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Let's Runaway { Larry Stylinson }


Louis tomlinson is a 19 year old boy. Average height weight. Nothing to special. In Fact he's nothing even close to special. I wouldn't say he's dirty or nasty or anything like that but he doesn't have a lot of money and his parents rarely home. His only siblings living with his grandmother. He has no friends. Sure he has acquaintances ... when it came to a project that needed to be done. But friends none. He didn't really mind it. But he did become lonely at times. He also has a problem with cutting his arms. He's not sure why he does it.. Saddess? Depression? But he knows is he can't stop.
Harry styles is the complete opposite of Louis. Harry's top of all his classes. Money. Lots and lots of friends. Rather they are his true friends or not he had them. And they were there when he snapped his fingers. The two have never really crossed paths until Louis begins to get bullied by none other than Harry's girlfriend Kat. Harry goes along with it. Laughs. Points. And agrees. But harry has a heart. He has kindness that no one else has. But what will it take for it to come through?

( I do ship larry and if you don't that's okay. But this will be a good story so I suggest of you like romance and happy, semi dramatic stuff read it and push past the the fact that it's larry) xx


Harry Styles

Harry Styles

Kats boyfriend. Senior; jock; very preppy; don't let his adorable face fool you; younger than most seniors; //17//

Kat Shortt

Kat Shortt

Rich; Harry's girlfriend; mean; Hates Louis; //18//

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

Friendly; very shy; self cautious; one real friend Zayn; bullied by many; //19//

Steven Lee- Leanards

Steven Lee- Leanards

Captain of swim team; Harry's Best Man; prep; disrespectful but gets guilty fast; //19//

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

Funny; caring; Louis friend; sticks up for Louis many times; //19//


  1. Unforgettable moment

    Louis starts senior year. Stays low. Makes a friend..

  2. Hang out?

    Louis gets asked to hang out with zayn.


Haha thanks and I will:)

That_Moment That_Moment

I think you should continue on this story! It's actually quite good!

MoreThanThis MoreThanThis