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The World Was Built For Two

Chapter Two

Dina's POV

Me, Louis, Harry, and Zayn all turned back to the table to see Niall still in his seat. There was an adorable pout on his face and when he looked up to answer Liam he looked like a little lost puppy. No, he looked like a little lost cloud. I'm totally laughing in my head.

"I still got food left," He even sounds like a lost cloud. I brought my elbow to my face so I could fake a cough to get rid of the laughter bubbling inside of me. I'm totally taking a mental picture so this.

"Are you alright?" Harry asked me. I simply nodded while still laughing/coughing. "Are you sure?"

"I'm fine. Niall still has quite a bit of food left, let him eat," I look around the table at the rest of their plates, "None of you have finished your food. Eat. I'm find my flat on my own. I'll be fine."

"No." I shot Louis a glare at which he just smiled and shook his head, "Niall can get that boxed up. Right, Niall?"

Niall looked at me and then glanced back at his food before nodding slowly. Now I feel bad.

"I'll go get our waitress," Harry stated as he strolled off.

"No." I sighed, "Harry! Come back." the curly brunette slowly walked backward until he was by my side with a confused look.


"Listen I want all of you to sit down and eat your food. And I mean all of you." Everyone received a hard look from me. Well everyone except Niall, who looked ridiculously happy.

"But the food is cold now." Harry whined like a tot.

"Well if you don't want your food, then at least sit down and let Niall eat." I compromised. I feel like a mother trying to prevent her children from throwing temper tantrums.

"You know what?" I'm fine. I can get this boxed up and I'll eat it later. I don't mind." Niall stated and I just gawked at him for moment. I hope you didn't that I didn't notice these are Niall's first words to me since Zayn tried to apologize for him. A slight blush developed on his cheeks at my blatant staring and I quickly regained my composure.

"Nope," I stated firmly with a shake of my head, "We all know how much you love your Nando's so you are gonna finish it here. I'm not gonna leave until you're done."

"Come on guys," Liam sighed, sliding back into the booth, "It doesn't look like she's gonna change her mind."

"I grinned as they all slid into the booth, back in their previous spots.. They simultaneously looked down at their plates and grimaced. Meanwhile, Niall was seriously chowing down on his cold chicken; well the chicken may have been cold but I couldn't tell for sure with they way he was practically swallowing bites of chicken whole.

"Well are you gonna just stand there?" Zayn asked. That's when I realized I've been standing over the table doing nothing but staring at Niall eat… Like a serious creeper. My mouth opened and closed a few times as Ii attempted to think of a response but it's hard for me to think quickly sometimes when I'm embarrassed.

"Here take my seat." Louis asserted as he stood.

"No I can't. I'll umm just pull up a chair." I countered.

"No need. Since the rest of us are disgusted by frozen chicken, unlike Niall," Lou shot Niall a look but his head was way too far into his plate for the outside world to make contact, "Well then. As I was saying, unlike Niall, the rest of us are absolutely repulsed by what's on our plates so I'm gonna get our waitress so we can get the check and our plates cleared away."

With that he skipped towards the front of the restaurant; like I mean there was bounce in his step that made it seem like he was skipping. A small laugh escaped my lips before I slowly slid in the booth next to Zayn.

After a few moments, the table was still silent with the exception of Niall's noisy chewing. The guys were glancing at each other a bit awkwardly waiting for one of the others to break the ice while trying to sneak glances at me. What has got them so awkward? What can I say?

"Okay so… How was the tour?"

That one small question seemed to spark something in each of them and they all exploded with stories and descriptions from their world tour; even Niall managed to pull his face off his plate long enough to respond. There was a visible twinkle in their eyes until Louis returned with a little black leather book in hand and two bus boys in tow.

"Alright so the total is £58.68 with tip." Lou read off of the receipt after opening the leather book. The rest of the lads, again with the exception of Niall, whipped out their wallets with calculating looks masking their faces. Niall glued his face back to his plate as he finished up.

