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The World Was Built For Two

Chapter One

Niall's POV

Me and the lads were all sitting in a circular booth at Nando's having dinner. On Sunday night we usually have dinner at someone's flat and they cook and clean. But seeing as how we just got back from our Up All Night tour no one felt like cooking. And since I haven't eaten Nando's since our show in Washington, D.C. in America about three months ago, I nagged all of the guys until they agreed to come here.

As usual, I'm chowing down on three servings of Perri-Perri chicken while the guys were eating much less. We were discussing what we're gonna do for the month that we have off before we have to start working on the second album. Louis, Harry, and Liam all stated that they were heading back home sometime next week and I'm heading home to Mullingar for the month as well and voiced this when Liam asked me.

"Well I'm not going home for the month," Zayn stated and everyone, even me, stopped eating and stared at him. I mean majority of the tour he was homesick and when he came back from his family emergency, he couldn't wait to get back home to his family, "The family is coming up here for the month."

"Don't you wanna go home?" Liam questioned and the rest of us turned to Zayn to wait for his response. He held up his index finger while he chewed and then swallowed his food.

"Trust me, I wanna go back home. But the girls really want to come to London, seeing as how they are out of school for the summer as well. So I said the hell with it and sent plane tickets for them and my parents." Zayn explained.

"Oh well... Wait, where are they gonna sleep, Zayn? They can’t all sleep in the bed with you!" Louis' eyes bugged out of his head as he feigned shock. I couldn't help but laugh because it really looked like if someone were slap Louis on the back of his head, his eyes would just pop out of his head like a cartoon!

But I stopped short and just stared ahead. I completely blocked out the rest of the conversation as a girl was led in our direction by a maitre d'. The girl looked like she should be walking a red carpet not walking towards her table in Nando's! She had a skin complexion darker than Zayn's and dark eyes. Her black hair, which reached her shoulders, was in a mohawk and it looked like that chick from the Pussycat Dolls hair, Nicole something. It wasn't the sparkly gold dress that dipped in the front to show a bit of cleavage that made me stare; it was the utterly dazzling smile she flashed me. Never mind the fact that her teeth were absolutely perfect and white, her smile made her whole face light up and made her beautiful.

One moment I appreciating a beautiful girl and the next all of the boys whispered-yelled my name and smack whatever part of me they could reach across the table making me look around in confusion, "What was that for?!"

"You were staring at her chest!" Liam whispered with a stern look seeing as how the girl was seated in the booth right next to ours.

"I was not! I was looking at her face," I quickly defended myself.

"Sure you were. But seeing as how we expect that from Harry-" Harry was nodding along with Louis then he frowned.

"Hey!" Harry interrupted, sounding offended. Louis gave Harry a hard glare and Harry responded with a cheeky smile. But when Lou's glare didn't faltered, Harry's smile slowly transformed into a defeated pout and he looked down at the table with a huff.

"Right. As I was saying," Cue pause and pointed look at Harry from Louis, "We expect that from Harry. So we should make you go apologize but since you would probably say nothing and just continue to stare at her chest so Zayn's gonna do it."

Zayn looked surprised but nodded anyway. He turned around in his seat and cleared his throat to get the girl's attention. Her dark eyes immediately shot up from her menu, "Yes?"

"I'm terribly sorry about my friend staring at you like that. The rest of us thought that he had more manners and wouldn't stare at a girl's chest. We wou-"

"You thought he was staring at my chest?" She questioned with a small musical giggle. First, I call her beautiful and now I think her giggle is musical… What's going on with me?

"Well yeah?" Zayn replied hesitantly and confused. She giggled once again and her eyes crinkled like Liam's does when he smiles.

"He wasn't staring at my chest, believe it or not. His eyes were up here until you guys abused him," She pointed at her face and then shot me another dazzling smile while Zayn awkwardly chuckled reached up and scratched the back of his neck. I gave her a tight smile, afraid to show my teeth that are still on the mend.

"Oh well… Sorry to bother you, umm," Zayn spoke awkwardly.

"My name is Dina," She giggled. A giggly girl she is.

"That's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl." There goes Harry trying to get the girl. She glanced down quickly before letting another giggle escape her lips.

"Yes, it is quite lovely. Does it mean anything?" Louis piped up.

"Uhh it sort of means divine leader," she replied slowly like she was trying to remember.

"Sort of?" the rest of the boys chorused as I stayed silent and just watched. By now the guys were practically in her booth while I remained in my seat. Don't get me wrong, I'm just as curious as the rest of the lads but I'm feeling shy due to the fact that she keeps throwing small glances my way.

"My name is derived from Dean, which means leader in Old French, and Diana, which means is taken from the Latin word dius meaning divine. So put that together and you have Dina, a divine leader." by the end of her explanation she had an adorable grin plastered across her.

