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Lots of One Direction short stories

The List- threesome- part 2

Niall kissed his way down my body, lingering on my breasts and my clit; he lightly licked my core making me shudder with need. Harry kissed me fully and forcefully on my mouth, his tongue fighting for dominance, and winning obviously. Niall suddenly thrust his fingers into me, I screamed with surprise and pleasure, Harry was quick to let his head fall onto my nipple, sucking and nibbling. Niall increased his thrusts with his fingers, I was a quivering wreck on the bed already, I was so turned on it was unbelievable. “Babe you’re so damn sexy like this, I know you need and want it, don’t you?” Niall asked as his fingers stilled, “god yes!” I moaned, needing to be filled by one of them, hell both of them.

Niall was quick to respond to my response, he lined his member up with my core and thrust in quickly and forcefully. My head fell back with pleasure, Harry continued to bite and kiss me. Niall quickly gained a forceful and fast rhythm as he thrust into me, each time he hit my g-spot straight on. I could already feel my orgasm approach. Harry suddenly shared a look with Niall, they both nodded and smiled. Harry grabbed the bottle of lube and squeezed some onto his fingers, wow he even did this seductively. Harry bent down and kissed me on the nose almost protectively as his hand lowered to my arse, Niall was still thrusting into me, his rhythm had slowed a little, I closed my eyes as the pleasure felt too much. Suddenly I felt a finger push against my small bundle of nerves on my arse, Harry guided his finger slowly into me, he stilled when he was all the way in, it felt so wrong but so damn good. Niall slowed his thrusts now so he was almost lazily thrusting in and out of me, Harry moved his finger inside of me, quickly another lubed finger joined, after a few seconds I could feel his fingers scissoring inside of me, clearly stretching me out. “Yes!!” I moaned, Harry and Niall just smirked to each other.

The feel of Niall thrusting into me and Harry’s fingers moving in and out of me was almost too amazing, then suddenly Harry removed his fingers, I moaned slightly to the sudden lose. Niall and Harry repositioned me; I was straddling Niall with my back to Harry. Harry suddenly bent me over and inch by inch pushed into me, “fuck! god yes!” Harry felt too big especially with Niall still in me but I was too overwhelmed to even think straight. Once Harry was fully inside me, as well as Niall, he just stilled, allowing me to get used to the feeling, “god Harry….move!” I half screamed half moaned. Harry laughed sexily as he started to slowly thrust into me, I started to shake with the pleasure and slight pain mix. After a few minutes both Harry and Niall were full on thrusting into me, they were both panting, all of our bodies were painted with a light sheen of sweat. “I can’t…..I’m going….…..cum!” I panted heavily, “cum, babe!” Niall moaned as he kissed me hard. I felt myself cum with force at the same time as Harry and Niall released into me; we all fell back onto the bed in a heap. “Wow!” Harry breathed as he nibbled my earlobe. I shifted against him with pleasure. “Ye fuck that was hot” Niall said as he kissed me again. I was too high on the orgasm I had just had that I couldn’t really speak. “So another thing ticked off” Niall joked. “Well anytime you feel like you want to share again Niall, I’m first in line!” Harry said with a smirk. I laughed at what we had done….I had had sex with Niall and Harry at the exact same time, and it was fucking amazing, I just really hope it didn’t make our friendship awkward. After a few minutes of cuddling we all fell asleep, Niall on my left and Harry on my right. Again I was excited to see what else Niall would decide to do from the list.




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