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Try To Scream

With The City Lights

Paul was very quick to get everyone away from the venue. He drove the van back to the hotel and instructed everyone to go up to our floor and stay put for the night, no need to cause a ruckus. We did as told and all met in my room again.

“So, who wants to get out of here?” Louis smiled mischievously and sat on the bed.

“Were we not just told to stay put?” I asked, feeling oddly about the whole idea.

Louis tuned to me, giving me a very sassy look, as Directioners would call it, and shook his head, “Munro, are you one of those girls that does everything they are told?” I looked away from him and chewed on my bottom lip. “You are!” He laughed, everyone else stayed silent. “Listen, we expected some 13 year old fan to be here, we didn’t think we’d be able to actually have fun. Come on, you are what, 18?” I nodded. “Good, then let’s go do something.”

“Fine, what can we do?” The boys looked at me and smiled as did Cora. She laced her fingers with mine as we all thought about what we could do. When we decided, Cora and I quickly got changed. She tossed me a red and black top and my black jeans. She grabbed herself a tan top and black jeans as well. We undid our hair and brushed it out and reapplied makeup. We decided it was best to leave our shoes off for now, so we met the guys in the hallway.

They stood there staring at us for a moment; I was getting uncomfortable with their eyes dangerously moving closer to my chest. I sighed and they snapped out of it. Quietly and quickly, we made our way down the stairs. When we reached the lobby, we snuck toward the back where the kitchen was and took the back door. When we got out, we piled into the van. Louis took the driver’s seat. “Anyone know which way it is?”

“You guys are the one with Smartphone’s, use the GPS.” Cora snapped, laughing as she put her shoes on.

Louis drove the 20 minutes to a little club; we lined up and waited to be let in. After many ID checks, we finally made it in. I was relieved and frightened. I’d never been to a club before, so this was all new to me. I never dressed like this, I never danced with strangers…there were so many new things I was doing in just one night.

Niall and Harry tried to butter up the female bartender for some drinks, but it didn’t work. Even when they waved their fame in her face, she didn’t budge. A few girls recognized the guys and asked for dances; Cora was dancing with some stranger. Liam, Zayn and I were the only ones at the bar drinking soda.

I watched everyone dancing. Niall was with a short brunette girl with too much ass and not enough fabric. Louis was jumping around a few girls. Harry was dancing very closely to a pretty blonde girl. Cora was moving from guy to guy, it seemed none of them sparked her interest.

I turned to talk to Zayn, but his attention was taken. “Go talk to her.” I said over the music. He looked at me confused, “Talk, dance, do something. You can’t get your eyes off of her.”

“Who?” He pretended not to understand me.

“Cora, you dimwit. I see the way you are eyeing her.”

He looked back at her; she was onto another guy now. “She won’t want to dance with me, she’d want Harry or Niall, everyone wants them.” He looked at his shoes and scratched his head.

“That’s a load of bull. I want neither of them.” His eyebrow rose, “I don’t know you guys very well, so I can’t say who I would like more, if I were to like any of you. But Cora is very dedicated and she’s got her eyes set on one of you.” I smiled, “Zayn, get your ass over there and dance with my best friend or I will cut your quiff off while you sleep.” He straightened himself and backed up.

“You wouldn’t.”

“I would. You go dance with the girl who is in love with every inch of you.” He smiled and fixed his shirt, “Oh and Zayn. If you break her heart, I will not only cut off your quiff, I’ll dye your hair hot pink with green spots.”

Liam laughed as he watched me. “You are a scary lady.”
“Only when I need to be.” I winked at him and finished my soda. “I don’t exactly trust anyone around here, so will you dance with me?” Liam smiled and extended his hand to me.

We joined the others on the floor and started dancing. Soon enough, Niall was waking over to me. I excused myself from Liam and turned to him, “I’m starving. What about you?” He asked.

“Do you really need to ask, I’m always hungry.”

We told the others we were going out to eat, invited them along, but they refused. Niall and I maneuvered out way through everyone. The moment we got outside I thanked God. Don’t get me wrong, clubs were fun and all, but too many people, the music was too loud and my feet hurt.

Niall grabbed my hand and pulled me up the street. “I found this place the last time we were in New York. I used to sneak out of the hotel late at night to eat here.” He pulled me through the doors of a small diner. “It doesn’t look like much, but the food is amazing.”

We sat down and ordered a couple hamburgers. We ate quietly at first, but as we finished and ordered some pie, we started talking about me; they always wanted to know about me. “I want to be an elementary school art teacher.” I confessed as the pie arrived. “I always loved doing things with my sister when she was little. When she was 5, I was 10. I would come home from school and show her all the things I created in art, I’d have all these art supplies and I would teach her. We just recently stopped doing those sorts of things, but I always wanted to be an art teacher.” Niall smiled.

“My dream was always music. I knew I wanted to do it and when we were on X Factor, when my name wasn’t called at boot camp, I thought the world had stopped. My dreams were shattered. But when we were called back and I found out the lads were my new band mates, I don’t think I could have been happier. I know what it’s like to have a dream; you’d be a wonderful teacher. You are good with people.”

“You are kidding right? I’m horrible with people. Kids, on the other hand, I’m good with.” I laughed.

“Well you are getting along great with the lads and I.” Niall finished his pie and sat back.

I pushed the last few bites around my plate and sighed, “You guys are different. You aren’t like normal people.”

“We’re not normal?”

“No, you guys are weird and crazy. All of you fit into this perfect mold together, but the mold doesn’t exactly fit in with the rest of the world, you know?”

“Basically, we are insane and the world isn’t?”

“Sort of.” I laughed and finished off my pie.

Niall asked for the check and smiled at me, “I think the world is crazy, we just all express it differently.” He put some cash down and gave the waitress a large tip, “We better get back, if I know Harry, he’s probably ready to ask a girl back to his hotel room. He’s not a dog, he just likes to have a little more fun then we should sometimes.” I laughed and walked outside with him.

The air was a lot cooler than I expected it to be. With just my top, my arms were completely exposed. I walked beside Niall and ran my hands over my arms. Before I could refuse, he was placing his hoodie over my shoulders and his arm around me, pulling me close.

When we got back to the club, everyone was hanging around the bar. We collected our things and headed back to the hotel before anyone noticed we were missing.


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Hey sweetie,

I am not updating on this site anymore. If you DO want to read the rest of this story, which isn't finished but there are 8 (?) more chapters, click here
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Can you pleeeeeaaaas update?!?!? :)
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Please update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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