"I bet you are." I hear the suggestive tone in Harry's voice and frowned. A split second past by and Liam smacked the back of Harry's head. Harry grunted, his hands flying to the back of head and Dina let out a small laugh. I could feel myself starting to grin but immediately stopped to keep the small, polite smile on my face.

"Where are our manners boys?" Liam glanced at everyone quickly before opening his mouth again, "My name is Liam and that's Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Niall."

He pointed everyone out and Dina received a grin and small wave from the lads while I only gave her another tight smile. Her smile remained after she finished laughing but there was something different about her voice when she spoke.

"Well it's nice to meet all," she grinned despite the disappointed tone, I guess, in her voice, "Do you guys know the meanings of your names?"

"I've never really looked into it," Louis stated with Liam and Harry nodding in agreement. Everyone knew Zayn mean beautiful in Arabic and I know Niall means champion.

"Well Liam means protector in, I think, Old German, Louis means famous warrior in French," while she rattled off the meanings of their names, Dina's whole face scrunched up in thought. It was adorable and if I wasn't feeling so shy, might I have pointed that out, "And Harry, you have two names with two meanings of two different origins."

"Oh really?" his voice was laced with curiosity.

"Yeah, you're a bit special," she replied with a small giggle, "Harry is of Old German origin meaning home ruler, and Harold is of Scandinavian origin meaning army ruler."

Harry nodded with a face that said he thought what she said was legit. Liam glanced at me and Zayn before pointing us out, "Do you know the meanings of their names?"

"Everyone knows Zayn is Arabic for beautiful and Niall already knows his name means champion," her face scrunched up for a second, "But Niall can also mean cloud."

The boys began snickering and I felt my face heat up in a blush. Did she really have to know that? But before anyone could say anything, loud whistling erupted out of nowhere. The lads and I all looked around to see where it was coming from and out the corner of my eye I saw Dina fiddle with something in her lap.

"Is that your phone?" Louis asked before I could even open my mouth. She nodded in response and then brought a white iPhone closer to her face.

"Excuse me guys, I have to take this." With that she rose slid out of her booth and walked towards the exit. After a second, Liam returned to his seat followed by Harry while Zayn and Lou just turned around to face the table.

"Sooo…" Zayn trailed off obviously not knowing what to say.

"She seems nice," Liam piped up and received nods around the table.

"And she's an incredibly fit bird. She looks like a model," Harry stated turning his head towards the exit where you could clearly see said fit bird pacing outside the glass doors in shiny gold heels.

"See Niall, we expect such things as this," Lou gave Harry a pointed look he didn't notice because he was still watching Dina, "from Harry."

With the mention of his name, Harry turned back to the table slowly, "Yes?"

"Nothing. You can return to watching the girl like she's a piece of meat." Lou snapped like he was a jealously girlfriend.

"I am not watching her like she's a piece of meat." Harry shot back.

"Mate, there's drool running down your chin." Zayn teased with a chuckle.

"There is not!" Despite sounding sure of himself, Harry attempted to look away and subtly wipe his chin. The table erupted in laughter and I couldn't stop myself from joining in, "Shut it guys. And you shouldn't be laughing Niall. You haven't spoken a word to the bird and when she says something to you, your face gets as red as apple."

As everyone else pulled their eyes off of Harry, I blushed once again and Harry grinned in triumph. "Aww does little cloud fancy a divine leader?"

I smacked Zayn's hand away as he cooed at me like I was a baby and blushed harder. "I do not."

"Mate, you have been pretty quiet," Liam stated with no hint of playfulness in his voice.

I opened my mouth to reply but I towards the glass door to see Dina walking towards our table with a huge grin on my face and shut my mouth.

"Hey guys, umm it was nice meeting you all but I've got to head out to find my flat,"

"Go find it?" Liam questioned.

"Yeah, I got here earlier than expected and my flat wasn't ready so I decided to get some food to kill some time. But I just call the to notify me that it's ready and quite close by so I'm just gonna google it and hope for the best."

"By yourself?" Louis asked shocked.

"Yes?" she sounded completely unsure.

"Nonsense! We'll accompany you. Right lads?" he turned to us, "We can't let our new friend wander around London by herself, can we?"

"No. You can. I'll be fine." she looked confident but her voice said otherwise. Lou was already shaking his head after she said 'no'.

"It won't be gentlemenly of us to let you go alone." he was already of booth along with Harry and Liam and Zayn were sliding out as well.

"Lou, gentlemenly is not a word, and said I'm gonna be fine," she protested but now everybody was out of the booth except me. Liam glanced back with a curious look.

"Niall, aren't you coming?"



I realized that it would just be better to update with this chapter instead of emailing it to myself. I could avoid the hassle of fucking with my email. I can stay on just one site.

But give me some feedback. How are you liking the boys/men of One Direction? *grins*


Please continue this!!!! PLEASE!!! It's sooo good!!!