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Deficiently Obscure

If Only I Listened

A few weeks passed and I was happy that I hadn’t had any run- ins with Louis, Moni told me he was out of town on business. I had started focusing really hard on school, I wanted to have perfect grades, I needed to have perfect grades. I hadn’t had time to hang out with Moni in almost two weeks so I had promised to go out with her tonight, she had literally begged me so I agreed.

I knew we were going to a club and I needed to dress nicer than normal but I didn’t have any sleazy dresses in my closet or appropriate clothes so I had to borrow something from Moni because I didn’t want to look completely out of place next to her. She had loaned me a lavender strapless dress that cut off about mid-thigh, it hugged what little curves I had and the color looked great on my pale skin. I curled my hair slightly and called it good, make-up always made me feel weird so I didn’t want to put any on.

Moni however looked like a model, her make-up was perfect, her hair was perfect as well and then the way she looked in her skin tight black dress made me look like I was wearing a trash bag. She smiled at me as we linked arms and walked out of her apartment. The club was only a little ways from her apartment so we decided to walk it and I was freezing I couldn’t stand the London cold. The bouncer ushered us through the door, we skipped the line entirely and I could see the evil eyes everyone in the crowd outside were giving us, the girls were whispering because Moni is fairly well known in town as I’ve said before.

Once inside Moni made her way to the bar and I took a seat in the V.I.P section waiting for her to return. I haven’t been much of a drinker since I got drunk in high school and almost got raped, I got lucky and someone walked in on him before the damage could be done and the worst part was I had almost every class with the guy for the rest of the year and it was unsettling to have to set next to him. He always went on about my appearance and how the guy saved him from making a mistake with an ugly prude. I’m still recovering from some of the words I heard daily for a year. Growing up means letting go but sometimes it’s not quite that easy.

I noticed Moni heading my way followed by a few guys, one I recognized as Liam and the other one I could recognize from miles away, Louis. He was dressed neatly as always but what caught my attention more was the beautiful blonde that he had his arm around. I could never look like her, she was perfect in every way much like Moni, she had model good looks and a body that was killer, perfect curves and the dress she wore made her look sexy while mine made me look awkward and out of place.

“Good evening Faye” Louis said with a smile as the blonde took a seat on the guy with curly hairs lap, I was a little confused.

“Louis” I smiled back politely.

He took a seat right next to me, Moni scratched her head as I glared at her because she knew he would be here tonight. All the other’s seemed to disappear down toward the dance floor, while I sat awkwardly next to Louis.

“You look mighty lovely tonight Faye, I really like this dress although I get the feeling it makes you uncomfortable.” He had placed his hand on my thigh and I shoved it off while he chuckled lightly.

“The only thing that makes me uncomfortable right now is you” I replied hotly.

He laughed again, the door opened back up and in walked curly, who I now know as Harry. But what caugt my attention was the man who was behind him, he had a silver gun pressed to Harry’s lower back, and what I couldn’t understand was why Louis was smiling so hard. I closed my eyes as I heard a shot ring out, I heard a thump and the guy behind Harry was dead and blood was gushing from the wound. I didn’t scream, I just wanted to get out of there so that is exactly what I did I quickly slipped passed Harry and I was gone.

I had just witnessed a man get shot; I can still smell that metallic irony scent. It smelled disgusting, I guess I’m glad Louis shot him instead of the guy shooting us but how did this happen to me. I made it home in record time, I ripped off the dress which had a small trickle of blood on it and curled into my covers. I wanted to call home, I wanted to tell my parent everything that happened but the sad reality is they wouldn’t care or they would tell me I brought I on myself. I slowly let the tears stream down my face taking in all of the events that have recently happened.

I don’t know how long I laid there; I heard my door bust open like someone took it off the hinges. I gripped my blanket tightly, I didn’t want to get up and chance making any noise, maybe they have the wrong house, but I have to be honest luck has never been on my side.

The door to my room was roughly pushed open and there stood a disheveled looking Louis, I was shaking, I had just watched him shoot a man and I couldn’t help but notice the angry look in his eyes, the look of possession.

“Now Faye, did I give you permission to leave my side?” He asked sweetly as he took a seat on my bed.

“No” I quietly mumbled.

I knew my eyes were puffy and red from the crying and my body felt like it was going into overdrive I was so scared of Louis at this moment. He reached his hand out toward my face and I immediately flinched, he didn’t let it bother him though as his fingers skimmed my once bruised cheek. I felt the sting before I even saw his hand move, the force was so intense that my face hit my pillow from my sitting position. I was right before he was holding back last time, this one hurt twenty times more.

I couldn’t even move I was that terrified, ever fiber in my body was on edge, frozen to the spot. He quickly ran his fingers through my hair in almost a smoothing motion. All the crying made me tired and then the exertion from the slap, I could feel myself slipping from reality. Louis seemed to notice this.

“Poor sweet little Faye, you don’t even know what you have gotten yourself into” I heard Louis whisper as he pulled my blanket back up around my body.

I woke up to a pounding in my head and the event of the day prior made my head spin a bit only making everything seem so much worse. I gingerly moved from my sleeping position to sit up and I looked around the room praying for no sign of Louis. I couldn’t even fathom seeing him today, I reached up to my cheek and lightly touched it making it sting. I already knew this mark wouldn’t go away anytime soon.

I got myself a cup of coffee and sat in my living room staring at the new door Louis obviously had put in since he wrecked my other one last night. I didn’t even know what to do from here, I could run home and deal with my parents and the life I left behind or I could stay here and play cat and mouse with a suicidal gang member honestly neither ideas sounded great to me. I was smart enough to know running wasn’t an option, so with everything that happened I did what I do best, grabbed my text books and started working on the essay that would be due Monday.

I know most people right now are probably thinking why aren’t you running, I mean it has to be worth a shot right? Well let’s think, in any movie or book that you have read. Running gets you punished and my cheek is already bruised and I am not a fan of pain, not to mention that would probably make Louis keep me closer to him and honestly I want to be as far away from him as possible. Maybe last night he got his fill of me?

I went back to my normal routine, Monday I went to class and work and home. I made no stops anywhere and I focused on living what little life I had. The only thing that seemed to be bringing me down were the nightmares. Every night it was the same I kept seeing the man who was shot in the club and I could hear his screams of agony, begging Louis for mercy to which he just laughed.

School was becoming too easy almost, I just did school work that felt like all I had. I hadn’t talked to Moni since that night and I felt bad but right now I couldn’t seem to face her. I didn’t want to see her tear up when she saw my damaged cheek and most of all I was scared she’d have me go out again and I knew that Louis would be there too and right now that was just too much for me. I decided to go to dinner with a friend from one of my classes, she seemed pretty nice so I figured why not, I could use some normality, but this little voice in the back of my head told me normal wasn’t in my dictionary anymore.

We went to a small pub near our school, and met up with a few of her friends. Everyone seemed nice, the girls were all very friendly and welcomed me. They chatted about school and then we were talking about guys.

“I’m so glad you came out with us tonight, I was beginning to think you were a shut in” Lacey said.

“No, I just take my school work very seriously” I said with a laugh.

“Obviously, you have like the best grade in our class, I know you work on homework constantly to have an A in Peterson’s class that’s almost impossible.” She said with a smile but that smile quickly faded.

The whole table quieted.

“God he is hot” I heard one of the girls mutter.

I looked over and there was Louis, a smile danced across his face as he looked the place over and then his eyes met mine and the smile faded. He almost looked confused like I didn’t belong here. All I wanted was one drama free night but as always I never seem to get what I want.



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