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Deficiently Obscure

Slow Dancing In A Burning Room

That night I couldn’t seem to fall asleep as easily as I was hoping, those blue eyes were invading my every thought. I was beyond surprised that he even remembered me from this morning; he was a busy man with a lot of things to do. I kept mauling it over in my head until I finally allowed sleep to overcome my aching and ever wandering mind.

I woke up with a jolt as my alarm clock blared at me signaling it was time to get up. I quickly slipped into a pair of light wash jeans and a warm dark blue sweater; I hurried a brush through my disastrous red main and rushed out the door. The morning air hit me like a cold slap to the face and I was not happy about it. I locked my door and rushed to the café.

This morning wasn’t going my way. I had spilled three coffees, one of the machines went down, Sandra called in sick and my boss was in a foul mood. It was nearing my time to get off and I couldn’t be happier. My classes had been cancelled for the day so I was looking forward to some down time. I got home and spent time doing the homework I hadn’t finished the day before and then spent the rest of my time listening to music and messing around on google until I was too tired to function.

A week and a half had passed since my simultaneous run in with Louis and I had to admit after thinking about it the man terrified me beyond all belief. He was intimidating, intelligent and just too model-esque for his own good. I had been daydreaming about his beautiful blue eyes for a few days; they seemed to haunt me no matter where I was. I felt like half the time I could feel them on me even though I knew that was impossible. I finished closing the shop, it was a Friday. I didn’t have class on Fridays so I could always close the café which made everyone else happy because it meant they got to go out and party.

I locked the door and cursed myself for not wearing something warmer. It was awfully chilly, I quickly hailed a cab and headed home just ready to pass out. I did just that when I got home, I knew I had homework I should be working on but I was beyond exhausted and I had all weekend. My slumber was interrupted around midnight when my phone started going off. I blindly grabbed for it in the dark of my room wanting the light and sound to stop.

“Hello?” I asked confused as to who would be calling me right now.

“F-aye” she slurred and I knew exactly who it was.

When I first moved into my flat I met a girl named Moni, she lived in a really nice complex up the road from me, and she was a London socialite basically. She had a class with me and we became quick friends considering I really had no one here. Every now and then after a break up when she would go out she would call me drunk and crying because she was depressed and lonely and wanted someone to pick her up from the club she had somehow wound up at. I didn’t mind though, she was sweet just she had bad taste in men and in friends generally. They would go out with her, get her drunk, take advantage of her social standing and who she knew and then ditch her after getting what they wanted. She liked me because I wanted nothing to do with her other friends, I was there for her.

“Where are you at M?” I asked quietly trying not to let the sound of sleep creep out of my voice.

She gave me a destination and told me she put my name on the list so I could easily get in. I slipped on a pair of black tights and a black ridged skirt with a dark blue sweater. I didn’t know what to do with my crazy red hair so I tossed it carelessly into a messy bun on top of my head and called it good too tired to do anything else really. I grabbed my black heeled boots and slid into my grey pea coat and hurried out of my door the cab I had called minutes ago outside waiting.

I pulled up to the club she was out and it look posh, I was starting to sound like I had lived in England my whole life which made me smile a bit, the only dead giveaway was my lack of British accent. I smiled to the bouncer who looked at me oddly, probably because I was dressed too sensibly to be at a club like this. I walked to the V.I.P. room where Moni said she would be looking at me. The guy at the rope looked at me incredulously but I just shrugged and told him my name and he reluctantly let me through. I spotted her sitting on a cushion but what I didn’t expect was her to be talking to Louis Tomlinson who sat in a chair across from her with a beautiful blond next to him.

“Faye” He said as if tasting the name on his tongue.

“Mr. Tomlinson” I replied to him and taking a seat next to Moni who was smiling.

“You can call me Louis sweetheart” he added with a smile.

The blonde stared at me hard but then smiled, probably because she realized I was no threat especially next to her. She had a cream colored dress on that hugged her small long legged frame, definitely much taller than me, she had pure green eyes and perfect plump red lips. I was almost jealous of her natural beauty, she was a natural beauty queen.

I nodded my head at Louis.

“So what are you doing here, no offence but this doesn’t really feel like your scene” The blonde asked.

“How rude Celine, she got out of her comfy bed to probably come get me because I drunkenly called her forty five minutes ago and I’ve sobered a bit now, Louis this is my best friend Faye who you have obviously already had the pleasure of meeting”

Moni had spoken up for me and I was beyond happy for that because I wouldn’t know what to say. Louis just smiled and it seemed to brighten more with each moment. I still felt uncomfortable around him which I think he liked, it probably fueled his ego a bit. I decided to take off my coat as it was unbearably hot in here and I knew I wouldn’t be leaving for a bit as Louis, Celine, and Moni continued their conversation they were obviously having before I arrived. I sat and listened not really in the mood for talking considering I was still tired and Louis made me uncomfortable I could feel his eyes drift over me every now and then.

