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The World Was Built For Two


Third Person's POV

"Watch where you're going!"

"Get out of the street!"

"Sorry!" A teenage girl replied to angry drivers, just narrowly missing getting hit by their cars on a green light. Once she safely made it to the other side of the street, her pedaling relaxed ever so slightly. Her long raven locks that reached the middle of her back seemed almost completely weightless as they danced in the wind behind her. Her chocolate skin was covered with a thin layer of sweat despite the overcast and the relatively low temperature.

As she neared a literal fork in the road, raven haired girl had to choose between the docklands or downtown. The docklands was always quite deserted from the many times the teen visited to get some peace and quiet, which was only interrupted by the occasional boat cruising by on River Liffey at a turtle-like pace; however, even when a did boat slowly sailed by with its loud crew and disrupted her concentration, she would quickly sit her notebook and pen aside to observe, in awe, both the vessel and the crew, who sometimes greeted her with a kind shout and a wave.

On the other hand, there was busy downtown Dublin. Even at that early hour, the city's centre was bustling with people. It may be a significantly smaller amount compared to the crowd that occupies the streets later on in the day, it still was busy and noisy. Almost every small shop, big business, and everything in-between was opening; thousands of people were making their way to work or were already on the job delivering various objects with various modes of transportation. She thought it through for another moment before the girl dangerously swerved to the right down a wide, paved path to Dublin's Docklands.

After another ten minutes of fast pedaling, she panted out an exhausted sigh as the top of highest building of University of Dublin popped up on the horizon, the school's flag waving gently in the small breeze. She cursed whoever gave her the apartment that was practically on the other side of the city and she cursed her battery-operated alarm clock that decided to die sometime during the night. Waking up nearly an hour late, she had to get ready in ten minutes and borrow her very kind neighbor's bicycle to attempt to get to class on time because she missed the school's shuttle.

"Fuck!" the teen angrily whispered to herself, "The one day I've woken up late has to be the last day. And then I decide to go through the Docklands instead of downtown like usual it's the day of X Factor auditions!"

Hundreds, maybe thousands, of different people were already lining up outside Convention Centre Dublin, their voices all meshed to form buzz surrounding the crowd. Everyone the teen came in contact with, in the short period of time that she had been had been living in the city, talked about X Factor, the fact that Dublin hasn't been an audition city in four years and is the only place auditions were being held in Ireland. When she noticed that people were still arriving, crowding the area even more, she began cursing fate. But she kept pedaling; there was no turning back now.

Once she got close enough, the teenager commenced incessantly ringing the shrill little bell attached to the left handle bar. Those in her path were quick to get out of the way with a muttered curse and those who were in safety, simply whispered amongst each other and watched her until she disappeared in the crowd.

"Watch out!" the cry was nearby but still almost lost in the crowd. But it was too late; the teen nor the occupants of the small, black car were aware of each other. Everyone who witnessed the scene sucked in a breathe and held it in.

For the teen was unmoving and sprawled out on the cold, hard ground, her right hand pinned under the middle of the front wheel of her bike. The first person to get out of the car was a dirty blonde teen from the back seat; his shaggy hair fluttered slightly as he sprang to the unconscious girl's side as fast as he could hoping to help.

However, when he crouched down next to her, he could do nothing but stare. Not a second later, his mother and father were pushing him and the crowd, that had surrounded the injured teen, back. He felt as though he had practically killed her; if he hadn't kicked the back of the driver's seat, his mother would not have looked back at him to glare and would have noticed the girl.

"Maura, call an ambulance." the blonde's brunette father ordered the petite brunette woman, pulling a cell phone from his back pocket. She quickly snatched the phone out of his hand before stepping back a bit while dialing emergency services.

"Oh god!" the boy cried before falling to his knees and sobbing. He genuinely believed he was the cause of this whole accident. A young man with very short brown hair wrapped his arms around his crying brother to comfort him.

Unbeknownst to the young man and boy, the blonde teen's cry jolted to once unconscious girl awake. Her eyes shot open and searched around her wildly; the girl's body shot up only to be jerked back midway which pushed a pain-filled hiss between her lips. She glanced down at what was restricting her: the bike.

"Help me lift this bike, please?" she asked the brunette man with blue eyes. He quickly reached over and gently elevated the bicycle straight in the air; the girl gingerly shifted her body so she could inspect the problem with more ease.

It wasn't anything too bad in her opinion; all of her flesh was intact and she had not been impaled or anything. She slowly eased her single index finger off a piece or metal that had cut her pretty deeply and then slid her hand between the oily chain that held to the bike.

Once the girl and her hand were clear from under the bike, the man set it down with the same tenderness as when he picked it up before moving back to the teen's side. By now, the blonde was absolutely relieved to see the girl alive and moving but when his father ran back to the car to get the first aid kit from the trunk, guilt flooded through him once more.

