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Lots of One Direction short stories

The List- Ben wa balls

The List: Ben wa Balls

It had been about a week since I had had a threesome with Niall and Harry, surprisingly and thankfully our friendship hadn’t changed at all, ok maybe Harry did slap my arse a bit more or comment on how sexy I looked but it was fine, we were still great friends and hung out as often as we could just like always.

The guys were performing at Wembley today and suggested that I come watch the show, then hang out with them afterwards on the tour bus, I loved hanging out with them since they were so funny and it was great to just relax, plus I got to spend time with Niall.

I looked at the time, shit I was running late as usual. I was supposed to hang with the guys before the show but I couldn’t find my shoes, well I found shoes just not the ones that went with my outfit….ok I’m a girl I’m allowed to care about how I look. I wore a tight tank top that showed off my chest and a pair of casual but skinny jeans, I must admit I looked pretty hot, I finally found my shoes, they were high heeled black wedges, they transformed the outfit from casual to sexy night out wear.

I texted Niall to tell him I was on my way and I’d see them after the show, well they would clearly see me during the show as I was allowed to hang out front of the stage, where the security stood. I actually got on really well with most of the security guys; I guess it’s refreshing for them that I can actually get the guys to listen to them when I’m around. I suddenly received a text from Niall:

Niall: hey babe your late lol what did you lose? Don’t worry though we’ll see you after the show, and clearly you better be the loudest most excited girl there haha. I left you a present on your bedside table I want you to wear them for the concert. Love you xxxx N

I laughed at his text, he knew me too well, I always lost things. I once lost his guitar….we found it eventually I was playing it one night while he sang, when he went to make drinks for the guys, I must have wandered to the front of the bus with it because after hunting the bus high and low Liam eventually found it with the driver…let’s just say if they misplace anything they blame me then look in the most stupidest of places, Louis lost a shoe so decided to look in the shower….he clearly didn’t find it in there though.
I found on my bedside table a small box with two silver balls in, I instantly knew what they were, they were ben wa balls. I did what Niall had asked and inserted them, they just felt a little bit like I was wearing a tampon, but heavier, I had to squeeze my muscles to keep them in. I quickly grabbed my purse and jumped into my car to drive to the venue.

As I approached the venue there were screaming girls everywhere, clearly I wasn’t running as late as I thought as the girls were only now entering the venue. I pulled my car into the private parking of the arena; I pulled up next to the tour bus. When I got out of the car I heard even more girls scream, it made me laugh that they screamed at me and wanted pictures of me, but guess that’s what you get when you date a famous boy band member. I stopped to take a few pictures with them, I then waved and said I had to go, as I approached the door to the arena a few girls screamed “we love you Rachael” I just smiled and waved to them. The security guard gave me a light hug and laughed “I swear some of them like you more than the actual guys” I laughed “well I am very lovable” we laughed as he led me to in front of the stage. “Have fun Rachael, and we’ll surely speak to you later”, he said as he left. I texted Niall, as I sat on one of the speaker boxes, to say I was here. Several of the girls had taken their seats now and were taking pictures of me and screaming. Suddenly I felt someone pull me into a hug from behind “hey sexy” I turned and saw Niall smiling at me “hey yourself” I laughed. “Well I’m glad you’re late since you look like that, are you wearing the gift?” he smirked. “Yes I am, can’t say I see the appeal but whatever”, “you will babe, trust me” he then gave me a quick kiss on the lips and left, the screaming became frantic when he kissed me. God it does get a little annoying sometimes.

