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Deficiently Obscure

Beautiful Disaster

He was the kind of guy who drew attention easily. I knew who he was but did he know who I was, of course not. He was dangerous; I was timid and scared of the world. He had tattoos, and bright blue eyes that could trap you easily if you were caught in his bitter stare. I would prefer to read a book than go out to a club and get dressed up only to shag some guys whose name I wouldn’t care to remember in the morning.

Everyone knew who he was and many were scared of him, they had a reason to be. He wasn’t just the head of a multi-million dollar company; he was the head of a terrifying gang that ran the streets of London. When Louis Tomlinson wants something he gets it.

I worked in a small coffee shop down; I had worked here since I hopped the ocean and needed a way to pay for my horrible excuse for a flat while I attended a prestigious university. I had barely managed to get out of bed this morning; I had to go pick my friend up from a club last night because she was far too inebriated to make it home on her own. Kayla was the kind of girl that guys lined up down the block to get at. I was her homely best friend and I liked it that way, I got to do school work and actually lecture her about being irresponsible which I was beyond good at.

I heard the bell ring that morning but didn’t think much of it, until the whole café was suddenly quite. I looked up from the ridiculous cash drawer of death and came face to face with his blue eyes for the first time. If I could go back in time I would probably run out the back door, hop a flight back to Texas and never look back, but sadly that never was an option for me.

“C-c-an I h-elp y-oou” I slowly stuttered out.

“No need to shake love, I’m not quite that important but I would love a Caramel macchiato” he replied with a wink. I nodded and slowly mumbled out that it would be two pounds.

He handed me a note that was far larger than I could break because my change jar was fairly empty and the cash drawer was refusing to open so I couldn’t get change out of that and I was freaking out. I must have looked like I was freaking out because as I handed him his drink because he chuckled lightly.

“Is there a problem dear” he asked humor lacing his tone.

“Our cash register, h-has a habit of j-jam-ming” I replied trying to keep myself from freaking out.

He quickly walked behind the counter and shook and lightly tapped the register and it pinged open.

“You can keep the change dear, but I believe you owe me a thank you”

He winked at me once more as I mumbled out, “Thanks. “and then walked out the door. I must have gotten lucky; I heard he was a royal prick especially in the mornings but maybe people just liked to gossip. I was however praying this would be my only encounter with the strange powerful man. Little did I know it was just the beginning and it was only bound to go downhill from here.

My flat was tiny, that was the first thing anyone ever noticed about my home, not that I had a lot of friends but the few I did have knew what my situation was. I moved to London on my own, I had very little money and my parents refused to help with anything. They didn’t approve of me coming to school here but I got a scholarship and I wanted to get out from under their over bearing need for control.
My parents have always been a sore subject for me, they were both bitter and divorced. My sister was the perfect child though; she married her high school sweetheart and settled down. She worked as a teller at a local bank and had two kids already. Her husband was everything my Dad wanted for his daughter, he was smart, a doctor even, and me I hadn’t ever had a boyfriend let alone could I ever attract someone as perfect as Dean.

I envied my sister though, she was amazing at everything. Captain of the cheerleading squad all through high school and popular and everything everyone wanted; I however was none of that. I had four friends throughout high school and I was smart, I suck at sports. I can’t catch a ball if it is directly in front of my hands; I have no coordination except when it comes to musical instruments. I can play the piano fairly well and I love it. I have a cheap little keyboard that I’ve been playing on since I was around eight years old.

Piano was the only thing I had throughout high school that made me feel better. The way the white keys crunch under your fingers, giving you full control over the sound coming out makes you feel amazing knowing you created that beautiful or even haunting tune. I think the worst thing about my sister is she is a genuinely nice person for the most part, I mean she referred to me as a disappointment just like my parents still do but I still love her.

I crawled into my soft bed welcoming the feeling of calm that came from the cushioning supporting my body. I wanted nothing more than to just pass out and end this day completely but that wouldn’t be happening any time soon. I slowly trudged over to my desk and began working on the mounds of homework that needed to be done.

Hours passed quickly and it was nearing nine and I knew I needed to make some food but I hadn’t gone grocery shopping yet. I was also a little too lazy to make myself something so I decided it was a takeout kind of night. I pulled my scarf around my shoulders and lifted my arms into my warm pea-coat and headed into the brisk London air.

It was September so it was freezing especially compared to Texas but I didn’t mind. I liked the climate change. I guess when I came here for school the whole point was I could start over, I knew I would never be anything like my sister but here there was no one to judge me and that was something I knew I would never tire of. The streets were fairly empty and I knew by now to avoid any alleyways or short cuts, if there was one thing everyone knew it was that London was dangerous.

I came to a small diner and decided that would be where I got dinner. I took a seat at a table and waited for the waitress, she was shaking when she got to my table and I couldn’t figure out why until I looked behind me and I saw him. Louis looked just as put together as he had this morning, his hair was swooping perfectly and his blue eyes were bright and beautiful. There were four other very handsome men with him and they all took a seat at a table in front of the table I was seated at.

“What can I get you ma’am” she finally asked regaining her composure.

I had barely looked at the menu but decided on a cob salad, and bowl of broccoli and cheddar soup with a cup of hot cocoa, everyone seemed on edge. Louis was sat so he was facing me he seemed to be laughing at something the curly one had said. They all looked to be having a good time; I was very good at people watching I did it far too often for my own good. I finally looked down my food had arrived and I was beyond happy.

The soup tasted fantastic maybe because all I’d had today was a cup of coffee and a piece of biscotti. Whenever I had to work and I had school I seemed to eat less and less it wasn’t because I was starving myself or anything I just forgot that food was a necessity a lot of the time. I needed to use the restroom so I quickly got up thanking god it was behind me so I wouldn’t have to pass there table. After work I had changed into a pair of black leggings and a grey off the shoulder sweater that said “All Too Well” in bright red letters and had lyrics on the back.

When I got back to my table it wasn’t empty, Louis sat with a smile on his face as he took in my scared expression. He beckoned me with his hand the smile never leaving his face, his eyes looked playful but there was something menacing behind them as well.

“Have a seat poppet” he said.

I was beyond confused why he was sitting at my table.

“Did you have any more problems with your cash machine today?” He asked looking at me curiously.

I automatically looked down and shook my head no.

“That’s good, now why don’t you tell me your name princess”

I looked up at him and he was still smiling lightly tapping his fingers along the table. I knew it wasn’t smart but I couldn’t help the next words that slipped from my lips and I regretted them instantly.

“My mother, always told me never give your name to a stranger.”

He laughed loud boisterous laughter.

“Well you are just too cute, don’t worry about paying for your dinner I already took care of it, but I would really like a name sweetheart and I am not a man who likes to be kept waiting” I could hear the warning in his voice.

“Faye” I said quietly.

“That’s a pretty name, well Faye this has been a lovely chat but it seems my friends are ready to

He gave me one last smile and he was gone, and I was confused.


Well this is chapter 1, I hope you guys enjoy it. Tell me what you think? How do you like the characters so far?


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