"This just proves that you can't trust everything you read." I could've sworn that I mumbled this low enough for just my ears but judging by the confused faces of Liam, Harry, Louis, and Zayn I needed to take it down another octave or two.

"What do you mean by that?" Harry questioned while pulling a tenner from his black wallet.

"I had read somewhere that Niall has a Nando's Black Card that allows him to eat Nando's for free," I paused for a moment to think, "But it did say just Niall so that could mean…"

I trailed off because it felt like non of the lads were listening as they stared an oblivious Niall down. He was sitting back in his seat with his eyes closed, a content smile on his lips and he folded his hands behind his head. I looked at his plate to be shocked that his plate looked fresh-out-of-the-dishwasher clean. I shouldn't be shocked because I've heard that the boy can definitely eat.

"Nialler?" due to the fact that his plate appeared to be virtually unused, Niall looked up with Lou called him.

"Yeah?" the content smile was slowly replaced by a small frown as he glanced at everyone else to find that they were staring him down.

"Dina here was just telling us about something she read. Something about a Nando's Black Card." Louis had a polite smile on his face as he spoke and it reminded me of someone who works customer service or something. The guys had already returned their wallets back to their pockets and looked at Niall expectedly.

"Oh yeah." And then Harry scooted out of the booth followed by Liam and Niall. I stared after them utterly confused.

"What does that mean?" I questioned. But Harry, Lou, Liam, and Niall were already heading towards the front of the restaurant. Who says 'Oh yeah' and then just walks away like that with no explanation of any sort. I mean he doesn't owe me an explanation but I did bring the topic up.

"Uh can you uh get out please? I don't wanna go all the way around the table." Zayn whispered behind me.

"Oh! Sorry," I scrambled out the circular booth the best I could in heels and Zayn was hot on said heels, "So does he have a black card or not?"

"He does but since we just finished our tour in the States, which only has like one Nando's, we forgot all about it," Zayn interrupted himself with a laugh as we strolled towards the lads, "I don't think whoever allowed that card to be issued to Niall thought they were gonna lose money with how much he eats. He would spend like £700 a week on Nando's without that card!"

A laugh bubbled from between my lips as I thought about it. Picture the owner of Nando's, a balding middle-aged man, pulling out the little hair he has left as someone points out on a line graph that they're revenue has dropped significantly since Niall had been issued his Nando's Black Card.

"Oh there they are. And I see Zayn is chatting her up too." Liam shot Lou a stern glare that didn't have any effect as Lou was facing Zayn and I with a cheeky grin to match his statement during which both Harry [i]and[/i] Niall were attempting to subtly glare through Zayn.

"I wasn't chatting her up," Lou's cheeky little grin was quickly traded for a sassy look that said something along the lines of 'Seriously. Don't lie', "I just said that the person who permitted Niall to have a Nando's Black Card probably hadn't thought about all the money they would tons of money since Niall isn't paying anymore."

"Sure you were," Harry responded slowly yet quickly. Hearing him speak is the weirdest thing ever for me; it's nothing wrong with his voice, it's just that he speaks slowly. It's kind of like he's thinking everything through as he says it but I know that's not the case. Oh glob! He must speak really slow when he's actually thinking about what comes out of his mou- "Come on. There should be a cab waiting outside."

My thoughts weren't interrupted by him speaking but by him grabbing my hand as he marched out the glass doors. As he practically pulled me along with him a little farther down the street, I glanced back at the boys who looked at everything but Harry and I. Fuck it. I intertwined my fingers with his as he stopped a few metres from the corner. The curly brunette turned to me with his famous dimpled grin and couldn't stop myself from grinning back.

After the cab pulled up, and the rest of the lads piled into the vehicle behind Harry and I, I couldn't help but think: What am I getting myself into?


Please continue this!!!! PLEASE!!! It's sooo good!!!