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Try To Scream

I See You Hiding

I found her today. I managed to find out exactly where they were staying. I watched as they got back from the concert, I watched as they snuck out and left. I followed them to the club. I didn’t go in, no. It was too soon. I only just met her recently. I only just saw her. I only just heard her voice. This relationship was brand new. I couldn’t rush into things yet. Last time that happened, it didn’t end so well.

When she came walking out a hour later, I didn’t expect her to be walking alone with
 him. Mr. Pretty Irish Boy was with my girl. I couldn’t have that. I wouldn’t allow that. But alas, I couldn’t show I was jealous. What would she think of me? Showing jealousy ruins a relationship. Sofia will tell you, we ended badly. As did Alice and I. Martha, that was her own doing. She was the reason we ended so quickly.

Munro was different; I knew she wouldn’t do what Martha did. I knew I wasn’t going to make the same mistakes as I did with Sofia and Alice. We’d last forever. I wasn’t going to rush into it either. That was a mistake I made with Grace. It was over just as quickly as it started. I had to be gentle about this situation. I had to approach it slowly.

I followed Munro and him to the diner. I sat at the counter and ate a slice of cake. My seat was perfectly far enough away that Munro wouldn’t feel I was crowding her. I also sat perfectly so I could see her without her feeling weird about it. Munro was different than my other girls, she was perfect, she was independent. She didn’t need me as much as I needed her. But she wanted me all the same. That was the plus, that was what kept me on my toes, kept me in step, kept me at the exact pace I needed to be. Munro knew how I worked, like we’d been together a thousand years. Of course, it felt like that. Our love was endless, it was storybook.

I watched her eat the last piece of her pie; she was talking about something deep with him. I longed for her to talk like that to me. Soon. Soon, I told myself. I quickly paid and slipped out, standing quietly near the diner so I could walk with them back to the club.

It irked me that it was 
his jacket that kept her warm. It should have been mine.It should have been my hand around her shoulder. I wanted nothing more than to attack him, to show him that he was touching the wrong girl, that she wasmine. But again, mistakes like this were the reason the others didn’t last. I wasn’t going to lose Munro. Besides, it was love, was it not? We could make it through this little setback. They were friends, nothing more. I knew that, I knew I was the only man for her.

I went straight to my car and followed them back to the hotel. After that, I decided it was time for a bit of sleep myself. So I retreated back home, setting my alarm for 6am so I could be there to watch over her in the morning.


BambiWithLove BambiWithLove
@BambiWithLove Thank youuuu! :D
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Hey sweetie,

I am not updating on this site anymore. If you DO want to read the rest of this story, which isn't finished but there are 8 (?) more chapters, click here
BambiWithLove BambiWithLove
Can you pleeeeeaaaas update?!?!? :)
MissyLoves1D MissyLoves1D
Please update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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