Moni and Celine were having a heated argument and had moved closer to each leaving Louis staring at me.

“Do I make you uncomfortable Faye?” he asked suddenly.

I froze for a second.

“A little honestly” I replied.

He chuckled at my reply, clearly amused by my honesty. He looked me over for a second, probably deciding what about me looks worse, I kind of wished I had looked in the mirror before I left. Normally when I pick Moni up all I do is keep her from going home with some random guy and then we get some food and we go back to my place and she sleeps off her hangover and then we watch movies all day and gorge ourselves on take out.

“You look lovely tonight, even with your lack of effort” He said casually.

I didn’t know whether to take it as a compliment or an insult so I just paused a sec and said thanks questioningly. He chuckled at this and I blushed slightly, I didn’t know what to think of him.

“I’m having a party tomorrow night and I want you to come with Moni” he told me.

I shook my head trying to think of an excuse, I really didn’t have one I could say I have to work.

“Before you try to back out I can call your work, you will have no previous engagements and you will be there promptly at eight as you will be my date for the evening.” He said in an authoritative tone.

“What if I don’t want to be your date” I asked quietly.

He chuckled darkly.

“Did that sound like I was asking you Faye? Because it was really more of a demand and as I’ve told you once before I am not a man of patience so I wouldn’t test me” He stood up and so did Celine who was now glaring daggers at me.

They left quickly leaving only me and Moni in the large room. She was lightly staring at me, I had so many questions but she was still far too gone to answer many of them. I wanted to scream but we were in public, I didn’t know what to do about Louis. I didn’t want to go tomorrow but I knew I didn’t have much of a choice. I guided Moni out of the club and to a diner where we ate and talked a little, she told me about the guy she was dating who was actually friends with Louis. His name was Liam Payne, he too had a reputation much like Louis, but he wasn’t quite as revered.

She called Liam and told him she made it to my flat safely, it was actually really cute I had never seen her keep a guy for longer than a few days and apparently she wanted to keep him possibly forever, it was weird to see her talk so fondly about a guy, I had only known her for a few months but she really did like him. I fell asleep trying to figure out what to do about tomorrow night.

I woke up to Moni puking in the bathroom, I got up and held her hair back for her and she looked grateful.

“You are far too good of a friend to me.” She said getting her breathing back to normal.

“Well you need a good friend” I said with smile and she laughed.

“So you can borrow a dress from me for tonight, I was actually sober enough to remember most of last night.” She smiled.

“Do I really have to go?” I asked frowning.

“Yes, what Louis wants he gets and you need to be careful not to piss him off, I really like Louis but he is an asshole and you need to lose his infatuation” she said.

I agreed with her fully, I think he only liked watching me squirm and she agreed with me, he liked that I feared him and I obeyed what he said so easily. I didn’t know how to even get ready for a party let alone wear a dress with heels like the ones Moni had picked out for me. We were different sizes but Moni had connections everywhere and got free merchandise from stores wanting her to show off their labels so she had a dress delivered in my size. It was blue and strapless and flowed down my legs right to my knees it was beautiful truly, it was tight around my bust with a bow that gave me the perfect waist. I knew it was an expensive dress one I couldn’t afford if I saved up for months and didn’t pay rent. I put on the pearls my mother had given me when I turned sixteen and a matching bracelet which Moni approved of. I slid my feet into the terribly high black wrap around heels and stood shakily.

“Now for your hair and make-up, we should go out like this more often it’s nice to have my ownprovate Barbie doll” she joked and I couldn’t help but giggle.

I felt beautiful, the make-up she did was light because she knew I really didn’t like make-up much especially with my pale skin and freckles that adorned my cheeks, that was the only place I had freckles my mom always said it was weird to have them only in one place. She pulled my curls red hair up into a sophisticated up do with braids on either side of my head. She wanted me to wear contacts to show off my aqua eyes but I refused.

We arrived at seven forty five and I was nervous. I felt like I had never been this dressed up for anything in my life. I stiffened when I felt arms wrap around my waist and a kiss planted to my cheek. That was when I knew this night was going to be different from anything I had ever experienced.

“You look quite lovely” Louis said turning me to face him.

“Thank you” I mumbled looking at my shoes.

I had never really had this much attention from a guy before. My cheeks were flaming red. He grabbed my chin lightly with his slender finger tilting my face up towards him. His eyes were dancing with an emotion I wasn’t sure how to describe.