Paul kept me company whilst we were waiting for the guys to take to the stage after five seconds of summer. Once they had finished their set list they joined me in front of the stage, the girls loved them as well and kept taking pictures of them…that is until One Direction finally came on stage jumping and goofing around as usual. They were half way through their set list, I had been jumping around with the 5SOS guys and singing loudly, not that you could really hear as it was so loud. Suddenly I felt a wave of pleasure flush over me, I suddenly felt extremely aroused. I stood up and walked around in slight frustration, Paul looked over to me and mouthed “are you ok?” I just nodded. Paul looked at Niall and gestured his head towards me, clearly meaning to say “is Rachael ok?” Niall just winked at me and smiled. That little shit, he knew the balls would do this, and in such a public place too. I was about to go to the bathroom to remove them when I suddenly heard Louis sing “leave them in”, he was clearly singing this to me, the fan screamed when they heard the lyric change even though it made no sense to them. I sighed and sat back down, ugh all the guys were in on this again! Is there no privacy with these guys? I wasn’t angry though I suppose I was used to it.

I spent the rest of the concert shifting in my seat feeling like I was about to cum any moment. The buzz of the concert didn’t make things any easier. They guys sang their last song and wished the crowd a safe journey home, I headed backstage to avoid the fans. As soon as the guys came from under the stage they were laughing loudly and were wet from their water fight….trust them. “Rachael! Did you like what I did with the lyrics?” Louis laughed as he hugged me lightly, “oh ye totally” I said sarcastically, Louis, Liam and Zayn just laughed as they smacked my bum cheekily as they walked passed. Normally this wouldn’t bother me but each little smack made me force back my moans, Harry clearly noticed this as he pulled me into a soggy hug, as he had gotten the wettest on stage, he squeezed my bum and whispered into my ear “enjoy”, he then smacked my bottom hard but not hard enough to hurt, it still looked playful and just friendly to any passer-by. The slight movement from the slap made a moan escape my lips. Niall laughed “see told you that you would enjoy them”.

We all made our way back to the tour bus, I had removed the balls when I went to the bathroom, I washed them and placed them into my handbag. I thought taking them out would help, but it just made me feel empty and desperate. I walked to the tour bus, there were still fans waiting, they clearly knew that the guys were staying here all weekend. I opened the door to the bus and climbed in, the guys were all sitting in the lounge area winding down and chatting. I sat down next to Liam and kicked my shoes off, “how can you walk in those?” Zayn asks eying my shoes “skill I guess” the next thing I knew Louis was trying my shoes on, even though his feet are way bigger than mine, and Niall was dragging me towards the bunks. Liam called out “don’t make too much noise, the fans might hear” he laughed, I called back “we won’t if you make sure Louis doesn’t stretch my shoes!” I was serious I liked though shoes; last time the guys tried on my stuff they broke my best bra! To be fair though we were kind of drunk. As Niall pulled me down onto his bunk I heard Liam yell at Louis to put my shoes down “you wouldn’t like it if Rachael messed with your slippers!” I laughed.

Niall kissed his was up and down my body, he was clearly in a hurry and to be honest so was I. Niall pulled off my jeans and stripped off his, he quickly thrust into me, he kissed me to muffle my moans. After several minutes of Niall going all out we both shuddered and screamed into each other’s mouth as we came. There was something about having sex whilst there were screaming fans outside and the other guys in the lounge behind a sliding doors that was such a turn on. Niall and I lay in his bunk completely exhausted, it was quick but amazing. After laying in each other’s arms for about 30 minutes we decided we should probably get dressed and go join the guys. After all I had come to hang out with them too.
We all spent the rest of the night laughing, chatting and prank calling people on Harry’s phone, it was always funny to use his phone as he knew the most famous people. We dared each other to ring certain people and say certain things. It was funny because Liam dared me to ring Nick Grimshaw and say that I was in love with him and would love for him to teach me a thing or two, I then had to fake an orgasm down the phone. I was always good at doing stupid things like this as I was great at keeping a straight face and not laughing, unlike the guys who I thought were going to pee themselves. We continued doing stupid things for several more hours until Paul told us it was late and the guys had a show tomorrow. Love Paul but sometimes he is too serious….sometimes however he joins in our stupid games. We grumbled but all went to bed when we realised how late it actually was. I cuddled up to Niall in his small bunk and was about to fall asleep until Louis laughed “god it smells like sex in here still! Get a room next time guys.” Niall laughed and replied “we did, not my fault that four other people share that room.” We all laughed and fell asleep almost instantly.




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