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Lots of One Direction short stories

The List- threesome

The List: Threesome

I had just got out the shower after a long stressful day at university. I was staying at Niall’s for the weekend; he said we were going to do some of the things off the list again. Since Niall had come home from the tour we had tried several things off of the list, being denied orgasms was amazing and we had even got round to trying anal sex after a while of just using butt plugs, it was weird to start with but actually felt really good. Of course me and Niall had had normal sex a lot as well and did things that didn’t include sex, like going out for romantic meals and generally hanging out. I guess you could say we had a pretty great relationship.

Niall was out so I didn’t have to worry about him or any of the other guys walking in on me after my shower, so I dried off and padded around his room in my underwear. I dried my hair off and applied some perfume, I then threw on one of his oversized hoodies that came to just below my bum, so I didn’t bother putting any trousers on. I sat in the kitchen with a coffee and caught up on twitter. It’s funny how many more followers I have now that I’m dating Niall.

The door to Niall’s flat suddenly flung open and in walked Niall followed by Harry, they were in deep conversation but suddenly stopped when they saw me sitting in the kitchen. “What?” I asked confused as they both just stared at me, “nothing babe you just look really hot dressed like that” Niall said with wide eyes. Harry just looked at me with a knowing smile, “thought we’d tick something off the list today, Harry’s here to help” Niall said cheekily as he approached me. Niall pulled me up into a standing position, he lent down and kissed me hard as he pulled me against his chest, I could already feel his slightly hardening dick. Niall suddenly realised me and allowed Harry to step forward, he grabbed me by the waist and thrust my body hard against his. He nibbled on my neck and started to suck, I moaned against him, I could tell that I was going to have love bites tomorrow. Harry released my neck and plunged his mouth onto mine, he licked my bottom lip asking for entrance, I opened willingly to allow Harry to slip his tongue into my mouth, he kissed me with force and passion. Niall came up behind me and pulled at the hoodie, Harry still kissed me, his tongue thrusting in a very provocative way. Niall pulled the hoodie over my head when Harry final released my mouth. I stood before both Harry and Niall in only my black lace thong and pink push up bra that showed of my cleavage. Niall stood and looked me from head to toe and smirked like he normally did, Harry on the other hand had never seen me like this, well apart from when we went to the pool or something, but this was clearly different. Harry dragged his eyes slowly over my body, his gaze then rested on my breasts for what seemed like ages, “mate you going to just stare or help me get her naked and on the bed?” Niall asked with a proud tone to his voice, clearly he quite enjoyed showing me off. Harry bit his lip “mmmm babe you’re so fucking hot….but these closes have to go” he said with a wide grin. Niall undid my bra and slid it off my shoulders while Harry pulled down my thong; his fingers lightly brushed my thigh sending little shivers down my spine.

Both guys just looked at me in awe, I was now completely naked in front of them both, while they remained fully clothed. Niall suddenly did something that I really wasn’t expecting, he bent down, picked me up and flung me over his shoulder, he lightly caressed my arse as he walked to the bedroom. Harry followed behind, he winked at me when I caught his eye, I knew Harry was quite a flirt but I didn’t actually expect him to be up for a threesome, nor did I expect Niall to suggest a threesome with his best friend and band mate. Niall flung me onto the bed with a chuckle. “What shall we do with her Harry?” Niall asked with a smirk, he clearly had a few ideas. “Hmm I don’t know Niall all I can think of is her pretty little mouth….you’re one lucky guy” Harry said huskily while still staring at me, I could feel his eyes burning through me. Niall laughed “mmm I am, how about you show Harry just what you can do with that mouth of yours.” Niall winked at me, he nodded at me as if to give me permission to suck his friend off. I slowly got off the bed and got onto my knees in front of Harry, I smiled up at him as I lightly palmed him through his signature tight jeans. A little moan already escaped his lips. I smiled triumphantly; Harry quickly lost his jeans and stood in just his tight boxers. I caught sight of Niall in the corner of my eye, he was standing in the corner of the room leaning against the wall with his hands already down his pants, I giggled slightly. I grabbed Harry’s member through his boxers and rubbed lightly, his hands quickly found their ways to my hair. I pulled down Harry’s boxers, his erection sprang out. I kissed the head of his dick and blew lightly onto it; Harry groaned and tightened his grip on my hair. I licked a slow line up the length of his penis, I circled my hand around his length as he like Niall was quite large, I wouldn’t be able to deep throat him until I had fully relaxed my throat which always took me a little while. I continued to suck Harry as I massaged the base of his penis and his balls lightly, he moaned rather loudly as I flicked my tongue over a clearly sensitive area at the tip of his dick. After a few minutes of using my hand, tongue and mouth on Harry’s length I could feel that my throat was sufficiently relaxed so I moved my mouth down the length of Harry, when he hit the back of my throat I swallowed allowing him to slip further down, Harry fisted my hair tightly and moaned loudly “FUCK!! Rachael….so good!!” Suddenly Harry jerked forcefully as he released his warm sticky load down my throat; I sucked him lightly being careful not to cause pain as I knew he was pretty damn sensitive now. “WOW!” Niall suddenly said from the other side of the room, he was now naked too, he had cum on his hands and on his chest, I’m guessing he found me sucking Harry off a turn on, I know I did too.

“As much as that was totally hot, I think we need to fuck you now!” Niall said as he pulled me down onto the bed, he straddled my hips as he kissed me hard and fast. Harry joined us on the bed, still slightly panting form his orgasm. He reached into the bedside table and pulled out a small bottle of lube. I suddenly panicked slightly, why would they need lube?




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