The girl's right hand looked as if she had dipped it in a cup of red food colouring; the wound near the tip of right index finger was bleeding heavily, trailing down to her elbow. He faintly heard his mother saying that the ambulance should arrive in about twenty minutes due to the traffic. The blonde teen shrugged from under his brother's comforting arms and trudged over to the girl with tears streaming down his face.

"I'm so sorry." he spoke, barely being heard between his sobs. She looked up, light blue clashed with dark brown for a silent moment before she patted the ground beside her.

"You're trying out for the X Factor, yeah?" she asked, her accent strange to the ears of the boy.

"Y-Yeah." he stuttered before hiccupping.

"I want you to forget about this whole thing while your auditioning. Once you get in that line, I need to dry those pretty blue eyes and not worry about me. I'll be fine." She grasped his hand, slick with sweat, tightly in her uninjured one. His eyes shot down to their intertwined hands before he nodded quickly, lying a bit. He would stop crying but wouldn't stop worrying about her.

The older brunette male had returned with a white box a second later; he popped the top opened and removed a dark brown bottle and a q-tip. "This is hydrogen peroxide. I'm gonna clean finger up before bandaging it. I'm gonna clean the rest of your arm up as well. Is that okay?"

The girl nodded slowly. She eyed his actions like a hawk, while preparing herself for the pain. The raven-haired girl remembered the only painful part about getting scrapes and cuts when she was little was when her parents cleaned her injuries. She didn't shed a single tear when she scraped her knee jumping from a swing but when her mother cleaned the wound with alcohol, it seemed like someone turned a faucet on behind her eyes her dark brown eyes.

"What happened your charm?" the boy questioned as he squeezed her hand to pull her attention from his father and the pain to the now broken charm attached to a woven leather-looking bracelet. She looked down and let out a laugh that made her eyes crinkle on the outer corners. The boy admitted to himself that her laugh actually sounded musical but kept his opinion in his head.

"You know, when I first arrived in Ireland everything was fine up until the taxi pulled off leaving me alone, for the first time, outside of my flat not too far from here. The first step I made alone landed me face first in a large patch of leaf clovers. 'Just my luck' I thought to myself as I laid there and processed what happened. When I looked down, I noticed a four leaf clover sitting just at the tip of my nose. But it was a special four leaf clover. Split perfectly down the middle but not completely. I picked it and deemed it my lucky charm. I carried it around with me to university the next day and ran into two science majors talking about encasing something in plastic. Just my luck. I asked them about encasing my lucky charm in clear plastic and after they saw it, they did the job free of charge. From then I'd have opposite luck one right after the other. But the good luck would always outweigh the bad."

"What do you mean?" the blonde's father asked, clearly curious as he fixed the girl up.

"Right after I picked up my charm and attached it to my bracelet, I went grocery shopping for the month. There was some kind of huge sale going on and I literally saved like eighty Euros. But then as I exiting the bus, on of my bags snagged on something and ripped open. Thankfully, the bag was only carrying two large bags of crisps so I just stuffed them in my other grocery bags. And look at me now! I'm talking to a star! And the only price I paid is a bit of blood." the girl added the last bit with a laugh and the boy beside her chuckled lightly, blushing fiercely at her 'star' comment. He opened his mouth to question her but was cut off by his father.

"You're all cleaned up," the girl smiled sweetly before standing up, ignoring the black spots in her vision as they passed after a few seconds, "Whoa there lass. The ambulance should be getting here soon."

She shook her head quickly, a smile still plastered on her face, "Thank you for cleaning me up but I really have to go. I know you're all concerned about my health but I'll be fine. I promise. I really have to go."

"You have to stay here to get checked out," the petite brunette spoke up. The raven haired girl shook her head with more vigor, her smile transforming into a grin, before turning to the shaggy blonde beside her.

"Hey listen, if you can find the other piece of my charm and keep it, you'll have more luck because it’s the bigger half. It's gonna be like a wishbone type of thing," as she spoke she picked up her bike and mounted it, "What's your name?"

Sirens could now be heard faintly and the girl began pedaling away before hearing the boy's full name; however, she responded with what she did hear, "Bye Ni!"

After a moment, the family looked amongst each other to ensure one another that what just happened really just happened and when they turned to look at the girl, who rode away like she wasn't just been hit by a car and cut her finger badly, they noticed she was gone. The shaggy blonde looked down and spotted the other piece to the girl's lucky charm; he picked it up with a smile and tucked it away in his pocket, hoping she was right.

Little did they know, she was right. For the most part.


Please continue this!!!! PLEASE!!! It's sooo good!!!