“I can barely hear you when you mumble like that dear, you’ll be at my side all night unless I tell you otherwise, do you understand” he asked.

“Yes” I said softly his tone threatening and slightly terrifying me.

“Good, now put a smile on your face I don’t like it when you frown”

For the rest of the night he barely acknowledged me but I was at his beck and call and I hated it. I had seen Moni twice and she looked like she was enjoying herself. Halfway through the night Celine came over and sat on his lap and I felt like that was my queue to leave and so I did. I found a seat by myself in a corner feeling a bit overwhelmed by the crowds of people all around me. I liked simple and this was anything but, the dress wasn’t me, these heels were beyond uncomfortable and I hated myself for agreeing to everything Louis said. I didn’t even know why Louis wanted me to be with him here tonight, maybe he wanted to make Celine jealous which had obviously worked because she seemed to be enjoying herself on his lap vying for his attention and then his eyes finally caught mine and he smirked standing up. Celine didn’t look happy and I didn’t like the look in his eyes right now.

“Did I tell you, you could leave me?” He asked pulling me out of the room roughly.

“I gave you one rule tonight and you easily broke it, I don’t want to have to discipline you Faye, but you obviously don’t know who is in charge here”

I was scared beyond all belief, shaking like a leaf, which only seemed to make him smile more.

I felt my cheek burning, and realized he had brought his hand up and slapped me, I could tell he was holding back and that’s what scared me. He ran his finger over my now burning cheek almost as if to sooth it, pushing a few of the tears off my cheek. I hadn’t meant to cry but I couldn’t stop myself.

“God you’re like porcelain too easy to break” he breathed.

I didn’t know what to say to him and he seemed to know that. He pulled me outside towards a car that was waiting for me.

“Go on home, but I’ll be seeing you little one” He kissed me on the cheek and the taxi pulled off as I quietly gave him my address.

I got home and tore the dress off as quickly as possible; I slipped into my favorite shorts and a tank top. I pulled my hair down so it flowed around my face which was now make-up free and bruising lightly. I sat down in front of the keyboard and just started playing. I needed to drown out all my thoughts so all I could hear was music and not have to worry about anything.

My fingers were numb when I finally stopped playing. I felt better but I was exhausted and fell asleep as soon as I hit my pillow. I woke up the next morning to incessant knocking on my flat door which was beyond irritating, I realized it was passed noon however so I needed to get up anyway. I opened the door and Moni stormed in.

“I was worried about you last night, I saw Louis take you outside and you never came back inside, your cheek is bruised did he hit you” she asked her rant calming as she asked the last part simply.

I just nodded. She spent the rest of the day with me till about seven because she had a date with Liam at a club and she needed to get ready, so she bid me farewell and I started on the heaps of homework I had to do. The next three days passed quickly and I figured maybe Louis was bored of me hopefully. I was having a particularly rough morning, three customers had yelled at me, I had burned my hand and I had a paper due in a class that I had shoddily finished.

I was barely paying attention when the bell rang signaling that a customer had walked in, I didn’t really care either, I was still seething about everything that had happened this morning and my hand hurt like a bitch. I was holding a towel to it when I turned around and I wished I hadn’t. Louis looked fashionable as always, his eyes seemed tired to me today though he looked down at my hand and raised his eyebrow, I just sighed shaking my head.

“What can I get you Louis?” I asked. He smiled at me.

He gave me his order and I made it as quickly as I could with my hand the way it was, the shop was empty and it didn’t seem like Louis was in too much of a hurry. I handed him his coffee and gave him his change, which he dropped in my tip jar which was empty until then. I came out from around the counter and took a seat too tired to care that he was still in here with me.

“Looks like you’ve had a long morning” He said sipping his drink and taking a seat across from me.

I shrugged my shoulders in acknowledgement. He smiled at me and continued sipping his drink. He stared at my face which I hadn’t bothered to cover with anything and you could still see the bruise from his hand. He reached out towards me and I flinched back a bit, he frowned and recoiled his outstretched hand.

“What’s your favorite color?” He asked out of the blue.

“Um….yellow” I replied.

“I can see that, I really like green” he replied with a genuine smile.

I couldn’t help but smile back. Louis was scary no doubt but he had a way of making you feel safe at the same time. He was like that kid in school who joked about everything till you struck a nerve and he just attacked. I knew I couldn’t trust him, I knew he didn’t really like me, I mean how could he I was a failure.

“I’ll see you later, dear, better not be breaking any boys hearts because if they come near you, I’ll rip them out myself” he said suddenly the mood changing as he stood up.

I didn’t know what to think but one thing I knew for sure is I was screwed when it came to Louis Tomlinson and I had nowhere to run.



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