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Let's Runaway { Larry Stylinson }

Hang out?

Zayn is a good guy really. I've grown quite fond of him. Of course I havnt told him my deepest darkest secrets yet.
I cut. I'm bi sexual.
i will probably never tell him. I mean the minute you tell a guy.. And your a guy also that your bi they will automatically think you like them and every other guy out there. And it's just not so. Mean damn show respect. so I have Ben hiding those two things from him. And yesterday I knew we were true friends when he stood up for me.

i was walking down the hall talking to zayn when I feel something hit the back of my head. I turn around and zayns stops to.
" What?" He says looking at me. I see a balled up piece of paper and I look around to see the Kat laughing with some of her friends. She sees me looking and starts to talk.
" What you looking at freak!" She says placing her hands on her hips laughing as her friends all snicker.
" Look at him he's so.. Disgusting." One of her friends say. I hate being bullied. I feel a little sting of tears fighting for there way out. I turn and face zayn.
" Let's just go." I whimper.
" No.. They can't treat you like that and get away with it." He says then her drops his stuff picks up the balled up piece of paper and stomps over to Kat and her friends.
" Did you throw this at Louis?" He says holding it up nearly shoving it in her face. She backs up and gets all wide eyed.
" The thing has a name!" She laughs out. He throws it on the ground and gets real close to her face.
" I know hitting a girl is wrong.. But for you.. I might make and exception." At that she yelps a little.
" Jesus man! I was just messing around!"
" no you wernt. Your trying to break him arnt you? See how far he can go? How far until he breaks. Yeah sound like a lot of fun. Your awful. And you ever try Anyang with louis again I swear I'll-" he was cut off by harry.
" You'll what?" He growls out standing behind him. I stand in awe and fearful for zayns life. zayn doesn't even look at all scared. He faces harry and looks him up and down.
" I'll show her what I'm made of." He spit out at harry. " and don't think I won't come after you too." He pushes harry and walks toward me.
" Fucking nerds!!" Harry yelled but we keep walking.
" Thanks.." I say.
" That's what friends are for Louis. I won't let them hurt you."
Zayn had a big heart no doubt. I've only known him for like a weeks or so but I'm drawn to him. He helps me with my homework after school and stuff and he's good company.
" hey!" Zayn drapes his arm around my shoulders and smiles as I walk into first period.
" Hi. You seem happy." I crack a smile. Something I never really do in public.
" Well. I have some news!" He grabs my shoulders and tightens his grip.
" My dad is gone on some business thingy and I have the house all to my self. So if you want we can hang out there and I don't know.. My dad has a hookah and I know he has out somewhere. We can get high and drink and be ourselves!" He finishes letting me go. I think for a moment. get high? Get drunk? Smoke hookah? He's inviting me over? To his house?! Oh Jeez. Should I accept? What if he thinks I'm weird outside of school. Or what if I bore him. Fuck I'm over thinking it just accept and let it be.
" Sure. My parents won't care." I say. He fist pumps the air as harry and his gang walk in.
" Look guys! A nerd convention! How delightful you dweebs are deciding to get a life." He says mostly eyeing zayn. Zayn tenses and faces him.
" Listen here pony boy I may not look like much but I am more than you think. So unless you want to live... I suggest you shut the hell up and go show off somewhere else." He says. I stop and stare.
he did not just.. Oh my god. Harry is going to kill him! Zayn Malik just challenged harry styles.. Fuck.


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Haha thanks and I will:)

That_Moment That_Moment

I think you should continue on this story! It's actually quite good!

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