care yesterday,” he pointed out.

“I know I did,” I smiled. For some reason I felt like had too many clothes on. All I had on was a t-shirt and my knickers. I sat up to take my top off, “babe what are you doing?” Louis wondered. I threw my top on the floor, “well if you’re going naked, so can I,” I tell him as I looked at him. He wrapped his arm around my hips, “the knickers stay on,” he tells me. I nodded as I laid down facing away from him again. Louis wrapped his other arm underneath me across the top of my chest as he pulled me closer. He kissed my neck before resting his head there. I could feel Louis body against mine, “time for some sleep,” he whispered. I turn my head to him and kissed him. Louis smiled as he pulled back, “I think everything going to be better now,” he tells me. I smiled, “I think so too,” I tell him. Louis kissed me as he pushed me more into him, “go to sleep babe,” he whispered on my lips. I turn my head back and Louis puts his head back in the curve of my neck. Louis runs his fingers across my hips, “I never thought I would be naked next to you and have you half naked against me yet,” he mumbled against my skin. He left a trail of kisses on my neck to under my ear, “I never thought I’ll still have you next to me after this morning,” he whispered in my ear. I ran my fingers down his cheek, “I’m not going anywhere anytime soon,” I tell him. I felt Louis smile as he started to kiss my neck again. I run my fingers up the outside of his thigh all the way to his hip. I moved my hand to his member and started running my fingers along it. Louis nibbled on my earlobe, “what are you doing babe?” he groaned.

“I think someone got too much energy to go to sleep. So I want to release some,” I tell him. I turned around to face him and he had a smirk on his face, “now don’t be loud,” I tell him. I started pumping him slowly as I kissed his neck. It didn’t take Louis long to start getting hard in my hand. Louis dug his fingers into my back as I got a little bit faster. I let my fingers play with the tip of his member, “fuck babe,” he whispered. I kept pumping him and he was fully hard now. Louis moved his hand down my back and I stopped him, “no touching. This is all about you,” I smirked. Louis bit his lip as he moaned, “that not fair,” he puffed. I got a bit faster with him, “babe I’m going to fucken cum soon,” he tells me as he breathing was uneven. I squeezed a little harder as I got a bit faster. Louis member twitched in my hand and not long after that he came. I kept my pace as he was riding his high, ‘fuck,” he moaned into the pillow. I gave him a couple more pumps as he came down from his high. Louis laid there catching his breath, “that was amazing,” he says. I looked at him and his eyes were closed, “that was just for you,” I whispered before I kissed him. Louis moved slowly to grab the box of tissues on the side table. He cleans himself up and my hand before putting the tissues back with the used ones. Louis pulled me to him, “your turn now,” he sleepily smiled. I shake my head, “no. we are going to sleep now,” I tell him. Louis shakes his head, “after that I need to give back,” he says.

“Louis another time. Please go to sleep,” I begged since I was really tired. Louis smiled as I rested my head on his chest, “ok babe,” Louis yawned. He runs his fingers up and down my bare back, “we still need to talk about last night babe,” Louis tells me. I sighed, “I still stand by what I said,” I tell him. Louis kissed the top of my head, “so does that mean we are on that level?” he questioned. I nodded my head, “like I wanted the first day we started this,” I admitted. I could tell Louis was smiling, “but can we go to sleep or I’m going to go find another bed to sleep in,” I tell him. Louis wrapped his arms around me tight, “no,” he tells me. He kissed the top of my head, “goodnight babe,” he whispered. I looked at him and he kissed me, “goodnight my cute punk,” I whispered against his lips.



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